FROM the din of the grand spectacle of pomp and pageantry in Ahmedabad’s Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Stadium in Motera two dynamic world leaders, in their own right, have opened a new chapter in the Indo-US relations that now bask in a unique warmth after the two-day visit of the President of the United States Mr. Donald Trump to India. Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and the US President have managed to instill a wonderful pep in the bilateral relations that transcended the usual transactional format ..

Sanders Signals Change

BERNIE Sanders’ overwhelming victory at Nevada caucus on February 22 is a major development in the present campaign for the Democratic Party nomination for the Presidential poll on November 3 this year. Nevada results have given a new perspective to the changes that are taking place in the voting behaviour of the supporters of the Democratic Party and how the Vermont Senator is getting support from all sections of the US population on the basis of his democratic socialist programme...


FINALLY schools in Jammu and Kashmir have begun to bubble with children’s activities. There is an air of expectancy among children, teachers and parents that the year ahead would be peaceful and conducive for acquiring education. The children are keen to pursue their avowed goals and follow their dreams. The Government and security forces have made enough efforts and have taken steps that should lead normalcy of life to get entrenched so that people can begin to live their normal life. Reports from ..


AMONG the saner voices that hold value in the Congress is that of Mr. Shashi Tharoor. When he points out to the urgency in solving the current leadership issue dogging the Congress party, the think-tank must reflect on its seriousness and act in a manner befitting intra-party democracy. The general perception of Congress party that it is adrift in national politics is true to a large extent. Mr. Tharoor is aware of the long-term consequences ..

High Visa Fees In UK

THE UK’s “sky-high” visa fees could deter vital NHS staff and the “brightest and best” scientists that Boris Johnson wants to attract with his new immigration policy. The tech experts who till recently flocked to the UK from the EU may not be able to afford to do so if Boris Johnson’s proposed immigration overhaul, as being supposed to be implemented by Priti Patel becomes law...


VICE President Mr. Venkaiah Naidu has given an apt call to agriculture scientists, students and universities to come up with innovative and new solutions to challenges before the farming sector. This is in the background of the need to pull the farmer and the farming sector out of the crisis which is reflected in the mounting cases of suicides by debt-ridden farmers. It is a big socio-economic issue that has great bearing on the country’s economy as well as food security of the nation...

Renewable Energy

While India’s renewable energy generation capacity had grown rapidly to 75.8 GW by the end of December 2018, including 35.3 GW of wind and 26 GW of solar (both utility scale and rooftop), the country still has a long way to go to meet both the short-term and long-term targets...


   A UNITED Nations-backed report, commissioned by World Health Organisation (WHO), UNICEF and Lancet medical journal, has ranked India at the 77th place among 180 countries on per capita carbon emissions and ability of children to live healthy lives. The country was placed 131st in regard to best chance of survival and well being for children. This indicates that the country has made some progress in controlling the carbon emissions to sustainable levels but requires to do still more ..


The decision of the Apex Court to give permanent commission to all women officers in the Army is a welcome and progressive step. Even as this step is hailed by the Army top brass, they are of the opinion that women are still not ‘combat ready’. As of now, this idea cannot be put into practice. Women, they feel, will not be able to meet the challenges and hazards faced in warfare due to a few physical limitations and their mental makeup...


INDIA is on the verge of achieving a milestone in the world by switching over to cleaner fuels for motor vehicles from April 1. According to Mr. Sanjiv Singh, Chairman of Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), the country would be leapfrogging to Euro VI compliant fuels from current Euro IV standards, a feat achieved in just three years and..

US Budget Flayed

CONGRESSIONAL Democrats, progressive groups, and defenders of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid all blasted President Donald Trump’s proposed Budget cuts for the fiscal year that starts October 1. Two top Government worker unions chimed, in, too, slamming Trump for proposing only a 1 per cent raise for calendar 2021, far below inflation and below this year’s 3.1 per cent, which Trump had resisted. Meanwhile,..


LOOPHOLES in cyber security are being exploited by the hackers and their likes despite continuous upgradation of firewalls and shields. The rooting out of illegal softwares by Railways in the Tatkal ticket booking system has exposed how deep have the cyber crooks infiltrated in systems for daily use. By using illegal softwares some ticket agents would easily bypass the IRCTC’s system to generate tickets and block Tatkal tickets within ..

