DURING his telephonic conversation with United States President Mr. Donald Trump, Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has brought to fore a very pertinent point that the situation between India and Pakistan would not ease out if Pakistan continued to kick up a lot of issues with which Islamabad has no business to be concerned about, particularly in the wake of abrogation of Article 370 in Kashmir. Mr. Modi reportedly described Pakistani statement as “extreme rhetoric” that was only ..

NFU Nuclear Policy

  Nuclear weapons are meant to be deterrent weapons, rather than strategic or tactical weapons. The message to the enemy is: “You have the nuke, so have I, so don’t ever think of using them against us.” India’s nuclear warhead delivery system is far advanced than Pakistan’s. Pakistan knows this full well.   MINISTER of Defence Rajnath Singh has said that though India is still committed to its “No First Use” (NFU) nuclear policy, “what ..


ENDURING virtue was the most endearing facet of famed composer Khayyam’s personality. Even as people grieve his loss at the ripe old age of 92, everybody recalls how he built great compositions for Hindi movies. That he created music to adorn poetry, was his official job for which Khayyam won many an acclaim. But at heart, he was himself a poet, capable of picking up rare nuances of human nature and highlighting those in music. Many of the films -- like Umrao Jaan, Heer Ranjha, Kabhi Kabhie, ..


 INDIA’S push for ‘Neighbourhood First’ policy was vividly on display during Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s visit to Bhutan, where he spelled out the unique relation between the two countries and hailed the Bhutanese concept of Gross National Happiness which underlines the essence of happiness in life. India’s relationship with the Himalayan kingdom is a prime example of excellent neighbourly engagement characterised by fine co-operation, understanding and trust ..

Rural Distress

 By ANJAN ROY: For the whole of last one year, the food prices inflation rate was very low. Sometimes, these went into negative territory. As such, food grains price inflation has been very low now a days and food grains inflation is no longer a..


  DEFENCE Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh has done the most right thing by stressing that if at all talks were to take place between India and Pakistan, the subject will be Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir (PoK). Let alone what a section of the political community may think in this regard, Mr. Rajnath Singh has made average Indian people very happy. Yes, that has been the subject on everybody’s mind. That has been hurting every Indian person in right and non-political frame of mind. Yes, this ..

Of losing Me and Mine

 Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev  By Vijay PhanshikarThen I was a manI only went up the HillAs I had time to killBut kill I did all that wasMe and MineWith Me and Mine goneLost all my will and skillHere I am, an empty vesselEnslaved to the Divine Willand infinite skill - A short poem at the start of the first chaptertitled ‘When I lost my sense’,of the iconic book “Inner Engineering” by Sadhguru(Interpretation entirely mine.)   THESE words take the reader ..

S. A. & Concurrent Finding

  By Adv. R. S. Agrawal:  When any concurrent finding of fact is assailed in second appeal, the appellant is entitled to point out that it is bad in law because it was recorded de hors the pleadings or it was based on no evidence or it was based on misreading of material documentary evidence or it was recorded against any provision of law and lastly, the decision is one which no Judge acting judicially could reasonably have reached.  JUSTICE Abhay Manohar Sapre and Justice ..


  THOUGH the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) committee to select the Head Coach of the national team had not made up its mind on the final name, many who understood how things moved up there were conscious that the members might opt for Ravi Shastri’s continuance as Head Coach as against Mike Hesson of New Zealand who, too, had applied for the job.  There were several factors that favoured Shastri, including the manner in which he guided the team in his earlier term in ..

Killing Vultures

 By ANSHUMAN BHARGAVA:  “As recently as the 1980s there were up to 80 million white-rumped vultures in India, but today the population numbers only a few thousands. In the Indian case, it was another type of inadvertent chemical poisoning that led the debacle for vultures.”   “Improving cross border collaboration, enforcement and building capacity for wildlife crime prosecution and improving the availability of information are crucial to stemming the decline ..

CDS, at last!

 FINALLY, the Government has agreed to create the much-awaited position of the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), the announcement for which was made by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi from the ramparts of Red Fort on Independence Day. This much-awaited reform was in the pipeline for almost fifty years, though the actual announcement came only now.  Once this idea is brought into effect, it will certainly add a greater strength to administration and implementation of strategic thinking in the ..

Oh, the unfortunate kids that don’t get to hear stories!

  Vijay Phanshikar: JUST as the group of youngsters felt a sense of shock last when I suggested that an odd failure was okay and manageable, it also felt a sense of pleasant surprise when I told them a few interesting stories and anecdotes from the lives of great personalities across time zone. “Uncle, nobody ever tells us such stories in an interesting manner,” a short and slightly plump girl said. Of course, that was not new. Countless hundreds of children of all ages have ..


