The loop

    “TAI, will you come to my son’s birthday,” my maid is asking me. I reply in the affirmative and ask her about the details. To my horror, I find out that she has decided to order a Rs. 2,000 worth customised cake f..

Beyond Mere Symbolism

    New Delhi,  Taking forward his outreach to the Muslim community, RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) chief Dr. Mohan Bhagwat, on Thursday, visited a mosque and a madarsa here and held discussions with the chief of All India I..

Perfect playmate

    ONE of my friends in Nagpur adopted a baby tortoise as a talismanic icon. He said, in Chinese Feng Shui or Indian Vastu, having a tortoise in the house is a good portent. It brings good health, wealth and long life to the members. ..

Kessler Syndrome

    WITH Earth’s Orbits getting crowded, the risks of Kessler syndrome – a catastrophic and irreversible chain reaction of on-orbit collisions between debris and operational satellites –is becoming high, even though a..

Structured actions

    WHY at times is it impossible and difficult to wait? It takes a toll as if everything is dependent on it. Planning starts and then comes the worst devil of negative thought ruining the plan. “What if it doesn’t happen t..


    BY KALYANI SHANKAR  PRINCE Charles, who held this title for a long time acceded to the British throne after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, last week. He has a robust Indian connection and has been familiar w..

Dragging with the times, emojinally...!

    By Biraj Dixit  M OVE with the times - an age-old wisdom. But more than wisdom it is a compulsion. One cannot disobeytheall-powerfultime. Its Majesty, in all mercy and grace, can be quite dictatorial. So, when someone sho..

Indian diplomacy’s ace performance at Samarkand

    During the last fortnight, India has asserted itself diplomatically by refusing to join an important pillar of the US-led IPEF, and at the same time Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Samarkand has demonstrated his Governments resolve..

Uncommon enlightenment

    ENLIGHTENMENT is a phenomenon for which seers and mystics go to forest, renounce their desires and follow disciplined life. This is true across all religions. I was just musing one day if there are any shortcuts to this for househo..

India, A Healthcare Hub

    PRIME Minister Narendra Modi is committed to making India a global manufacturing hub and his stress on the need to work on easy transit to promote trade in central Asia and Europe at the recently concluded Shanghai Cooperation Orga..

The history of royal funerals

   By Philip Williamson  Great royal events in the United Kingdom are often a mix of old and new, and the commemoration and funeral of Queen Elizabeth II will be no exception. While there will be several strikingly new features, t..

Limits On NCDRC’s Power

   IN THE judgement of the case –Rajiv Shukla v. Gold Rush Sales and Services Ltd. & Another, delivered on September 8, 2022, Justice M.R. Shah and Justice Krishna Murari, at the Supreme Court, have made it amply clear that in exe..


In a shocking development, the Centre has told the Supreme Court that Indian medical students who returned from Ukraine cannot be accommodated in Indian universities as there is no provision in the National Medical Commision Act allowing it. Hence, the future of these students is in jeopardy. However, the Government has listed two other significant ..

Conflict in Indian Ocean

Sir, Rajapaksa of Sri Lanka brought the Pacific conflict into Indian Ocean by having a surreptitious agreement with China and now effectively surrendering the sovereignty of the island. China did ‘threaten’ Sri Lanka with severe consequences, once having the country a beggar nation, when SL put a hold on the snooping ship’s arrival. India needs to step up efforts to ensure that rights of Sri Lankan Tamils are re-established in Sri Lanka. Removing Chinese naval presence from Sri Lanka should be a clear ..

Heal all

Sir, It seems that MP Government is very proactive these days in improving health services. A few days ago, it was made mandatory for doctors to provide services in rural areas as per the conditions of the bond. It has now been decided to open OPDs in Government hospitals of all districts in the evening as well. According to the decision, the time of Outpatients Department (OPD) in all district hospitals, community and primary health centres, civil hospitals is to be changed. Now, doctors will be ..


Accept no excuses from yourself. You deserve better. You’ve had a difficult morning, afternoon, and early evening. Even so, as the day draws to a close you can revive your sense of purpose and re-establish your focus. When you find you’re offering yourself excuses for giving up or slacking off, don’t accept the offer. Instead, remind yourself of how precious your time is and of all you’ve committed to do with that time. Sure, you have the ability to talk yourself out of making the effort...

