A PERVERSE nation like Pakistan can never be trusted to follow the tenets of law and justice. The Rogue State has brazened it out yet again in Indian navy officer Kulbhushan Jadhav’s case by making farcical claims that the held Indian national had refused to initiate a review petition for his release from Pakistan’s custody. Jadhav is languishing in..

Food Insecurity In Cuba

FOOD availability was the top concern of 21 per cent of Cubans responding to a recent opinion survey, reflecting the recurrent food shortages on the island promoted by the US economic blockade and the shortcomings of the domestic food supply system. In 1960, the idea of a blockade was appealing to the US State Department because it would cause deprivation and suffering. Those intentions resurfaced in 1992 with the so-called Cuban Democracy Act, which, still in force, restricts foreign partners ..

paradigm shift

THE developments in the last few days of India-China stand-off in eastern Ladakh indicate a paradigm shift that could not even be imagined a few years ago. No matter the aggressive stance taken by the Chinese army, the Indian response was a fine example of a fantastic assertion of a morally correct nationalistic position that brooked no nonsense. As a result, slowly but increasingly, the Chinese troops started backing out, giving a clear indication that the Indian assertiveness was highly effective. ..


NITI Aayog Chief Executive Officer Mr. Amitabh Kant sees ‘green shoots’ appearing on the economic horizon, indicating that the national economy will bounce back, no matter the adverse impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the past four months. It is true that the comprehensive lock-down imposed has destroyed a large range of jobs and has pushed many an enterprise into oblivion. Many sectors of the industrial spectrum have faced terrible financial crunch, affecting the national economy all the more. Despite ..

The Elusive Virus

COVID-19 deaths are indifferent statistics. Till when one of the numerals indicates the passing away of someone who was close acquaintance, a relative or workplace colleague. Then, the number takes shape in flesh and blood. And, then, all of a sudden, the coronavirus is too close home for comfort! The fact of the matter is, the coronavirus has so far killed only an infinitesimally small number. But every life lost is a tragedy and leaves a void behind. Most important..

acting east

EVEN as India grapples with the current row with China, the world is appreciating New Delhi’s broader initiatives to establish better connect with nations. India’s ‘Act East Policy’ (AEP) aimed at consolidating not just the economic but also cultural bonding with nations of South-East Asia and integrating strongly security-related matters in the Indo-Pacific region also has won praise by think-tank European Foundation for South Asian Studies (EFSAS)...


DIFFERENT times bring in different challenges. The world is experiencing drastic changes in lifestyle following the coronavirus outbreak that has forced mankind to alter many things, including future education. As students and teachers across the globe warm up to the idea of on-line classes due to the dangers in h..

Exercise Caution

RECENT events in the South Asian region are upsetting and worrisome and these require statesmanship to wriggle out. There has been perpetual tension between Pakistan and India which has led to immense wasteful expenditure on arms race thus marring development in the two countries and adversely affecting health and education in particular. With some periods of thaw, most of the time, the two countries have been engaged in cold or h..

long way to go

THAT the Chinese troops were seen removing their tents and moving away in Patrolling Point 14 in the Galwan Valley and also in the Gogra Hot Spring area of eastern Ladakh and that some such movement was noticed also in the Pangong Tso area, should be watched with a lot of caution, thanks to the unpredictable nature of the Chinese. Even though this may be an outcome of the series of the diplomatic and military talks India held..

Of a temple without deity

MOST profound truths are often expressed in the most simple words. As he campaigns for a spiritually-blessed living for the whole of mankind, the Dalai Lama is often heard stating deep and profound truths in words that are easy to understand linguistically but very difficult to comprehend spiritually. And like all sages, he also s..

Computing Compensation

The deceased Satpal Singh had died on November 18, 1998. His dependents have been pursuing legal proceedings for grant of compensation since the past 22 years. As a consequence, the court deemed it appropriate to direct that interest at 12 pc per annum be paid on the total compensation awarded, from the date of filing the claim petition, till realisation. bbbbbbb THROUGH the common judgment of the two connected civil appeals – United India Insurance Co. Ltd. v. Satinder Kaur alias Satwinder Kaur ..


SOME stories are destined to end without the actual climax. They ride a wave of anticipation, bringing along moments of ecstasy, stoking a desire for more, and then leaving an emptiness that again becomes a new story. When Chinese legend Lin Dan pulled curtains on his badminton journey on Saturday he became that story – of an untold emptiness in one corner of the heart. ‘Super Dan’ has chosen a life into the sunset, leaving behind bright flashes full of his unyielding spirit...

hints for pak

hints for pak..


