Every Man in his Humour Letters to the Editor

The recently concluded cricket World Cup finals ended on a high note while keeping the fans on the edge. The spectacular tie game ended with super over being declared in favour of England with more number of boundaries after having yet another tied super over game. New Zealand conceded defeat on the verge of victory...

Choose your heart

IT’S BEEN a beautiful journey in less time. Sharing different bonds with people from all ages and deeply relating to colourful opinions was indeed a wonderful experience for me...

new faith

SEASONED former diplomat Mr. G. Parthasarathy, who was the High Commissioner of India in Islamabad when Pakistan launched the Kargil misadventure, has aptly put the psyche of the Pakistani rulers in proper perspective over the decades and contrasting the change taking place in India at the highest level over the last few years at the same time. As rightly said by Mr. Parthasarathy, there is a welcome and discernible change in Indian response to whatever the Pakistani rulers, the Armed forces particularly, ..


HOW cruel can sports become? As a disillusioned and devastated New Zealand team keeps searching an answer to its poignant query, the English team revels in its massive stroke of luck that landed them their first World Cup trophy...

Labour Can Build UK

The grotesque inequality and poverty of 19th century Britain that was once thought of as banished to that dim and distant past is back with a vengeance...

They Said It...

   “It always feels disappointing when you’ve played such good cricket and then 45 minutes of bad cricket puts you out of the tournament. We feel bad for the result, but everyone goes out to the middle to win the match for their country. These games are called knock-out for a reason, the opposition played better than us. Today we were not good enough.”VIRAT KOHLI, Indian skipper after India missed the opportunity to enter the finals of the ICC Men’s Cricket World ..

spilt milk

INDIA, Australia and to some extent, South Africa, powerhouses of international cricket, having crashed out of the final race to the World Cup are now ruing over the spilt milk..

Every Man in his Humour Letters to the Editor

On 18 December 2014, the UNGA adopted by consensus, a resolution, spearheaded by Sri Lanka, declaring 15th July as the World Youth Skills Day...

Poor healthcare killing kids in Bihar

COMMUNIST Party of India national Council Secretary Binoy Viswam, MP, said that the children who died of acute encephalitis syndrome (AES) were in fact unfortunate victims of poverty, malnutrition and poor healthcare facilities..

Effect Of Parental Discord

The Supreme Court has been of the view that what is in the interest of the child depends on the facts and circumstances of each case and has to be decided on its own merits without adhering to any fixed formula or rule...


  THE image of a crestfallen Rohit Sharma looking at a dream going up in smoke more or less summed up India’s 2019 World Cup sojourn where the Men in Blue took a great flight, delivered incredibly on every quotient, carried burgeoning hopes with aplomb but faltered at a hurdle that was bound to spring up someday. India’s heartbreaking exit in the semi-final after a gallant fight against New Zealand yet again proved that there is always many a slip between the cup and the lip! ..

Greece Dumps Neo-Nazis

By KEVIN OVENDEN: The turning point, as is widely known, came four years ago this week. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras took the stunning 61 per cent defiant ‘No vote’ to the austerity memorandums in a referendum and in just six days ..


 IT IS not difficult to understand the sense of sadness in the tone of Mr. Antanio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations (UN), when he says that the world is still not putting in enough efforts to promote sustainable development by combat..


  SMALL and marginal farmers’ households in major parts of the country are undergoing a peculiar social trauma, failing to find brides for their eligible sons. Already reeling under poor income and debt-traps caused due to vagaries of nature, the social segregation is causing farming families lot of mental hardships. Girls are increasingly refusing to marry in families totally dependent upon farming where fixed monthly income is as rare as good rains. Even the girls who belong to farmer ..

Global Warming Threat

 By YASHWARDHAN JOSHI   This phenomenon of short burst of devastating rain after a long spell of dry patch is all a result of global warming. Scientists warn that erratic rainfall as well as extreme weather events, such as droughts, floods and heat waves, are going to occur more frequently in the future.   FOR YEARS scientists and experts have been warning of global warming and its impact on climate change. The subject has been heatedly debated on international fora time and ..


 ‘Nature provides for everybody’s need, but not for everybody’s greed’, said Mahatma Gandhi in effect when he stressed the imperative of environmental preservation and conservation. Because modern man did not heed the advice, ..

Of a bloody saddddd emotion

 Vijay Phanshikar;  There is some water in the Nag River, thanks to whatever rains the city received a few days ago. Of course, it is going through a dry spell, but the Nag has at least some water that is flowing. Despite the filth that the city dumps into its river -- officially and non-officially -- it is a good sight to see water actually flowing down there. This is one sight one is waiting to see all the year long. For when the rains come in torrent and the Nag flows in full stream, ..


