Statutory Right of Police

In the cases with allegations of mala fides, the court cannot go by general perception and assumptions. The burden is heavy on those who allege mala fides, to prove them. Therefore, the petitioner cannot create a case of mala fides by simply suggesting that as the petitioner had filed proceedings against a member of the ruling dispensation, the action by the ED is vitiated by mala fides is too far-fetched to accept in the facts of this case. ..

The revolutionary, scientist revered in Mexico, ignored in India

HIS large pictures and posters are still found in Government buildings and institutions of agricultural studies in Mexico. Colourful murals depicting him while distributing bread to poor Mexican people also adorn halls and auditoria in that country. Back home in India, however, Dr. Pandurang Sadashiv Khankhoje is remembered only by a handful few -- while the larger society just does not know anything about the man who is revered in Mexico as a modern God. Of course, ..


WHEN a Government resorts to gimmicks that a Government must avoid at any cost, it signals the beginning of the end for the faulty dispensation. The tri-partite arrangement of power in Maharashtra, shared by Shiv Sena, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and Congress, displayed its mental bankruptcy on Monday by resorting to one such tactics which was rightly rejected by the people of the State. It won’t be an exaggeration to term the Maha Vikas Aaghadi (MVA) Government’s call of ‘Maharashtra Bandh’ ..


IT IS good to see that buyers are no longer willing to wait. This October-December festive season hopefully promises to be a buyers’ paradise. The country’s marketing and sales Efirms have long been waiting for such a situation. Buyers are no longer scared of the pandemic, which is on the decline anyway. India’s busy economic season seems to have started with a big bang. After a 20-month hiatus, Indian consumers are rushing for goods and services — from real estates, automobiles, white and brown ..

forward leap

THE formation of the Indian Space Association (ISpA)should be treated as a forward leap in the nation’s industrial march of recent times. It indicates that India’s space industry has grown so much that it needs a professional body to spearhead its diverse interests. It was only natural, therefore, that Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi talked of the country’s core need of the day as he inaugurated the ISpA -- exponential innovation in place of linear innovation. In other words, he meant that India ..


RIGHTLY counting the resurgence of North-Eastern States in the last few years, Vice-President Mr. Venkaiah Naidu has touched a delicate subject of people’s ignorance and lack of appreciation of the wonderful gem in India’s necklace. The observation is on the coin, for, the general attitude by rest of India is still ruled by stereotyped image of the North-Eastern region despite the massive strides it has taken towards integration with the mainstream. Mr. Naidu’s appeal for an attitudinal change towards ..

Is EU Army Feasible?

PROPOSALS for a European Union (EU) Army have re-emerged after the Afghan fiasco – but many member states still remain ‘hard to convince, about its feasibility. It seems that the EU has learnt the lessons of the abrupt end of the US-led mission in Afghanistan and furthermore after AUKUS, that the US is a trying to build a coalition of English speaking Anglophonic nations in the defence realm and that time has now come for them to guard their interests themselves. In her annual state of the union speech ..

All fudging

THE reported offer of the Congress High Command to the Group of 23 (G-23) unhappy leaders to hold a meeting of the Congress Working Committee (CWC) suggests an attempt to fudge the otherwise troubling organisational issues. G-23 has been pressing for organisational elections to be held post-haste and for a full-time President of the party. Though the Congress High Command now appears willing to hold the internal polls, those who know the inner working of the party in the past some years suspect that ..

Of one’s own element

HUMOUR, unfortunately, has assumed only one dimension over time -- of the funny side of things or situations or people, so to say. This is, without doubt, a degradation. Of course, this interpretation will militate against the popularly-held belief, challenge the general assumption that goes by the satirical aspect of things. Humour, however, is far from just that -- though it may deal with the funny, with the awkward, with the absurd. Going by purist considerations, humour is only partially something ..

Immoral Prescription

    l Mumbai, October 7 (PTI): A court here on Thursday sent Aryan Khan, the son of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, and seven others in judicial custody in connection with the alleged seizure of banned drugs from a cruise ship off the ..


  IN A tournament, reserved for the backbenchers in international football, the Indian team seems determined to jump on the downward spiral by putting up pathetic showing against teams much lower in rankings. The ongoing SAFF football championsh..

sensible DECISION

  AFTER the reciprocal action imposed on British nationals arriving in India after the UK refused to accept the CoWIN certificates of fully vaccinated Indian travellers, the British Government has wisely chosen to withdraw its discriminatory tra..

‘Cop’ing with misogyny

Misogyny – that little something ingrained deep in our consciousness, sometimes hidden behind elegant clothing and sometimes stark naked; hushed often behind sweet tones, murmured at times in undertones and shouted so very often in actions, expressed many times in senile witticism and exhibited in layers and layers of cultural misgivings. That something, always denounced yet always demonstrated, misogyny has again been called into question. Through their Twitter handle, the Mumbai Police have urged ..