Time is the currency of life. Spend it wisely. You wouldn’t waste your money, dollar after dollar after dollar, on useless, meaningless purchases...

the vision

PRIME Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s Independence Day speech from the ramparts of the historic Red Fort proved to be an expression of the vision for New India, encompassing not just a wide array of issues but also highlighting what India actually stood for -- as a society, as a nation. ..

An aware pair of eyes

A SQUIRREL was collecting nuts one by one. A crow was seeing the squirrel carry small nuts. He laughed and asked the squirrel, how many days will she take to have a considerable amount of nuts? Unaffected, the squirrel replied that nothing was impossible if efforts were continuous. And this is the essence of life and key to survival...

‘National Welding’

The nation can never be homogenous unless all the components are welded together in a strong bind that would not wither in rough weather. When Mr. Kovind talked of national- welding, he meant all that and more. Let us not miss a wonderful reality at this point that the President’s address was a rare document that highlighted the national need in the most appropriate manner...


 FISHERMEN from Tamil Nadu venturing allegedly into Sri Lankan territorial waters and in turn the island nation’s naval personnel arresting them and confiscating their fishing equipment, has become a routine matter. This has been going on for years with neither the fisher folks relenting from their practice nor a solution being hammered out at top authority level. Since it pertains to bilateral relations between two neighbouring countries, it would be in the fitness of things to sort out ..

Debt-Led Growth

 The debt of the US Government is rising in tandem with household debt incurred by the consumers. Mr. Trump has reduced the Corporate Tax and Income Tax payable by the rich. This has led to stagnation in the revenue receipts of the US Government. The annual revenue receipts were US Dollars 3.3 trillion in 2017 when Mr. Trump assumed presidency.   A MAD race for reducing interest rates is afoot these days. United States’ President Trump has persuaded the US Federal Reserve Board to ..


  THE honourable Supreme Court is right in refusing to issue orders to the Central Government to lift restrictions in Jammu and Kashmir, stating that the situation is “very serious”. The Government, too, has insisted that restriction..

Time to pay tributes to real heroes

 Vijay Phanshikar:   “Nothing should lull an NCC cadet to sleep or slackness”, said Lt. General Bhattacharjea, then the Director General (DG) of the National Cadet Corps. “The cadet must be alert all the time, ready to spring to action at a moment’s notice, and wearing a smile on the face all the time. And mind you, that smile should not be put on in a cosmetic manner; it should emerge from a happy soul. In other words, the cadet should be a happy person,” ..


 WHAT strict implementation of laws can achieve is being experienced by the enforcement authorities in the country. Union Company Affairs Secretary Mr. Injeti Srinivas has reported that now there is “lot of soul-searching” at corporate houses as the Government authorities have begun to follow the laws strictly and there is a perceptible change in the behaviour of corporates seen in compliance of regulations and rules at board level. In some cases the enforcement authorities had to ..

Pak’s Discomfort

  By Maj. General S.B. Asthana: While the discomfort of Pakistan and to some extent China, due to scrapping of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, was unwarranted, but expected, it was regrettable that some segments of global media chose to carry propaganda stories, based on fake news propagated by interested parties. THE peaceful celebration of Eid although at reduced scale, demolishes the propaganda fuelled by countries/media houses/politicians, who stand disappointed as they were ..


  MINISTER of External Affairs Dr. S. Jaishankar’s statement that bilateral differences should not become disputes between India and China, offers a logical interpretation of the process of handling contentious issues between the two Asian powers. The statement offers two important points: One, it asks Beijing to avoid stretching things too far; and two, it demonstrates a new position of confidence India feels about itself. On the third count, the statement is aimed at reducing the ..

Hong Kong Boiling

 By AKHIL BHARDWAJ: Creating imagined enemies out of protesters is a tool of psychological warfare that could easily turn into an intra-ethnic conflict. Xi is attempting to enlist the citizens of China in his attack on Hong Kong by playing on nationalism. He hopes to incite violence amongst the well organised pro- democracy protesters, giving him the moral authority to send in the PLA. Has Xi found the perfect tool to foil the surge of networked protesters or is China heading towards another ..


 NO DOUBT, the task of building trust in Kashmir is the most critical and Himalayan one the Government faces at this moment soon after abrogation of Article 370 of the Constitution of India and cancellation of Special Status to the State. Amid acidic propaganda by a few elements, the Narendra Modi-Government has to initiate confidence-building measures that would convince the people of Kashmir eventually that every recent move has been planned with their collective welfare in mind. Even though ..

Of greatness born!!!