  NEW Speaker of Lok Sabha Mr. Om Birla, by encouraging newly elected members to participate in House debates, has taken a welcome initiative to raise the participation level in Parliamentary business. According to the records of the Lok Sabha, for the period between June 19 and July 4, 130 of the 264 newly elected MPs have participated in the debate of the House and knowledgeable sources estimate that by the time the current session ends a record of sorts of participation by new members ..

Water - New Thrust Area

 By BINOY VISWAM: According to the Composite Water Management Index (CWMI) report released by the NITI Aayog in 2018, 21 major cities (Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad and others) are racing to reach zero groundwater levels by 2020, affecting access for 100 million people. The CWMI report also states that by 2030, the country’s water demand is projected to be twice the available supply, implying severe water scarcity for hundreds of millions of people and an eventual six per cent ..


 THE internal chaos now tormenting Congress party is threatening to escalate with time as many young leaders are now resigning from their current positions and looking at opportunities at the national level. These leaders, most of whom are around for..


 DESPITE a rap from the Supreme Court a decade ago, most States are still dragging their feet on initiating reforms in the police department. The conseqences are evident in the data released by the Home Ministry which pegs the police posts lying vacant in the country at 5,28,396. The number is huge and needs immediate course correction at the highest level. Policing is a critical factor for maintaining internal security. But Police Departments in most states, barring Nagaland, are struggling ..

Diluting Stake In PSEs

By ARJAVI INDRANEESH:  The Government has been following the policy of disinvestment in non-financial public sector undertakings maintaining the Government stake not to go below 51 per cent. But there is going to be a marked change in the approa..


 VICE President Mr. Venkaiah Naidu floated a truly great idea when he called for a national movement for promoting innovation as a way of life. This suggestion connotes a change in the overall current atmosphere in India where different ideas are bei..

No Retaliation Is “Cowardice”

  In a case, where allegation of cowardice is made, the reason for such allegation is to be taken note of and considered. In that view, without adverting to all other aspects, what is noted is the charge that was made and the reason for which the competent authority had arrived at the conclusion that the appellant instead of performing his duty had run away from it. IN THE context of armed conflicts, the Supreme Court has defined cowardice on the part of a soldier, if he turns his back ..


   BY THE time India reached the semi-finals of the on-going One-Day International (ODI) World Cup in England, a new superstar has arisen on the cricketing horizon in Rohit Sharma. And how one wishes this sublime saga of batsmanship never eclips..


 It must be understood that fighting terrorism is not just a battle of arms— it is an ideological battle too – the battle to establish sanity over bigotry, reason over religious parochialism and human progressiveness over regressive machinations. “The war against terrorism is a joint responsibility of all civilised and democratic forces and they must bury their personal interests for the larger humanitarian cause. Today there is nothing like their terrorism or terrorists ..


 THE sincere effort of the Central Government to expand the philosophy of inclusiveness in the economy is clearly visible in the Union Budget for 2019-20. Considering various components of the budget, it can be said safely that the Government has not..

Let us involve youngsters in Yogic way of life

 Vijay Phanshikar: TRYING to connect with young people during the recent International Yoga Day celebrations proved to be a revealing experience. Though most of them had heard about Yog as a way of life, none had tried to practise it. “That is so because nobody encouraged us to do that”, most said in the most innocent manner. But when told about how simple it is to practise Yog and how beneficial it would prove, most youngsters also agreed unhesitantly that they would certainly ..


ONE of the key sectors that acts as an engine of economic growth is the tourism industry, which still finds itself in the lower rung of priority. Tourism sector contributes significantly in terms of Gross Domestic Product, foreign exchange earnings and employment, yet efforts to make it a globally competitive industry are few and far between. Promotion of tourism can usher multipronged benefits to all the stakeholders, from the Central Government to the local populace, provided it is done in a systematic ..

The Shifting Paradigm

Politics apart, the changing, shifting social paradigm is visible in almost all sectors of India’s public life. There may be a few undesirable changes taking place in this rush. Yet, the overall tone and tenor of the social change in India is a welcome development by any standard, by any definition.Kolkata, July 4 (IANS): Newly-wed Trinamool Member of Parliament Nusrat Jahan, on Thursday, sought to send a strong message of secularism, faith and humanity when she attended the International Society ..


FOR a first-timer as the country’s Finance Minister, it was a challenging task for Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman to prepare and present the annual budget and she appears to have passed the muster. She has proved that the trust and faith Prime Minister Mr. ..