Joy of eating

MIDDLE SPACE FEW people say they live only to eat, knowing well that overeating is detrimental to health, but who cares? Perhaps in a way, this is cognitive dissonance. After weeks of home isolation during pandemic time, one day I felt a strong urge to spend a full Sunday out of home with family. I gratefully allowed the happiness that Universe poured into me that day. Without any plan, we left the house to visit a temple. My younger proposed, why don’t we park our car somewhere and take a metro ride. ..


AS WIDELY expected by economic experts and markets, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has signalled a hike in repo rate to tame inflation that rose to a worrying level of 7 per cent in August. In an article, the RBI economists have pitched for front-loading of rate increase to anchor inflationary expectations which opens way for the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) to hike interest rates by at least 25 bps in its review meeting scheduled on September 30. The hike has become imminent due to rising ..

Celebrating A Secular Event

WITH only a fortnight to go, this edition of Durga Puja in Kolkata has a special significance. Hailed as a public art exhibition on par with Venice Biennale and Rio Carnival, Durga Puja, this year, begins on October 1 in Kolkata and all over India. During the event, class, religion, and ethnicity will unite as crowds of spectators walk around to admire the installations. Last year, UNESCO declared that Durga Puja is the best instance of the public performance of religion and art, a thriving ground ..

Of a rare group of youngsters reading books

BECAUSE of the general dearth of such people, it is always a great pleasure to come across a group of young people who are avid readers of physical books and happy discussing the contents in all seriousness. One such experience last week was worth storing permanently in memory. The episode began with a phone call from a boy who identified himself politely before opening the conversation. He said, in effect, “I belong to a group of many young people who are deeply interested in reading books -- actual ..

Blast from past

    THIS blast from the past is courtesy of my maternal uncle M D Umapathi. The uncle recalls escorting his late brother, M D Kumar, to the Bengaluru East Railway Station to help him catch the train to Bombay (now Mumbai), unmindful th..

The Land Of Hope And Promise

    Dr. S. Jaishankar, Minister of External Affairs, in an address to the Indian Institute of Management, AhmedabadTHE statement of Dr. Subramanian Jaishankar is heavier than the weight of its words. For, it paints the picture of ..

Chinese BRI: A success or a failure?

THE fact that quite many cities of all sizes -- from megapolises to Tier III cities -- across the Indian landscape experienced unprecedented flooding of their streets causing terrible inconvenience to the people and caused damage to the urban systems, shows that out of their craze to create modern urban centres, the planners have actually messed up urban design to a nearly irreparable extent. This shows nothing but a clearly disastrous approach to urban planning, designing and management. If this ..


The word freedom has many shades to its context and form. For some, getting away from responsibility is freedom, while for others being empowered with skills is freedom from the shackles of helplessness and weakness. It all depends on how one sees the world with one’s perception, prudence and knowledge. The zeal to fly high in the sky comes from an inner motivation that drives one to break strenuous barriers of self-praise, adamancy, arrogance, egoism, and complacency. Yet, for those who are easy-going, ..

Let us returnto story-tellingat dinner-time

EVEN as we are braced up to celebrate 75 years of India’s Independence, it is time for us to consider how comprehensively we can launch efforts to spread awareness about how we attained freedom from foreign rule. This story of how India gained freedom, therefore, needs to be told again to our youngsters -- so that they learn to become better citizens in time to come...

Happiness is .... friendship

The tiny tot, who, after entering school, at the age of two and half years, had discovered that there was a world beyond the home and people outside of family members. In school, she found more of her own ilk. Her joy knew no bounds as she started connecting with them. Over a period of time, as the bonds grew, she wanted a diary. And that diary became her most prized possession. She guarded it zealously. In it she would, in her own hand, jot down names and numbers of the children with whom she had ..

‘Books are amazing friends’

One best book is equal to hundred good friends but one good friend is equal to a library: Dr APJ Abdul Kalam LIKE a true friend, a book always stays by our side. Books cheer us up, inspire us, educate us, lift our spirit, help us trouble shoot, accompany us in our highs and lows and also celebrate with us. As we celebrate the day of friendship, ‘The Hitavada’ delved into the unique bond one shares with books during a conversation with Shirin Chimthanawala. The youngster is City President of ‘Pick ..

