Cruelty, Thy Name is Man

    RELIGIOUS scriptures remind us that animals are God’s creations that need our love, compassion, and care. Mahatma Gandhi once said that the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are..


   By Dr. Gyan Pathak  THE past three years under the shadow of COVID-19 has indisputably exposed the weakness of healthcare sector that resulted in great loss of lives and livelihood, but it is still waiting to be treated as prio..

A skilled artisan

    THE young man who would be about 26/27 years of age was originally from a remote village in the Balaghat district of Madhya Pradesh. Carpentry is their family occupation. I was amazed by his skill as he was creating beautiful woode..

Third Front Again!

   By Kalyani Shankar A THIRD Front again! Before every Lok Sabha poll, this Third Front idea is floated, and the 2024 polls are no exception. Political pundits predict there is space for the entire Opposition against BJP but not a Thi..

‘Think 20’ must work for both India’s economic growth and security

    By D.C. PATHAK ALL NATIONS endeavour to safeguard their security and economic interests - in that order - and this is what foreign policy is all about. Foreign policy, by definition, is a product of national security and econo..

Close shave

   LIKE any other teenager, I too wanted to grow up fast. Most of the iconic filmi heroes of my time and my most favourite Pran Saheb were clean shaven. So, to look mature one had to have a clean shaven face. Many boys in our ninth class ha..

Reaching Out To Lanka

    INDIAN Foreign Minister S Jaishankar was on a two-day visit to Sri Lanka on January 19-20. It follows a letter by India to the IMF that it supports Sri Lanka’s efforts to restructure bilateral debt. The multilateral financial..

Budget ’23-24 must provide relief to workforce

   By Dr. Gyan Pathak  UNION Budget 2023-24 has a greater responsibility of protecting India’s workforce at a time when they are at high risk of being forced into accepting lower quality jobs, as warned by ILO’s World ..

SC Line On Bail Conditions

   By Adv. R. S. Agrawal THROUGH the judgement of the case- Guddan alias Roop Narayan v. State of Rajasthan, delivered on January 3, 2023, Justice Krishna Murari and Justice V. Ramasubramanian, at the Supreme Court have reiterated once..

‘Dharma formed the core of Bharat’s agelessness’

By Biraj Dixit : IN THE constant flowing river of time when a civilisation is both age-old and ageless, many tributaries get entwined often. Concepts overlap, lines between history and mythology blur, traditions blossom, degenerate and make way for new ones. The important thing, however, is the perennial nature of its existence. Such is the story of Bharat - the ageless wonder of a civilisation where ancient still finds itself firmly entrenched into the modern. An attempt to understand Bharat ..

Mother of human progress

Ideas! Ideas build civilisations. Civilisations take humanity forward. The main attribute of every idea is that it is young every inch. An idea may not stand the test of time -- or even of those who are expected to implement it in whatever form, in whatever manner. So, to begin with, every idea asks for space in which it can be explained and thought over. Minus this space, the idea dies. Countless ideas have, thus, died -- for lack of space! What is this business of space for ideas? What are the attributes ..

Human touch

   MY GRANDFATHER mostly spends his hour scrolling on the smartphone, reading some random stuff and entertaining himself with refreshing strolls. My grandma is ailing and her mobility is restricted. In the previous week, grandpa fell ill an..

Signs Of Division At Khammam

   By Vijay phanshikar THE Khammam rally was not the first mega Opposition showpiece of its unity. For, seen from another and practical angle, it showcased the obvious fault-lines in the Opposition camp. For, the event demonstrated no..


    SCHOOL life can not be explained in a single word as it has a combination of feelings for everyone. It forms various shades of everyone’s life that keep our lives colourful even when we have ended up using our own colours to ..

China’s Population Dip

   By ANJAN ROY  CHINA’S population has shrunk in 2022 for the first time in six decades. That has sent bells ringing about the prospects China should be facing henceforth. There is a long and tortuous history culminating in..

Resolution 2023

   RESOLUTIONS are made with the hope of making lifestyle better. People try their best to follow those resolutions mostly taken during the new year. Does fulfilment of resolutions happen all year long? Does breaking and ignoring resolution..