   OVER the last few years economic offenses committed mostly by high profile business people and corporate houses, have become a matter of worry for the country’s financial system. And what is even more worrisome is the flight from the country of those who have committed the crime of defrauding financial institutions. The enormity of these offenses is such that they threaten the very survival of the banking and non-banking financial institutions. What is more intriguing is the fact ..

A Budget For Water

  By Dr. Bharat Jhunjhunwala:  Presently, farmers overuse canal water. The increased cost of water will be an incentive for them to use irrigation judiciously. They can be compensated for this increase in cost by a corresponding increase in the Minimum Support Price.  THE recent water crisis in Tamil Nadu requires attention in the Budget. First let us consider how to increase the supply of water. The annual rainfall in India is 4000 Billion Cubic Meters (BCM). After accounting ..


 PRIME Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has done well to issue a warning loud and clear to his partymen against any misconduct in public. This warning will serve as a right rebuff to some elements in Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) that may have a tendency to over-assert themselves in public and indulge in some or the other misconduct. Against the background of gross misbehaviour by the legislator-son of senior party leader Mr. Kailash Vijayvargiya, this stern warning from the Prime Minister has a special ..

First rain, the slush, and the rush!

 Vijay Phanshikar:  The raincoat often played a funny game with the little boy. Actually, he loved getting drenched in the rain, no matter that he was just three years old. But then came the time to start going to school. And the boy got ready -- complete with his new bag, new raincoat, new everything. And then holding his elder sister’s finger, he went to the school.   The first day. An eager day.An anxious day, too. No child smiled. And many kids actually cried the ..


  THERE was always the possibility of the open trade with Pakistan through various routes, including the Attari border post, being misused for clandestine purposes, including subversion. The over five quintals narcotics haul at the Attari border post from a goods truck worth Rs. 2700 crores, brings to fore the hidden truth and foretells danger to national security and its social implications for India. Already Indian Punjab is fighting a bitter war against drug menace which is afflicting ..

Education’s ‘Q’ Quest

 By AMIT KAPOOR :  Despite the new era of reforms that might soon be pushed, one question that largely remains ignored in this discussion is: Are we ready for change? The concept of literacy is expanding and is not confined to development of bas..


  THE emphasis laid on democracy as a core value of Indian culture by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi in his revived radio talk show ‘Mann Ki Baat’ is ‘the’ truth of India not for today but also for countless centuries. The Prime Minister was celebrating the success of democracy and motivating the people to understand the metaphor of collectivism, especially in the past five years. He was celebrating the changing paradigm of democracy where common Indians are being ..

On Earth the heaven!

By Vijay PhanshikarRains beckonDrop by dropDrip by dripOn Earth the heaven! - Self  HEAVEN on Earth! -- after summer’s scorch ... Much before the rains come, the signals do. Very inviting. Very alluring. Very hospitable. They -- the rains -- come to you, as guests, so to say, but not as the outsiders! They are very much the insiders! For, much before they herald their coming, the rains are inside you -- in expectation, in hope, in assiduous longing of the endearing wetness, in the ..

Admitting Students In Excess

   By Adv. R. S. Agrawal: The Court has stated that “even assuming that the decision of AICTE (of not granting permission to increase in number of admissions) was not correct, the petitioner institution had no business to admit students beyond the number permitted by the AICTE. IN the judgement of the case – Foundation for Organisational Research and Education For School of Management v. The All India Council for Technical Education, delivered on June 21, 2019, ..


 In rahul Dravid a right man has been placed in charge of the prestigious National Cricket Academy (NCA) at Bengaluru. Till recently in charge of grooming under-19 cricketers, Rahul Dravid, the legendary cricketer, who, along with Sachin Tendulkar, has been instrumental in taking Indian cricket to the top of the world, has been bestowed with greater responsibility of the (NCA). Under his tutelage India has seen several young players from the under-19 and India A teams making great impact on internatio..

Trading Organs

 “Kidney racket is a long-term problem in India and many other parts of the developing world where the population is high and demand for organs is thus high, while donors are comparatively much fewer.” “It is an unfortunate reality in India that by the lure of money or by sheer cheating, several innocent people are made to lose their kidney. It has grown into a real profitable business for medical professionals. Just the sale of one kidney can fetch in money which can be ..


   EVEN though the world threatens to get fragmented due to tensions on account of territory, trade, tradition and even triumphalism, Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has come out with a creative contribution to global thought of building a harmonious international community. At the G-20 Summit, sharing his vision of 5-Is -- Inclusiveness, Indigenisation, Innovation, Investment in infrastructure, and International cooperation -- Mr. Modi has shown how all the tensions can be overcome to ..