The remarkable man of India’s agriculture

DR. Rajendra Singh Paroda has been working on the ground, close to the ground, all his life, in a very successful effort to give Indian agriculture a scientific substance of rare merit. So signal have been all his contributions that this man has not become a living legend just in Indian agriculture but also an iconic name in world agricultural sciences -- so much so that many institutions such as Gene Banks in several countries have been named after him. Even at an advanced age of 79 years, Dr. Rajendra ..

What Is Their Problem?!

  l The Prime Minister has violated the principle of delegation of power. Without the permission of the Speaker of the Lok Sabha, he visited the construction site where new Parliament building is to come up. - Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi,President of ..


   OFF-SPINNER R Ashwin has yet again stoked a debate over the highly exaggerated term called ‘Spirit of Cricket’ when he took a run after the ball had ricocheted off his batting partner during an IPL game. Reacting to the incid..


   THE bubble around China’s overambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is set to burst soon after the latest red-flagging about hidden debts that have crippled scores of lower and middle-income countries. Findings in report publish..


 THE pace of development works going on in various sectors of the country is a soothing change from the earlier culture of “laying only foundation stones for electoral benefits”. A hard taskmaster that he is, Prime Minister Mr. Narendra M..

Two Mysteries

IT’S BEEN the biggest shock in archaeology for a long time. British and American archaeologists have found solid evidence that human beings – we could call them ‘the forerunners’ – were in the Americas around 6,000 years before the earliest previously accepted date. What the archaeologists found, at White Sands in New Mexico, was thousands of actual footprints, which definitely beats some chipped stones that might or might not be ancient spear points. Moreover, the lead author of the report in ..

Afghan ‘govt’

NEW battle-lines are being drawn as some officials who fled Kabul after the Taliban take-over have formed a Government of Afghanistan in exile. This development has added a fresh twist to the situation that is getting complicated by the day. Even as the Taliban forms a sort-of interim Government in Kabul, a parallel Government in exile has emerged on the horizon. This obviously means that this time, the fight against the Taliban is going to be fought on an altogether different ground that is fully ..

A person with a rare poise

When he stood up to take oath as Chief Justice of India, Justice Sharad Arvind Bobde finished the formality, turned and walked straight to where his mother Mukta Bobde sat on a wheelchair and bowed to her -- offering a classic example of a proud son becoming humble before the mother at the highest moment of his career until then. For Mukta tai as well, that was one of the proudest moments of her long, illustrious life. Her eyes moistened, and her face glowed with pride. Now that Mrs. Mukta Bobde ..


THE latest United States Congressional report on terrorism has yet again proclaimed a truth that the entire world knows but inexplicably dithers on action. The report has identified Pakistan as a base of operations or target for numerous armed and non-State militant groups. The finding is further endorsement of what India has been telling the international community with truck-loads of proof. Pakistan playing a safe haven for proscribed militants is a reality that the world cannot afford to avoid ..

SPD Stronger In Germany

THE German voters gave a decisive rebuff to the ruling Centre Right Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in the national elections on September 26 as the party of the present chancellor Angela Merkel got only 24.1 per cent of the votes as against 25.7 per cent by its rival Social Democratic Party (SPD).The CDU recorded its worst showing in the seventy years of the party’s history despite the high acceptability of Merkel as a popular leader during her sixteen year rule from 2005. Though the SPD’s chancellor ..

big step

THE dissolution of the Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) should certainly be described as a real big step the Government took -- with far-reaching, positive ramifications for the country’s defence production sector, which is expected to get a big dose of a much-needed verve in the line of thinking as per the concept of Atmanirbhar Bharat. Now all the ordnance factories will come under full control of seven Defence Public Sector Undertakings (DPSUs) and will spruce up ordnance production in the country ..


HOME Minister Mr. Amit Shah’s meeting with Chief Ministers of Naxal-affected States holds a special significance in the current times when political activities in India’s immediate neighbourhood are witnessing a critical change. The Centre has announced its total preparedness to take the Naxalism bull by its horns by setting deadline of next one year to eradicate Left Wing Extremism (LWE) from the affected regions. This is going to prove a decisive fight against the Maoists who have been pushed to ..

Tip Of Iceberg

A policy being pursued by the Government is to improve air connectivity with tourist places like Assam and Andaman Islands. Here the problem is systemic to the tourism sector that is beset with problems of law and order, lack of social cohesion and lack of investment in marketing. Tourism-oriented civil aviation will succeed only if tourism succeeds which shows no signs of happening in the near future...


PRIME Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s trip to the United Nations and the United States can easily be described as a great tour from multiple angles. Not only did the Prime Minister endorsed his comradeship with his equals on a personal level plus in pursuance of national interests. As has been his wont, Mr. Narendra Modi proved himself immensely successful in promoting, protecting and projecting India’s interests and position on all issues -- from climate change to terrorism, and from rule-based world ..

