Subsequent Approval Futile

In SC’s opinion, the approval for initiating disciplinary proceeding and approval to a charge memorandum are two divisible acts, each one requiring independent application of mind on the part of the Disciplinary Authority. If there is any default in the process of application of mind independently at the time of issue of charge memorandum by the Disciplinary Authority, the same would not get cured by the fact that such approval was there at the initial stage. ..

BMC conducts fogging exercise in different localities of city

Bhopal Municipal Corporation carried out fogging exercise on Sunday as well. BMC vehicles went to different localities of city and carried out fogging exercise to contain the mosquito menace and protect citizens from mosquito borne disease and other seasonal diseases as well. On Sunday, BMC carried out fogging exercise in Saketh Nagar, Comfort Palm, Rohit Nagar, Babadia Kalan, Green Valley, Kolua Kalan, Damkheda, Semra, Bihari Colony, Shabri Nagar, Patel Colony, Gram Khejda, Abhiruchi Parisar, Lala ..

Of Agri-Culture! - IX

  Our nation will never prosper in a true sense if we continue to subject our villages to a modern socio-economic rationale of suspect gender.l India’s National Agricultural Policy is “to promote technically sound, economically viabl..


  IN THE middle of the projected third wave, India has embarked on a new mission of administering booster dose to health workers and people above the age of 60 as a precautionary step. The drive coincides with vaccination for children between th..


  TOUGH men outlast tough times on the dint of their will and goodwill. The snow-filled areas of Kashmir regularly sees how the strong-willed personnel of the Indian Army come to their rescue in times of crisis. The media and social media these ..

Unruly Rulers

With a puppet acting President MyintSwe, the erstwhile first Vice President of Myanmar, the military leadership has christened its increasing reign of torture to throttle civil liberties as “defensive people’s war” but gets unnerved. Junta forces resorted to looting of civilian possessions, carried out arson attacks, and destroyed civilian property, including food, medicine, and aid supplies intended for displaced civilians...

People to pay gratitude to Surya Dev on Makar Sankranti

People to pay gratitude to Surya Dev on Makar Sankranti..

A Quarrel Among Thieves

TWO questions about recent events in Kazakhstan. First, was last week’s slaughterhouse battle between “20,000 bandits” and the regime’s police in Almaty, the country’s biggest city, really just a quarrel among thieves? And second, why did Russian troops get involved? Kazakhstan is a kleptocracy: “a State where corrupt politicians enrich themselves secretly through kickbacks, bribes, and special favors, or simply direct State funds to themselves and their associates. They often export much of their ..

‘Make rational transport policy in State’

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that the use of information technology has been increased in the works of the Transport Department, which is commendable. The use of information technology should be continuously increased. He directed to increase transport services in rural areas as per need. Along with this, the Chief Minister told to make a rational transport policy for the future, so that the transport services can be further improved. He was reviewing the works of the Transport Department ..

Hints of the future?

If one goes by the logic of ‘morning shows the day…’, then does January show the year? Well, we are not half-way into the month and I am already detesting the idea of ‘January showing the year…’ Oh no! Nothing against the month. Absolutely nothing. In fact, it is that super cool month of wonderful winters that bring hopes and plans and resolutions and increments and festivals and weddings. In short, a time of a lot of excitement! But this January has brought a third pandemic wave and nothing is like ..

Of virtues of a true ‘King’

ALL civilised human societies harbour this description as the ideal for every person to attain -- across lands, across seas, across cultures, across political divides! Every civilised human mind struggles to master the inner domain, get over and past the anarchy within, and aspires for peace and cohesion with self. In ‘Paradise Regained’, John Milton talks of core values of Christian idealism and heroism -- which are described to have been represented so regally by none other than Jesus Christ himself. ..

Of Agri-Culture! - VIII

  “The root cause of Indian agricultural crisis lies in economics. I am a technologist. Technology and public policy are both very important. But ultimately, while technology is important for farmers, more important are procurement and pub..


   IF THERE was anything that lacked big time in Indian cricket team’s outing in the second Test against South Africa at Wanderers, then it was INTENT. The Indians had the skill, talent and the men to execute all plans but their entir..


  ALL the Members of Parliament have a fantastic opportunity to bring about a big change in the legal framework of criminal laws practiced in India if they respond positively to the call of Union Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah. The Home Minister is..