If something works well, use it, expand on it, apply it in other situations and disciplines. But don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s the answer to everything. Too much of anything, is not a good thing. Unthinking adherence to what has proven successful, will not necessarily be successful...

Digital distancing

MANY agencies reported a remarkable rise in the use of new media during the lockdown period. The immoderation basically resulted from inability to pass the unprecedented free time. An overall uncertainty and a creeping anxiety about corona also led to a compulsive desire to stay updated multiplying the media use to a great extent...

The ‘Bharat’ Narrative - V

THIS incisive and truthful observation comes from an authentic researcher who works at the confluence of multiple sciences in a merciless pursuit of truth. And it endorses countless similar observations by many, many scholars not just of Indian origin but also by others. ..


THE scene of a totally bewildered and innocent three-year-old boy crying next to the bloodied body of his grandfather having fallen to terrorist bullets in Kashmir, was very touching, to say the least. The security forces did a smart job of first creating sort of a barricade of their vehicles around the spot and then whisking the child to safety. Before the soldiers called the little one to safety, the boy did not know what to do, and even sat on his dead..

Nepal’s False Claims

INDIA-NEPAL relations soured recently after the Nepal Government claimed three Indian territories to be their own – Kalapani, Lipulekh and Limpiyadhura in Uttarakhand. The total area is 335 sq. kms. The Nepali side not only claimed these Indian territories but published a new map showing these areas to be in Nepal. The map was later presented to and approved by the Nepali Parliament. Nepal quoted the Treaty of Sugauli, signed in 1816 in support of its claims. The Treaty of Sugauli was between the ..


ALMOST as follow-up of the Government’s decision to ban 59 Chinese apps, including the immensely popular platform TikTok, over security concerns Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has quit Chinese Twitter-like microblogging website Sina Weibo. Mr. Modi had joined the site a few years ago against the backdrop of increasing warmth in relations between India and China especially after the truce managed post-Doka La stand-off of 2017. However, relations between the two top Asian powers have gone south after ..


BY EXTENDING the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana (PMGKAY) to provide free ration for over 80 crore people, mostly poor, by five months till November end, the Centre has taken care of a pressing issue dogging a large populace following the coronavirus outbreak and subsequent long lockdown. Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi took it upon himself to unfold the free ration scheme, instilling a soothing assurance among the countrymen still harried by the pandemic. The Prime Minister also insisted ..

Biden Backs Labour

PRESUMPTIVE Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and a parade of other prominent politicians are supporting the 4,300 Machinists Local S6 workers forced to strike by their bosses at the Bath Iron Works shipyard in Maine. “A job is about a lot more than a paycheck. It’s about dignity. I urge Bath Iron Works to come back to the table and make a fair offer to the hardworking men and women of IAM Local S6,” Biden declared on June 25...

probe in depth

THE current imbroglio involving Rajiv Gandhi Foundation (RGF) has multiple ramifications that actually call for an in-depth investigation to find out the underlying truth about not just the funds and the channels through which those came, but also the manner of its purpose and management. No matter the fact that the whole controversy has a distinct political angle, which makes it vulnerable to be misunderstood as a narrow issue. But going by the details of allegations involving not just funds from ..

In the zone of deep prayer

Those who are not there, who are not involved, who are not needed to be engaged as part of duty will never understand the risks involved. But when the medical doctors are assigned to coronavirus duties, they actually buy risks which others are almost totally unlikely to understand. The doctors’ own sense of personal safety and security is assailed by the assignment...


AFTER the State-owned telecom companies decided to snub Chinese vendors for their network upgradation tenders, the Government has come up with the first and important retaliatory move against China by banning 59 mobile applications, including the hugely popular TikTok. The move has come amid the tense border stand-off between the armies of India and China in Galwan Valley in eastern Ladakh. The step can bee seen as a virtual strike as apps like TikTok, UC Browser, SHAREiT and CamScanner had a huge ..