Of art in its highest form

THIS interpretation of art by one of art’s greatest practitioners of all time, carries a tremendous sense and significance. There is little doubt that it has enhanced human comprehension of what art can be in its multiple facets. No matter his rather rebellious persona -- and his controversial indulgences -- Michael Jackson certainly comes across as an icon in arts of western music and dance. ‘Moonwalk’ certainly offers a wonderful insight into the man who rocked the music fans all over the world ..

Dark Truth, White Flags!

THIS figure shows the number of people who succumbed to COVID-19 only in the United States of America during the pandemic so far. This number, of course, is bound to keep changing as the US reports more COVID-19 deaths. This writing on the wall -- literal and proverbial -- tells a story which needs to be recalled in a comparative Indian context...

big challenge

   CLIMATE change is as much a security threat as terrorism if the mortality rate triggered by the two is taken into consideration. A simple act of breathing polluted air contributes to seven million deaths a year. This is a staggering numb..

Nothing succeeds, like success!

‘Here’s wishing you great success in life!’ Almost every year, I receive such blessings from my near and dear ones. I wish, God says “Amen” once. For, without success one is quite a failure and that is not what one would like to be. Of course, you may say that there is a wide area between the two extremes of success and failure and life, with its quirky sense of humour, allows most people to waltz in between, but ‘in between’ is not the place one wishes to be, does one? Success by itself may not be ..

Important Catalyst

UNION Minister Nitin Gadkari recently inaugurated and laid the foundation stones for about 35 major road projects in MP, totalling 1,530 km and worth around Rs 11,311 crore. Paving the way for development of MP, these roads will enhance better connectivity, convenience and economic growth in and around the State. Movement of people and goods to and from the State of Madhya Pradesh will also improve substantially especially with the neighbouring States of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh etc. ..

The man who raised India’s launch vehicle project to world level

DR Vasant Gowarikar could not say ‘No’ to a personal request from his iconic role-model. So, in deference to that appeal, he joined the Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) Space Centre at Thumba in 1967 as Propellant Engineer. Though he did not foresee what future had in store for him, his mentor Dr. Vikram Sarabhai knew that the young man was on the path of creating history for India’s space programme. The rest is history -- in a real sense, as they say it. For, Dr. Vasant Gowarikar went ..

Clean Energy Needed

VAGARIES of climate change have tremendously increased the clean energy needs for India that needs a paradigm shift in its overall energy policy. It will ultimately change almost all aspects of human development. To make the transition smooth, India will have to devise better plan for changing the present mix of unclean and clean energy to achieve net-zero emission level, preferably by 2050. In 2020, Indian Industries were using 53 per cent fossil fuel, 31 per cent biofuels and waste, 16 per cent ..

Rethink High-Speed Rlys

COVID-19 STRUCK India in early 2020, and the country was put under general lockdown on March 24. The passenger traffic on railway tracks was immediately stopped. On May 1, India restarted running first special passenger train for migrant workers. One by one, special trains restarted, but railways passenger trains are yet to open completely. It caused unprecedented damage to the growth of the railways. In such a situation a reassessment is required on passenger traffic even for the proposed patchwork ..

Of origin of art and science

AMONG the multiple definitions stemming from spontaneous considerations of great personages, this one can be rated as the most precise statement of the origin of both, art and science. Of course, Professor Albert Einstein’s capacity to make formula-like statements has been legendary -- for their aptness and for their brevity. But as he made this statement combining the two seemingly diverse -- or disparate -- elements, Prof. Einstein reaches supreme height of comprehension about the origin of the ..

Existential Crisis In Lebanon

However, the crisis in Lebanon is not new, it’s decades old but has worsened in the last two years due to sectarian politics and corrupt politicians, bankers and bureaucrats. The ongoing economic crisis has worsened as the coronavirus pandemic took hold in 2020, followed by the devastating August 2020 Port of Beirut blasts, which has been described by experts as “one of the biggest non-nuclear explosions in history.”..

A Sly Agenda

New Delhi, September 9 (IANS): A research study has shown that China has lavishly spent huge sums of money to buy influence in India’s film world, universities, social institutions, research think-tanks, social media, and the tech industry, posing a..

‘best institution’

  THE annual National Institutional Ranking Framework Survey (NIRF) conducted by the Ministry of Education has ranked the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras has the best institution of higher learning in the country. Several institution..

‘Emergency’ strips

   IT IS beyond doubt a good news that the Government is working seriously on the concept of ‘emergency landing strips’ on highways for Indian Air Force aircraft or any rescue-and-relief operations aircraft in case such a need a..