I NTELLIGENCE being the anchor of security, two fundamentals of national security provide the reasons for a periodical examination of whether the Intelligence infrastructure and its methodology were in need of an upgrade and expansion. First is the reality that the threat perspectives were never static since geo-politics could alter and new adversarial fronts shape up. The second is the principle that says ‘Security is a matter of degree’ implying that it should never be presumed to be perfect and ..

When the Lord is waiting

THE spiritual metaphor of this wonderful poem cannot be missed -- though some may not sense it at all. ‘Yes, I am eager to meet Him -- my Lord. And all the time, I am readying myself for that rendezvous. My instrument is yet not ready. I try to string it to perfection, and then unstring it so that I string it back again better. I also have a song in the mind for Him, but the words elude me. Of course, I am yet to see My Lord’s face. I have also not heard His voice, as well. But wait, I have heard ..

Indianising Legal System

In ancient India, the judges were required to be well versed in all branches of knowledge (vidya) as well as jurisprudence and the science of Government. But today, The low standard of legal and juristic studies in India creates an urgent problem. On the one hand, our High Courts and the Supreme Court are invested with the power to interpret the Constitution and declare any law or act of the State invalid on the ground that it is unconstitutional or illegal or restrictive of the fundamental rights ..

The youth listen provided we present right role models

IN A recent interview-based survey of young people between ages 18 and 24 years, a rather disturbing fact emerged -- that each one of the respondents had role models that were strange, to say the least -- movie stars, YouTube influencers, nondescript fashion models. That revelation was rather saddening. The researcher was none other than the loud-thinker himself. On one past occasion, he did mention similar findings in ‘Loud Thinking’, all right. But this time, the loud-thinker followed another approach. ..

Of Agri-Culture! - VII

  “Jab kisan ke bete ko gobar mein badboo aane lag jae to samaz lo ki desh mein akaal padane wala hai”- The legendary Hindi litterateur Premchand (When the farmer’s son starts sensing stink in cow dung, then be sure that the co..

the world beaters

  SINCE 2010, the Indian cricket team has recorded victories in 11 Tests in SENA (South Africa, England, New Zealand, Australia) countries. For the uninitiated, the statistic may look a small number but for the ardent lovers of Indian cricket, t..

Delhi’s Worry

INDIA needs immediate policy intervention to prevent its national capital Delhi to become hell by 2030 by curbing at least 1 per cent of Carbon Monoxide (CO) Emissions from Vehicles. A delay of three years could increase the CO emission level by 16 per cent compared to the level of 2021, and in business as usual (BAU) scenario it would increase by 40 per cent. Rise in CO level will have devastating effect on health and excess exposure is known to reduce the ability of blood to carry oxygen to ..

A busy year for foresters as wild animals venture into city

AS debates on man-animal conflict kept dominating the social space, Nagpur city and district remained in limelight in 2021 for different developments and issues in wildlife. The Forest Department was busy throughout the year handling poaching cases in Nagpur district. Forest teams arrested many poachers and seized body parts of tiger, leopard, pangolin etc. Similarly, Nagpur city, this year, experienced many incidents of wild animals entering residential areas which created panic among citizens. Man-animal ..

Who messed up my city? - III

THE poster put up by MahaMetro two years ago urging people to bear the inconvenience temporarily for a good time later still rankles in the mind. There is no animus about the poster or its message in the loosefooter’s mind, though. Yet, the problem is that on most occasions, the authorities tend to take the people for granted -- not for a few days, but for long years -- and do little to improve conditions of the roads or other public facilities. And that hurts -- deep down. And so the question (for ..

Saphala Ekadashi: The sacred day to ensure success

Lord Shri Krishna once said to Arjuna: “Oh best of the Bharata lineage, just as Lord Shesha is best among snakes, Garuda is best among birds, the Ashwamedh Yadnya is best among sacrifices, the Ganges is best among the rivers, Shri Vishnu is best among the demigods and the Brahmans are best among human beings; so, among all vows of austerity the day of Ekadashi is best.” According to Hindu calendar, there are 24 ekadashis mentioned in 12 months very year from Chaitra to Falgun. Ekadashi is the 11th ..

