Gaza war: Gold prices hitting record high

     BY K RAVEENDRAN  THE renewed escalation of the Israel-Palestine conflict is providing additional impetus for gold to climb higher levels. The yellow metal has already been trending higher over the past two months, b..

SC On Unnecessary Trials

   By Adv. R. S. Agrawal  THROUGH the judgement in the case –Vishnu Kumar Shukla (and his wife Vineeta Shukla) v. The State of Uttar Pradesh & Another, delivered on November 28, 2023, a Supreme Court division bench consi..

A promise

    BY ANIL SWAMY  IT’S almost next to impossible to explain the logic of some strange events or happenings in life. My sister Joe’s husband was Commanding a unit on a peace station posting, in a town near LOC. Al..

The Realm Of Ayurved - II

     By Vijay phanshikar Charak Samhita is considered to be the oldest and the most authentic treatise on Ayurved and ancient medical science of India. Besides detailing the information of ailments and their treatment, Charak..

Forgetting at crucial moments

     BY T K BASU   THINK of an unreal world where one cannot forget anything – either blissful or painful. It is a living hell, you know! But forgetting crucial things at inopportune moments is neither a virtue. We..

OPEC+ Difficulties

    By K Raveendran  OIL MARKETS are eagerly awaiting the outcome at the forthcoming OPEC+ meeting this week, after internal troubles forced a postponement of the meeting originally scheduled for November 26. The meeting assu..


     BY DR. SUVARNA BAPAT  IT WAS bright sunny day. I was pursing my passion of gardening as it was holiday. It took me long and soon I realised I should move in as the heat was getting unbearable. The moment I entered ..

Impact Of Biden-Xi Meet

     By D C Pathak  PERHAPS the best insight into the geo-political divide between the US and China -- developing on the lines of a new Cold War -- can be had by juxtaposing the address of Chinese President Xi Jinping an..

A viable Palestinian state looks difficult

      By Nantoo Banerjee Stateless Palestinians are spread all over the region with a large majority of them living outside Gaza and the West Bank. A country consisting of two or more separately held geographical locatio..

Of the right place to be free

IN ARTHUR Ashe, the world saw first Black tennis superstar who was revered for both, his tennis prowess and his human qualities. He was described to be the most graceful -- and gracious -- tennis player of his times (several decades ago). And all along, he looked so cool -- very sorted out, and almost poetic in his physical fluence. Often, Arthur Ashe was raided by his fans -- for his autographs, for his message, for shaking hands with him. “Oh my god, I touched him!!!”, a fan once gushed after meeting ..


THE assertion of Ms. Ruchira K a m b o j , I n d i a ’ s A m b a s s a d o r to the United Nations, that India has a potential to be an international mediator, comes as a reflection of what the world feels on the issue. Thanks to its enhanced status in the international arena, the world looks to India as a powerful mediator with an ability to speak the truth in the best possible and balanced manner. This belief was strengthened when Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi told Russian leader Mr. Vladimir ..

Mother forever!!

      “THERE is no greater good in all the world than motherhood. The influence of a mother in the lives of her children is beyond calculation” - James. E. Faust.It was the cold morning hours and the day brok..

AI Commerce

    By Leif Weatherby  ON FRIDAY, OpenAI, the Microsoft-funded operator of ChatGPT, fired its CEO, Sam Altman. Then, after five days of popcorn-emoji chaos, they hired him back. The sudden move, which billion-dollar investor ..

Life-time of romancing with books - IV

     Loud Thinking - Vijay Phanshikar WHEN the book enters its last phases or chapters or pages, it starts giving signals that the rendezvous is soon to end. The book may be of fiction or poetry or essays or a non-fiction tec..

An unusual accident on court

      BY T K BASU THE acrylic surface of the Arthur Ashe stadium at Flushing Meadows was shining spotless blue on September 7, 2020. Men’s pre-quarter-final match of the US Open tennis tournament was being played i..

Indian Tourists Get Global

    By K Raveendran  BOOSTED by rising economic prosperity and a fast-growing economy, India is set to be an important global source market for leisure travel and the world could see a wave of Indian travellers as destination..

Thrill is gone

    BY K SURESH BABU  The thrill is gone It’s gone away from me The thrill is gone, B B King’s - Guitar acoustics echo “The Thrill is gone” It’s a very common opening sentence in any convers..

The Real Space Race

    By Gwynne Dyer  THE upside of Elon Musk is that he is a genius who has done useful things for the human race. He brought the idea of electric vehicles from harmless fringe tinkering to commercial mass production, and he m..

Of young people who don’t think

       Vijay Phanshikar  SINCE the young group sat straight ahead and just a few feet away in a posh restaurant, it was not possible to take one’s eyes off them. They were young boys and girls from coll..

Denial is over: Climate change is happening

     Climate change isn’t just a problem for scientists, engineers and governments. We need both large-scale and small-scale action. Adapting to the climate and working to reduce further heating can be an uncomfortable and a..

Of hearing -- through music

     By Vijay Phanshikar “... In music, one can hear everything.” - Maxim Gorky, in his iconic novel ‘Mother’ ONE may very rarely find such a simple yet profound statement of the power of music -..

A sullen Sunday

     ON MONDAY morning, people woke up and felt like they had just come out of a bad dream. How badly they wished it was indeed that! Like the traces of a dream vanish from one’s memory, people wished that what had happened ..

E-transport Is Future

    By HUSSEIN DIA  COUNTRIES need to get the policy mix right to encourage the switch to electric vehicles. Transport is missing the emissions reduction bus. Indeed, greenhouse gas emissions from transport are growing, havin..

