Historic fourth Bitcoin halving event

    By Arun Kumar Shrivastav    THE historic fourth Bitcoin halving event came at 00.09 UTC on Saturday (05.39 am IST on Sunday) when the Bitcoin network posted its 8,40,000th block. The highly-anticipated moment em..

Denial Of Child’s Custody

   By Adv. R. S. Agrawal   JUSTICE Rajesh S Patil, at the Bombay High Court, has dismissed a writ petition on April 12, 2024, in the case ABC (husband) v. XYZ (wife), holding that adultery is in any case a ground for divorce,..

Of the beautiful,meditative processof reading books

EVERYBODY who takes to reading of books -- on any subjects, fiction or non-fiction -- knows how beautiful the process is and what kind of meditative opportunity it offers to the one pursuing the activity of reading with a serious interest. In his or her own way, every reader of books describes the process and enjoys doing so. But what counts the most is the meditative value that gets automatically attached to reading. The beauty of that process, its depth, its range is something that words fail to ..

An International platter

    BY ANIL SWAMY    DINING out in an Italian restaurant in London posed many problems for a person like me, unfamiliar names and unknown western dishes are confusing and scary for most Indian travelers, visiting Eu..

Festival Of Democracy !

   By Vijay phanshikar   “I know, the spirit of the Indian voters will beat the summer heat ...!” - Rajiv Kumar, Chief Election Commissioner of India THIS confidence also marks the minimum expectation from..

Retired: The fear of oblivion

     BY DR RITA DHODAPKAR  OH SO you are retiring? What are your plans? Queries which started an array of thoughts. For one who was gifted with the opportunities and loved ones, here was a million-dollar question. Sixty ..

Shaping Tesla’s India Future

    By Girish Linganna   ELON Musk has announced that he is excited about his upcoming meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi later this month in the Indian capital. This news comes amid speculation that Tesla is exp..

Con amore

     BY K SURESH BABU    “SELF-LOVE, my liege, is not so vile a sin, as self-neglecting.” – William Shakespeare “WITH Love” all of us use this famous phrase in our life to show how..


      THE risk of catastrophic war in the Middle East is real. Western Governments , including Britain’s, calling on Israel not to spark such a war have the means to force it to comply and must be made to use them. Isra..

National security strategy need not be made public in its entirety

     By D C Pathak   There is open agreement on a number of initiatives that are to be taken to serve the cause of national security such as promotion of public education that is designed to spread an awareness amon..

Of an ‘almost religious experience’

      By Vijay Phanshikar   “ ... David Foster Wallace, ... once a top regional player himself, introduced the concept of ‘Federer moments’ under the title ‘Roger Federer as Religious Ex..

Journey of any marriage

   BY DR PRATIMA SHENOI   RECENTLY we were invited to a small engagement ceremony of a dear friend’s son, a casual affair but full of warmth and ecstasy of the impending union. The proud father introduced the couple to..

A Pantomime Crisis

   By Gwynne Dyer   THE grand old Ayatollah: He had three hundred missiles. He launched them all at Israel but none of them was fissile. And when they were all shot down, much to his surprise, Biden said to Khamene..

Indian market big focus area of Apple

   By Arun Kumar Shrivastav   APPLE has released its first major product since the launch of the Apple Watch in 2015. Recently, Apple launched Vision Pro, a virtual reality headset priced at $3499. Apple CEO Tim Cook, who cam..

Satisfactory Explanation Must

    By Adv. R. S. Agrawal    IN THE decision of the case – K B Lal Krishna Bahadur Lal v Gyanedra Pratap and Others, delivered on April 8, 2024, Justices Sudhanshu Dhulia and Prasanna B Varale, at the Supreme ..

Shaping the future

     BY ANIL SWAMY   ONE summer night last year, lightening and unseasonal rains accounted for the power outage. Brooding in dark, my mind strolled back sixty years to fun filled summer holidays year after year, wit..

Iran-Israel War Looming

    By Girish Linganna   RECENTLY, tensions have surged between Iran and Israel. On Twitter, Iran’s top leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, stated that Israel’s reported attack on a site within an Iranian embassy..