Doesn’t anybody teach them proper conduct?

   By Vijay Phanshikar: THE most disturbing aspect of the evening at a restaurant was a group of youngsters indulging in behaviour that was hardly suitable for a public place. They drank alcohol in good quantities, smoked cigarettes profusely, laughed very loudly disturbing others and spent money as if they had wads of currency notes in their pockets. One comes across many such groups at many places these days -- of youngsters indulging in habits that hardly come under good-behaviour ..

critical task

  THE visit of Union Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah to Jammu and Kashmir has immense importance in the current situation, particularly against the backdrop of speculations that the Centre is getting geared up to scrap the Special Status that Jammu and Kashmir has been accorded for the past several decades. The widely held belief that Mr. Shah has already initiated a scrutiny of the gain-and-losses balance of Special Status to Kashmir has only got strengthened with the visit of the Home Minister ..


  Today you are more experienced than you’ve ever been in your entire life. Today you stand at the very peak of the mountain that is your own experience. Over the years, you’ve pushed forward toward this moment. Each day you’ve added to the height of your mountain of experience, gaining yet another higher perspective. At certain times along the way, you’ve found moments of peace and beauty in the green valleys and still forests. At other times, you’ve been challenged ..

Ring cutting

  WE WERE returning to Nagpur after offering prayers and obeisance to our family deity at Saptashrungi Garh, Nashik. The train was running at a cyclonic speed as if guarding the integrity of the prefix ‘super fast’ tagged to its name. Though it was horridly hot and humid outside, nothing could match the perfectly conditioned chill inside our coach. In the nippy momentum, I was eager to end the tiresome day with a quality sleep. Just then, I saw outside our compartment, a young ..

Of Democratic Outreach

  By Vijay phanshikarMrs. Sitharaman’s visit to Dr. Manmohan Singh appeared to be an integral part of the bigger effort mounted by the NDA to seek a greater collaboration with the Opposition to sort out national issues amicably.New Delhi, June 27 (IANS): Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, on Thursday, met former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh at his residence ahead of presenting her maiden Budget on July 5. Singh, known as the architect of economic reforms, was also the Finance ..


 THAT as many as 55 member-nations of the United Nations (UN) have supported India’s candidature as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) once again, is a happy endorsement of India’s growing international clout and acceptance of its global stature. In fact, India has been looking for an entry into the Security Council as a permanent member for the past several years as a matter of right in accordance with its growing importance on the global scene. ..


 You cannot avoid paying the price in life. What you can do is choose how and when the price is paid, and that determines what you receive in return. Your best choice, by far, is to pay the price before you get the reward. You pay the price by filling your time with disciplined, purposeful activity, and you’re rewarded with the outcome of your choice. In doing so, both the price you pay and the reward you receive are beneficial.   Being productive is itself enjoyable and fulfilling, ..

Life is in giving

IT WAS the beginning of monsoon season and there were intermittent rainy spells. The countryside was looking bright with fresh green sprouts of leaves and grass. A lone aged farmer was painstakingly digging pits and planting mango saplings beside the road near his village.  The ruler of the province happened to pass by and observed the old man engaged singularly in the strenuous activity. He commented that the old man was indulging in futile activity, since it would take many years for the ..

US Left’s Unity Mantra

The fight against the capitalist class must be both on the streets, through organising, and also in the arena of ideas, Bachtell added. The second part is especially important since, as he pointed out, the working class and its allies are not yet settled as to who is the best person to beat Trump next year.By MARK GRUENBERG COMMUNIST Party members must use this “pivotal moment” in history to help bring about a “democratic and transformative upsurge” to shift politics and ..

Those nostalgic, fragrant days ...

  By Vijay Phanshikar: A silent ache enters the heart as one sees countless children milling up to their school gates on the first day after the long summer vacation. No matter which class you went, the first day of school reopening was full of excitement, full of energy, full of eagerness. New uniform, new bag, new water bottle, new shoes, and possibly a few new friends. Everything had a tinge of excitement whose parallel one hardly came across subsequently in life. The first ..


  THAT lack of funds would not hamper the country’s defence-preparedness, was a statement the people often yearned to hear, but no such assertion came in such definitive terms as did from Defence Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh in Rajya Sabha. The Government would allow no compromise in his regard, he stressed. This assertion will pave the way to better defence-preparedness, which every Indian would welcome. It must be appreciated that in the past few years, India’s defence sending ..