A rare Ravi Yoga on Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi, the birthday of God of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune Lord Ganesha will be celebrated on September 10. The ten-day Ganeshotsav will be celebrated with fervour amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. According to Drik Panchang, “Bhadrapad Shukla Chaturthi has been started on September 10 at 12.18 am. The same will end on September 10 at 9.57 pm. This means the entire day is available to worship Lord Ganesha.” The Ganeshotsav, the festivity of Ganesh Chaturthi, ends after 10 days ..

women in army

TIME and again, the media is abuzz with news of how the Government is allowing an ever-expanding space for women in various wings of the famed Indian Armed Forces. Lt. General Dr. Madhuri Kanitkar, AVSM, VSM became the third woman to be elevated to be a Three-star rank, after Lt. General Ms. Punita Arora and Air Marshal Ms. Padma Bandopadhyay. Women are being given position as full Colonels. Women are being admitted to the National Defence Academy (NDA)...

Interim Taliban Govt

TALIBAN Afghanistan now has an interim government with a Council of ministers consisting of a couple of global terrorists. Men with flowing beards and mega-million dollar rewards on their turbaned heads. Those who figure in the United Nation’s most wanted list, are lawmakers beyond the pale of international law! Today’s Afghanistan does not have an elected Government. The only hope for the country are the Afghan women. For them to stand up to the Taliban (and ISIS, the Al Qaeda, and the Haqqani ..

on the mark

THE description of the Taliban Government under different stages of formation by four of India’s top former diplomats is on the mark when they say that whatever is happening in Kabul is nothing but putting ‘old wine in a new bottle’. Considering the cumulative experience these four -- Mr. K. Natwar Singh, Ms. Meera Shankar, Mr. Anil Wadhwa, and Mr. Vishnu Prakash -- bring to the table, their assessment of the Afghan situation is critical to Indian thinking on the issue. Factually, this assessment ..

Plaudits for the persuasive

If one is to pass through the long journey of life with admirable quantities of successes, then one must cultivate this rather helpful craft of persuasion. It is that subtle something that helps one gain enough mileage to turn any way into one’s own way. Don’t we all see one or two examples around us, whom we grudgingly acknowledge to have travelled ahead just because of their power of persuasion? Needless to say, that the need for such power is most acutely felt by those who do not have these powers ..

Of the truth in the ‘lie’ called art

Of the truth in the ‘lie’ called art A TYPICAL Picasso cynicism, this, but eminently quotable! In its wake, it leaves one nearly spell-bound, in the sense one feels compelled to think about it many times over -- only to continue remaining as confused as one was when the idea began storming the mind. Of course, art is not always an abstraction. It has certain element of concreteness -- in the sense it is an expression of human thought in whatever form and discipline. A poem. An essay. A work of fiction. ..

Tragedy Continues

THROUGH a Public Interest Litigation instituted by two doctors- Dr Sadanand Burma and his another co-professional 14 years ago regarding deaths of large number of children due to rampant malnutrition in Melghat area of Vidarbha, was highlighted and much to regret of all concerned, ground realities indicate that even today tragedy is continuing more or less on the same scale and that has necessitated an order passed by the Bombay High Court division bench consisting of the Chief Justice Dipankar Datta ..

The man who created armies of space scientists

DESTINY chose Professor Satish Dhawan to succeed the legendary Dr. Vikram Sarabhai and lead India’s space programme into the next generation. Destiny chose him as the most capable follower of Dr. Sarabhai’s footprint in creating generations of capable scientists and administrators of India’s space programme. And Destiny chose him to be regarded as Father of India’s experiential fluid dynamics research. But there were raised eyebrows when the young Prof. Satish Dhawan returned to India and joined the ..


The logic caught the imagination of the PM who has always been seen doing something in favour of industry. However, the Government needs to take the comprehensive look at various security angles that may become vulnerable following the changed drone policy. The Government may do well to rethink risks to Armed Forces by a no-holds-barred drone policy. Minister of Aviation has said that the Govt is working on to quickly develop a technology to counter rogue drones and will not allow security fears to ..

Alliance Against Taliban

THE defeat and withdrawal of United States (US) from Afghanistan opens an opportunity for us to rise and shine on the global scene. The US is in sunset mode. Its technological prowess is eroding. China has made its own fighter jets, nuclear arsenal, landed craft on the Mars, made temperatures equal to those of the Sun in its laboratories, and its apps like Zoom and Cam Scanner by far dominate the global app space. Indeed, the US still leads in a number of technologies like Artificial Intelligence ..

Of the core of human strength

A VERY profound statement by a scientist -- on issues as delicate as poetry and music! As he delved deep into the exploration of the possible answer to the intrigue of evolution, Charles Darwin certainly realised what actual attributes separate human species from other ones. Out of that realisation came this superfine understanding of the role poetry and music play in human life, human character, human emotion. More importantly, Darwin also realised the criticality of emotion as the core of human ..