 Of greatness born By Vijay PhanshikarWhat happens to a dream deferred?Does it dry uplike a raisin in the sun?Or fester like a sore—And then run?Does it stink like rotten meat?Or crust and sugar over—like a syrupy sweet?Maybe it just sagslike a heavy load.Or does it explode?- ‘Harlem (Dream Deferred)’,A poem by Langston Hughes    Of greatness born!!! THIS is an eternal, universal question humans have often asked themselves! Really, what happens ..

SC On ‘Adverse Possession’

  Article 65 of the Act only enables a person to set up a plea of adverse possession, as a shield as a defendant and such a plea cannot be used as a sword by a plaintiff to protect the possession of immovable property or to recover it in case of dispossession.   A 3-JUDGE bench of the Supreme Court, consisting of Justice Arun Mishra, Justice S. Abdul Nazeer and Justice M. R. Shah, in the judgement of the case- Ravinder Kaur Grewal and Others v. Manjit Kaur & others and ..


 FINALLY the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has come under the watchful eyes of National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA), an affiliate of the World Anti-doping agency. For years the cricket board has been resisting against coming under the ambit of the national anti-doping agency while rest of the sports federations had been subjected to the jurisdiction of NADA. While sportspersons in various disciplines were subjected to dope tests by NADA periodically, cricketers remained out of its ..

hard reality

  FOR Pakistan, this is a moment of realisation that thanks to its own conduct in the past few years, it has isolated itself in the world, so much so that no country is willing to come forward to open talks with India on the Kashmir issue. Two o..

Let us prepare our kids for an odd failure

 EACH one of the youngsters -- all high school students -- was shocked actually when the subject of success and failure came up in a brief chat with them. “There is nothing wrong in failing in something. You can always try again and be successful,” was the statement that shocked them. “Uncle, how can you say that? How can one fail? And what will he do if he fails?”, asked a bright-eyed girl. Obviously, those kids were being pushed through a tough regimen of studies plus ..

Change For The Better

 The Hitavada Special CorrespondentUNDATED: Taking a bold stand that did not match the official position of his party, veteran Congress leader Dr. Karan Singh and his son Vikramaditya Singh asserted that they acknowledge many “positives” in the Centre’s decision to abrogate Article 370 of the Constitution, withdraw Special Status to Jammu and Kashmir, and split the State into two Union Territories. The view of the father-son duo is being treated as important, thanks to the fact ..


 IN THE span of one week, Test cricket has seen the departure of two astounding performers who lent a special touch to the game with their class and classicism. After the retirement of pace ace Dale Steyn, South Africa bid adieu to Hashim Amla as he called time on his illustrious career, on Thursday. With Amla’s exit, the game of cricket has lost another batsman who thrived on classic stroke play even in the formats that essentially called for power hitting. At one time, Amla forced ..


 THE United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has said that the humanity faces the trade-offs between food security and rising temperatures in not so distant a future. This is no doomsday prediction by some novice.  It is the outcome of long years of scientific research and study of the consequences of unrestrained pollution caused by human activities. In the form of climate change humanity is staring at disastrous consequences, being manifested in the unprecedented ..

UK, EU Count Losses

 By ARUN SRIVASTAVA: The impact of Brexit will vary considerably across the European Union, with some regions bracing for severe costs and others less exposed. In fact, a study carried out by the Union points out that there may be divisions on the EU side that can be exploited to Britain’s advantage. BORIS Johnson’s pledge that the UK will fiercely pursue his Brexit policy and leave EU on October 31, “no ifs or buts,” has not only put the British polity in a ..


 THAT Pakistan has expelled Indian High Commissioner Mr. Ajay Bisaria and has chosen to downgrade its diplomatic ties with New Delhi shows the extraordinary and absurd interest it has in India’s internal affairs. But even as Islamabad makes the decision, it is doing so to its own peril, further demonstrating to the world the uncouth vested interests it has developed in Kashmir issue.  The effort is obvious that Islamabad wants to push itself into contention as a stake-holder in Kashmir, ..


 THE pointless and illogical opposition to abrogation of Article 370 of the Constitution in Jammu and Kashmir has sounded a virtual death knell for the Congress party. If the incoherent responses to the Bill to bifurcate Jammu and Kashmir into two Union Territories presented the grand old party in poor light, the monumental blunder by the party’s leader in Lok Sabha, Mr. Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, summed up the predicament of the Congress leaders who are as clueless with their strategy as ..

Elusive Flood Control

 We have arrested the Ganga behind Tehri Dam, in part, to “control” the floods and we have abstracted large amounts of water of the river in Uttar Pradesh for irrigation. The result is that the floods are reduced immediately but future floods are made much more severe.   THE entire country from Gujarat to Assam is facing floods. In the times to come, this is likely to get worse. One reason is that global warming is leading to intense rainfall in short periods. The total ..