Of the missing magic expressions in our culture

THE three magic expressions that everybody is taught to use liberally in day-to-day conversation or affairs-“Please”, “Thank You”, “Sorry”- appear to have gone missing from our culture of late. Those words represent a culture of politeness or humility, gratitude and remorse at having done something improper. But these are the very words that one does not come across as often as one used to until a few years ago. This is the grief the loud-thinker wants to share with everybody. Why have we come ..

Bringing to fore the correct history; need of the hour

l When a questioner referred to India as a country that saw defeats after defeats against foreigners, Mr. J. Sai Deepak, the celebrated author of the book titled ‘India that is Bharat: Coloniality, Civilisation, Constitution’ was visibly annoyed. He said in clear but polite terms that the person asking the question had no idea of India’s correct history. In an online question-answer session, the author explained how India fought bravely against the foreign invasions and how it kept its identity and ..

Offering love and respect to family elders

l The 80-year-old man’s face is contorted with pain. He has a profound grief hurting him all the time -- that his daughter -- married and with her own kid -- never talks with him (“even for a minute”), even though she lives in the same premises as he does. “This is the story for the past fifteen years. And after I lost my wife, I am totally isolated,” he says. He sits on for a while, silently crying, trying to control his emotion -- and then he leaves the loud-thinker’s office, his shoulders sagging, ..

Of weaning kids away from e-tech learning apps

OF COURSE, when a vast majority in the society starts following a trend, it does not take long to become a common practice. Yet, that does not mean that every popular practice is correct. If that happens to be the case, then it is also necessary to caution the society against it -- only as a matter of friendly suggestion. Online classes became a norm in the coronavirus pandemic because schools (in particular) remained closed, but the process of education had to be continued. In line with this new ..

Give me my sky...

His infectious smile had a mesmeric power of holding big sway on the people around him. It had many shades and shapes, ranging from a toothy grin to a gentle smirk. For Sanju, the entire day held excitement of communicating with different sets of people and charming them with his sweet mannerisms. This was life, his world, for the eight-year-old at the popular food joint of the city. ..

Of patience as an abiding quality of youth

IN A recent, free-wheeling interaction with the students of Guwahati’s Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Minister of External Affairs Dr. S. Jaishankar said something that had the students clap thunderously. Flashing a small piece of paper on which he may have written a few words for reference for the event, Dr. Jaishankar said, in effect, ‘I have no speech to deliver here. All I intend to do is to have an interaction, share somethings I know, and have a healthy exchange -- in which at the end ..

Make your own mountain

Busy and barren are such paradoxes in terms that to put them together in one framework of a sentence seems odd. But we, the living epitomes of a busy life, know how desperately we need to remind ourselves of the wisdom of this caution – ‘Beware, for your seemingly busy life is hardly as productive as it should be.’ For, may be, it isn’t producing anything worthwhile but money. Freedom, stability, respect, happiness and so many more true-to-life things are all not being earned but lost in this donkey ..

Of the difference between talking and conversation

THE professor of sociology was far more communicative than one could ever imagine when he taught the subject of ‘family’ as the basic institution. Every student got drawn into the subject wholeheartedly. Such was the capability of the teacher -- who was very popular among students. That was more than fifty years ago. The institution of family occupied a critical place and space in the collective and individual thought-process. This is the story of times then. The honourable professor encouraged students ..

Of senior citizens and their off-springs in foreign lands - II

IT IS time we looked at the issue of senior citizens whose off-springs are elsewhere in the country or in foreign countries comprehensively. And because we do not take such an approach, the problem is getting more and more complicated with passage of time. Generally, we tend to treat such issues rather dismissively, as if the answers are simple and we know them. That is visible in responses of many people to the last week’s ‘Loud Thinking’ on this problem. Some suggestions even bordered on the casual, ..

Of senior citizens and their off-springs in foreign lands

The old man stands in the hospital ward tentatively, leaning heavily on his walking stick. His wife has been ailing -- but is to be given discharge from the hospital. The man has money -- but in the bank. The tremor in his hand does not allow him to sign a cheque. It requires huge effort for him to somehow go to his bank and withdraw money physically, get it back to the hospital and pay the bill before taking the sick wife home. A relative offers him money in cash, and old man’s problem is at least ..

“Don’t worry. Go back and read your books”

The statement in the title of this edition of ‘Loud Thinking’ has had its own importance -- which came back rushing up in the loud-thinker’s mind as he pondered over the importance of celebrating the World Book Day (on Saturday). A long time back, when he was confused about handling of some professional obstacles and challenges, the loud-thinker shared his anxieties with a fatherly person. He heard the wailing in full calmness, and then said, “Don’t worry. Go back, and read your books”. The loud-thinker ..