Protecting Orphans’ Education

THROUGH an order of far-reaching importance passed on August 26, 2021, regarding protection of children, who have lost either parent or both of their parents after March, 2020 in the pandemic due to COVID-19, Justice L. Nageswara Rao and Justice Aniruddha Bose, at the Supreme court have directed the State Governments to confer with private schools to waive the fee of the distressed children for the current academic year. The SC has stated in the order that in case, the private institutions are unwilling ..

Of A Troubling Question

   Lucknow, August 26 (PTI): President Ram Nath Kovind hoped that when it celebrates the centenary of Independence in 2047, India would become free of discrimination. While speaking at the Convocation of Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar Universi..


  INDIA’S Tokyo Olympics gold medal-winning athlete Neeraj Chopra has proved he is a hero in real sense by trashing elements who were trying to further their vested interests by using his media statement on fellow Pakistan javelin thrower ..


 INDIA’S homegrown microblogging site Koo has taken a giant leap in popularity within 16 months of its launch by clocking a user base of one crore. As the company eyes the 10-crore mark in the next one year, it has made a significant statement ..

Digital Currency

A MAJOR development in recent weeks in the financial sector has gone largely unnoticed – Reserve Bank of India’s announcement that the central bank is considering phased introduction of its own digital currency and the Modi Government’s proposal to come out with a legislation to regulate virtual currency in the country. These are steps that may not happen in the next few weeks but the thinking is that RBI may bring in a digital currency of its own and likely to unveil a model by the end of the year. ..

Dirty taliban

NO MATTER the propaganda it has launched to tell the world that it has changed for the better, nobody believes that there is something like a good Taliban. In the past some days since the infighting in Afghanistan worsened, the world at larger started realising that all the so-called ‘good’ side of Taliban is proving to be exactly otherwise. And that is the reason why every country around the world is in a tearing hurry to withdraw to safety all its citizens in Afghanistan for various reasons. ..

A little bit of road

Oh, what an excellent, heart-warming thought! If the one real power upon which all human boasting and arrogance rests, it is this capability of humans to be able to think, to generate thoughts and to be known as thinking animal. But what glory can this thinking man achieve if ‘thoughtfulness’ is not his attribute! The above lines from an old poem by an anonymous muser, found perhaps in all school books for good reasons, is all about this little withering quality of mankind - thoughtfulness. To understand ..

Events leading to humiliation in Kabul

IMPERIALISM, which finally died in Afghanistan last week, had actually begun to hiccup in the mid-70s. Of this hiccupping, Vietnam was the most serious convulsion. In the wake of decolonisation such eruptions had become commonplace, in Africa for instance, where the withdrawal of Portugal led to the direct ascent to power by Communist parties in Angola and Mozambique. Then Mengistu appeared in Ethiopia; a little later Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua. Such an outcome had to be forestalled in Iran, South ..

Of the little candle’s light

the candle has often formed a fantastic symbolism in human thought! The Candle, the little oil lamp, any inconsiderable source of light (that we often miss)! It burns itself fully and finds in that burn-out the consummation of its purpose of existence. It is only natural that in philosophical mood, man is often attracted to the terrific metaphor the candle represents. People of faith (all faiths), and ones without such an alignment, have found the candle good enough as a symbol of goodness in its ..

Permission, No Obligation

IN THE judgement of the case – Siddharth v. The State of Uttar Pradesh & Another, delivered on August 16, 2021, Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Justice Hrishikesh Roy at the Supreme Court, have taken a critical view of the trial courts insisting on the arrest of an accused as a pre-requisite formality to take the chargesheet on record in view of the provisions of section 170 of the CrPC. “We consider such a course misplaced and contrary to the very intent of section 170 of the CrPC.” The Supreme ..

The man who started interface between science and society

 By Vijay Phanshikar : HE WAS one of the most unsung scientists of India of all time. His work as a scientist attracted as many as seven nominations for Nobel Prize, but did not get that coveted honour. Unmindful of that, Dr. Meghnad Saha continued to work tirelessly not just in his chosen field of expertise -- Physics -- but also expanded his versatile genius to fields of larger societal interests. In that sense, he came to be known as one rare visionary who promoted a successful interface ..

at long last

THE importance of the order of the honourable Calcutta High Court for a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) enquiry into the post-poll violence in West Bengal has come at a time when a very larger section of the common people had begun wondering if any positive and concrete step would ever be taken in that regard at all or not. Many even suspected if the dictum ‘justice delayed is justice denied’ is true in this case as well. And then came the order by the five-judge bench asking the CBI to launch ..

Dirty Truth Of Pakistan

United Nations, August 19 (PTI): Pakistan-based terror groups like LeT and JeM continue to operate with both impunity and encouragement, India told the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on Thursday, calling on it not to take a “selective view” on the scourge of terrorism and “to have the courage to call out the ‘double speak’ of those who extend State hospitality to individuals who have innocents’ blood on their hands. ..