 EVEN though she was unwell, just a few hours before she breathed her last, Mrs. Sushma Swaraj wrote a congratulatory note to Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi for his successful execution of the new move on Kashmir. Then she collapsed, and a massive cardiac arrest took her away. This is the quintessence of the life and personality of the woman whose journey from the point of being the youngest legislator in Haryana to becoming Delhi’s Chief Minister to becoming India’s successful ..

Of the 3 Kargil heroes’ visit

 Vijay Phanshikar: The recall of the story (last week’s ‘Footloose’) of how some political workers tried to stop Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw from inaugurating the Martyrs’ Memorial at the Cotton Market intersection on Subhash Marg, also led to the recall of the visit of three heroes of Kargil War to Nagpur -- the then Chief of Army Staff General Ved Prakash Malik, the then Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Anil Y. Tipnis, and the then Chief of Naval Staff Admiral ..

Securing Kashmir From Pak

  By D.C. Pathak  Induction of over 250 additional companies of security forces in J&K over the last few days was meant to deal with the possibility that a graver situation might be created by Pakistan after these historical decisions of the Government of India.  THE announcement by Home Minister Amit Shah in the Parliament about the abolition of Article 370 of the Constitution, which takes away with it Article 35A as well, and splitting J&K into two Union Territories ..


  THE true test of how the Central Government will handle the new Kashmir challenge will begin now. Handling the complexity and enormity of the challenge will actually be a baptism by fire for Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, Union Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah and the core group at the Centre. However, given the advance preparedness of the Centre before making the crucial move to scrap Article 370 of the Constitution to withdraw Special Status to Jammu and Kashmir and splitting the State ..


 THE United States, it appears, is paying very dearly for the gun culture and its liberal gun licensing policies. Former President Mr. Barrak Obama felt concerned about it and had mulled on curbing the menace. However, there is a strange standstill on the issue at the highest echelons of the US system ever since. Several mass shootings in public places have taken place since then by somewhat psychopathic and not so psychopathic individuals. The latest are two cases in which a 21-year-old boy ..


 FINALLY, the golden day has arrived when the Government has withdrawn Article 370 of the Constitution of India granting Special Status to Jammu and Kashmir. This was the day the nation was waiting for since the moment it was imposed more than sixty years ago. It was a temporary arrangement, and it had to be withdrawn in due course of time, the nation had been told. But the due course for the opportune moment to come took so many years only because some vested and anti-national interests indulged ..


 WHEN former President Mr. Pranab Mukherjee said that graduates from premier educational institutions like IIT and IIM should not be selling some big company’s detergents, there was a tinge of sadness. Sadness because such a world class talent is being wasted in doing jobs which could be done even by persons with lesser skills. It is in fact a colossal loss for the country that such talented people are not encouraged to do basic research in their field of specialisation. On the contrary ..

US-Cuba Ties Worsen

 U.S. officials introduced the idea of a “covert sonic device.” They and the media refer to “sonic attacks.” President Trump and Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio led in blaming Cuba for leaving the diplomats unprotected, or causing their illnesses, or both.  PRESIDENT Obama on December 17, 2014, announced a U.S. opening to Cuba. Months later, there was a U.S. embassy in Havana. Beginning in late 2016, however, some diplomats there –CIA agents among them ..


 EVEN as the nation celebrates scrapping of Special Status to Jammu and Kashmir and carving of two separate Union Territories out of the State, political shenanigans and dirty games will be played out there. For, the elements that ruled the roost in Kashmir for the past so many years will only step up their resistance to the new move by the Centre. It may not be wrong to expect many political parties in the State to come together to launch a massive political build-up to insist upon continuance ..

Balancing Sentence

 The court had stated that undue sympathy to impose inadequate sentence would do more harm to the justice system to undermine the public confidence in the efficacy of law. It is the duty of every court to award proper sentence having regard to the nature of the offence and the manner in which it was executed or committed.  JUSTICE R. Banumathi and Justice A. S. Bopanna, at the Supreme Court, have observed in the judgement of the case – Suryakant Baburao alias Ramrao Phad v. State of ..


  ONCE again the issue of wrong umpiring decisions has raised its head with former Australian Captain Ricky Ponting questioning the efficacy of having neutral umpires. The controversial dismissal of David Warner in the first Test of the ongoing Ashes..

Tiger State

 “The Satpura landscape that comprises of Kanha Tiger Reserve, Pench Tiger Reserve and Satpura Tiger Reserve has the highest number of tiger population in Madhya Pradesh. But experts say the forest department will have more responsibility on its shoulder. Since the numbers have increased, cases of man-animal conflict will come as a challenge.”  The way forward for Madhya Pradesh will be to take care of its tigers and its corridors. They will have to pay attention to develop a ..