Russian Referendum

“THE very existence of an opportunity for the current President (to be re-elected in 2024), given his major gravitas, would be a stabilising factor for our society,”, said Valentina Tereshkova, former Soviet cosmonaut, first woman in space, and now, at 83, a member of the Russian Duma (Parliament). She was talking about President Vladimir Putin, of course, and she was proposing a Constitutional amendment to let him bypass the existing term limit and be re-elected in 2024 (and again in 2030, if he ..

truth is out

THE resignation of Syed Ali Shah Geelani, the lifetime Chairman of the 16-party Hurriyat Conference formed to promote separatism in Kashmir, signals an important turning point in favour of nationalist narrative in the State now fast on the recovery path after the Government withdrew its Special Status by abrogating Articles 370 and 35A of the Constitution of India. As he stepped down, Geelani has accused the separatist elements based in Pakistan--Occupied-Kashmir (PoK) of being selfish and opportunist ..

Right wrong... and beyond

‘Beyond’ - a tempting word or a wholesome thought! It is in dreams, hopes, faith, vision! ‘Beyond’ – Oh! what a lingering thought, a driving force, a march forward! Whatever is one’s state, ‘beyond’ beckons all. It is only when the wisest reach the farthest reaches of ‘beyond’ do they see that field, that grass, letting the alluring beyond melt into nothingness. But before one reaches that pleasing field, one dwells in the ideas of wrongdoings and rightdoings. Perhaps that is what makes meeting ..

Ashadhi Ekadashi: 800-year-old tradition of Bhagwat Dharma

“DNYANDEVE Rachila Paaya, Tuka Zalase Kalasa”. The famous abhanga in Marathi tells the importance of Bhagwat Dharma whose foundation was laid by Saint Dnyaneshwar and later Saint Tukaram assumed the apex of it. For the followers of Bhagwat Dharma, the eleventh lunar day of Shukla Paksha (bright Moonlight) in Ashadh month of Hindu calendar and the eleventh lunar day of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month are very importan..


THE coronavirus pandemic has laid bare many problems that were always present in the society but hardly touched upon except by agencies dealing with it. The lockdown brought to fore the plight of many such elements including children living on streets. No work and dependence on NGOs for food left the street children no other option than to avail local credit. But now they have no means to return the amount. Scrambling to survive on the ..

Lincoln And Marx

ON PAGE 405 of the folio edition of the writings and speeches of Abraham Lincoln, there is a letter dated January 19, 1863. It is titled, “To the Workingmen of Manchester, England” and begins: “I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of the address and resolutions which you have sent me on the eve of the new year.”..

strong words

FOR all its brazenness at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) as part of its dirty imperialist policies, China has got a befitting reply in its latest bluster in eastern Ladakh. The neighbour is struggling to come to terms with the unexpectedly high casualties it suffered in the violent clash with brave Indian troops in the Galwan Valley on June 15-16. While Intel has put the number of dead Chinese soldiers at 43, the Communist government is tight-lipped on the issue, inviting rare ire from the families ..

Weighing Public Interests

IN THE judgement of the case – Rajasthan State Warehousing Corporation v. Star Agri warehousing and Collateral Management Limited & Others, delivered on June 24, 2020, at the Supreme Court, Justice Hemant Gupta and Justice Aniruddha Bose have underscored the need for the Courts to weigh conflicting public interests prior to grant of interim direction in contractual matters. The appeals in this case were directed against the interim order pass..


ALREADY battered by the coronavirus pandemic that brought sporting activities to a grinding halt, the embattled National Sports Federations (NSFs) were dealt a body blow when the Union Sports Ministry withdrew provisional annual recognition granted to 54 NSFs on the directive of the Delhi High Court. The decision has sent shivers down the spine of a huge chunk of athletes whose primary hopes of earning a good performance in post-COVID phase depend totally on Government assistance to the bodies for ..

Rise Of India

IN THE backdrop of the India-China standoff, it is clear to mention that no one can dare to stare at India with a crooked eye. It may also be mentioned that Maoism and terrorism had declined in India due to the hawkish courage of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Government. The authority and decisiveness with which the present Government has acted on its promises certainly show a radical departure from earlier Governments which believed in the policy of appeasement and dithered from taking stringent ..


IT IS truly unfortunate that the Congress party is constantly keeping itself engaged in opposing whatever the Narendra Modi Government does or says. In that senseless tirade, the Congress leaders do not spare even the firm stand the Government has taken as regards the developments in eastern Ladakh in the past one and a half months...

Visiting again the story of our past

IT was a golden opportunity to soothe the frayed nerves of a 12-year-old boy who had thrown inexplicable tantrums and pushed the family into a terrible mood. On the calm Sunday noon when everybody at home was trying to find some respite from the forced COVID isolation, this boy felt terrible about life and hurled things, abuses, broke glass panes and even attacked his mother. The frightened and angry father wanted the boy to be soothed by someone-- of course on the phone. Options were terribly limited. ..