TAKING another step towards ensuring gender equality in the Indian Armed Forces, the Supreme Court has rightly allowed women candidates to take the admission examination to National Defence Academy (NDA) where only the men can join. The apex court directive for the Centre comes on the lines of the landmark judgement of last year when it paved way for granting of Permanent Commission to women officers in the Army, including Command postings. While the military establishment may have its own constraints ..

Lesson For America

The problem that has led to repeated US military fiascos like Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, in the view of Dr George Friedman, founder of Stratfor and later of ‘Geopolitical Futures’, is that the United States has become addicted to what he calls ‘non-strategic wars’. Or ‘wars of choice’, in the common usage. The humiliation in Afghanistan is a chance for Americans to reconsider their country’s behaviour...


WHAT is on display in and around Afghanistan issue can be called an ever-expanding terror-show. As the strife-torn country starts living under the Taliban scare, various factions and sections of the larger Islamic terror network are beginning to raise their ugly heads, asking for their pound of flesh. Each of them is being called in to play some dirty role that only promises to complicate things all the more. For a fairly long period, Afghanistan, thus, promises to act as a hot-bed of all sorts of ..


PRIME Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s interaction with the Indian contingent headed for the Tokyo Paralympics was another heart-warming gesture from the head of the family caring for every member. Mr. Modi’s encouragement for the athletes would go a long way in boosting their morale as the PM was clear in his message that “New India will not pressure our athletes to win the medal. You just need to give your 100 per cent”. These words carry untold amount of love and warmth that every sportsperson craves ..

India At 75

ON THE evening of August 14, 1947, the then Viceroy, Lord Mountbatten, and his wife Edwina settled down to watch a Bob Hope movie, ‘My Favourite Brunette.’ A few yards away, in the Central Hall of Parliament, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru rose to make his famous ‘Tryst with destiny’ speech announcing India’s Independence. He declared, “At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will be awake to life and freedom.” Thus on August 15, two independent nation-States: Hindu-majority India ..


    THE current Afghan crisis has brought Indian diplomacy to a new cross-roads tackling which is a major challenge the like of which the country’s foreign policy planners and handlers have never faced before. This challenge is pushing the foreign policy managers to have a cumulative rethink of what they have done in the past four decades. Successful handling of the Afghan crisis by India will depend much on how this foreign policy imbroglio is gotten over with. This exercise ..

Of a mockery of Khelo India!

AGAINST the reality of India’s seven medals at Tokyo Olympic Games, the city of Nagpur presents a rather dismal picture on the sports infrastructure front. Last week, ‘The Hitavada’ had published a photo-feature on the abominable conditions of the playing arena at the Yashwant Stadium. Each of those pictures showed the ground covered with knee-high green grass on which no game could be played. Yes, an apology of a running track was visible in the picture, on which a few sportspersons could be seen ..

Beyond E-Rupi

TB IS a major disease in our country. Its treatment requires that the medicines be taken continuously for nine months. The bacterium becomes resistant if the medicines are not taken regularly for the specified time. The Government has done well to appoint health workers to reach the medicines to the patients. The Government officials buy the medicines and field workers reach the medicines to the patients. This process opens up a number of opportunities of corruption. The officials can collect commission..

This is how one man authored India’s great nuclear programme

HE WAS only on a brief holiday to India from his research in advanced nuclear physics in Europe, dividing his time between England and Copenhagen when World War II broke out. Constrained to stay in India, the young Dr. Homi Bhabha took that as a divine signal and went straight to the Indian Institute of Science, then headed by the legendary Nobel laureate Sir C. V. Raman. The moment he stood face to face with the grand old man of Indian science, Dr. Bhabha found his destination of life: India. That ..

White Lie & Dark Truth

   l New Delhi, August 12 (IANS): Condemning the Opposition’s ‘behaviour’ in the just-concluded Monsoon Session of the Parliament, the Government, on Thursday, demanded the Chairperson of the Rajya Sabha to take strictest possible action against the unruly members of Opposition, who should apologise to the nation for their conduct. l New Delhi, August 12 (PTI): Vice President and Rajya Sabha Chairman M. Venkaiah Naidu and Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, on Thursday, expressed ..


  STILL in the mood of celebration of the best-ever medals haul in Olympics, India is opening up its purse strings to shower awards on the athletes who brought home seven medals from Tokyo. As the champions continue to bask in the windfall of cash, rewards, promotions and lavish praise, the Indian model of supporting sportspersons, too, is becoming a talking point for India’s neighbours, specially Pakistan. At Tokyo, Pakistani athletes were hardly visible except Arshad Nadeem, ..


  TECHNICAL anomaly in the cryogenic stage of launch resulted in the failure of the Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) attempt to send the country’s latest earth observation satellite into the orbit. The GSLV-F10 rocket carrying the EOS-03 observation satellite had performed naturally and really well in first and second phase but ignition at the cryogenic stage could not take place forcing the agency to declare the mission as “not accomplished”.  The ..