Inviting a long-term social and cultural disaster - II

THERE are several angles to the issue of the right social narrative. If dress is one facet, address is another. And it is in this zone that we appear to be paying least attention -- which should actually be a worrying factor, to say the least. Last week, the issue was related to how many of our young people dress -- scantily and skimpily -- on occasions. This time, the loud-thinker has chosen to raise the issue of address -- not postal address, but the word in its larger meaning. ‘Address’ means how ..

Inviting a long-term social and cultural disaster

TO many people, there may not be anything amiss in the spectacle -- the get-together of more than a hundred college boys and girls for an end-of-the-year see-off or farewell event in a city hotel. The programme was over and they were in the process of leaving -- taking selfies, group pictures, saying ‘good-bye’ to one another. Yet, there was something to be concerned about, deeply worried about. The theme colour for the event appeared to be black. Therefore, most boys and girls wore black -- varied ..


IN A wise call, India has decided to relocate temporarily its embassy in Ukraine to Poland. The decision has come in view of the rapidly deteriorating situation in the war-torn Ukraine even as Russian forces continue their aggressive march towards key cities including capital Kyiv. The relocation is an operational necessity as it would be extremely difficult to work from a war zone when other options are available within a smaller radius. Poland presented India a perfect destination to set up its ..

old dramA!

THE Congress party is playing out an old drama on an oft-repeated theme -- with one difference. This time, rumour did the rounds for a while that the Gandhi family had expressed desire to resign. But then, the Congress Working Committee (CWC) played out its old drama -- of rejecting the resignation offer. So, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi will continue as Working President until the party polls are over. And yes, she has promised to take corrective steps to help the party come from the debris of the recent electoral ..

Threat to Energy Security

THE price of crude oil is expected to shoot up from US Dollars 80 per barrel a few months ago to USD 150 in the next few months if the war in Ukraine continues. Correspondingly the price of petrol in India will increase from about Rs. 90 per litre presently to about Rs. 130 per litre. We will have to pay higher amounts for the purchase of crude oil. Remember we are dependent on imports of coal, oil as well as uranium for meeting our energy needs at present. Our entire economy will be disrupted if ..

Of inner growth

These lines have a haiku-like quality -- to communicate so much in words so few! The thought embodied in these words, however, has certain universality, certain spirituality, certain invitation to look within. This has been the thrust of entire realm of spirituality, of course. Real growth takes place within, and looking outside for it is running counter to the idea of the soul where there are seeds of sublime growth. Yet, like everybody else, the poet, too, craves for growth and starts looking for ..

Of matching career with one’s calling

BY ANY standards, the new trend has happy indications. Larger numbers of young people getting to the university-level learning are showing a greater inclination to non-science subjects for the past some time. They are seeking admissions to courses in the humanities or commerce or law. This is a welcome evolution. Until just a few years ago, the whole stress of most students and their parents and teachers was on science subjects -- that could lead the young people either to the engineering or medical ..

What Netaji Means To Us- VII

  Netaji gave his life for an idea. Now, we must keep that idea alive in our midst so that it keep incarnating itself again and again for all the time.“Tum muze khoon do, Mein tumhe aazadi doonga.” “We should have but one desir..

Busting the myth,the BJP way

   THE Bharatiya Janata Party’s spectacular success in the States of Manipur, Goa, and Uttarakhand is a lesson for pollsters before calculating electoral mood just on the basis of narratives peddled in the cyberspace. While the 2022 A..

A Black Wall For Ukraine

IT SEEMS that there will be a conventional conflict between NATO and Russia -- not possible to say when, but probably within the near to medium future in our lifetimes of present folks living on planet earth. And there is a probability, presently in the low teens, that this conventional conflict will spiral into a nuclear conflict (more on this NATO-Russia can be subject of a next column). However, there might arise another scenario wherein nuclear weapons may be rattled within 3-6 months, in a different ..

Of a fence around water-bodies

THE biggest problem is that our water-bodies are easily accessible to people -- rivers, lakes, ponds, tanks. Anybody can access those and do anything there -- from bathing to dumping garbage to defecating. And that is what we have been doing on a regular basis, as if as a matter of right -- in the process giving the water-bodies almost a slow poison and kill those in time. That has happened with quite a few water-bodies in our beloved city of Nagpur. And yet, nobody is waking up and taking the right ..