Nuclear Twilight

A FLEET of 20 battery-operated vehicles will be made available for tourists at the world famous Ellora caves here in Maharashtra from February next year, a senior official of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) said on Wednesday. The caves are spread over 2.2 km and tourists have to walk to view these rock-cut structures. For the convenience of the visitors, the ASI has issued an expression of interest to run battery-operated vehicles in the cave complex premises, ASI Superintendent, Aurangabad ..

On the threshold of a New Year

As we stand on the threshold of a passing year, an unhastened, easy smile breaks, simply sliding out of the many barriers of the ‘should-have-been’ about the year that was. Passing thresholds are all about taking and leaving. And so often than not what you take and what you leave determines your onward journey. Standing on threshold of an approaching year while bidding farewell to a departing one, one cannot but think of things that one takes along and all that is to be left behind. As if you are ..

High Court’s “No” To Bhujbal

The HC agreed with the petitioner’s counsel that the power vested in the Commissioner under section 151 of the Act to grant or not to grant approval to the Assessing Officer to re-open an assessment is coupled with duty and the Commissioner is duty-bound to apply his mind to the proposal put up to him for the approval in the light of the material relied upon by the Assessing Officer and such power cannot be exercised casually, in a routine and perfunctory manner. IN THE judgement of the case- Chhagan ..

Of Agri-Culture! - VI

  Either the country does not know the answer to all these troubling questions, or it knows the answers but does not have the courage to rise above the temptation of consumerist and corporate culture in which individual farmer has no space.It mu..


  BEING a proven performer on South African tracks offering lateral movement to the pace bowlers, India’s middle-order mainstay Cheteshwar Pujara has exuded confidence of tackling the challenge in the forthcoming series,too, like India did..


  A GENUINE demand, worth serious consideration, has been put forward by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) to the aviation ministry for mandatory playing of Indian music on flights operated by Indian carriers. It may sound a uniqu..

Humouring Putin

This question has become urgent because President Putin is demanding guarantees that Ukraine will never join NATO. He also wants the alliance to withdraw all the non-local troops and weapons it has deployed in countries that were not in NATO before 1997. And he is hinting that he might invade Ukraine if NATO does not comply. ..


THERE is little to be excited about the Government’s latest announcement of a comprehensive strategy to put India firmly on the world map of semiconductor manufacturers at a time when the global industry is silently cerebrating its diamond jubilee of existence. The world’s first semiconductor maker, Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation, was founded in Santa Clara, California, in 1957. Since then nearly 50 large semiconductor firms have come up in over a dozen countries..

Welcome Digital Currency

A CRYPTOCURRENCY is outside the control of the central banks of the countries. As the name suggests, the currency is encrypted and not accessible to anyone other than the owner. A number of computer enthusiasts get together and they solve a puzzle like the Sudoku. One who can solve the puzzle is granted a prize in form of a currency such as Bitcoin. All the other players have to confirm that the winner has actually solved the puzzle. Only then he is given the cryptocurrency. The control of the currency ..

Of the blossom of bosom

WHEN flowers bloom! When flowers bloom, they dispel gloom, into free air they zoom ...! The legendary Amrita Pritam visualises that moment -- of bloom, of birth of a flower, of how its petals flair, how they bend outward, how they consume energy in the surrounding, how they emit energy. But that is still only half the story. For, the blooming of flower into a full spread of petals, their complete opening, is not the moment of the flower’s birth. The flower, actually, is born when the tender end of ..

Success comes at a price

The senior partner called her up and asked her to present the case before the CEO of United Airlines, their coveted client. When she told the news to her parents, they were ecstatic. And the friends chipped in, “My, my! You are right there standing on the top pedestal; this defines your success. It’s been a smooth ride for you.” The down-to-earth, hard-worker stopped them right in their tracks, and in a no-nonsense tone stated, “First and foremost, I haven’t reached my destination. To quote Robert ..

Kim’s Brutal Rule

Since Kim came to power, North Korea has fired off over 130 missiles over the last 10 years, punctuated by three intercontinental ballistic missile blasts in 2017. Of the four nuclear tests, the last in 2017, was a thermonuclear bomb. The Korean War that the current leader’s grandfather started in 1950, just two years after founding North Korea, claimed upwards of 4 million lives. His son and Kim’s farher, Kim Jong Il, inherited power in July 1994 and oversaw a devastating famine in which upwards ..