Climate Change

INTER-GOVERNMENTAL Panel on Climate Change — better known by its short acronym, IPCC — has raised a red alert on the grievous situation of Earth’s climate. The IPCC’s sixth report, released by the UN on Monday, clearly pointed out that the Earth is warming up faster than earlier estimated and the string of extraordinary climate events happening across the world are all related to man-made changes in climate. The kind of drastic cuts required to achieve zero net emissions mightn’t be possible now ..


THE appreciation by American defence establishment Pentagon that India played a constructive role in Afghanistan has its own value not just for India but also for the whole world. By its constructive approach to the highly volatile Afghan situation in the past few years, India has put before the world a genuine example of good international conduct that can reduce tensions and create new possibilities of peaceful resolution of conflict. Even though the United States withdrew its troops from Afghanistan ..

Of being free down to root

THERE possibly can be no better definition of the source of true beauty that the bloom of a Meadow flower symbolises! But we need a William Wordsworth to bring that definition out. Freedom is the key -- freedom down to the root, to the point of origin, from that point where living starts! That little Meadow flower blooms to its fullness because it has the freedom. It is in that freedom that the little flower assumes power to bloom. That power comes from the freedom it has -- obviously bestowed upon ..


LARGER focus on building operational capabilities along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the form of infrastructure and advance landing grounds (ALGs) marks the major shift India has made to its China policy post the eastern Ladakh stand-off. Both the Indian and Chinese troops are now in the process of disengagement from friction points, the latest being Gogra, but the covert plane on which China’s PLA operates has made it necessary for India to stay in a permanent alert mode..

The Conquest Of Mexico

An exiled Inca ex-monarch in Cuba has his men reverse-engineer Columbus’ ships, builds some of his own, and sets out to Europe to see what he can conquer or steal. There follows a picaresque story in which a band of 300 Inca ‘conquistadors’ first overthrows the King of Spain and then, modestly reinforced by other Inca adventurers, takes over Italy, Germany and the Netherlands as well...

listen to what?

THE three-and-a-half-minute video made by Opposition parties with title “Mr. Modi, Listen to Us” makes little sense -- as usual. The video shows leaders of various Opposition parties making accusations against the Government on the floor of the two Houses of Parliament. Each one is seen and heard alleging in effect that the Government was trampling upon the Opposition’s right to free speech, or demolishing values of democracy etc. The main refrain is that the Government must allow discussion on ..

Raising New Question Of Law

JUDGEMENT of the case –Shri Saurav Jain & Another v. M/s ABP Design & Another, delivered on August 5, 2021, Dr. Justice Dhananjaya Y. Chandrachud and Justice M.R. Shah, at the Supreme Court have held that though the appellant did not assail the finding of the trial Court on the issue of jurisdiction before the Allahabad High Court under Order XLI Rule 22 CPC either by filing a memorandum of cross-objection or otherwise, he is not precluded from raising the argument before the Supreme Court. The Supreme ..


WHEN his javelin soared high, piercing the Tokyo sky in only the second attempt in the final, Neeraj Chopra did not even bother to look at it. Bringing his sprint to a screeching halt he swivelled into a reverse turn and threw his hands up. It was a rare belief of a champion, cocksure of the final result, telling India that her moment has finally arrived in the Olympics. The spear descended with a curve and went straight into the ground to give India a magical figure that it will savour for posterity. ..

Self Reliance

INS Vikrant is a name synonymous with valour and pride and harks back to a glorious history of an iconic aircraft carrier that served the Indian Navy for decades and bolstered Indian Army’s capability manifolds. Today the old INS Vikrant is gone but in its place we have a more modern and capable warship and more importantly, unlike the older one, this one is proudly made in India. This is a shot in the arm for the Modi Government’s initiative to boost domestic manufacturing and technological capacity ..

Gogra exit

THE disengagement of Indian and Chinese troops at Gogra in eastern Ladakh should be treated as a watershed moment from multiple angles. Though partial disengagement of troops had already been underway for quite some time, the withdrawal at Gogra adds a special value to the success of India’s handling of one of the toughest military, diplomatic and geopolitical challenges in recent years. Even the hard-headed diplomats from the international community also realised the strength of character in India’s ..

This is how one man created India’s great research laboratories

WHEN a brilliant -- and financially lucrative -- career in advanced scientific research lay ahead of him in England, Dr. Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar, then just a 37-year-old man, returned to India, the call of Motherland making him uneasy in those cosy confines of University College in London. That unease continued, however, even in India since the young scientists itched to do something more substantial. What followed until 1955 when he passed away was nothing but a material good enough for classic ..