Tackling Trade Tensions

 By Amit Kapoor: In the on-going trade war with China, India can prove to be a useful ally.  THE trade war between US and China seemed like a distant conflict to most Indians. As the two largest economies in the world dished out threats and counter-threats of tariff hikes, India was largely a disinterested bystander with the only consequential fear of slower global trade. However, over the course of last few weeks, the US reservations with global trade have expanded across the Asian ..


  THE grave water crisis many parts of India are facing this season has forced policy planners and social thinkers to opt for alternative means and methods to cut down usage of water. Eminent scientist and former Chairman of ISRO, Mr. K Kasturirangan has called for promotion of dryland and short-term agriculture crops that can bring water usage down by almost 20 per cent. At present, agriculture sector accounts for 80 per cent of all water usage. Mr. Kasturirangan has suggested taking dry ..


 THE United States President Mr. Donald Trump is yet again on the trigger, hounding the Islamic Republic of Iran with threats of “cocked and loaded” US Military ready for a swoop. On the other hand, a belligerent Iran has got on with the act of securing itself in the process downing a US drone. As the world squirms at the prospect of a full-fledged armed conflict between the bitter adversaries, backchannel talks have begun with close allies in the Middle East and Gulf countries.  Thes..

Ireland Opportunity

 By BHASWATI MUKHERJEE : A more political link between India and Ireland was established by Annie Besant who discovered Theosophy, a movement that drew on Indian and Celtic mythologies. She travelled to India and helped establish the Indian National Congress. Today, the Indo-Irish connection is vibrant with Ireland’s Prime Minister Leo Varadkar being of Indian origin.   INDIA has long links with Ireland, a shared history of colonialism by the same coloniser, deep links between ..


 INDIA’s outright rejection of the nonsensical report by the State Department of the United States of America (USA) on minorities’ status in the country is perfectly in tune with the reality on the ground. The critical observations t..

Obliged To Disclose Fully

 By Adv. R. S. Agrawal:  It is well settled that a contract of insurance is contract uberrima fides and there must be complete good faith on the part of the assured. The assured is thus under a solemn obligation to make full disclosure of material facts which may be relevant for the insurer to take into account for deciding whether the proposal should be accepted or not.  THROUGH the judgement of the case – Oriental Insurance Company Ltd. v. Mahendra Construction, delivered ..


  two top title contenders, India and England, received early shocks from unexpected quarters during the week gone by in the ongoing World Cup. While legendary Sri Lankan pace bowler Lasith Malinga broke the back of the famed English batting machine ..

Growing Water Crisis

  “Monsoon is erratic and dwindling. Damming rivers without due consideration of the pros and cons and exploitation of rivers by sand mining, fishing, etc. have left them damaged.”  “Drinking water scarcity is leading to violent fisticuffs in people and these are going to turn into bloody wars of dangerous proportions.”   MORE than 44 per cent of India’s areas were under various degrees of drought conditions (abnormally dry to exceptionally dry) as ..


  EVEN though he was speaking to a numerically limited audience at Ranchi to mark the fifth International Yog Day, Minister Mr. Narendra Modi was conscious of the indirect global audience he was addressing. Highlighting the philosophy behind promotion of Yog with a missionary zeal, Mr. Modi described it as a therapy of complete wellness for people in all economic strata across national boundaries. Poverty can lead to sickness and sickness can lead to poverty. To such people with limited ..

Clothes don’t maketh a man

  AS A newlywed bride, I happened to attend the ‘bhog’ ceremony of one elderly relative. I chose to dress up in a simple attire for I thought something garish might be unsuitable for the sombre occasion. I met many relatives from my husband’s side who looked at me quizzically. While I empathised with the family that day and did not notice the attires everyone took notice of what I was wearing. And later on, I was made privy to all the nastiest remarks I received for turning ..


  IN a bid to save water, some IT companies have asked its employees to work from home in Tamil Nadu as the State is affected by one of the worst water crises in recent years. If less people turn out for work the water usage in bathrooms will be less as the compnies now end up paying a fortune for a tanker of water.  The situation is not confined to Tamil Nadu alone but even in States like Bihar, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh water crisis is looming large and the situation ..

A Denial Flat And Firm

 India, on Thursday, rejected a Pakistani media report claiming that New Delhi was ready for talks with Islamabad, saying Prime Minister Narendra Modi and External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar made no such reference in their response to congratulatory messages from their counterparts in that country. Responding to the queries regarding the replies to congratulatory messages by Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan and Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Ministry of External Affairs ..