Doubling Tiller’s Income

THE Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy has assessed that the incomes of our farmers have increased by 7 per cent per year between 2013 and 2019. In this backdrop, we have to assess the steps required to attain the Government’s commitment to double the income of the farmers by 2023. It will be necessary for the farmer’s income to increase by about 30 per cent per year to attain this target. The strategy outlined by the Finance Minister in the Budget is to help the farmers increase the quantity of ..


THE international community should show no leniency towards Pakistan and should impose stringent sanctions against it for its support to terror funding. A huge gathering of about 800 representatives from international institutions like the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), UN and Governments will be present at the meeting of the International Cooperation Review Group (ICRG) of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) in Paris to discuss various issues confronting the world. Of prime ..

Compensation from mishap date

IN view of binding nature of two judgments delivered by larger Benches of the Supreme Court in the cases – Pratap Narain Singh Deo v. Srinivas Sabata – 1976 (1) SCC 289 and Kerala State Electricity Board v. Valsala K. – (1999) 8 SCC 254, in the judgment of the case – K. Sivaraman & Others v. P. Sathiskumar & Another, delivered on February 13, 2020, Justice Dr Dhananjaya Y. Chandrachud and Justice Ajay Rastogi have held, at the Apex-Court , that the relevant date for determination of compensation payable ..


INDIAN pacer Mohammed Shami’s anguish over criticism directed at fellow speedster Jasprit Bumrah is a natural reaction from a sportsperson who has gone through the thick and thin of phases in the career. Shami has asked the critics not to forget the performances delivered by Bumrah that were outstanding in the given circumstances and resulted in famous Indian victories at home as well as on the foreign soil. Bumrah has come under the scanner for a below-par outing in the three One-Dayers against New ..


  THE Congress party’s ‘zero to zero’ journey in Delhi Assembly elections has left the internal split wide open. Voices of dissent against leadership and calls for total overhaul by senior members are indicators of a storm brewing within the Grand Old Party. By calling the Delhi debacle as an unmitigated disaster like coronavirus, former Union Minister Mr. Jairam Ramesh has nailed the present condition of Congress which is undoubtedly staring at irrelevance. Lack of ideas ..

Democrats In Race

By MARK GRUENBERG AND JOHN WOJCIKSanders also stated it would be multi- generational, multi-racial and that it would take on and beat the “millionaires and billionaires” who now dominate the economy. Polls show strong support among young voter..

in poll mode

THE 8-phase by-polls to fill up 12500 panchayat seats will be another exercise towards restoring normalcy in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. The Government is moving step by step in restoring normalcy in Jammu and Kashmir after it abrogated its ..


THE statement on visible green shoots in economy by Finance Minister Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman is not an off-the-cuff remark. She has rightly pointed at seven indicators which show that the economy is not in trouble. International economic agencies, too, had termed the present slowdown in the economy as a cyclical phenomenon due to global reasons. India has endured the phase really well and the Budget 2020 laid out a fine ..

Virus Hits Economy

THE Corona Virus has led to a shutdown of the Chinese economy. Airbus has suspended the production of airplanes and Foxconn, which makes mobile phones for Apple, has done the same for mobile phones. The Chinese share markets are down and are pulling the global markets with them. Tourists to- and from China have come to zero. We are also impacted. Fourteen per cent of our imports, including items such as auto parts, come from China; and five per cent of our exports of items such as diamonds, fish, ..


HAVING weathered the storm of impeachment successfully US President Mr. Donald Trump is now embarking on an important two-day visit to India on February 24 to impart a new impetus to the already maturing relationship between the two countries. The visit also brings to fore the importance Mr. Trump attaches to closer relationship with India. This is in the light of the shifting paradigm in geopolitical configurations and the importance India is gaining in international relations. In recent years Prime ..

SC Critical Of ‘Casual’ State

QUITE recently, in the judgment of the case – M/s Granules India Ltd. v. Union of India and Others, delivered on January 23, 2020, Justice Navin Sinha and Justice Krishna Murari, at the Supreme Court, have voiced the Court’s “considered opinion” that “it is absolutely no defence of the State authorities to contend that they were not aware of their own notification dated 18.09.1994”. The onus heavily rests on them and a casual statement generating litigation by State apathy cannot be approved. After ..

kudos to gopi

IT IS A proud moment for India that its ace Badminton coach has been bestowed with an important international award for promotion of the game in the country. It is a great moment that Pullela Gopichand, the national Badminton coach, has received an honourable mention in the male category of the prestigious 2019 International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Coaches’ Lifetime Achievement Award for him personally and for the nation. That speaks volumes about the work Gopichand has been doing for promoting ..