Learning from the Olympics

THE Olympics 2020 is in session and many a sports lover is feasting on the top quality visual and sporting delights on TV. While the thrills are exciting enough, there are also many examples of heartwarming sportsmanship and exemplary noble behaviour that are on display at the Games. And there is much to learn from observing the conduct of these great sportspersons, both during, and after, their competitive battles. ..

people’s foes

NO MATTER the multiple appeals to good sense, the Opposition parties have continued to act as if they are people’s foes -- by refusing to attend parliamentary proceedings and engaging in debate on issues of national importance. The latest appeal to sanity has come from Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad, senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader, who asserted time and again at a press briefing that the Government was willing to have meaningful debate on Pegasus issue. However, it is only perponderous to expect ..

Corona Battle In Kerala

THE battle against COVID-19 has become tougher in Kerala. The dubious distinction the State has gained of being the best performer and having the worst in new cases of infection. For Kerala, the second wave is hardly over, but the third wave is already predicted to strike the country anytime this month. There is clearly a lesson to be learnt for all the States in the country because the situation in Kerala indicates the level of preparedness needed to stamp out the pandemic, which all the States of ..


STUCK in a muck of negativity peddled by India haters through their own mediums of convenience, the Indian society needs frequent reminders to look at the positives in the country. The achievements accomplished by India in various disciplines including science, health, commerce and sports clearly surpass the misses on a few fronts. In wake of the war of narratives going on in the social media and other platforms, the words from Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi hailing multiple de..

Need to use the new EU initiative positively

The implications of the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) legislation by the European Union enacted recently has, both, positive as well as negative fall-outs for Indian industry as also the policy planners in the Government. This presents multifarious choices and also opportunities in equal measure to Indian industry and the Government, presenting new challenges to them in terms of technology options and upgradation to meet the targets for reduction in the levels of emissions of greenhouse ..

‘Abrupt’ Game

WHAT Afghanistan President Mr. Ashraf Ghani described as an ‘abrupt’ withdrawal of American troops leading to the current chaotic security situation in that country, has a strong element of reality. Considerable numbers of international observers will agree with Mr. Ghani that the withdrawal of the United States troops took place at an inopportune moment, giving the terrorists a good ground to mount a frontal attack on the Government forces and installations. It is only natural for any State trapped ..

Of inner flow

Of inner flow SIMPLE words -- one may say. Yet, what psychologist Mihalay Csikszentmihaly talks of smashes down almost all the frills of intelligence we so often wear. Only tentatively do we realise from what source human creativity emerges. Only superficially we pay tributes to excellence in performance -- in any field -- without actually understanding the dynamics of human inputs. A deeper thought, however, leads to the very same finding that Mihalay Csikszentmihaly reached through terrific research ..

Balancing Freedom And Privacy

JUSTICE Gautam S. Patel, at the Bombay High Court in Mumbai, has passed an order on July 30, 2021, in the Rs 25- crore defamation suit filed by Shilpa Shetty against 29 defendants, in connection with her husband Raj Kundra’s arrest for his involvement in a pornography racket, underlining the need to strike balance between Freedom of Press and Right to Privacy. These 29 defendants include several websites, NDTV, Free Press Journal, Clapping Hands Private Ltd., Peeping, Facebook, Instagram, ..


MANGTE Chungnejian Mary Kom summoned the best from her reserves as she made a desperate effort for a comeback in the women’s flyweight boxing category in Tokyo. A split decision ended her Olympics in a heartbreak. Manu Bhaker was on course for a place in final of the 10m air pistol event when her gun malfunctioned. Despite her tremendous effort in the remaining time she ended her campaign in tears. Similar tales emerged from many other disciplines where the Indian medal prospects faltered at crucial ..

A real master

GRACE was his style, his signature -- in the sense it was deeply embedded in his being, ingrained in his psyche, glowing from within! When he stopped playing, sporting arena became bereft of one real master of class, only rarely replaceable by some other personage of equal or greater elan. Now that he has slipped behind the curtain of death, Mr. Nandu Natekar, the legendary badminton superstar of yesteryears, will be missed forever. When he played for India, he left his indelible imprint on the world ..

On the wings of a ‘necessary evil’

I hate all things categorised as ‘necessary evil.’ War, politics, rules, taxes, some quirky relatives, formal dinners, Mondays, dieting, cabbage, gourd etc. etc. etc. Well, so many necessary evils in life! I say, why should anything evil be necessary? But since we live in the world which is more evil than necessary, one has to live with a little of necessary evil, or so I am told. The recent ‘necessary evil’ to have drawn everyone’s attention is spying. Most governments and agencies, world over, ..


SINCE last seven years a subtle but powerful change is being witnessed in leadership model in India. The change has been effected by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi in such a simple manner that political community in the country could hardly believe what simplicity can offer in form of mass leadership...

‘third’ front?

IS Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal, President of Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) suggesting a third front for the next Lok Sabha elections in 2024 -- asking the country’s regional political parties to come together ? If that is the case, then he is almost sure to harm the Opposition cause -- of forming a national front parallel to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its partners in the National Democratic Alliance (NDA). ..