A social grief we often fail to understand

THEY were sincere, intense college boys and girls -- students of a professional course. They wanted to know how they should prepare to take up jobs after their course was over. Their desire to do things well and right, was obvious in their body-language and on their sober faces. But all of them felt a sense of shock when I suggested that they would do well to ensure that they keep themselves in good physical and mental health. Since they formed a group of intense, sincere young people, none of them ..


WITH elaborate planning and execution a long drawn ethnic problem has been successfully solved. Due credit must go to the personal interest taken by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, Union Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah, the Chief Ministers of Tripura and Mizoram and the Assamese leadership. With this settlement 30000 displaced Bru tribals will have their rightful place to live in Tripura. For the last over two decades these tribals, who had fled Mizoram due to ethnic clashes, have been living in camps ..

Palpable Vibrancy

India’s diplomatic journey in the last five years has been spectacular, to say the least. It was one ofassertion of the primacy of India’s signature on the international essay of  multi-lateral cooperation on issues of common interest. This diplomatic journey also showed how India positioned itself carefully and leveraged itsmilitary capabilities smartly to make itself an unavoidable Asian power with a global outreach.The Raisina Dialogue is a vibrant forum.- Tweet by Prime Minister ..


THE anticipation that the appointment of Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) will make a positive difference to India’s strategic and security interests, is proving itself to be true from the manner in which General Bipin Rawat is voicing India’s con..


THE Indian Army’s proposal to the Government to institute special pension for veterans of the 1965 and 1971 wars against Pakistan will be welcomed by all. This shows how the Armed forces take care of their veterans after their retirement. The veterans of those crucial wars especially deserve to be so rewarded as they were either emergency recruits or had been given short service commission. Hence they could not avail pensionary benefits as are applicable to the regulars. If the Government accepts ..

Challenges Of Budget

THE Reserve Bank has reduced the interest rates many times in the last two years in the hope that it will prompt businesses to borrow and invest. To no avail. The NDA Government has continually reduced the fiscal deficit of the Government from 4.1 per cent in 2015 to 3.4 per cent today in the hope that it will encourage domestic and foreign businesses to invest. To no avail. The International Monetary Fund and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry have applauded the Government on ..


EVEN after decks are cleared for the hanging of the culprits in the Nirbhaya case, some snags still persist and question-marks hang on the actual execution on January 22, 2020. There is a snag that the Tihar jail authorities have pointed to -- that even if the President rejects the Mercy Petition of a death-convict outright, they would need a time of at least 14 days before the date of execution, a time that the remaining days between now and January22 cannot accommodate. These are, no doubt, technical ..

Of caring for green-cover

Finally, the proposed project to build a road through Bharat Van stands abandoned, much to the relief of Nature-lovers as well as those who have a well-defined portrayal of what their city of Nagpur should look like. This event may appear small on the face of it, but its importance to the city and its eco-system is immense. If this small event marks certain victory of the campaigners who rallied against slicing Bharat Van with a road and ultimately destroying it, it also should come as a reminder ..

Of search of solace

THIS is one word that has often fascinated me. It has a meaning much deeper than one may understand -- so deep that once revealed, it may flummox anybody. Solace! Yes, that’s the word. Dictionary says, ‘solace’ means cheer, soothe, console, comfort. It may also mean reprieve, in a way. There is certain lacuna in each of these shades, we may say. ..

We are obligated to fulfill the vision of Swami Vivekananda

HE HAD a simple desire -- to have a band of young people with muscles of steel and minds with strength to transform the country into the mighty Indian nation. As we celebrate the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, this wish of the great monk comes up from the depths of memory bank to remind us of our basic duty and loyalty to his vision of building a great nation on the shoulders of young people with muscles of steel and mind with strength of character...

Dark Valley Of Learning-2

  Bengaluru: As he inaugurated five Young Scientists’ Laboratories of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) last week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged the scientists not to get encumbered by the fact that the new entities were restricted to young scientists only up to the age of 35 years. “Build more labs like these and accommodate even those who cross that upper age limit, but do not impede the flow of research,” he said in effect. ... (Agencies)FINE ..


  Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is planning to lift ban on women working in night shifts in factories. This, he says, would empower women. Section 66(1)(b) of the factories Act, 1948, puts ban on women working in factories during night shift. Pinarayi Vijayan is a senior leader of the CPI(M)and this is a progressive approach on the part of the leftist leader at a time when the Kerala High Court had ordered in 2015 that women employees cannot be asked to do night shifts extending ..