Food scarcity adds to woes of Awami League

    By Arun Kumar Shrivastav  IN BANGLADESH, where national elections are scheduled for January 7, political issues are taking a backseat, and the scarcity and high prices of essential food items such as potatoes, onions, egg..

‘Nut And Bolt’ In Body!

      By Adv. R. S. Agrawal  AFTER due consideration of the entire evidence and discussions during the proceedings, finding no reason to interfere, the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) Bench c..

Negation of negativity

     BY VICKEY DAVID  BEFORE we practice negating negativity from our daily lives; isn’t it necessary to understand the implications of the word ‘negativity’. Literally, it implies an abstract idea that..

B’desh At Political Crossroads

     By Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury  IN THE aftermath of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s significant visit to the United States earlier this year, there was widespread anticipation for a notable strengthenin..

Life-time ofromancingwith books - III

      Loud Thinking - Vijay Phanshikar  THE trouble with books is that they grow on you -- or, in other words, you grow on them. In still other words, you cannot do without books once you get into deep bonding with ..

My precious…!

      BY UNNATI ASHAR  IT HAD been my friend since the past 13 years. It had been a silent witness to the roller-coaster of a time I lived, and enjoyed in past those many years. It was with me throughout the thrilli..

The ‘Bharat’ Metaphor! - X

     By Vijay phanshikar  “Satyam Shivam Sundaram”! - The concept or prayer that symbolises perhaps the finest of ideals of human life.THESE three words of prayer or universal wish or fine values of life..

The lost puppy

     BY DR ASHUTOSH APTE   PUPPIES are one of the cutest creatures created by God. They may belong to any breed. But they simply belong to only one society which is a four lettered word ‘cute’. These little o..

Suella’s Sacking

      By Nitya Chakraborty  THE sacking of the Home Minister Suella Braverman by the British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Monday was not unexpected as the feisty Home Minister was ignoring all the indications from ..


   BY ANIL SWAMY  AFTER first year in Engineering, exactly fifty four years back, me and my friend Shahid decided to travel down south. We zeroed upon Madras (Chennai), B’lore and Mysore, where staying with relatives was con..

Argentine Election

      By Gwynne Dyer  Bertolt Brecht lived in Germany, not in Argentina, and he has been dead longer than he was alive, but his famous question applies to the Argentine election next Sunday: “Would it not be s..


      By C J Atkins The dissent cable that leaked last week said the US must reverse course and pressure Israel for a ceasefire. It pointed the finger at the President, arguing he must also criticise Israel for the atroc..

Aberrations in nature

     BY C.S. KRISHNAMURTHY  Nature has created every life form, be it an animal or a plant, with some general features. Interestingly, she has also created certain species that flout her established norms. Let us try to ..

Israel Over Ukraine

    By Asad Mirza  UKRAINE’S ambitions of joining the European Union (EU) received an important boost November 8, when the bloc’s executive body said detailed negotiations on Ukraine’s membership should begi..

Life-time ofromancingwith books - II

     Loud Thinking - Vijay Phanshikar WHEN everybody studied text books through the academic year and more around examination time, it was an absolute fun to indulge in extra-curricular reading -- novels, poems, travelogues, ..

Oh, My God!

    BY C.S. KRISHNAMURTHY  SOMETIME around 2005 or 2006, after I had visited a famous temple in Tamil Nadu, I found myself strolling in the free prasad queue with my family. On that particular day, the divine offering was Pul..

Qatar- The Mediator

     By Girish Linganna  IN A significant development toward easing the ongoing conflict in Gaza, a meeting took place on Thursday at an elegant white-domed palace in Qatar. The Prime Minister of Qatar, Mohammed bin Abdu..

‘Sweet Medicine’

      BY ANIL SWAMY  MY wife on video call from Sydney, wanted to know if I had dinner. Honest man that I am, I confessed what I had. She screamed in shrillest voice with alarming shock, sharing the screen with our ..

The ‘Bharat’ Metaphor! - IX

      By Vijay phanshikar  “You are offering me half of your ‘sampatti’ (earnings) as part of the family arrangement. But will this material richness grant me true happiness and will it usher me i..

Real, not reel

   BY N J RAVI CHANDER  ON THE anniversary of the New York terror attacks, my mind wandered back to the past, recalling the events that unfolded on that fateful day. I was at Bengaluru HAL airport early at 6 a.m. that morning, wai..

Regulate AI

   By Fan Yang  ARTIFICIAL Intelligence (AI) is a label that can cover a huge range of activities related to machines undertaking tasks with or without human intervention. Our understanding of AI technologies is largely shaped by ..

Be grateful

     THERE is a big difference between Money for life and Life for money. Unfortunately, most of us didn’t understand this thin difference and started rushing for more and more luxury with money centric mind. Money for Life ..

Boom In Space Junk

    By MIKE LOCKWOOD  COMMERCIAL companies are increasingly becoming involved in transporting astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS), as well as other activities in orbit. Some, such as Houston-based Axiom Space..

Time to dare the State on poor air quality

    Vijay Phanshikar  NOW has come a fresh directive from the State Government -- that the air quality in Nagpur is poor and therefore the people should avoid their morning or evening walks if they suspect that they may have ..

War of religions

     In the era of proxy wars, there is increasing reliance on the power of technology for combat. The strategy of countering ‘covert’ offensives of the adversary required political will and in the Narendra Modi regime..

The power of empathy

      BY DR SEEMA GAMBHIR  IN A bustling city where life’s pace often leaves people feeling disconnected, there exists a remarkable tale of compassion and empathy. Recently, I watched an ad film of a tea brand..

A Question Of Numbers

    By Gwynne Dyer  Being the Heritage Minister is not the summit of achievement in Israeli politics, but it is a cabinet position, and Amihai Eliyahu, the current occupant, really should watch what he says. When Radio Kol Be..