A Bitter Fight In Bengal

   By Ashis BiswasFor the coming civic polls in Bengal, both the ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have focused on reconstructing their strategies post 2019 Lok Sabha elections.Leaders and activists in both parties have been busier than their counterparts in the Left Front (LF) and Congress (INC). Pushed by an increasingly assertive BJP, the TMC has been forced to go unannounced into an early campaigning mode.In recent months, the TMC has made some ..


  FOR US President Mr. Donald Trump the acquittal by the Senate on two charges, abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, the part of the impeachment proceedings, comes as a shot in the arm in the election year. It was a foregone conclusion that the Democrats would not be able muster the two-thirds votes required for impeachment of the President in the Senate. Since the Republicans enjoy slight advantage in the Senate it was near impossible get the verdict that the Democrats hoped for. ..


   AS EXPECTED the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) has kept the interest rates unchanged obviously because of the inflationary winds that are blowing in the country. Since inflation remains a major concern for the Apex Bank it was a foregone conclusion that status quo would be maintained on interest rates regime. In the last few weeks the inflation rate has climbed to five-year high of over 7 pc in December on the back of unprecedented rains in most ..


PRIME Minister Mr. Narendra Modi said, “Our Mantra is, Make in India, for India, for world.” He, thereby, has laid the road-map for the future as far as defence production is concerned. The primary driving force behind the ‘Make in India’ slogan given by the Prime Minister five years ago was to make the country self-reliant, more particularly in defence manufacturing, and in other fields in general. That is not a mere slogan, it is a mission. That slogan has set the tone for the defence manufacturing ..


THE Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat has sought raising of retiring age of armed forces personnel below the rank officers from the current 37-38 to 58 years. It is aimed at curbing the pension outlay that has gone up from Rs 1.1 lakh crore of 2019-20 to Rs.1.33 lakh crore for 2020-21 and utilising prime years of jawans instead of sending them to a retired life after just 17-18 years of service. The proposal holds merit though the general belief is having a young military as the nature ..

Challenges Of Emissions

THE urgency of the need to address climate change is undisputed on the left. Nevertheless, while it is clear that action must be taken, there has to be a discussion about what those actions need to be. The danger is that if the Socialist Left does not move the debate towards the shared goals of both lowering carbon emissions and protecting well-paid and skilled jobs, then the issue will become another culture war divide. In the last year, we have seen the defeat of the Australian Labour Party in a ..


THE Indian security forces and intelligence people must be thanked and congratulated for laying hands on deadly ammunition of American and Chinese origin. The amount of stock of arms and ammunition that the security forces got their hands on, on January 31 after an encounter with terrorists at a Srinagar plaza toll, led them to believe that a major attack has been nipped in the bud. What has surprised the security forces is the recovery of sophisticated MP4 gun of American make, capable of being fitted ..

Erdogan vs The World

TURKEY’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is not an ‘Islamist’, in the extreme sense of the word. He doesn’t wear a suicide vest, he doesn’t behead people, he doesn’t even go around holding one finger up in the air to signify his hatred of those who fail to acknowledge the One True God. But he certainly does like the Islamists a lot. In the heyday of the ‘Islamic State’ in northern Syria and Iraq, it was Erdogan who kept the Turkish border open so that thousands..


REVENUE Secretary Mr. Ajay Bhushan Pandey has done well to spell out the modalities behind the new tax system and the thinking that went into having multiple slabs in tax brackets. Various theories have been floating in the country after the announcement of a new Income Tax regime which also gives the tax payers an option to stay with the old system. Contrary to the belief that the new regime has complicated things for tax payers,..

Of progress

THIS is not a commandment. This is, at the most, an appeal to good sense of the present generation of humans – Come on, understand the importance of the mission that the gods mandated and the forefathers undertook, and follow it up in your time. Give that task a sense of fulfillment by dint of your loyalty, your hard work, your commitment to the continued cause of excellence …! Make no mistake on that count. For that work has a divine appeal and purpose! There is nothing occult in this. Much to the ..

Condoning Delay In Filing WS

A 3-JUDGE bench of the Supreme Court consisting of the Chief Justice Sharad A. Bobde, Justice Bhushan Gavai and Justice Surya Kant have ruled in the judgment of the case – Desh Raj v. Balkishan (D) through proposed LR Ms. Rohini, delivered on January 20, 2020, that the courts continue to have discretion in condoning delay in filing of Written Statement (WS) beyond the prescribed period of limitation in non-commercial disputes. Regarding the timeline for filing of Written Statement in a non-commercial ..