‘Sustainable Tomorrow’ On the wobbly grounds of today?

The festivities were over as soon as they began. It was just a day and like all days it had its sunset. The idea, though, must remain. In babysteps and leaps, the march should continue. International Women’s Day: A celebration, a recognition, an attempt to bridge the gap, an effort to undo wrong, or just flowing with the stream of ‘seemingly right’?!? March 8 was all about celebrations as it should have been. The world again paid wholesome tribute to the entity called ‘woman’. Greetings were SMSed, ..

Where is UN’s R2P?

IMAGES of gaunt, exhausted faces of people fleeing bombardment and death once again dominate global news. From Mariupol to Irpin, Russian artillery attacks on Ukrainian civilians have kept them trapped in hell. Every day, the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy pleads for help. He begs for military support to save his people from Russian aggression. Every day, world leaders find new ways to say that they will not intervene militarily. The line is drawn at warm words and humanitarian aid. So, ..

Of the monarch of the arts

Of the monarch of the arts SENSIBLE and sensitive defence of poetry -- the monarch of the arts! Sir Philip Sidney felt compelled to write that detailed piece ‘An Apology For Poetry” because in the 16th century England, coarse, metrical writing was billed as poetry and many in the reading class were finding that work as unacceptable. Even as a popular opinion was emerging that poetry was nonsense, Sir Philip Sidney chose to mount a defence of what poetry was understood classically...

Of the society ignoring the reading culture

STOP a young person anywhere and ask him -- or her -- which book he -- or she -- is reading currently. In seven out of ten such encounters, the person will look totally confused, not knowing what to say in response to such a sudden question on the trot. Many of us have come across such a response from young people, though not many among us have started thinking how to tackle this undesirable social trend -- of young people not finding reading an a genuinely interesting activity. Some youths do ..

What Netaji Means To Us - VI

  “I am prepared for the worst and I feel it would be a good privilege to be allowed to suffer for a cause which to me is dear. ... I am confident that swaraj is at hand ...” - Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, in a letter from prison to ..

collateral damage

  EVEN as Russian businesses, banks and leaders face stringent sanctions from entities and Government across the globe for the country’s invasion into Ukraine, Mr. Vladimir Putin’s decision has already scored a self-goal in England. ..



Ukraine And Past Mistakes

Putin began the recreation of his Russian world in 2008 when he recognised the two Georgian breakaway republics of Abkhazia and North Ossetia. In 2008, the international community effectively looked the other way. The failure then to stand up to Putin emboldened him six years later to annex Crimea, which legally is part of Ukraine. Present Russian invasion of Ukraine resulted from the international community’s failure to draw a line in the sand back in 2008 or at the latest in 2014...

Of writing life’s sonnet

Of writing life’s sonnet PROFOUND and poetic! Rarely do we realise how difficult it is to fill a fixed form with sensible content. Rarely do we realise that the exercise calls for great poetic ability to choose the right turn of phrase, the right lilt, the right sound, the right lyricism ...! And that is so because a sonnet is a poem or a song -- circumscribed by 14 lines, of 10 syllables each, and a fixed pattern of rhyme. So many conditions of form! So many restrictions! So many rules! So many obligation..

Time to help youths know what to think

THE common knowledge that our young people tend to go wayward in their thought and action, actually pushes to consider making more active efforts to help the youths to know what to think and how to think. This issue may seem rather too basic for many of us, but the social reality is that it is going to claim a lot of attention of all of us in the near future. The only hope is that when we finally resolve that we need to guide our young people in shaping their thought-process, it would not be too late ..

What Netaji Means To Us - V

 One of the most endearing and enduring qualities of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was his sense of complete control over himself -- a gift possibly he got out of his strongly and deeply spiritual inner personality. Those who knew him personally through..


  YOUNG wicketkeeper-batsman Ishan Kishan is living upto his billing as a future batting star by dishing out explosive knocks for India. His exploits have already fetched Kishan a staggering price in the Indian Premier League (IPL) auctions. The..


    INTERNATIONAL credit rating firm Moody’s Investors Services has raised India’s growth forecast to 9.5 per cent for the year 2022 suggesting a solid momentum in the economic recovery from the pandemic-induced devastation..