Fresh Polls In Peru

   By OSCAR APAZA  ON DECEMBER 7, Peru’s Congress was scheduled to vote on the impeachment of President Pedro Castillo. It wasn’t the first time. It was the third attempt at impeachment, one of so many mechanisms emplo..

Biden’s legal troubles

   By ASAD MIRZA  RECENT revelations that classified documents going back to US President Joe Bidens term as Vice-President have been found in his private office and at his home, may become a political -- and possibly legal -- lia..

Abandoning negativity

    THE other day, I was having a discussion with one of my self-proclaimed rhymester friends who thought himself to be a man of letters. He considers that he is a great metrical poet, who coined many new meters in Hindi. He also manag..

Pak Food Crisis

   By ARUN KUMAR SHRIVASTAV AFTER months of struggling to bring the economy back in shape, Pakistan is finally close to the moment when its forex reserves will be completely drained and it would start defaulting on payments to its cred..

Economic instability in neighbouring countries

   By K R Sudhaman  WORLD Bank and International Monetary Fund might be gung ho about Indian economy, but emerging geo political situation in the neighbouring countries is a major source of concern and tottering economies in the s..

Abusing Process Of Court

   By Adv. R. S. Agrawal  IN THE judgement of the case- Smt. Vrushali Jayesh Kore (40) v. the State of Maharashtra and Sow. Deepali Bhushan More, delivered on January 7, 2023, Justice Anuja Prabhudessai and Justice R.M. Joshi, at ..

The joy of giving

    HUMAN beings are the most intelligent creatures. But we are voracious about our needs. It’s Mother Nature who gives us almost everything and never expects anything in return. Nature is motivation, inspiration and the epitome;..

Social Protection For Old

   By DR. GYAN PATHAK  THE World Social Report 2023 has called for concrete measures to support the greying population of the world amidst escalating pension and healthcare costs. It is urgent, since the number of people aged 65 a..

The rich and the poor

    I HAVE always wanted to remain a God-fearing man leading a righteous life while enjoying the comforts of modern life. The trouble is, righteousness and affluence often do not go together. The cost of living has been going up and to..

The Nalanda Metaphor

    By Vijay phanshikar THESE findings say much more than their physical shape and size and stated purpose. They should be considered symbols and signatures of a glorious history whose time-line is difficult to be established auth..

Travel solo, find yourself

    TRAVELLING solo is fun. It’s one of the most wholesome experiences that one can avail in life. Travelling solo is not only a daring adventure but also a pathway to one’s inner self - where one can truly meet one’..

Israel’s Hardline Govt

    By JAMES M DORSEY FOR the United Arab Emirates, it’s business as usual as Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s newly formed Government wastes no time in implementing hardline policies aimed at forcing Palest..

Taliban regime in kabul is in deep conflict with new Pak Govt

   By Sankar Ray PAKISTAN - Islamabad camaraderie, built up after the capture of Afghanistan by the Taliban and formation of a new Emirate in Kabul on August 15, 2021, faces a sanguinary breach. A conflictual discontent was simmering e..


    SENESCENCE or biological ageing is the gradual deterioration of functional characteristics in living organisms. The word senescence can refer to either cellular senescence or to senescence of the whole organism. The deterioration o..

Uyghur Repression

    By JAMES M DORSEY  AN OFFICIAL visit to Xinjiang to assess the fate of Turkic Muslims in the troubled north-western Chinese Province is a risky proposition by any definition. Even so, it would be worth the risk if China a..

Gold in its march towards a historical high

   By K Raveendran  THE year 2023 may well be a year of gold. This is because despite several negatives the yellow metal has outperformed everything else. And with the New Year expected to unravel all that traditionally has worked..

Case With Absurd Allegation

   By Adv. R. S. Agrawal  IN THE judgement of the case – Deepak Gaba and Others v. State of Uttar Pradesh, delivered on January 2, 2023, Justice Sanjiv Khanna and Justice J. K. Maheshwari, at the Supreme Court , have ruled t..