  THE clamour now raging in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) about the massive presence and fresh deployment of Armed Forces in the State has an unfortunate political dimension. Those who are indulging in kite-flying about the purpose of such a deployment are looking at the overall scenario from a narrow political perspective. Rumours are flying high about a possible withdrawal of Section 35A. Rumours also are raging about a possible trifurcation of the State into Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh.  The ..

Pampered single child

 By RITA AGGARWAL:  The fact of being a single child has done enough harm already to the child as well as to the parents. Beside being in the spotlight as I wrote in my last column, we touch on a new aspect this time. The single child is a pampered child and receives more of the attention than she/he deserves. Parents in their effort to take the best care of the child overdue their bit and spoil the child. Pampering is in the form of spoonfeeding the child literally and metaphorically. Pampering ..

Of a deep sense of disgust about uncouth conduct

  By Vijay Phanshikar:  THIS issue is going to occupy collective consciousness all the time. It concerns not just a moral dimension but also a social angle -- of how some people offend people’s sense of decency and decorum in public places. This issue comes up fairly regularly in people’s conversation when they see some persons wearing clothes that seem to cross limits of decency, or behave in a manner that offends other people’s right to have a calm atmosphere in ..


  NOW that both Houses of Parliament have cleared the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses (Amendment) Bill (POCSO)2019, it should act as a deterrent to vile-minded perverts. Since the new Act is gender neutral it will be applicable in cases of sexual crimes against both girls and boys. Besides very serious punishment, the Act has provision for death penalty as well. This should be a deterrent enough to the perpetrators of sexual crimes against children. It is clear that the earlier ..

Water Crisis Gets Global

By CONN HALLINANAccording to the Water Stress Index, out of 37 countries in the world facing “extremely high” water distress, 15 are in the Middle East, with Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia heading the list.IT IS written that “En..

realty doom

realty doom..

what a delay!

 THERE is no doubt that the Ghaziabad milkman Mr. Vijendra finally got justice when the honourable Supreme Court acquitted him of the charge of adulteration of milk way back in 1979 under the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954. But this took the judicial system to arrive at the final acquittal of the milkman 40 long years, making mockery of fundamental principles of justice. Honourable Justices R. Banumathi and A.S. Bopana made significant observations while acquitting the milkman of charges ..

Risks Of Foreign Loans

 However long term, the day of reckoning for any loans should one day come. At the end of the long term loans will dawn the day of repayment. If many such long term loans mature, then there would be bunching and repayment problems some time or other.  RESERVE Bank of India has further eased the norms for external commercial borrowings (ECB) for the corporate sector. Among many other activities, the RBI now allows such ECBs for repaying rupee loans, including outstanding non-performing or ..


  FINALLY the new Motor Vehicles Bill got the nod of the Parliament with the Rajya Sabha too passing it on Wednesday. Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Mr. Nitin Gadkari has been expressing concern over high number of deaths in road accidents and promised to take legal measures to curb the road rage ever since he took the charge of the ministry in the last term of the NDA Government.  A reading of the contents of the Bill shows that the new law is designed to address most ..

Of Sam Bahadur’s “mission”

By Vijay Phanshikar: Writing about the Subhash Marg where the astride statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj attracts attention from its high perch, was a nostalgic experience, no doubt. One can keep writing about this historic road for several weeks on. This road has provided the city of Nagpur with one of its many signatures -- with religious centres, with entertainment opportunities, with commercial outlets, with spots of historical importance, with lakes, with gardens, with crowded..


AVISIBLY happy Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi on Monday conveyed the good news that from the ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ the country has travelled to ‘Tiger Jinda Hai,’ drawing upon the Bollywood analogy to tell the country that tiger populat..


   THE latest findings of dangerous levels of heavy metal in vegetables grown in fields along the Yamuna river in Delhi is a prime example of what reckless disposal of hazardous waste and effluent in water bodies can do to human health. The floodplains along Yamuna grow veggies that are heavily contaminated with metals like Lead, Nickel, Cadmium and Mercury. Prolonged consumption of such unsafe concentration of metals in foodstuff can damage functioning of vital human organs. Lack of monitoring ..

Cuba’s Revolution

 By W T Whitney Jr:  July 26 is about fighting a revolution and much more. As reflected in Fidel Castro’s “History Will Absolve Me,” Cuba’s revolution seeks true national liberation and also social justice. Speakers on July 26 have long evoked the memory of José Marti. Doing so, they testify to the continuity of Cuba’s revolutionary struggle. Presumably they are sending a message to US policy makers.  IT’S Bayamo’s turn this year ..