The ‘Bharat’ Narrative - IV

   “India is an annual market of USD 800 million.” - A statement by a marketing guru of a multinational company, way back in late 1990s.“India is an ever-expanding market that can absorb almost the whole world’s production of consumer goods.” - Assessment of an international market consultancy company, around the year 2010.  THIS image -- as a terrific market -- is the narrative now being forced upon the people of India for the past some time. And ..


  MS. Clare Connor will become the first woman to head the prestigious Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) of England on October 1 next when Mr. Kumara Sangakkara demits office as the President. This will be an important moment in English cricket when a woman starts leading its core body that was founded as many as 233 years ago. Generally, there should be no difficulty in getting the MCC members’ approval for her accession. Of course, Ms. Clare Connor is no novice in cricket, having led ..


   THE Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has contemplated a good move to allow entry of private sector into the domain of building rockets and providing launch services. This is in tune with the latest developments around the world. At a time when the Spacex company of Mr. Elon Musk is making spacecrafts and launching them with humans on board, India can only ill-afford to lag behind in an area in which the Indian prowess has been recognised the world over.Very rightly, ISRO ..


THE distressed Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector has got a timely boost of Rs 20,000 crore guarantee cover under the Centre’s ambitious Credit Guarantee Scheme for Sub-ordinate Debt. The sector holds a crucial place in the country’s economic ecosystem but was wading through troubled waters for want of capital. Though efforts were on to revive the MSMEs from becoming non-performing assets, the coronavirus pandemic has s..

Handling COVID Trash

ARE oil companies the true heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic? That’s sure what they’d like you to think. In a recent flurry of “corporate reputation advertising” highlighted by Emily Atkin in the newsletter HEATED, oil and gas companies, plus the American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) — an industry group that counts Chevron, Exxon, Citgo, and many others among its members — put out a series of Twitter ads arguing that, since oil and gas companies supply petroleum to manufacturers of face ..

critical point

THE willingness of Russian President Mr. Vladimir Putin to be open to dialogue on burning issues and also be ready to work for putting in place a reliable global security system much needed by the rapidly changing and complex world, may be listed as a critical point upon which the nations need to ponder over. Despite all the tall talk of avoiding military confrontations, particularly following the World War II and formation of the United Nations, the world has seen countless conflicts that have claimed ..


ON EXPECTED lines, the hackers based in China have started attacking India’s information technology infrastructure and banking sector as a part of the country’s hybrid warfare strategies against big threats. It should not come as a surprise for Internet users in India as China had switched to digital battleground quite early to launch mu..

Complex Migrant Issue

HE main reason for outward migration is the mismatch between geography and population. For example, the construction of the Bhakra Dam led to an increase in the area under irrigation in Punjab and to a higher demand for labour. Thus, large numbers of agricultural workers are migrating from Bihar, Jharkhand and UP to Punjab; and industrial workers are migrating to Surat. Same situation is leading to migration of agricultural labour from Tamil Nadu to Kerala. The same reason holds true internationally, ..

of ethos

MINISTER of External Affairs Dr. S. Jaishankar is on the mark when he insists that international relations are governed by certain ethos that must be respected by all. He did not have to clad his sentiment in cosmetic words during an on-line conference with his Russian and Chinese counterparts. He made India’s position clear by stating, though indirectly, that it was China that was engaged in a violation of the international ethos that should govern relationships between countries. Known for his mastery ..


IN TUNE with the ‘Boycott China” campaign that has taken firm root in India, the digital platforms, too, have started similar initiative by deleting Chinese Apps. It is being seen as a wise move after the Indian Intelligence agencies red-flagged over 50 China-linked mobile apps over security concerns. The warning has the backing of the National Security Council Secretariat which has determined that the China-linked applications can be highly det..

Putin’s Plea

Donald Trump writes in tweets, with more exclamation marks than a thirteen-year-old girl’s diary. Nobody knows for sure whether his very limited vocabulary is due to concern for his intended target audience, or to his own gradual mental decline. (Look at interviews from 20 years ago, and he was still using long words and speaking incomplete sentences.) China’s President, as witness his philosophical masterpiece, “Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism Wit..

stock up

THE current stand-off with China and a possible escalation of the situation into an escalated conflict has led the Government to allow the Armed Forces an off-hand allocation of Rs. 500 crore to acquire from the market whatever they need by way of arms and ammunition. Defence Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh, now on a three-day visit to Russia, is also expected to seek more equipment for the Russian-made SU-30 fighters jets, T-90 tanks, warships that are part of the Indian arsenal. All this development ..