The current tour of New Zealand has achieved what the selectors wanted to test. The performance of the youngsters has given confidence to the selectors that they have already sorted out their problem areas in preparation for the forthcoming World Cup in Australia with choices falling in place. Those who have been given the opportunity have made most of them. For batting coach Vikram Rathour this new generation of cricketers is incredible...

An Eye Opener

THE widespread wildfire in Australia that ravaged 12 million acres of forestland apart from countless animals and 29 humans, is almost equal in intensity as the widespread anger and angst of the people against their Prime Minister. For several weeks, as the fire ripped through the continent, videos did rounds on social media how the people in the affected areas were even reluctant to shake hands with the Prime Minister as he went out assuaging the grief and anxiety of the people. It was seen as a ..


THE most striking feature of the Union Budget 2020 is its aspirational nature, its philosophy of inclusiveness, its courageous handling of the challenge of the current economic crunch, and its effort to offer the nation a mode of financial management that is expected to go a long way to alter the present economic culture that leans rather too heavily on the Government and official and public arrangements for individual well being on wealth front. With a fairly well-defined New India in mind, Finance ..

The choice that makes the difference

THE conversation was plainly acerbic, even insulting, to both parties, but more to the elder between them. Certain terseness in such conversation may not be ruled out altogether. For, when an elder, or a parent, asks a youngster to conduct himself or herself properly, certain terseness cannot be avoided. That happened that evening when a father asked his son to return home immediately as it was already 8.30 pm. But the son’s reply was absolutely shocking, to say the least. He said, “I am a grown up ..


  ONE of the major forces that ensure India’s internal security, the Police Department, is woefully understaffed with the latest data revealing that over 5 lakh police posts are vacant across the country. The annual data pegs the difference between sanctioned police force and actual strength at 5.28,165. It is a spike of over 26,000 in vacancy figures of year 2018. The number is a grim reminder of youth’s disinterest in joining police force and also points to the reluctance of ..

Needed A People’s Forum

Time has now come for taking the national issues out of the political arena and create an apolitical “The Centre is keeping ‘normalcy’ in Kashmir under heavy security cover. That is not normalcy; that is actually a failure ...”. - Statement by an Opposition leader THIS is nothing but a massive hypocrisy. Ever since the Centre first introduced Articles 370 and 35A of the Constitution of India in Kashmir, the State was always kept under heavy security cover of varying proportions. ..

right stand

INDIA has taken the right stand that terror and cooperation cannot go together. They are incompatible to each other’s relations. Terror has cast a dark shadow on the regional grouping of SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) as a ..


IT IS A proud moment for India that the United Nations Organisation (UNO) has hailed the country’s use of digital technologies for reducing disparities as a path-breaking initiative which the world body says is worth replicating the world over. For the developing countries which fight economic inequalities this is a very useful tool to reach out to the deprived sections of the population. The Government of India, therefore, deserves all the praise for this initiative. The World Social Report 2020 ..

Creating Divide

THE anti-CAA agitation, strengthened by the political Opposition to the proposed NRC project, is built around the narrative that the Modi regime intended to widen its Hindu support base and disenfranchise many Muslims in the name of illegal migration just because the minority community was perceived to be anti-BJP in its outlook. The forces behind the protests did try to involve university students in a bid to widen the stir on the ground of ‘suppression’ of the Government and later raised the fear ..


ROUTINE life in Israel is invariably marked by a conflict-laden day throughout which its armed forces battle on multiple fronts with Palestine-backed forces and political leaders ponder on ways to settle a long-pending territorial dispute. A change in status quo is likely to happen soon with the President of United States Mr. Donald Trump unveiling his Middle East peace plan that proposes a two-State solution aimed at ending one of the longest disputes. Mr. Trump’s plan -- Peace to Prosperity: A Vision ..


THE downing of a Pakistani cameraless drone at the International Border (IB) in Arnia sector of Jammu district should serve as the final call for the Border Security Force (BSF) to spruce up its defence mechanism. Art of warfare is witnessing a rapid shift from traditional to modern form. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and drones are the newest weapons being employed by Pakistan to intrude into Indian territory and even for dropping arms across the border. After regular transgressions by Pakistani ..


THE arrest of Sharjeel Imam as a mastermind of multiple anti-national activities actually marks a very major development whose metaphor needs to be understood in totality. The arrest will prove to be a major boost to the comprehensive investigations into the current phase of senseless but well-organised and violent protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act -- CAA, National Register of Citizens (NRC), and the National Population Register (NPR) and help unravel the larger plot of creating widespread ..