 ADDRESSING the people in his second ‘Maan Ki Baat’ monthly interaction on Sunday after his second term, Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has echoed the feelings of the masses of Jammu and Kashmir when he said that Kashmir needs development, not bullets or bombs. The Prime Minister, in fact, has given vent to the people’s indignation over ceaseless terrorist activities being orchestrated from across the border. They are fed up with the routine disturbances, bloodbath, shattering ..

In the fullness of moment

 By Vijay PhanshikarThe butterflycounts not monthsbut moments,and has time enough.- Rabindranath Tagore OF COURSE, for the butterfly, there is always time enough to live fully -- no matter the length of life! Unfortunately, the humans are not butterflies to realise this. They are always in a hurry to live longer, and yet have little time left to live more. A man known for his extreme sensitivity, Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore often related to Nature, made intimate connects with leaves and ..


the decision of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) to seek permission of the Government to boycott the Birmingham Commonwealth Games, due in 2022, is shocking and unfortunate. And the reason given by the IOA for arriving at such an unprecedented decision is even more shocking and unfortunate. Because according to the top authorities of the IOA, it has less to do with sporting matters and more for very extraneous reason, which smacks of bias and politics. The IOA has accused the host organisers of ..

Trump dumps diplomatic niceties

   By D.C. PathakPRESIDENT Donald Trump has completely demolished the universally practised mantra that diplomacy was the art of understatement which kept it from running into irreversible positions and robbing it of all flexibility. Being flexible is not the same thing as being shifty in international relations. Instant responses could prove to be potentially injurious in that arena particularly if they happened to be couched in hyperbolic expressions that made diplomatic ‘pressure..

Competency Of Child Witness

IN THE judgement of the case – P. Ramesh v. State Represented by Police, delivered on July 9, 2019, Justice Dr. Dhananjaya Y. Chandrachud and Justice Indira Banerjee, at the Supreme Court have observed that in order to determine the competency of a child witness, the judge has to form his or her opinion. The judge is at liberty to test the capacity of a child witness and no precise rule can be laid down regarding the degree of intelligence and knowledge which will render the child a competent ..

joining army

EVEN as the country celebrates 20th anniversary of the victory in the Kargil Conflict, even as the people celebrate national heroes, even as they pay tributes to the martyrs of all wars, the issue of how the larger society motivates its youngsters to join Defence Forces comes to fore. There is no doubt that a grateful nation will always recall the valour of our Defence Forces for all time to come. But there is enough doubt about how vigorously it motivates its youngsters to become soldiers. At this ..

Being spiritually materialistic!

A WISE man once remarked that in respect of materialistic or worldly possessions, one must compare oneself with those less privileged and draw satisfaction from it, at the same time, in regard to spiritual quest, one should look towards those who are more advanced in their pursuit of spiritual progress, and derive dissatisfaction, so as to strive more intensely to achieve the noble goals...

Clean Energy

“Once India gets self –sufficient or nearly so in its clean energy goals, it can then assist other countries too in reaching those goals through technology and power-sharing. ..

Purveyors Of Falsehood

 The lynching of Muslims and other minorities must be stopped immediately, celebrities from various fields have said in an open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi while also stressing that there is “no democracy without dissent”. The letter, written by 49 eminent personalities including film-makers Shyam Benegal and Aparna Sen as well as vocalist Shubha Mudgal and historian Ramchandra Guha, also noted ‘Jai Shri Ram’ has been reduced to a “provocative war ..


SPORTING contests are often termed as war minus shooting. All the pulls, pressures, mindgames, and tactics that form an integral part of a soldier’s life find a striking similarity in a sportsman’s career too, albeit only on the field. The difference is -- sporting contests produce a winner or a loser who can restart another bout the next day while armed conflicts do not leave a room for another reset.  Lt Col Mahendra Singh Dhoni is set to experience this tenuous difference when ..


 NAVY Chief Admiral Karambir Singh has drawn attention of the nation towards China’s shifting security priorities with emphasis on strengthening its naval force. According to Admiral Karambir Singh the Chinese have shifted a lot of their resources from the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to the PLA Navy.  Thus it is a calculated move towards strengthening its naval force in keeping with its ambitions to announce its arrival on the global stage as a global power. It is no surprise, ..


  HOW desperate Pakistan is for realignment of ties with the United States was on public display during Prime Minister Mr. Imran Khan’s visit to the US where he was not averse to peddling lies and presenting distinctly false narratives to please Washington. Yet again at the centre of the Pak-US paradigm was the operation to kill 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden that strained relations between the two countries. It was a unilateral operation ordered by then US President Mr. Barack Obama ..