Fearless We…

For all the decaying values we tend to be surrounded by, let nobody convince you that true heroes do not exist. -- General Bipin Rawat, India’s first Chief of Defence Staff, (In his foreword for book India’s Most Fearless by Shiv Aroor and Rahul Singh) Heroism, they say, is all about believing and staying put against adverse conditions both without and within. ..

Confused Measure

THE appeal of public health groups, doctors, economists to the Government to hike excise duty on tobacco products can well be described at best as a confused suggestion. For, on one hand, these people have made the suggestion so that there would be a considerable hike in revenue generation, while on the other hand they talk of combating tobacco addiction in the society. The second ruse appears to be only cosmetic, while the first one appears to have been inspired by some hidden vested interests. Otherwise, ..

Export Services Instead

THE three sectors of the economy are services, manufacturing and agriculture. Presently services account for about 90 per cent of the GDP of developed countries like United States, manufacturing about 9 per cent and agriculture a meager 1 per cent. Our situation is similar with services at about 60 per cent, manufacturing at about 25 per cent and agriculture at about 15 per cent...

Export Services Instead

Many benefits are to be obtained if we develop the exports of services. The export of services is less likely to be affected by problems such as Corona pandemic. The services sector employs large numbers of educated workers and pays relatively higher wages...

Glory Restored

THE event of the inauguration of rejuvenation and transformation of Shri Kashi Vishwanath Dham by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has tremendous importance to the nation with multiple symbolisms -- historical, cultural, social and religious. It marks a moment that will tell the story of how an ancient city was given back its old physical grace without affecting any sensibilities or susceptibilities. Under Mr. Modi’s personalised monitoring and leadership, a very delicate project of massive proportions ..

Lord Dattatreya, Adi Guru of Yoga tradition

Lord Dattatreya is considered as a sannyasi (monk) who is being worshipped by different sects, sub-religions and cultures of Hindu religions. He is also termed as a pioneer of Yoga in India.In Many states of India like Maharashtra, Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, He is worshipped as a syncretic deity. Several upanishads are dedicated to Him, as are texts of the Vedanta Yoga tradition in Hinduism. Over time, Dattatreya has inspired many monastic movements ..

Of words and their power

YES, that is how words are! Very easily available. But equally difficult for accurate usage. And unfortunately, very few realise this. Of course, each writer -- of any language, all languages -- has realised this. He, as well as every teacher of language, also has warned all of us against casualness in using words. Yet, habitually, we use words without much thinking about the meaning or the effect those may have on the listener or reader. And because we are so casual about choosing and using words, ..

‘Find your calling -- be it art, music, graphic design ...’

WISE words these! -- from Group Captain Varun Singh the lone survivor of the helicopter crash that killed Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat and others. These words were written by the Shaurya Chakra winner in a letter to the Principal of the Army Public School (where he studied), meant to be conveyed to the students. In that letter, Group Captain Singh had counseled that it was okay if the student was mediocre in studies, but then he/she should find his/her calling -- in subject of liking, ..

Children Rights In Peril

The widespread impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to deepen increasing poverty, entrenching inequality and threatening the rights of children like never before. The number of children hungry, out of school, abused, living in poverty, forced into marriage is going up...

‘Find your calling -- be it art, music, graphic design ...’

WISE words these! -- from Group Captain Varun Singh the lone survivor of the helicopter crash that killed Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat and others. These words were written by the Shaurya Chakra winner in a letter to the Principal of the Army Public School (where he studied), meant to be conveyed to the students. In that letter, Group Captain Singh had counseled that it was okay if the student was mediocre in studies, but then he/she should find his/her calling -- in subject of liking, ..

Of Agri-Culture! - IV

  We need to think of the comprehensive thought the word ‘agri-culture’ suggests -- in which farming is one component and socio-economic culture another. When we think of farm reforms, we are giving importance only to the half of the..

good decision

  NEW Zealand now stands on the threshold of an ever-expanding ban on tobacco smoking. The Government there has put a lifetime ban on tobacco smoking for all under 14 years of age, and a new law plans to keep rising this base-line every passing ..

right appeal

  PRIME Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has done well to urge the youth of India to understand correctly what happened during the proceedings of the Constituent Assembly -- that met for the first time on December 9 as many as 75 years ago. Mr. Modi h..