  THE long drawn political battle over Brexit has come to an end finally with the House of Commons endorsing Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s new exit plan. Thereby the way has been paved for Britain to severe its relations with the European Union (EU). This means, by the end of the month Britain will no more be the member of the European Union. The end has come after lot of political wrangling and consuming two Governments. The debate saw much political acrimony, upheaval,, social unease ..


RESEARCHERS from a Denmark university have come up with a disconcerting finding that the greater the amount of exposure to pollution of growing children the greater the risk of their developing Schizophrenia. This disorder could prove to be life-debilitating in young age, affecting a person’s thinking ability, behaviour and even feelings. Thus one more danger to man’s health and quality of life has been added to many more caused by air pollution. And there seems to be no end to the amount of health ..

Trump’s Misadventure

THOSE who saw recent demonstrations against the theocratic regime ruling Iran as a good sign had their hopes setback when the funeral for the assassinated Iranian General Qassem Soleimani drew millions into the streets of Tehran, that nation’s capital. A sea of humanity turned out to demonstrate its anger with the illegal U.S. killing of the number two person in their country’s Government. Likewise, where only weeks ago, there were anti-Iranian protests in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, this weekend, ..


CERTAIN hope, no matter how much tentative, is emerging on the horizon that the current hostilities between the United States of America and Iran could come to an end in some time, thanks to a probable realisation on the part of both the sides that the confrontation may not lead to anything tangible and that both the parties may be heading to a no-win situation. True, certain domestic political goals may get served for the leaders of both the countries. Having achieved those, as the observers are ..


FINALLY the four convicts in the Nirbhaya rape and murder case will be hanged in Delhi’s Tihar Jail on January 22. The justice to the victim’s family comes after seven long years. Such a long wait for justice in a heinous crime as gang-rape and murder certainly calls for a relook at the justice delivery system in the country. There is a need to review the long-winding process of delivering justice. Nobody of course will vouch for instant justice as that would again be a travesty of the legal process ..

Challenges Ahead

THIS year is the interregnum between the decades of the tens and twenties. The policies put in place in this year will determine the trajectory of the coming decade. The two main challenges of the coming decade will be robots and artificial intelligence (AI); and climate change. Most manufacturing works will be done by robots and the number of jobs in this sector will see a huge decline at the global level. The works presently being done by the intellect such as medical diagnosis, determining the ..


PUSHED to the brink of an unsavory shutdown, Air India, the country’s iconic airlines, is likely to take a fresh flight with the Central Government clearing decks for its privatisation. A Group of Ministers (GoM), headed by Union Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah, approved the Expression of Interest (EoI) as well as the share purchase agreement for Air India’s privatisation on Tuesday even as the national carrier’s financial situation became grossly untenable for sustaining operations. The modifications ..


THE efficacy of having an alert Coast Guard has been proved once again when the Coast Guard and the anti-terrorist squad of Gujarat captured a Pakistani boat with five men carrying a cache of drugs on Monday. This shows how important it is to have an all-time, well-equipped alert force to guard the nation’s sea lanes. In hindsight it could be said that had there been a well-equipped Coast Guard in place the 26/11 terror attack on Mumbai could have been avoided. Since then the need for Coast Guard ..

Caution To Trump

MANY Congressional Democrats—along with party presidential hopefuls Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Elizabeth Warren—are warning that President Donald Trump’s targeted drone assassination strike in Iraq that killed top Iranian military leader General Qassim Soleimani will trigger Iranian retaliation, a regional war in the Middle East, or both. And experts in the region add Trump ordered the US war forces to drone-bomb Soleimani without, as usual, thinking through the consequences. That led Biden to ..


THERE are reasons to believe that Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s meeting with top industry captains of India ahead of the Union Budget would produce some hopeful signs of a closer-than-ever cooperation between the Government and India Inc for the common goal of rejuvenation of the Indian economy in the coming times. This was not for the first time that such a connect was established as Mr. Modi always believed in the concept of working together on an issue as important as the revival of the national ..


THE situation at the now-infamous Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in New Delhi has continued to go from bad to worse over time, and has hit a rock-bottom below which there is only total darkness. And this has necessitated an immediate and tough action by the Government, failing which a great institution may be pushed to destruction thanks to the ungainly, uncouth, undesirable politics in which genuine students become unwilling victims and honest and loyal-to-education faculty gets crushed. Perhaps, ..

Sanctions Choking Cuba

CLOSING a session of Cuba’s National Assembly on December 21, Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel declared that, “The 61st year of the Revolution has indeed been difficult and challenging.” He blamed these troubles on the “brutal” and “demented” U.S. blockade. Dangers have mounted for Cuba’s socialist revolution, and the Government there is responding. Carlos Fernández de Cossio, the Foreign Ministry’s “Director General for the United States,” recently highlighted the gravity of the situation. A report ..