 INDIA is justified in its concern over the Trump administration’s moves to strike an accord with a known terrorist organisation Taliban to end the strife in battle-ravaged Afghanistan. The battle-fatigued United States is in a hurry to strike a deal with the Taliban, an established global terrorist organisation, enjoying patronage of the Pakistan Army and the ISI with a safe haven in that country. It is an irony that for the last more than a decade, the US has been fighting the same ..


 BY EXTENDING assistance to Niger worth $ 15 million to host African Union (AU) summit next month, India has reiterated its commitment to aid development in various countries that deserve and need such help. As far as Niger is concerned, like several other poorer African countries, India has been engaged with that country and helping it in development in areas like transport, electrification, solar energy and potable drinking water. In recent years India is trying to reach out, besides Asian ..


 THE Central Government has done well to continue with the process of removing inefficient or corrupt officers from all-India cadre. The step to retire 15 officers of Revenue and Tax Departments prematurely marks the second phase of the Centre’s ongoing programme of scrutinising and monitoring the performance of officers on a continuous basis. Some time ago, the Centre had sacked as many as 12 officers from the Administrative and Police Services, to make a no-nonsense beginning of a cleansing ..

Sab taraf Khuda hai - Oh God!

 Vijay Phanshikar:  “Yahan Khuda hai, wahan Khuda hai, sab taraf Khuda hai”. One cannot miss the spiritual tinge in the assertion. God is everywhere -- here, there and all over. The only difference, however, is that the “Khuda” in this assertion does not refer to the omnipresent God, but to how the city has been dug up -- khuda -- all over by the authorities for reasons never explained to the citizen. So, the people find “khuda” everywhere -- here, there ..


 THE assurance in Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s words is satisfying that the Government values every word of the Opposition, no matter its numbers in the Parliament. On the second consecutive day, the Prime Minister reached out to the Opposition parties urging them to take the fullest possible part in the parliamentary process and voice their genuine concerns freely so as to further the cause of the people. The importance of this approach cannot be missed. Obviously, this seems to ..


 PRIME Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s invitation to all political parties to work together to make the first post-election session of Parliament successful with “fresh zeal and new thinking”, has its own importance. Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Mr. Pralhad Joshi highlighted the appeal by stating that the Government’s effort was to create a sense of togetherness on issues of universal importance. If such an atmosphere could be created, it would help in strengthening ..

US’ War Threat To Iran

  Trump stepped up his march toward war recently with claims by his Secretary of Defence, Mike Pompeo, that Iran was behind the explosions on two Japanese tankers in the Strait of Hormuz. A third of the world’s oil that is shipped over water goes through that passage.  FROM presidential hopefuls to peace groups to 86,125 people signing an anti-war petition – so far – the latest Iran war threat concocted by President Trump has ignited a firestorm of criticism and opposition. ..


 THE craze of having tony edifices with so-called modern facilities has put city planners into a dangerous mode of reckless development. In the name of Smart City projects there has been wanton razing of structures that are not only of historical importance but also steeped in beautiful human emotions. The latest victim of Smart City project comes from Patna where the local authorities demolished an over century-old British-era heritage market -- Gole Market -- to make way for a multi-storeyed ..

Testing “Direct Employee”

 By Adv. R. S. Agrawal  The labour that was employed through contractors were performing identical duties as regular employees and that, therefore, without any evidence, it can be said that they were under the control, management and guidance of BHEL. But, BHEL has denied that the workmen were engaged by BHEL or that the workmen were BHEL’s workmen. From this to conclude that the transaction seems to be ‘sham’, is again wholly incorrect.  JUSTICE Rohinton Fali ..

practical virat

 EVEN as there was a huge build-up over, what was billed as the biggest rivalry on cricket field, the India-Pakistan clash in the ongoing Cricket World Cup, Indian Captain Virat Kohli seems to have taken some leaves from Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s book when he coolly told reporters in a pre-match press conference that the tournament does not end with one game against Pakistan. Thereby he calmly conveyed that he and his team were under no pressure that has been building up over the clash in ..

Joint Threat

  By ANSHUMAN BHARGAVA  “The war against terrorism is a joint responsibility of all civilised and democratic forces and they must bury their personal interests for the larger humanitarian cause.”    “Today there is nothing like their terrorism or terrorists of that or this country; India has long been crying hoarse, alerting countries to understand the problem.”  PRIME Minister Narendra Modi recently met Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena ..


 POSSIBILITY of a military conflict between the United States and Iran has escalated after the attack on oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman even as the development has rattled the international oil markets. As the world watches the Gulf simmer yet again, Washington is in an overdrive to demonstrate Tehran’s culpability in the “unprovoked” attacks. Things have taken an unfortunate spiral in the entire issue and can lead to ugly episodes in the near future, putting the oil economy ..