Omicron Threat

THE Omicron variant, declared as a “variant of concern” by the World Health Organization (WHO) has alarmed the global community, who thought the worst was over. The emergence of the variant had led to the postponement of the twelfth Ministerial conference (MC12) of the World Trade Organization (WTO). The MC12 was to consider the historic proposal by South Africa and India for waiving intellectual property rights (IP) to ensure global access to COVID-19 ..

The Nuclear Deal Is Dead!

“WE reviewed the proposals ... carefully and thoroughly and concluded that Iran violated almost all compromises found previously in months of hard negotiations,” said the German Foreign Ministry spokesperson on Sunday. As a funeral oration, it lacked in elegance, but it did the job: the 2015 treaty curbing Iran’s nuclear capabilities is dead. It was last week’s meeting in Vienna that dealt it the death blow. Officially Iran and the six guarantors of the treaty (China, France, Germany, Russia, the ..

New US Defence Posturing

The Global Posture Review (GPR) calls for improving US military infrastructure in Guam and Australia and focussing more on QUAD and AUKUS agreements. Major details on other potential moves have not been made public, as the report has mostly been classified...

Of bliss of one’s own company

OF COURSE, simple words -- with profound meaning. Emily Bronte rightly brings us to understanding of how one evolves and starts finding company in self. But this stage does not come by easily, as we all know. For, all of us grow under the shadow of the belief -- and also truth -- that man is a social animal. So, man needs company, we say -- and start seeking it. Every mother tells her little one, “Go, play with your friends.” And when a child has no friends, she is sad -- or made to feel sad by others. ..

Alternative To MSP

A problem in this solution is that the production of specific crops can oscillate. There may be excess production of wheat and paddy in some years and there may be shortage in other years. The solution is that the Government should convert the Food Corporation of India into a “Food Trading Corporation.” In this manner we can get a secured supply of foodgrains without having to pay huge wasteful subsidies on fertilizer, electricity, water, foodgrains and exports. ..

No Dismissal Of S.A. In Limine

THROUGH the judgement of the case –Hasmat Ali v. Amina Bibi & Others, delivered on November 29, 2021, Justices S. Abdul Nazeer and Krishna Murari, at the Supreme Court have made it amply clear that “In our view, the High Court cannot dismiss the second appeal in limine without assigning any reason for its conclusion”. The court has further said that the High Court must display its conscious application of mind even while dismissing the appeal at the admission stage. The Supreme Court has pointed out ..

Schools, colleges can be good talent pools for careers in Army

THE news of youngsters joining Indian Armed Forces as officers after passing out from different institutions such as the Indian Military Academy or the Indian Naval Academy, is received by the larger society with much interest and enthusiasm -- not only in smaller cities and towns and villages, but also in metro cities. This enthusiasm demonstrates the respect the people have for the Armed Forces -- a happy feeling by any standard. Despite this, the Indian Armed Forces are forever running short of ..

Of Agri-Culture! - III

  A few farm laws or a few superficial corrections passed as reforms will help only minimally. What Indian agriculture needs at this point is a deep and integrated reform that takes care of farming, rural economy, and rural sociology as unavoida..


   THE ‘Woman of the Year Award’ bestowed upon legendary Indian long jumper Anju Bobby George by the World Athletics is true recognition of the sporting icon’s achievements and also her leadership qualities that are helpin..


  INDIA’S contribution, intent and commitment to fight climate change is vividly reflected in its latest achievement in power generation from non-fossil energy sources. India has met the target of 40 per cent of its installed electricity c..

Economic Recovery At Risk

WAVES of new variants of the old accursed pandemic is bad news for the health of the planet. On top, the economic disruptions that these have been creating is a double whammy. The only silver lining is that people learn fast to tackle..

Omicron- A Rising Threat

THE new Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus was discovered last week by scientists in South Africa and Botswana, the only countries in southern Africa that have the skills and resources to detect a new variant. So what did the rich countries of the world do? Like the drunk looking for his lost car keys under a street-light – “Where did you drop them?” “Over there.”..

Blanket truth

THE winter is here. There is a chill in the air. The icy hand of the season is touching all souls to let them experience the thrills of a good shiver. Very generously, it has taken away the last remnants of the hot, sultry weather. And now on the offer is a choice – to either let the chill, which envelopes the world, set in hearts, minds and souls or let human endeavors bring in the much-required warmth. It is not an easy task, most certainly not! If one gives it a serious thought, one will, in ..