NATO’s War Cry

By JOHN WOJCIKNATO has already integrated into its operation a group of German officers who command what NATO is calling a “high readiness task force” that, according to the U.S. NATO general in command at Ramstein, Mark August, “can be ..

strong laws

FACED with challenges posed by terror groups, involving external and internal elements, it was only natural for the Government to make the anti-terrorist laws more stringent. As rightly said by Union Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah, while replying to the deb..


 HOME-buyers across the country should rejoice at the Supreme Court’s landmark verdict cancelling registration of the renowned real estate firm Amrapali Group under the Real Estate Registration Act (RERA) and ousting it from prime properties in New Delhi’s NCR. The judgement is first of its kind from the apex court and will certainly have a thundering impact on real estate sector which is controlled by realtors notorious for harassing home-buyers by not adhering to deadlines. Despite ..

Securing Social Justice

   The economic growth is down in India and there are few investment opportunities. For these reasons, the raising of Income Tax rate will only lead to an exodus of HNIs from India and boomerang as lower collections of Income Tax, lower investments and lower rates of GDP growth. It is impossible to sustain high Income Tax rates once we have opened our economy to global capital flows.   FINANCE Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has increased the marginal tax rate on high net worth ..


 ON STANDARD considerations, it could be said safely that nobody would envy the job Mr. Boris Johnson of the British Conservative Party has garnered -- the prime ministership -- at such a crucial twist on the road ahead. But realising how History and..

Where Shivaji Maharaj stands guard ...

 Vijay Phanshikar:  Very few roads in the city have so many attractions as does Netaji Subhash Marg -- from the Iron Bridge (Loha Pul) at the western end to the south-east corner of the Shukrawar Talao (Gandhisagar). In good old days, the road presented a classic amalgam of the traditional and the modern. Today also, its character remains more or less the same, barring a few changes that time thrust upon it. If one cares to pause and ponder, one realises what an array of attractions lines ..


   THAT India promptly denied that Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi ever asked United States President Mr. Donald Trump to mediate on Kashmir, was a given. For, there has been no reason whatsoever for India to make such a request that runs counter to India’s avowed diplomatic policy. There are reasons, however, to believe that Pakistan Prime Minister Mr. Imran Khan may have made a request to Mr. Donald Trump to initiate mediation with India, during their recent meeting in Washington ..


  SINCE taking guard for its second term after an astounding verdict in the general elections, the Modi Government has clearly hit the ground running with quick decisions on national security, setting agendas on delivering welfare schemes, initiatives to boost foreign investments, and initiating reforms in major sectors like railways and labour.  All these will go a long way in welfare of the society, the promise made by Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi in his inaugural speech while ..

Shortage Of Fossil Fuels

 By Nantoo Banerjee: India is becoming increasingly dependent on imports. Coal, oil and gas are three main components of fossil fuels. India ranks fifth in the world in coal reserves. It is also the world’s third largest coal consumer after China and the USA. India’s coal reserve is around 301.6 billion tonnes.  THE centuries old Scottish proverb that ‘‘if wishes were horses, beggars would ride” is so true about India’s wish to become a major producer ..


 BY NAMING Rishabh Pant to play all the three formats as specialist wicketkeeper on the forthcoming tour to the West Indies, the Indian selectors have laid out a clear roadmap which seeks to blood youngsters instead of depending on old warhorse Mahendra Singh Dhoni. The selection, however, raises the most-asked question, have we already seen the end of Dhoni? The wicketkeeper-batsman has not made himself available for the West Indies tour and opted to serve his regiment in the territorial army. ..

Germany’s New Coalition

  By JOHN WOJCIK: The new coalition Government in Bremen will be a test of whether the Left wing of three different political parties—the Social Democrats, Die Linke, and the Greens—working together can make some improvements in the lives..


 BY FREEZING promotions and putting a moratorium on new recruitments, the Government has sent out the message that it was very keen on its stake sale in badly debt-ridden Air India (AI). Not only that the Government has also relaxed several condition..

Of leadership’s reward

 By Vijay Phanshikar.....Lagi kuchh aisee nazar bakhira sheesesa shahar(An evil glance, shattered the commune like a mirror)Apno ke mele mein meet nahi paata hoon(I find no pal in my own congregation)Geet nahi gataa hoon (No longer do I sing a song).....- An excerpt from a short Hindi poem, ‘Do Anubhutiyan’,by Atal Behari Vajpayee Of leadership’s reward SUCH captivating verse emerges when a poet reaches the dizzying height of human achievement -- which Atal Behari Vajpayee ..