What Next For Ukraine

RUSSIAN President Vladimir Putin on Monday recognised the independence of Moscow-backed rebel regions in eastern Ukraine, a move that will further fuel tensions with the West amid fears of Russian invasion. Putin’s move follows days of heightened tensions in Ukraine’s eastern industrial heartland, where Ukrainian forces are locked in a nearly eight-year conflict with Russia-backed separatists that has left more than 14,000 people dead. Here is a look at the rebel-controlled territories in eastern ..

SBI adopts two tigers of Van Vihar

The Animal Adoption Scheme started by Van Vihar National Park in 2009 saw daylight on Wednesday after two tigers were adopted by State Bank of India (SBI). The bank has adopted tiger ‘Panna’ and white tigress ‘Riddhi’ to mark its contribution towards the environment and wildlife conservation. Animal Adoption Scheme was introduced by the park about 12 years ago but it could not yield expected results. After a huge gap, a tiger has been adopted by the bank. SBI Chief General Manager Binod Kumar Mishra ..

Of habitual broken promises

BY NOW, the people of Nagpur have got used to hearing tall claims and big promises being made -- and then habitually broken or forgotten, as if nothing of that sort had ever happened. They also have got used to seeing massive projects going actually waste only because the authorities -- that includes political leadership as well -- just stopped taking care of many projects or being attentive to the management of those projects once the launching is over. The city of Nagpur is full of such failed or ..

Covid Effect: Reconciling the global with the local

The Indian model of economic recovery and growth embodied in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call of ‘vocal for local’ is attracting global attention for it revives the familiar local market economy for generating demands of day to day living, decentralises trade and sale facilitating the rise of small businesses at the ground level. ..

Amending Law Of Notaries

IN VIEW of increasing instances of malpractice by Notaries the courts have come across; as a part of the judgement in the case-Dhanlaxmi Chandu Devrukar alias Samina Arif Khan v. The Town Planning /Land Acquisition Officer, Malad (Mumbai) and Others, delivered on February 18, 2022, Justice S. J. Kathawalla and Justice Milind N. Jadhav, at the Bombay High Court have offered comments and suggestions to the Draft of the Notaries (Amendment) Bill, 2021, published by the Department of Legal Affairs, after ..

‘Youth must imbibe virtues of Shivaji Maharaj’

THIS unsung hero shunned all the comforts of life and embraced a difficult path full of uncertainties and challenges. Datta Shirke, a Nagpurian, chose to work to uplift tribals in Naxal-hit region of Gadchiroli district. A Naxal attack in Gadchiroli in 2009 shook him to the core. He quit his reputed job as a lecturer in city and decided to dedicate time and life for the sufferers who reel under constant fear of Naxals in Bhamragad. Shirke fondly recalls how his teachers in school made best use of ..

Of promises that never materialised

When the Government does not deliver on the promises it makes about any mega and special and favourite project for well over twenty years, then the people draw mainly two conclusions: One, the Government made fake promises about which it was never serious; and two, (more charitably) it failed to deliver on what it committed. In the case of MIHAN -- Multi-Modal International Hub At Nagpur -- the common people are drawing both these conclusions, as per their respective perspectives...

Ukraine Crisis - US Gas

Along with trying to militarily absorb Ukraine into NATO, another major factor that’s becoming more apparent in the Joe Biden administration’s unceasing talk of war with Russia is the desire of U.S. energy producers to invade European markets with fracked natural gas. The U.S. energy producers don’t even need an actual military fight to come out ahead. If there is no war but the conflict manages to sufficiently poison Russian-European relations, then the EU will still turn to the U.S. to supply more ..

Of fake promises about MIHAN

THEY say, MIHAN is Nagpur city’s special mega project. And there can never be a bigger lie than this. For, if MIHAN were to be project of such importance, then the administration -- whichever agency -- would not treated it with such an indifference, such a disdain. But those who do all tom-tomming about MIHAN are just fake in their commitment, to say the least. Pay a visit to MIHAN, and you would realise the truth in this charge. You will run into rough, nay terrible, roads. You will run also into ..

Why Ukraine is testbed for big power contestation?