How we waste our youngsters’ life and careers

  By Vijay Phanshikar: THE experience of most top-level organisational leaders across domains about working with youngsters offers a rather unhappy tinge. Most of them feel that despite their youth, large numbers of youngsters live on an ordinary plane of job-for-living, drag themselves to work every day, somehow finish their day’s tasks, and then head out of the workplace either back to their homes or to some places where they may find some relaxing activity to calm down their ..


  THAT the latest United Nations (UN) report ranks India among top 20 host countries in the world for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) flows, nullifies negative reports about ease of doing business. The latest UN reports only confirms India’s status as a top investment destination for global investors. That FDI flow grew by six pc to $42 billion during the year 2018 shows the resilience of the Indian economy amidst reports of recessionary trends elsewhere in the world. According to ..

A Fake Crisis

 By Vijay phanshikarThe next five years will be Modi years, as were the previous five years. In this period, the Opposition parties may face a massive existential crisis whose solution they would not know or have. And the actual proof of this possibility came in the form of how the Congress party created a fake leadership crisis and thensorted it out.  New Delhi, June 13 (IANS): ... Talking to reporters, Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala said, “ Rahul Gandhi, is, ..

moving on

FOR Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Summit at Bishkek was only moving from the previous page to the next, meeting his old comrades, shaking hands with his equals, consolidating what he had been achieving for the past five years with wonderful alacrity, and planning for the future -- not for himself but for India and the larger world. In this second coming of his as India’s undisputed leader, thus, Mr. Modi demonstrated what a consummate statesman he has ..


  I woke up with drool on my pillow this morning. I wouldn’t have minded except it wasn’t mine. The alarm clock rang, I reached over to turn it off, and then as I laid my face back down on the pillow I felt the wet, slimy drool on my pillow case. I opened my eyes and saw a smiling, panting, furry face gazing down at me. I tried to get up but she was too fast. My face was suddenly covered in kisses with one slurp going straight up my nostril and another right in my ear. I laughed, ..

Accept the newness

  “I loathe the men who prolong their lives by foods and drinks...perverting nature’s course to ward off death...They ought, when they but cumber the ground...Get hence and die, and clear the way for youth....”, says Euripides. While reading Simon Blackburn’s ‘Religion and Respect’, I had to stop to cogitate when I read, “Things do not gain meaning by going on for a very long time, or even forever. Indeed, they lose it. A piece of music, a conversation, ..

good catch

  THE arrests of woman Maoist Narmadakka and her husband Kiran in Telangana and their subsequent handing over to Maharashtra Police, represents an important achievement for the cops as part of the national fight against Left Wing Extremism (LWE). No matter the few successful strikes the Maoists might have carried out in the past some time, the overall effectiveness of the Government’s drive against LWE has been good and welcome. The arrests of Narmadakka and Kiran, thus, mark reaching ..

River Interlinking

  By Dr. Bharat jhunjhunwalaInstead of pushing with interlinking of rivers, the Government must push for rainwater harvesting. The rainfall in coming years will come in short intense spurts. The present methods of rainwater harvesting may not suffice to hold water of these intense spurts. The Government should consider taking up a plan to pay farmers to make bunds around their fields to trap the water within their fields and help it recharge groundwater.  The National Democratic Alliance ..


  PRIME Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s call for a global conference on terror received a welcome response from France whose Government said that fight against the menace was one of its key priority areas. In some more time, more and more countries will express their willingness to join the conference in order to create an atmosphere of unity against terrorism.   There is every reason to believe that whenever the meet takes place, there will be a surge of world opinion against ..

Trade War Hitting Farmers

By A L NeaL:  Trump’s tiff with China over trade, the “easy to win trade war,” continues to hurt farmers and rural areas. American farm income has dropped 16 percent since last year. There will be a $1.4 billion Food Purchase and Distribution Programme (FPDP) through the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) to purchase surplus commodities affected by trade retaliation.  IT HAS been a violent spring for residents of Tornado alley—the popular name for parts of the Midwest, ..


 A FIGHTER to the hilt is how one can describe Yuvraj Singh. For, his entire illustrious career in international cricket has tales full of amazing ability of overcoming disasters. Yet, the way this maverick ruled limited overs cricket for almost two decades will define Yuvraj Singh’s legacy. While the images of a blood-throwing southpaw on his haunches and springing up next moment to carve a memorable century will remain affixed in cricket fans’ memory, the biggest story that goes ..