Proportionate Punishment

By Adv. R. S. Agrawal:  According to the SC, it is correct that the charge in the criminal trial arose from the death of a co-employee in the course of the incident resulting from the firing of a bullet which took place from the weapon which was assigned to the accused Mishra. But the charge of misconduct was on the ground of Mishra’s negligence in handling his weapon and his failure to handle the weapon. Consequently, the acquittal in the case was not a ground for setting aside penalty. ..


 THERE are two significant changes that would be welcomed by cricketers and teams alike. By a recent decision, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has resolved to use the Decision Review System (DRS) to put curbs on howlers made by on-field umpires during the upcoming Ranji Trophy championship. The second is the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) decision not to penalise the captain for slow over rate with suspension. Instead the ICC thinks that the onus of slow over rate ..

Perennial Risk

 By ANSHUMAN BHARGAVA:  “Growing population and its regular migration in search of job and livelihood and lack of housing for them will go on forcing illegal settlements in floodplains that will pose a perennial risk to a large population.”  “Rains are getting more intense and in short bursts with the gap between rainy days in monsoons ever rising. This erratic pattern is detrimental for crops and appropriate for flooding. Unfortunately, due to lack of proper ..


 THE Karnataka Assembly is epicenter of a bizarre political drama which has now snowballed into a Constitutional crisis. A simple process of seeking a vote of trust by the incumbent Government has turned into an intriguing tale which has seen directives of the Governor being ignored and a Supreme Court ruling on rebel MLAs being interpreted in all possible ways. An end to this farcical drama is in sight on Monday but given the ways Chief Minister Mr. H D Kumaraswamy is adopting and the strange ..


 EVEN if one wants to take an absolutely liberal view in Pakistan’s move to drop pro-Khalistan leader Gopal Singh Chawla from a panel linked to the Kartarpur Corridor, one just cannot take it as an honest gesture. The past is full of falsity by Pakistan in many such “peace and goodwill” steps. The Kartarpur Corridor is a dangerous zone which is bound to exploit anti-India sentiments among gullible youth by pro-Khalistan leaders like Chawla. As India handed over a dossier to ..

US Values Under Threat

By JOHN BACHTELLWith the entire GOP in tow, Trump promises to make sure, with plenty of lies and disinformation, that this election tops the 2016 campaign in its disgusting appeal to bigotry, hate, and fear.WITH his vicious attack on Reps. Ayanna Pressley..

growth driver

growth driver..


  BY ITS overwhelming verdict, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at the Hague, on Wednesday, slammed Pakistan’s arbitrary justice delivery system and asked it to review and reconsider the conviction of former Indian Naval officer Kulbhushan Jadhav. Till this process of providing proper legal and consular access to Mr. Jadhav is completed and due course of law is followed, the ICJ has suspended the death sentence awarded to him by a Pakistani military court. While passing this ..


 DAYS after American President Mr. Donald Trump threw a fit over India’s imposition of retaliatory tariffs on 28 US products, his administration has exuded confidence of resolving the issues between the “two friends” through proper dialogue. The US State Department sees “enormous potential” for growth in India-US relationship, something that Mr. Trump also talks of but changes tack when it comes to commercial considerations. In fact, Mr. Trump has always adopted ..

Use Water Judiciously

 By LALIT SETHI;   The snow feed cannot match the beauty and grandeur of the skies opening up with great showers to soak the landmass or the hinterland of India. Showers and melting snows are life giving, even reviving languishing life with a breath of fresh air and must work in concert rather than silence.  BIHAR has opened the floodgates after heavy rain in Nepal and it is a grave situation the eastern State faces. The severe floods in Bihar used to be an annual calamity ..


   AMID the bulk of terrorism and violence-related news from Jammu and Kashmir, the tale of senior IPS officer Mr. Basant Rath’s endeavour of distributing free books to students in remote areas comes as a soothing whiff of fresh air. Mr. Rath, an IGP rank officer, is helping students in the hinterland of Jammu and Kashmir in preparing and cracking competitive examinations. He reaches out to the needy students and provides them study books without any question being asked. Such inspiring ..

$5tn Economy Possible

  One has to first generate demand. Investment will automatically follow. The Government is putting the cart before the horse. High interest rates did not prevent the economy from growing at near 10 per cent rates in the past. The interest burden can be borne if there is demand in the market.  THE Prime Minister has set the target of making India a Five Trillion Dollar economy. The task is achievable, but not with the policies being advocated by the Chief Economic Advisor of his ..


  IN HIS first meeting with his Cabinet colleagues and departmental heads from the bureaucracy after reelection, Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi had asked all of them to prepare a 100-day development plan for their respective areas of operation and ..