UKRAINIAN President Volodymyr Zelensky declares February 16, 2022 as ‘Day of Unity’ apprehending Russian invasion based on US assessment, after speaking to his American counterpart Joe Biden about Russias military buildup along Ukraines borders, with both committing to pursue “diplomacy and deterrence”. It comes after inconclusive talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Biden suggesting ‘swift and severe costs in case of invasion, as well as Normandy format between Russia, Ukraine, France ..

Swinging on disharmonic emotion

THE typical Frost contemplation! Extremely sensitive -- and sensible! The minor bird’s singing by his house has disturbed the poet all right. He has clapped a few times to make the little bird to fly away. His singing was rather beyond him to bear -- though there is nothing wrong with the melody from the little one up the little branch. The poet is conscious -- no matter his discomfiture -- that the bird’s singing has no problem...

Unauthorised Demand

THROUGH the judgement of the case – Essar Shipping Ltd. v. Union of India & Others, delivered on February 8, 2022, Chief Justice Dipankar Datta and Justice M. S. Karnik, at the Bombay High Court have seen no reason to hold the Policy Circular No. 25 of 2007 of January 1, 2008, issued by the Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), ultra vires Articles 14 and 19(1)(g) of the Constitution of India as well as section 5 of the Foreign Trade (Development & Regulation) Act, 1992 (FTDR Act) and paragraphs ..

What Netaji Means To Us - III

  When old theories are challenged forcefully, the public discourse moves forward. Thanks to the efforts of this lobby of researchers about Netaji’s contribution, the common Indian people now believe that the day is not far when the truth ..


  ONE of the biggest strengths of Ajinkya Rahane’s cricket is his humility and tremendous respect for the game. The middle-order bat will always come out as an unassuming and modest person on the field and also in private life. This streng..


  IN THE age of seamless communication and quick mobility the Parliamentary Standing Committee report of Ministry of Home Affairs has revealed a shocking fact that 257 police stations in India do not have vehicles and 638 stations are without te..

Sound bites!?!

Words. Are they a collection of sounds to convey a certain meaning or a collection of meanings encompassed in certain sounds? They are what you make of them. One often wonders why some sounds are so dear, some so detestable! So much rests on the mouth that utter words. Some are mere utterances to demonstrate power of speech; some are expressions carefully cultivated to show one’s power over speech. Some are nurtured crafts and some are simply art. Alas!..


THE Central leadership of the Congress party has opted for a calculated gamble by naming incumbent Chief Minister Mr. Charanjit Singh Channi as its CM candidate in the upcoming Assembly elections. Despite popular perception of another claimant for the post, Mr. Navjot Singh Sidhu, sharing a close bond with Gandhi siblings, Mr. Rahul Gandhi and Ms. Priyanka Vadra-Gandhi, the Congress High Command chose to snub Mr. Sidhu with an apparent eye on cashing in on Mr. Channi’s Dalit identity. The decision ..

Twist In Ukraine Crisis

RUSSIAN President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, issued a joint demand Thursday that NATO halt its plans for further expansion and end their continued push to whip up a “Cold War mentality.” The joint call in the wake ..

Of music’s meditative nature

ONLY the ones steeped in real music can make such a fine distinction -- “too many beats”! In just those small words, Lata Mangeshkar packed the sense of wholeness of music. Without using so many words, she defined music’s core quality -- flow, seamlessness. In her opinion, beats rather obliterated the flow. In other words, Lata Mangeshkar has talked of music’s meditative nature, its romance with the inner flow of silence as a condition for the notes to float wordlessly -- and spread their sedate influence ..

SC’s New Year Gift!

THROUGH the judgement of the writ petition filed by Ashish Shelar and 11 other BJP MLAs against suspension of their membership of the Maharashtra State Legislative Assembly on July 5, 2021 for one year, alleging “in disciplined and unbecoming behavior” on their part, in the Speaker’s Chamber; a 3-Judge Bench consisting of Justices A.M. Khanwilkar, Dinesh Maheshwari and C.T. Ravikumar, at the Supreme Court, has given the petitioners New Year Gift on January 28, 2022 with its declaration that the impugned ..


IF THERE was one thing that defined India’s record-extending fifth title win in the Under-19 World Cup, then it was maturity of the young lads. The stuff they presented in the final against England was exemplary not only in style and panache but also in strategy. This has remained the biggest takeaway for Indian cricket after the planners put in place a system which has kept churning players who show maturity beyond their age. The youngsters who went undefeated in the entire tournament in the Caribbean ..