GENERAL reason to defend left-arm spinner Rajinder Goel missing out on the India cap always was the presence of too much talent in singe era. It is only a partial truth that Goel also knew but always chose to discard it as a whining point. He never wanted to live life with grudges despite losing on the deserving national berth to contemporary great Bishan Singh Bedi. Goel’s passing away after a prolonged battle with cancer has brought the fin..

Start-Ups Need Care

INDIA has an estimated 26,000 startups, making it the third-largest startup ecosystem in the world, recording consolidated inflows of over $36 billion in the past 3 years with 26 “unicorns” – startups valued over $1 billion. However, data suggest that the e..

hard stance!

THAT New Delhi hardened its stance in eastern Ladakh, was a foregone conclusion. This step -- the directive by Defence Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh -- of asking the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) and the chiefs of Army, Navy, and Air Force to be fully prepared for any “unprecedented action” along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), is absolutely in line with the idea of a systematic and appropriate alteration in the Rules of Engagement (RoE) with the Chinese. The Government has also given a blanket permission ..

Of surrender to illimitable

“But nobody faces the illimitable with impunity. The shock of the first encounter (with the Divine) was so violent that his whole being remained in a shuddering state. He only sbaw those around him through a veil of drifting mist, of dissolving waves of silver shot with sparks of fire. He could no longer control his eyes, his body, or his mind; another will guided them, and he passed through some terrible hours. He prayed the Mother to come to his aid. “Then he suddenly understood...

Registration As ‘Owner’ Is Key

The FIR was lodged within 3 days of the accident. In the case of a major accident of the kind as in this case, where the said truck had turned turtle and fallen into a river, slight delay if any, on the part of the traumatised driver lodge FIR, cannot defeat the legitimate claim of the insured. “of Course in the Court’s view” there was no delay in lodging the FIR or delay at all. bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb IN THE judgement of the case- Surendra Kumar Bhilawe v the New India Assurance Company Ltd., delivered ..


FOOTBALL has kicked off in Europe's fields, tennis will make the big serve soon in the United States, other sports are gearing up for a mega start even as the world warms up to welcoming sporting action in the post-Coronavirus pandemic. Not that the threat is over but humanity is learning the tricks to dodge the virus with thoughtfully-designed protocols. The situation demanded a human response that could start the normal life rolling. Soccer action is aiding the fans to get back to the pre-COVID ..

Silent Killer

YES, depression is real and deadly. Most of us don’t even know about it until it strikes us hard. Those of us who know about it dismiss it as a minor aberration that can be cured easily. The tragic death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput has opened many questions before us. The promising youngster was taking anti-depressant drugs for quite some time. Did he finally take the extreme step due to depression which he or his drugs couldn’t control? Is Bollywood so much a lonely place that no one could come ..

a step further

THE statement of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi at an all-party meeting that there are no Chinese troops on Indian soil at that moment, denotes a step further towards the resolution of the current border crisis in Galwan River Valley in eastern Ladakh. It is of course true that India is dealing with the inscrutable China, and nothing can be fathomed or predicted about the possible next step by Beijing. Thus, the crisis may stretch a little more, a little longer and bother..

Helping our kids to reduce their screen-time

IF the coronavirus lock-down has brought many good things to our homes, some undesirable things, too, have crept through our doors. Or, in other words, thanks to our getting pegged down to confines of our four walls, some undesirable aspects of our familial conduct have cropped up -- like increased screen-time (with our mobile phones, our computers, and most undesirably our television sets). A general observation is that the overall exposure of the families to television has increased considerably. ..


INDIA’s ascendence to the all-powerful United Nations Security Council (UNSC) as a Non-Permanent Member denotes an important development in the international realpolitik. It shows the growing clout India enjoys in the international arena. For, when India declared its candidature to the post, no other country from the Asia-Pacif..

The ‘Bharat’ Narrative - III

“Sangacchhadhwam Samvadaddhwam Sam Vo Manaasi Jaanataam/ Deva Bhaagam Yatha Purvey, Sanjananaa Upaasatey//” - Sandnyaan Suktam, RigVedic prayer (May all of us walk together, think together, speak the same thought together, and like what the gods and sages did in the past, enjoy the fruit of togetherness with effort ...) THIS prayer is collectively sung by people all over the world on the International Yoga Day as millions g..