Of books andtheir magneticattraction

    Loud Thinking - Vijay Phanshikar  NO MATTER the general impression that the reading habit is on a decline in our society, the overall experience at different book stores does not indicate so. Book stores attract enough nu..

Recognise value of Earth

     TODAY, a lot of people are thinking about environmental issues and the ecological conditions of the Earth. Why has this problem suddenly become so relevant? When did Earth Day grow into Earth Month? Does it mean that we can c..

Utter Falsehood !!!

   By Vijay phanshikar  “The Bharatiya Janata Party is going to change the Constitution of India after winning the Lok Sabha elections in 2024. ...” - Congress leader Mrs. Sonia Gandhi THIS statement is a repeat ..

Glitter of the grey hair

   BY HARISH BARTHWAL   MY WIFE’S eternal wrangle with me since last 40 years of our wedlock has been over choice of colours. I reflexively pick grey or dull, she chooses bright attires, clothing, cutlery, wall shades, ..

China’s Mischief In Arunachal

    By Lt General M K Das  ON MARCH 30, 2024, China continued its absurd tactics of renaming 30 county administrative centres, villages, townships, mountain peaks and rivers/lakes in Arunachal Pradesh in Tibetan or Chinese ch..

Of cars -- when parked !

      Vijay Phanshikar   IF HUMAN face is the signature of the person, then parked cars, too, can be treated as a signature of the person who owns or drives those vehicles. Cars, parked under the glittering li..


   BY ULHAS D GANGANE    A very popular term in today’s context that is frequently used while running computers, laptops, mobiles, Internet devices or any of electronic gadgets. And that is “RESTART”. Just p..

Women’s Role In LS Polls

     By Kalyani Shankar   CAN women voters decide the upcoming 2024 General elections? Their growing number of voters and favourable legislation, such as the one-third reservation for women in Parliament and legisla..


      By Girish Linganna   Since October 7, Israel has been engaged in a dual conflict. On one front, they are fighting against Hamas in Gaza, where the militants crossed the border and caused the death of over..


LONG ago, a Hindi movie titled ‘Ardh Satya’ had portrayed a grim picture of how enforcers of law become colluders in crime in some or the other manner. The title of the movie that caught people’s fancy then, did play with words when it suggested that some elements in law enforcing agencies may be colluding with criminal elements, but a lot of truly good people also man those agencies -- thereby keeping intact the sanity and sanctity in the task of fighting crime. Over time, that picture has not moved ..

Life, love, ibadat in Sahir way!

    BY MONICCA C DIXIT    “Mere maazi ko andhere mein daba rehne do Mera maazi meri zillat ke siva kuch bhi nahi….”  THESE are the second verses of Sahir’s poem Farar from his book Talkh..

Dangerous ‘Sane’ Russians

     By Gwynne Dyer    THERE are plenty of crazies in Russian politics who make bizarre claims about their country’s victim status (“the evil West made us do it”) and issue blood-curdling but ..

India presents a vast untapped EV market

    By K Raveendran  THE year 2024 is set to mark a pivotal moment in the electric vehicle (EV) revolution. Driven by environmental concerns, tightening regulations, and technological advancements, the EV market is experienci..

Recruitment Of PSIs

    By Adv. R. S. Agrawal   THROUGH the judgement of the case – Sandip Suresh Mali and five others v. Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) and others, delivered on April 4, 2024, Justice Atul Chandurkar and..

Narration of stories will make History interesting

What is the definition of History? Is it gadey murdon ko ukhadna? (Digging out the dead?). My teacher taught me, it is gadey sanskruti ko ukhadna. (Digging out the lost or the dead culture). Indian history is full of bravery, valour, intelligence, sacrifices. But a 35 minutes class can give you only so much knowledge so that you can clear your examination well. We are deprived of the information and knowledge about our ancient history, the wonderful civilisation and our glorious past...

An encounter to remember

       BY DR. JYOTIMANI ROCQUE    AFTER a long and hectic day with a mobile in hand, a note pad, pen, cap, glares etc walking and knocking from home to home, gathering data and entering the same on the ap..