Health Catastrophe

MR. CHEN was having cough and running temperatures. The family members mistook the symptoms for any other ordinary viral fever, until the time he started complaining about breathing difficulties when he got admitted in a hospital. Mr. Chen died on January 22 from pneumonia and acute respiratory disorder. The cause of death is a new trait of virus, currently named as coronavirus (2019-nCoV) which has its origin in the Hubei Province of China. As on January 26, at least 2,000 cases of coronavirus are ..

A deep sense of loss … with reason!

What one finds as the most striking feature of Nagpur while loose-footing around is the historicity the city is steeped in. At every nook and corner, one sees evidence of history that actually shaped Maharashtra’s Second Capital. One’s heart fills with reasonable pride that the city has seen many critical moments that decided the future of larger India – like the fall of the Bhonslas to the British, one of the last royal dynasties that gave up fighting the aliens …! But what strikes most is the previous ..


THE painstaking efforts of Union Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah and Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi have finally borne fruits with the signing of the Bodo Agreement. This, hopefully, will end the long-drawn saga of violence by separatist Bodo organisations. What is significant in the tripartite agreement is that the territorial integrity of Assam will remain intact...

Way To $5 Tn Economy

THE Budget is all about allocation of resources towards social sectors such as education, health, infrastructure and agriculture. Ideally, the Government should spend/allocate funds toward any sector, in a fashion, which requires the most. Take for example the agriculture sector. There are around 500 million farmers with more than 50 per cent of the Indian labour force depending on agriculture and allied activities. As there is an indication that there is a fall in consumption expenditure (first time ..


FIRST things first -- a Government has no business running an airline, that too a loss-making entity buried under a burden of debts. When that wisdom finally dawned upon the Government it started to sell-off the airline but was unwilling to part with 100% of its holding. The entire exercise, unwanted strings attached, was bound to fail and it did. Smarting from the dismal response from investors to buy 76% stake in national carrier Air India, the Central Government has finally tweaked the terms of ..


PRESIDENT Mr. Ram Nath Kovind has quite justifiably lamented that there are still people in the country who do not understand the importance of their vote. Speaking on the occasion of National Voters’ Day, marking the establishment of the Election Commission in 1950, the President said that there are still countries where people have to fight and make sacrifices to get voting right. But in India some people refuse to exercise that right though it is freely and rightfully available. This is the travesty. ..


IN AN emergency, the good thing about a dictatorship is that it can respond very fast. The bad thing is that it won’t respond at all until the dictator-in-chief says that it should. All the little dictators who flourish in this sort of system won’t risk their positions by passing bad news up the line until the risk of being blamed for delay outweighs the risk of being blamed for the emergency in the first place. You can see how this works if you consider China’s response to the emergence of Cov-2019 ..


THE tender fabric of a living democracy thrives on a society which adheres to non-violent ways while carrying one’s right to protest. Expression of political ideas and ideologies must pass tenets of democracy and constitutional methods. Violent protests are a straight stab in the heart of democracy and has no place in a matured society that constantly aims to achieve social and economic objectives. In wake of the protests ..

Of ‘freedom’ as ideal idea

Freedom! There must not be any other word than ‘freedom’ that has been so variously interpreted and re-interpreted and defined and redefined. There must not be many words in human expression that have met with such a passionate response from members of global community – in all languages the world has ever known. Freedom! Poets, writers, essayists, treatise-definers, scientists, spiritualists, truth-seekers, and others with nomenclatures known and unknown – all of them have tried their hand and head ..

Combat Cybercrime

THE UN General Assembly has approved a resolution that will start the process of drafting a new international treaty to combat cybercrime. The Russian-drafted resolution was approved by the 193-member world body by a vote of 79-60 with 33 abstentions. The resolution establishes an expert committee representing all regions of the world “to elaborate a comprehensive international convention on countering the use of information and communications technologies for criminal purposes.” It says the committee ..

A confused idea of democracy

THE cacophony of diverse opinions that is erupting on social media these days on every possible subject under the Sun, is, by any standard shocking and surprising. So many people keep expressing themselves on every subject no matter if they know nothing about it. And on many occasions, many users of social media are found to have gone berserk in expression, getting starkly and nakedly abusive, disrespectful of the person in discussion or his or her opinion. Some of the abuses are so filthy, to say ..