AS THE gory details of the violent face-off between the troops of India and China at the Galwan Valley tumble out, pointing to the backstabbing by the Chinese and the heroic response of the Indian soldiers, a raging sentiment against the vile neighbour is brewing in Indian hearts. The country is still mourning its 20 martyrs whose supreme sacrifice for the motherland will be etched in the memory forever. At the same time the country is taking immense pride in the courageous response of the Indian ..


THE warning by veteran space scientist Mr G Madhavan Nair against making structural changes in the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is a sane advice that must be heeded to by the powers-that-be. ISRO’s unique working style under a unified command and the wonderful rapport between the Department of Atomic Energy and Department of Space are lessons on successful working of a government organisation. It has not only maste..

Paradigm Shifts

IT IS interesting that both the US and India have apparently chosen a similar strategy of economic revival by way of relaxing the Corona lockdown even when the fight against the pandemic was still on. The logic is sound. Everybody now understands the nature of the virus and the essence of how individuals -- this being a people’s fight now -- could avoid crossing the Corona’s path by following the discipline of social distancing, use o..

impact on ties

MINISTER of External Affairs Dr. S. Jaishankar is more than right to verbalise India’s point of view that the ugly Galwan Valley incident would have an adverse impact on bilateral relations between India and China. And to bolster that message, Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, too, did not mince words when he said that India was fully capable of giving China a befitting reply in any eventuality. The Indian Army, too, did not miss the moment and stated uncompromisingly that the supreme sacrifice of ..


THE dirty side of any armed conflict is the untold misery it pours on innocent lives. A United Nations report has verified over 25,000 grave violations against children in armed conflict last year thus exposing the harsh price that tender lives have to pay for no fault of theirs. The disturbing part of the findings is that more than half of the violations in 2019 were committed by non-state actors. Over 10,000 children lost their lives while many were subject..

Policy Collapse In US

TRUMP lies. Habitual dishonesty, whether it is masking the jobs crisis, the pandemic, or downplaying racism, is his signature feature. It has cost lives and threatens democracy. Trump’s lies have never been more deadly than in the past three months. Two million U.S. cases of COVID-19 have been accompanied by more than 117,000 deaths. Experts belie..

bad neighbour

THERE should be no hesitation in calling China a bad, treacherous neighbour. There should be no hesitation in stating the obvious that in the past, many visionaries have warned the nation against China’s unpredictability. There should be no hesitation in telling ourselves a million times that we are dealing with wrong people when we tackle the Chinese. There should be no hesitation in admitting that Beijing appears hell bent upon demolishing all th..

Of a royal history museum - II

One’s heart fills with gratitude towards the many persons who expressed solidarity with the idea of establishing a Royal History Museum in the city of Nagpur. Countless persons either called or messaged their willingness to come together to think about a possible museum to showcase the story of Nagpur’s two royal dynasties that ruled the region for well over two hundred years. This enthusiasm indicates that the feasibility of the project is quite strong. Unfortunately, most Nagpurians do not know ..


BENEATH the sparkling veneer that gives the show business a cult status in the society, there lies a cruel, dark underbelly. The dark side raises its disgusting head time and again, sending a chill down the spine of the commoners who often aspire to live a life bestowed upon the stars. That life is fragile, to say the least, and can be gauged from the distressing episodes exposing the film industry. Promising actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death brings this raging issue into public conscious yet again. ..

Four-Day Work Week

AS COUNTRIES in Europe and North America emerge from lock-down and start trying to rebuild their devastated economies, the great concern is jobs. Unemployment in the US and Canada is over 13%, a post-Second World War high. If it weren’t for subsidies that keep up to a fifth of the working population in paid ‘furloughs’ from their jobs, jobless rates in Europe would be as high or higher. That can’t go on forever, so there is a frantic search for job-saving strategies – and the ‘four-day work week’ ..

grave warning

THAT temperature over India will most likely rise by over 4 degrees by the end of the current century, should be taken as a grave warning not just by India but also by the whole world. For, similar environmental activity may take place all over the world by the time the world enters the next century eighty years from now. The Centre for Climate Change Research (CCR) operating the umbrella of Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune, Ministry of Environmental Science, thus, has done well to ..