What Netaji Means To Us - II

  "Comrades! My soldiers! Let your battle-cry be --To Delhi To Delhi."How many of us will individually survive this war for freedom, I do not know. But I do know this that we shall ultimately win and our task will not end until our surviving her..


  THAT most States and Union Territories in India are recording a decline in COVID-19 cases and positivity rate indicates that the so-called third wave is on its way out. Medical experts had predicted the peak of the wave in the second week of F..


  INDIA’S diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics in Beijing after China picked a PLA soldier, who was part of the military command that attacked Indian soldiers in the Galwan Valley in 2020, is in line with the hard stance it has adopte..

What Netaji Means To Us

  “Netaji’s hologram image at India Gate will prove to be a point of correction of many of our historical blunders ...”- Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, on January 23, 2022.   BY ANY standard,this is a courageous st..


   TWO separate attacks on a mobile tower and a railway track by Maoists in Giridih district of Jharkhand are acts of desperation by the Left Wing Extremists who are fighting a losing battle with the State. Both attacks were purportedly car..


  THE decision by Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) government in Maharashtra to allow supermarkets and walk-in stores to sell wine manufactured in the State as part of its new wine policy needs to be condemned by all quarters of the society. For, it reek..

Of Agri-Culture! - X

  “Nothing short of an agricultural renaissance and an evergreen revolution with nutrition as the main component can make us realize this ambitious goal. Nourishing the 815 million people who are hungry today and many millions of children ..


   BY INTRODUCING the system of ranking to States for the time taken in granting environmental clearances to developmental projects, the Union Environment Ministry has taken a laudable step to ease out a complicated process. Environmental c..


  THE election season in India brings with it some episodes that find place in the media on a regular basis. Defections, promises, claims and counter-claims dominate the social discourse in every pocket of the country. Apart from these things, ..

Subsequent Approval Futile

In SC’s opinion, the approval for initiating disciplinary proceeding and approval to a charge memorandum are two divisible acts, each one requiring independent application of mind on the part of the Disciplinary Authority. If there is any default in the process of application of mind independently at the time of issue of charge memorandum by the Disciplinary Authority, the same would not get cured by the fact that such approval was there at the initial stage. ..

BMC conducts fogging exercise in different localities of city

Bhopal Municipal Corporation carried out fogging exercise on Sunday as well. BMC vehicles went to different localities of city and carried out fogging exercise to contain the mosquito menace and protect citizens from mosquito borne disease and other seasonal diseases as well. On Sunday, BMC carried out fogging exercise in Saketh Nagar, Comfort Palm, Rohit Nagar, Babadia Kalan, Green Valley, Kolua Kalan, Damkheda, Semra, Bihari Colony, Shabri Nagar, Patel Colony, Gram Khejda, Abhiruchi Parisar, Lala ..

Of Agri-Culture! - IX

  Our nation will never prosper in a true sense if we continue to subject our villages to a modern socio-economic rationale of suspect gender.l India’s National Agricultural Policy is “to promote technically sound, economically viabl..


  IN THE middle of the projected third wave, India has embarked on a new mission of administering booster dose to health workers and people above the age of 60 as a precautionary step. The drive coincides with vaccination for children between th..


  TOUGH men outlast tough times on the dint of their will and goodwill. The snow-filled areas of Kashmir regularly sees how the strong-willed personnel of the Indian Army come to their rescue in times of crisis. The media and social media these ..

Unruly Rulers

With a puppet acting President MyintSwe, the erstwhile first Vice President of Myanmar, the military leadership has christened its increasing reign of torture to throttle civil liberties as “defensive people’s war” but gets unnerved. Junta forces resorted to looting of civilian possessions, carried out arson attacks, and destroyed civilian property, including food, medicine, and aid supplies intended for displaced civilians...

People to pay gratitude to Surya Dev on Makar Sankranti

People to pay gratitude to Surya Dev on Makar Sankranti..

A Quarrel Among Thieves

TWO questions about recent events in Kazakhstan. First, was last week’s slaughterhouse battle between “20,000 bandits” and the regime’s police in Almaty, the country’s biggest city, really just a quarrel among thieves? And second, why did Russian troops get involved? Kazakhstan is a kleptocracy: “a State where corrupt politicians enrich themselves secretly through kickbacks, bribes, and special favors, or simply direct State funds to themselves and their associates. They often export much of their ..