SEEKING a fresh start for Afghanistan after the Taliban’s takeover on August 15, acting Prime Minister of the country’s caretaker Government Mr.Mullah Hassan Akhund has called for good relations with the international community. Hollowness in the statement is quite obvious given the oppressive ways the Taliban have adopted against the common people since the takeover. Afghanistan has found itself in the grip of primitive rulers yet again after a good period..

Keep An Eye On China

The port of Berbera and Somaliland’s geopolitical location at the crossroads of West Asia, Horn of Africa and Indian Ocean is likely to assume increasing strategic importance as the Indo-Pacific rivalries sharpen. Officially, there is no contact between India and Somaliland. A foothold in Somaliland would expand India’s presence and prove useful in monitoring Chinese activities in the region. India could use its ties with the UAE to forge newer ties with Somaliland. ..

Tripura truth

IF THE Opposition parties are not able to extract the right message from the truth from the latest Tripura elections that gave the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) an unprecedented triumph in the local body elections, then they are not worth the salt. The BJP won as many as 329 out of 334 seats from 14 local bodies and mocked at all those dirty machinations the Opposition parties and other vested interests launched to malign the BJP in Tripura as well as all over the country. Cooking up absolutely fake ..

Of clouds in sunset sky

SUCH a consideration comes only rarely and only to those souls with a capacity to detach themselves from silly trappings of life! Of course, Gurudev Tagore was one of those elevated souls that walked on this Earth! Let us not miss the poetry of this simple statement. Let us go beyond standard definitions that often govern our thinking. Let us delve deeper into what it actually means. ‘Yes, clouds do float into my life every now and then -- at any time of the day or night, assuming different shapes ..

SC Directions Misconstrued

A 3-JUDGE bench of the Supreme Court, consisting of the Chief Justice N V Ramana, Dr Justice D Y Chandrachud and Justice Surya Kant, has clarified through an order passed on November 24, 2021, in the case – Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay v. Union of India & Another, that the directions in its order of December 4, 2018 do not mandate the High Courts to transfer cases which are triable by Magistrates to Sessions Courts. Those directions do not supplant the jurisdictional provisions contained either in the Code ..


A NEW variant of Coronavirus named Omicron has triggered fresh wave of fear in the world. Things have escalated to an extent of emergency immediately after the mutation was declared as Variant of Concern by the World Health Organisation (WHO). These are still early days of the new finding but the response sought by Governments from its people across various continents is rather perplexing and at the best seems a knee-jerk reaction to an unproven threat. The variant, termed dangerous by the world, ..

It is our duty to remember all these great souls

EVEN as the nation celebrates 75 years of Independence, the most important aspect of the festivity is to develop a sense of deep gratitude towards countless numbers of great souls who laid the foundation of the New India of our collective dreams. Among those were scientists, artists, musicians, sportspersons, entrepreneurs, educations, medical doctors, engineering, adventurers and men in uniformed-services. These persons might not have taken part actually and physically in shouting slogans against ..

Of Agri-Culture! - II

 Anil Ghanwat, one of the members of the Supreme-Court-appointed panel on farm laws, on Tuesday, wrote to Chief Justice of India Mr. Justice N.V. Ramana urging him to consider releasing the report on the three agri laws in the public domain at the ea..

grand arrival

   EVERY time Shreyas Iyer has walked up to the wicket in any form of cricket, he has brought a special confidence around him. One can sense the ease and belief the Mumbai batsman has in his own abilities. His spectacular Test debut against..


 THIS is one news that entire country must feel proud of: For the first time in India the number of women has surpassed men. The figures released by National Family and Health Survey-5 has put the women:men sex ratio at 1,020:1,000 which indicates a ..

‘Unaffordable’ Healthy Food

 By Dr. Gyan PathakAVAILABILITY of healthy food to an individual has many dimensions, and the chief among those is its affordability. It is more shocking than the shocks from COVID-19 pandemic to know that three billion people, i.e. about 40 per cent..


   ARMY Chief Gen M M Naravane’s hailing of Bangladesh’s efforts to deny space to terror groups carrying out subversive activities against India is a conscious acknowledgement of a trusted neighbour’s contribution. Terror ..


THE spate of raids and searches launched across the country by the Income Tax department as well as Anti-Corruption Bureau presents the gravity of the problem of corruption dogging India. Government agencies have been on the toes to nail the corrupt who a..