WEST Asia is on the precipice. A dirty war between the United States of America and an equally defiant Iran is on the horizon. The hostility US President Mr. Donald Trump has exhibited by killing Iran’s top military commander General Qasem Soleimani is a sureshot recipe for disaster not just for US interests and people around the Middle East and other parts but also for the allies which are always unnecessarily dragged into a conflict that is never of their making. One more testing phase is staring ..

Close to the world’s heart

THIS simple sentence is actually one of the finest definitions of crux of journalism. Let us mark the words well and correctly -- as close as possible to the heart of the world! These words say volumes without saying actually anything! They say something about journalism’s main motivation, its soul, its engagement that drives journalists in search of an otherwise indefinable destination -- of continuous pursuit of truth that must be told to the world in a palatable manner, in an acceptable form, and ..

SC Line On Condoning Delay

THROUGH their judgement of the case – University of Delhi v. Union of India & Others, delivered on December 17, 2019, Justices R. Banumathi, A.S. Bopanna and Hrishikesh Roy, at the Supreme Court, have Ruled in no uncertain words, that while dwelling condonatiton of delay ultimate consideration should be to render even-handed justice to the parties, though by and large, a liberal approach is to be taken in the matter of condoning delay. This consideration would not depend upon status of the party namely ..

khelo india

PULLELA Gopichand, the national badminton coach, rated as one of the prominent inspirations behind Indian badminton’s rise at international level, is all praise for the Government of India’s Khelo India Youth Games and naturally so, for any sportsperson would welcome such an initiative from the Government. Gopichand is happy over the concept of Youth Games under Khelo India because all sportspersons get the opportunity to showcase their talents and if they have the necessary skills they even have ..

Let’s make a new sense out of our NYRs- II

THERE is a reason why New Year Resolutions (NYRs) fail on such a massive scale -- those who make those resolutions make long lists of things to be done or to achieve in the year. And that is where the catch -- one person and too many NYRs, too many wishes, too many goals in just 365 days. That may be the reason why NYRs have earned a bad name for themselves, which actually need not be so. There used to be a wise, old teacher in our college. He told us a good idea about NYRs...


THAT as many as 100 infants have died in a Government hospital in Rajasthan’s Kota is nothing short of a health disaster for the families who suffered the agony and a major concern for the society. That a public health utility should be so helpless as to be unable to prevent deaths of new-borns reflects very poorly on the Government’s health department. But the blame cannot be laid entirely at the door of the health department alone. The entire Government and political leadership, who ..

Dark Valley Of Learning!

By Vijay phanshikarIf we want to make the new Five Young Scientists Labs just a small tip of the national iceberg of potential in learning of sciences, then we will have to create favourable ecosystem in schools and colleges. It may not take much money; it will, however, take a lot of deep and focused thinking and actual implementation of the national plan.Bengaluru, (Agencies): Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Thursday, called on scientists and innovators of the country to widen their horizons, as ..

right concern

THE tone of deep concern in the statement of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi can be understood easily, thanks to some of the recent political developments in the country. One part of the concern refers to the resolution passed by the Kerala Legislative A..


THE story of India’s space programme is dotted by an innate desire and tremendous self-belief to fulfill it. The way Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has grown in stature over the years is a worthy study subject in ingenuity and talent management. The announcement of Chandrayaan-3 after last-minute heartbreak in the final phase of Chandrayaan-2 gives the idea of the mental sturdiness of ISRO scientists who continue to drive India’s space missions, unfazed by failures. Chandrayaan-2 was a ..

Key To Growth

WHAT are the prospects for the Indian economy in 2020. Given the sharp slow-down in the growth rates, the liquidation of the largest non-banking financial company which clogged up credit flows to major housing and other projects, the questions about the bulging NPAs of public sector banks, among many other episodes, had generated a sense of drift. On top, the latest revelation about core sector performance which showed a continuing slide in production, over-shooting fiscal targets even by November ..


FINANCE Minister Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman’s Rs. 102 lakh crore push to infrastructure growth received an over all welcome as such a major step was necessary to revive the sentiment in the domestic market. Being the major generator of employment and being the trigger for galvanising economic activity across several sectors such a boost was long overdue. But having announced the ambitious plan for the next five years, the issue of funding it would remain a major challenge for the Government, especially ..


THE iconic Maharaja of Air India might be making its last bow in the middle of the new year if a concrete plan for its disinvestment is not put in place immediately. The Union Government has not been able to hammer out a revised strategy to privatise Air India after its first effort failed to attract bids from any aviation player. The conditional disinvestment plan was an overambitious strategy which was rightly rejected by the bidders. Since then, the national carrier has been flying on hope and ..