  THOUGH he has stopped short of saying back-breaking the scheduling of tours, Virat Kohli is apparently not happy with the manner in which tours are being planned. Just four days ago the Indian team had finished two gruelling series, first against Sri Lanka and then Australia. They had barely the time to pack their bags to take a flight to New Zealand. They had not enough time to shake off jet lag when they had to launch into another gruelling series. No doubt the Board of Control for ..


  UNION Road Transport and Highways Minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari apparently is not happy over delays in the execution of ongoing projects and has, therefore, asked officials and contractors to abide strictly by the schedule. Not only that the Minister has also said that if projects are delayed due to inter-ministerial reasons the ministry should be informed accordingly so that matters could be sorted out and hurdles removed. There are so many hiccups and hurdles in finishing ongoing projects, ..

Needless Killing

FROM a legal angle, the killing of General Qasem Soleimani was murder, plain and simple, that must receive international opprobrium. The USA has been killing terrorists all over the world. There is, however, a fundamental difference in the killing of a terrorist like Osama and that of General Soleimani. Osama was a non-state actor; General Soleimani was a State actor. This puts them on entirely different pedestals. Article 51 of the UN Charter covers an individual or collective right to self-defence ..


AT A TIME when US President Mr. Donald Trump tries to insulate industries in his country against emission controls, Indian industry captains have taken a highly laudable initiative to play the leadership role for climate action. The big names in Industry like Mr. Ratan Tata, Mr. Anand Mahindra, Mr. Nadir Godrej, the Premjis, Rohini Nilekani, ..


THE observation in a US Congressional Research Service (CRS) report that Pakistan has only “limited options” to respond to India’s decisions as regards Kashmir, may appear all right from the American point of view, but in actuality makes little sense on the ground. For, Pakistan has no locus standi as regards Kashmir -- which is India’s totally internal matter. By that standard, Pakistan has no option but to remain out of the picture, no matter its fuming and fretting on various international platforms ..

Of a book-lined business office

Books often line the walls in offices of big people, adding an aura of their own to the place small or big. There is every reason for the visitor to believe that the person who occupies the chamber reads those books. Yet, in many, many places, the impression soon evaporates once conversation stretches itself beyond a few minutes. However, when the loose-footer walked into the office of an industry captain with nationwide business interests, he sensed the difference in no time...


A NEW wave of development has begun in the Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir as rightly pronounced by Union Minister Ms. Smriti Irani as she assured opening of a textile unit in Reasi district. Setting up of a suitable textile unit will be another step in opening up of a way to livelihood for the local populace which depends largely..

Secure N-Cyberspace

The hackers, obviously keen on eliciting information about the plant including technical information pertaining to the design of the facility, might inflict major damage to some nuclear installation. THE October 2019 cyber attack on a computer system at the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant that has two Russian Pressurised Water Reactors at Kudankulam in Tirunelvelli district, Tamil Nadu, by Dtrack virus paved ‘new pathways..

positive note

NO MATTER the downward revision of economic growth forecast for India in the World Economic Outlook (WEO) to 4.8 per cent, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has predicted a rise in growth prospects to 5.8 per cent in 2020 and to 6.5 per cent in 2021. This is a positive indication for India, particularly against the background of a noticeable slide from a near-7 per cent mark to 4.8 in the last one year. Another positive note in the WEO Report ahead of the World Economic Forum at Davos is that ..


ONE of the eminent leaders of the country, the RSS chief Mr. Mohan Bhagwat has very rightly advocated having a policy on population. He has preferred a two-child norm and possibly a legal position in that regard. His word carries much importance and the political community needs to take cognisance of such wise counsel...

Tale Of 2 Economies

IT IS a tale of two countries. India’s growth rate slumped and it has caused a furore. The Government has been held responsible for the sudden drop in GDP growth rate on account of its policy mistakes. In China, economic growth has fallen to a three-decades depth. At just about 6.1 per cent GDP growth in 2019, it is a distant call from those of days of two-digit growth rates in that country over decades. However, the Chinese Government is not under fire nor there is much worry about things being altogether ..


NO MATTER the official agenda before the World Economic Forum (WEF) at the Alpine Resort of Davos in Switzerland, tough issues confront the world today, crying for an immediate handling in the toughest manner possible. True, climate change is the most critical of the issues on the official agenda. True, the world engaged in multiplicity of political conflicts is another one. True, economic hegemony which some nations are engaged in establishing for themselves, is the third issue that may find a mention ..