THE Centre’s move to bring a bill in the Parliament to bar all but a few cryptocurrencies and create a framework to regulate digital currency is borne out of concerns about national security and monetary sovereignty. After the meek first wave a few years ago, cryptocurrency has gained solid foothold across the world even as the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) kept raising red-flag about the use of the digital currency and the blockchain technology it uses. RBI’s concerns about..

Demand Of Fossil Fuels

AN ARTICLE with the innocuous title ‘Reframing Incentives for Climate Policy Action’ slipped out in the scientific journal ‘Nature Energy’ three weeks ago and got very little attention, presumably because of the hopeless title. But it’s not innocuous at all. It’s explosive. It explains why about half of the world’s oil and gas industry will die in the next 15 years, while the other half enjoys one last frenzied round of growth. Listen carefully, and you can already hear the smart money starting to ..

‘kinetic’ issue

CONGRESS leader Mr. Manish Tewari has verbalised what the nation has been feeling about the Government’s passiveness after the dirty 26/11 terror strike on Mumbai. In his forthcoming book titled 10 Flashpoints: 20 Years, he is stated to have criticised the then Government for not offering a “kinetic response” to the ugly experience. He has reportedly observed that restraint is not a sign of strength and that India should have taken kinetic action following the attack...

Sheer Politics

THE announcement by the Kisan Maha Panchayat that it would continue with protests until all its demands are fulfilled shows that its actions are governed by sheer politics and not by farmers’ interests at heart. It is obvious that the protesters do not trust Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s personal promise that the Government is withdrawing the three controversial legislations. They also do not want to return home despite the Prime Minister’s personal request to do so. They are insisting that ..

Of his cup of tea

IN SO many ways can we interpret this simple-sounding statement! That is simply because it comes from T. S. Eliot, one of the most profound expressers of thought we ever know. He has always been known to use words very sparingly, very miserly, very thoughtfully. That is why people around the world spend their lifetimes trying to decipher what Eliot says on everything he touches. This simple statement -- I smile, of course. ... And go on drinking tea -- has four elements: Smile, Drinking, Tea; and ..

Of Agri-Culture!

 No matter all the so-called solutions by way of higher prices to farm produce etc, Indian farming is going to keep suffering at our own hands. For, the problem does not lie in having or not having better prices; it lies in a terrible misjudgment abo..

bridging the gap

 THE Union Cabinet’s decision to clear provision for mobile connectivity to 7,287 villages across five States is a step ahead in bringing the hinterland on the digital map of the country. Digitalisation has remained the Centre’s bigged pr..

vaccine hesi

  EVEN as all the Government of India has embarked upon increasing pace of total vaccination of the population, the “greatest threat” to overcome the coronavirus pandemic remains vaccine hesitancy. The concern was once again spelt ou..

Of ‘moment’ous journeys!

Sailing in the ocean of time one hardly realises the speed at which a moment turns into a story. One attempts to cling to the moment but all one is clinging to is the story of the moment gone by. Live in the moment, the wise men say. ‘Carpe Diem’ is the slogan. That will, of course not stop time, but will make a good story. And good story is the next best thing to a good moment. Or perhaps a good story is a good moment stretched to eternity! So, let us all make good stories. Bu..

Of poetic experience

ONE more wonderful definition of poetry! -- by someone whose poetic life was of just four years, cut short of an untimely death at 25. But even though his life-span was so short, John Keats created poetry that immortalised him in the annals of literature. How can we forget his immortal poem “Ode To A Nightingale”! As he struggled to have a proper life of good means and good health, Keats kept emoting time and again on life and literature and creative mind. That effort of his looked like an exploration ..

Grow up man, be the child

There he was! Basking in the glory of achievement, celebrating with friends. But, as soon as he saw his mother in the crowd, he shouted with joy, “Mamma!”, ran to her and hugged her, oblivious of the crowd around. It was joy all over, for both of them. A few days later, one happened to attend a family function at an acquaintance’s house. As all the grown-ups were chatting with one another, having a hearty laughter, an old woman came to drawing hall from another room in the house. Instantly, the host ..

Why Kangana Why This

Freedom that came in 1947 was a “bheek” is fully uncalled for and absolutely off the mark -- and should never have been made not just by Kangana Ranaut but by anybody.Actor Kangana Ranaut kicked off a firestorm on Thursday for declaring that I..