 THE trade war that President Mr. Donald Trump used to assert US supremacy against China, appears to be lengthening its ominous shadow over most of the world. In this regard the concern expressed at the G20 Finance Ministers’ conference in Japan, reflects the collective thinking and dismay over worsening situation following the unrelenting stance of leaders of the two nations.   Though it has very strong economy, China has already begun to feel the pinch of escalating tariffs ..

Gold Price In For Uptick

 By ARJAVI INDRANEESH:  According to Election Commission estimates, the seizure of unaccounted cash, liquor, drugs and precious metals by law enforcement authorities had already crossed Rs. 3,166 crore as of April 25. This is over twice the total seizure value of Rs. 1,200 crore during the 2014 general elections.   THERE is a yet unexplored aspect of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and that relates to gold purchases during electioneering. Perhaps for the first time, purchases ..

rein her in

 GIVEN the ugly violence that has been dogging the State before the recent Lok Sabha elections and its continuance thereafter, it is time the Centre thought positively about bringing West Bengal under President’s Rule. There are reasons to believe that the continuing spell of violence is being masterminded by none other than the ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC) party whose bosses are apprehensive about losing their political base in their own stronghold.  The recent Lok Sabha elections ..

Mentally-Ill Death Convict

  Given the brutal and barbaric manner of commission of the crime, the gravity of the offence itself, the abuse of the victims’ trust by the petitioner, and his tendency to commit such offences as is evident from his past conduct, it is extremely clear that the petitioner poses such a grave threat to society that he cannot be allowed to roam free at any point whatsoever.  A 3-JUDGE bench of the Supreme Court consisting of Justice N V Ramana, Justice Mohan M Shantanagouder and ..

good advice

 WEST Indies captain Jason Holder has reason to be disappointed. Till the advent of Steve Smith on the scene, the Caribbeans were very much in contention to win the game against formidable opponents Australia the other day. The West Indian bowlers had pinned down the Australian batting for considerable length of the game, but it was come-back man Steve Smith who helped the Aussies to post a defendable total. For considerable part of the game the West Indies batting was on course to upstage the ..

Beating Pollution

  “Despite all the overtures we have not been able to have any stringent system in place to tackle vehicular pollution. India’s automobile density is still one of the lowest in the world and it is growing unprecedentedly.”   “This is thus just the beginning of the pollution era in India and we have already started choking. If we don’t take corrective measures in quick time, people will literally start dying of smoke on the streets.”  VEHICUL..


  THE cosmetic nature of communications from Pakistan to India suggesting comprehensive talks to resolve all matters can be obvious even to a blind person. The letter from Prime Minister Mr. Imran Khan to Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and the communication from Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Mr. Shah Mehmood Qureshi to Minister of External Affairs Dr. S. Jaishankar can be catergorised as efforts for the gallery and not for the specific purpose of resolution of mutual issues. Both the ..

Who is to be blamed for the mess in our youngters’ careers?

  TOPSY-TURVY events are shattering the calm on the education front. The past few years have seen a near-sudden change in the choice of the careers youngsters are making. There were times until of late when countless lakhs of youngsters were ready to waste themselves to secure an admission in any engineering college. Parents were willing to spend stunning sums of money for capitation fees for engineering admissions of their wards. It was truly a big business running engineering colleges. ..


AN AIR of assurance always swirls around the Australian cricket team, especially in marquee events like the World Cup. Despite the rumblings arising out of dirty controversies, despite the unease caused by a transitional phase Australia remain an opponent that can never be taken lightly. The fighting 15-run victory over the West Indies in the ongoing World Cup yet again showed why the Aussies are considered all-time favourites. Like life, the Australian cricket team always finds a way out to win. ..

Thinking aloud

A LEISURELY reading of one of the text messages aroused a quaint little feeling of ‘mock, ersatz (unreal), pseud’ emotion this Sunday morning: Do I really or am I really what I do or am I actually what I feel? Is it important to feel right or is it right to feel important? For both the situations, emotions will have to be wronged or righted (read corrected). So in effect, you sometimes have to fake the emotions to emote correctly even if introspection is a powerful faculty which enhances ..


 CONCERNED over the slide of the economy from the consistent level of over 7 pc to 5.8 pc, lowest in the last five years, the Monetary Policy Committee (MCP) of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has once again lowered its lending rate by 25 basis points, a third such reduction in recent months that is aimed at boosting demand and reducing borrowing costs for investors. The next logical step, as desired by the MCP, is for the commercial banks to pass on the benefit to borrowers. Automobile, ..