The Realm Of Ayurved - XV

     By Vijay phanshikar  “Those who blame Ayurved as a therapy without scientific base are not just totally ignorant but also seem to have chosen to be ignorant. For, if they start looking for evidence of Ayurved ..

Criminal nexus!

THE ugly story of the Mahadev App appears to proceed on almost fictional lines -- in the sense blurring the distinction between fact and fiction. No matter the assertion by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi that nobody would be spared and no matter the subsequent clearances by Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Mr. Vishnu Deo Sai, a strong lobby appears to be at work obliterating evidence so that a handful few in high positions may be spared from the guilt and the grime of crime. In other words, whatever ..

Fond memories of Ulsoor Lake

   BY N J RAVI CHANDER   IFONDLY remember the picturesque Ulsoor Lake in Bengaluru, our happy hunting ground in the 1970s and the favourite haunt of fitness enthusiasts, boaters, anglers, tourists, and bird watchers. During o..

Katchatheevu’s Importance

     By Lt General M K Das  AHITHERTO unknown island called Katchatheevu, located between India and Sri Lanka coastline, has become an issue of controversy recently. Katchatheevu means barren island in Tamil and it prove..

Thank you, honourable CP Dr. Singal

     Vijay Phanshikar    THE loosefooter thanks Nagpur’s Commissioner of Police Dr. Ravinder Singal for initiating a strict and no-nonsense mass action against breakers of traffic rules in the city. He ..

A tryst with nostalgia

     BY DR ANUSHREE CHAUDHARI   HAVE you visited a place you had been a part of and experienced the energy of that campus with every cell of your body? The emotions start filling you up and suddenly you feel choked ..

Senegal: Hope Of Sahel

   By Gwynne Dyer   THE crisis in Senegal, the one country in West Africa that has never had a military coup, has passed. Few people outside Africa were paying close attention, but I’m sure you will be pleased to know t..

Mutual respect is key to India-Russia relations

     By Nantoo Banerjee   Russia has always followed a strong diplomatic policy. And, there is no reason to believe that the country will dump its time-tested friends such as India under foreign influence. Despite I..

YouTube experts

   BY CA RAJENDRA PATHAK    AT ANY given point of time, half of the world population is likely to be in sleep mode. And out of remaining half, a majority are hooked to YouTube via mobile, surfing on various channels, many of ..

Dimentions Of Security

       By D C Pathak   THE security of a democratic state includes the security of its citizens and today both are contingent on the wider security of the world at large. Similarly, at the level of an orga..

Of sure way to hear truth

      By Vijay Phanshikar   “There is nothing mind can do that cannot be better done in the mind’s immobility and thought-free stillness. When the mind is still, then truth gets her chance to be ..

Gaza starves as US cuts funding to UNRWA

    By C.J. Atkins   JUST two days before instructing his United Nations ambassador to abstain and allow a Security Council ceasefire resolution to pass, President Joe Biden signed a budget package that permanently cut a..

No Bail On Abusing Position

      By Adv. R. S. Agrawal   IN THE judgment of the case - Amit Maurya alias Amit Kumar Singh v. State of Uttar Pradesh , delivered on March 13, 2024, Justice (Mrs) Manju Rani Chauhan, at the Allahabad High Co..

Teach them right

    BY SANDHYA DESHPANDE    EVERYDAY some classes of the school may be engaged by substitution teachers or arrangement teachers. This is done because the teacher who has this as a regular period is either absent for..

Least Inspiring Election In US

     By Debabrata Biswas    AMERICA is again poised for a rematch between President Joe Biden and ex President Donald Trump in the presidential election of November 2024. Voters in 15 US States and one territory wei..

Can institutionslaunch non-formal history teaching ?

      Loud Thinking - Vijay Phanshikar   THE need to introduce our youngsters -- from school-level to college-level -- to history has always been felt universally. Yet, little attempt is seen to have been made ..

An Apple a day...

   BY RASHMI UDDANWADIKER   STEVE Jobs would have never anticipated that his apple would eventually grow a bigger hit than Nature’s apple. Veera, like any other teenager, was always enamoured with an iPhone. With her ea..