Looking for conversation -- in the family

THIS is one of those precious things that may be missing from the family -- conversation. Everybody is aware of this sad reality, though nobody will agree with this reality openly. Much to the contrary, in a mad advocacy of a non-existent idea, most will even reject a suggestion that conversation is one major factor missing from the average family in our society. True, the members of any average family often talk to one another every now and then. They agree on issues. They argue. They fight. They ..

Field of dreams!

    SUNDAY, December 11th, 2022. D Y Patil Stadium, Mumbai. Indian Women’s Cricket team playing against the mighty Australian Eves in the second T20 clash of the series,.Having won the first game, Aussies were looking forward to ..

Kudos To Jain Community

   By Vijay phanshikar THE Jain community has done a great service to a very important cause of national importance by standing up tall and strong against the nomination of its sacred site of Sammed Shikharji in the parasnath Hills as ..

The rainbow bridge

    IT WAS June 21st. I shall remember this date and the year throughout my life. The International Yoga day was celebrated throughout the world on this date. My family including me were praying to God. “O God, please save him, h..

Anti-Taliban Resistance

    By MANISH RAI  RECENTLY, the Taliban ordered an indefinite ban on university education for women, the Ministry of Higher Education said in a letter issued to all Government and private universities. Before this drastic de..


   WE LIVE in a scientific world. Science takes precedence over religion, faith, philosophy and gospel. But experience makes us realise that faith is the big source; the power and the healer. One cannot exist without trust, love, belief, co..

Online Gambling Menace

    By ARUN KUMAR SHRIVASTAV THE Central Government released draft regulations for the online gaming and gambling sector on January 2. Union Minister of State for Electronics and IT Rajeev Chandrasekhar said the Government has beg..

Do your best and march along

    SWAMI Vivekanand was a disciple of Ramakrishna Paramhansa. Most of the senior politicians admire and follow the ideology of towering personalities be it either Mahatma Gandhi or Dr Hedgewar or Pandit Madan Mohan Malviyaji in their ..

Changing Paradigms

   By JAMES M DORSEY  PRIME Minister Benyamin Netanyahu’s far-Right, Jewish nationalist, ultra-conservative coalition Government threatens to put the Jewish State on a collision course with Jewish Diaspora Jewry and could we..

Can Rahul rediscover leadership with Yatra?

   By Tirthankar Mitra  INDIA will witness a slew of elections in 2023 together with the answer to the so far unanswered question whether Rahul Gandhi can rediscover leadership initiative in search of which he has failed and falte..

Age At Time Of Offence

   By Adv. R. S. Agrawal  THROUGH the judgement of the case- Rajinder Kumar v. State & Another, delivered on December 16, 2022, Justice Suresh Kumar Kait at the High Court of Delhi has ruled that the age at the time of commiss..

The pink sky

    NATURE indeed is a great healer. It soothes your soul and takes away all your worries. I am reminded of one such incident where mother Nature healed me and guided me through the rough patch of my life. One such evening, I experienc..

Castillo’s Ouster In Peru

   By DR. GYAN PATHAK  “PEDRO Castillo emerged from that deep, excluded, and marginalised Peru that has been the primordial object of nefarious consequences of treason by the elites,” according to an observer. Castillo..

The wounded wings

    “A PICTURE is worth a thousand words.” A grade four Balbharti environmental studies text book of Maharashtra state board has a catchy cover page which depicts a beautiful environment and happy children enjoying with a s..

Education Policy Changed

   By DR. GYAN PATHAK  NEW rules are set in 2022 for an entirely new dynamics of education in India. Implementation process of National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 were reviewed in a meeting in May 2022 chaired by Prime Minister N..


   GASLIGHTING means psychological manipulation of the victim in such a way that the victim gets confused, loses confidence, and starts doubting himself. The word has roots in a 1938 play written by British novelist Patrick Hamilton set in ..

US Vs Russia In Desh

   By ASHIS BISWAS  ONCE more, Russia and the United States of America are embroiled in a sharp diplomatic face-off over recent developments in Bangladesh, as the country braces up for its bitterest general elections in January 20..