   THE vagaries of sports came to haunt Pakistan in a profound manner in the semi-finals of the World Twenty20 Championship as the favourites were pipped to the post by Australia. The thriller in Dubai yet again showed that one’s mome..


 IN ONE stroke, Chinese President Mr. Xi Jinping has elevated himself to a high pedestal alongside Mr. Mao Zedong, founder of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and Mr. Deng Xiaoping, the architect of China’s economic surge. A high-profile conc..

COP26 Ambiguities Exist

THE Glasgow draft text of the summit agreement released by the COP26 presidency under UK is indeed the most powerful text on climate change so far, but ambiguities still exist. It means it will have some legal force, but the ambiguities would make room for various interpretations that may prove a hurdle in the way to achieve the original target of net-zero by 2050 and limit global warming to 1.5 degree Celsius. Technically speaking, it would not be a treaty, but merely a compendium of decisions on ..

3 Steps For Employment

THE first cause for increasing unemployment today is technological change. This has happened many times in human history. The invention of the motor cars let do the unemployment of horse cart runners. However, in course of time more roads were made for running the cars, more jobs were created in manufacture and repair of cars and this led to higher growth rate and creation of more employment. The total employment in the transport sector in the motor car age would be more than the employment in the ..

Of the quarrel within

Regarded as a leader of Irish literary revival, Yeats offers one more assessment of what he thinks of poetry. As a romantic and modernist, Yeats’ poetry is wide-ranging, with a mystical awareness peeping through more than occasionally. When there is tumult -- of any kind -- within, poetry emerges in thought, which some may capture in words and get called poets. However, the process is not all that easy, all that simple. The poet is special -- different from other creators of other forms of literature. ..

‘Aadhaar’ Is Not Only Mode

Any member of eligible household listed in the Ration Card shall be entitled to receive the entire quantity of entitled subsidised food grains or Cash Transfer of Food Subsidy under NFSA, if any one member of the household in the Ration Card fulfills the identification conditions mentioned in the clauses, in case Aadhaar number is not yet assigned to all such members of the household...

The woman who led ISRO’s RISAT project team

WHEN Mrs. N. Valarmathi became a house-hold name in Tamil Nadu’s Ariyalur town, she actually was confused to some extent. She would not know why people were showering upon her so much adulation. For, she had taken her work as the Project Director of RISAT-1 satellite’s successful launch as a matter of professional routine, not realising in the least that her able leadership had catapulted the country onto a new horizon of space technology. “That is what I have been doing -- working diligently for ..

Behind Shrine, Beyond It!

  Redevlopment of centres of faith in India shows the country’s growing pride in its ancient saints and philosophers, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Friday, addressing a gathering of priests and devotees while inaugurating the rebui..


  NINE months after the military junta took control of Government in Myanmar by jailing State Counselor Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi, the country is still reeling under wanton bloodshed and torture of civilians. The United Nations team has presented a g..

Festival of lights! lightly so...!

A slight chill in the air, marvelously lit homes, people dressed to kill and city abuzz with heightened activity – that has always been the magic of Diwali for me. Now as I see, city streets narrowing down amid the sea of shoppers, the jostle around, the bright glow of satiated souls and the heat of the I-have-a-dress-to-kill smiles are not allowing the winter chill to settle in. And though I despise all forms of heightened activity unless they are my own, this is the time of the year when I do not ..

Default Bail Is Basic Right

QUITE recently on October 18, 2021, through the judgment of the case – Abhishek v. State NCT of Delhi, Justice Manoj Kumar Ohri of the Delhi High Court has declared that the right to seek default bail under section 167(2) CrPC is a fundamental right and not merely a statutory right, which flows from Article 21 of the Constitution of India. The HC has further emphasised that it has been held to be an indefeasible part of the right to personal liberty under Article 21 of the Constitution of India, and ..

The Home Truth

 Panaji, October 28 (PTI): Political strategist Prashant Kishor, who is currently lobbying for the Trinamool Congress for the upcoming Goa Assembly elections, has said that the BJP would remain at the centre of Indian politics and would not go anywhe..


  PRIME Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s announcement of celebrating year 2022 as the ‘ASEAN-India Friendship Year’ to mark 30 years of their partnership is an assuring message to the member-nations about India’s unwavering s..