In Defence Of Trump

US President Donald Trump has been facing one after the other frame-ups set up by some ideologically opposed American bureaucrats inducted during the Democratic administrations who could not reconcile to his election in 2016. Failure of President Trump to weed out such bureaucrats before they struck is another cause for his recurring troubles. Democratic politicians took advantage of such bureaucrats to harass Trump. The current impeachment saga is the latest one in chain of palace coups attempts ..


THE appointment of General Bipin Rawat as the first-ever Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), opens a new chapter in India’s Defence and Security management. It is expected to add an extra pep to the approach to Defence and Security issues. It is expected also to add a far greater sense of assertion in India’s overall stance vis-a-vis its military footprint in the region. This much-delayed appointment is likely to pep up India’s response to Security challenges to proactive levels and reduce the country’s ..


THE running feud between Governor Mr. Jagdeep Dhankar and the West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamta Banerjee and her colleagues has become rather unsavoury and lowers the dignity of the high Constitutional office of the State’s Governor. It was patently cheap politics to bar the Governor from entering the Jadavpur University campus a few days ago under the pretext that students were agitating against the Citizenship Law. Such instances of the political leadership of the State led by Ms. Banerjee sullying ..

Combatting Disasters

MEAN annual rainfall and extreme single day rainfall events in India are projected to increase the frequency and intensity of floods in India. Apart from Global Warming and Climate Change, the scale of the impact of these extreme events on people is to be further intensified by socio-economic factors such as increasing population, rapid urbanisation, infrastructure expansion in high-risk zones, and the large number of people living in informal settlements in poor and destitute conditions. India’s ..


WHEN a celebrated thespian says at the pinnacle of his glory that he has more work to do -- which he looks forward to -- then the common man solves instantly the puzzle, the mystery that surrounds his greatness. The moment the iconic Amitabh Bachchan says candidly, upon getting the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke Award for his lifetime achievement in cinema, that he has yet more work to do, the common people realise what is at the root of his excellence -- the craving for achieving more, rising higher, ..

Of realising divine design

Maryadeyam Virajate ... (Within my limits, I remain ...) THIS used to be a final sentence in many a letter that learned people in the past wrote while signing off their letters, personal or official. That was a dignified, restrained way to say that whatever I might have written so far was as per my comprehension, and now I sign off within those limits. Of course, for the people who have almost forgotten the art of letter-writing -- thanks to the telephony and digital revolutions -- the importance ..

Demand For Dowry

JUSTICE Deepak Gupta and Justice Aniruddha Bose, at the Supreme Court, have reiterated in the judgment of the case –Jatinder Kumar v. State of Haryana, delivered on December 17, 2019, that even seeking financial assistance from the bride/her parents, at any time before, during or after marriage, is demand for dowry- a punishable offence...


ever since his advent in international cricket, Viratt Kohli has been unstoppable and has deservingly been named ‘Cricketer Of The Decade’ by Wisden Cricketers’ Almanac along with four other international players, South Africans Dale Steyn and AB de Villiers and Australian Steve Smith along with woman cricketer Ellise Perry. In the last ten years after joining the senior Indian team, Virat Kohli has amassed over 5000 more international runs than any other cricketer in the world at a consistent average ..

Let’s make a new sense out of our NYRs

THE remarks of various people about their NYRs -- New Year Resolutions -- range from systematic to cynical. Some call NYRs a fraud, while some make systematic lists of things they wish to do or undo or achieve in the coming year -- New Year. And of course, we do hear a lot of people stating rather brazenly that they hate all that stuff of NYR! Through this maze, let us extract a right approach to New Year and the Resolutions thereby. Let us create a new sense out of what we wish to achieve in the ..

Fact About Fiction - II

  It is unfortunate that Mr. Gandhi is indulging in a lot of lie-telling about Mr. Modi and his Government. It is he and his cronies in the Opposition ranks now trying to tell people rather slyly that detention camps are something like concentration camps (without using those many words, though).New Delhi, December 26 (PTI): The Bharatiya Janata Party, on Thursday, hit back at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for his ‘liar’ jibe at the Prime Minister, and dubbed him as “jhoothon ..

goodbye MiG 27

  FOR three decades and more, the Indian Air Force (IAF) depended heavily on MiG 27 swing-wing fighter aircraft. All these years, the aircraft proved to be a multiple-use machine that India’s Air Warriors used with confidence and aplomb. Time has come to say goodbye to the celebrated, incredibly credible aircraft. This is certainly an emotional moment for the IAF. In fact, the MiG 27 was one aircraft that was also a tribute to the Air Force whose technicians and pilots kept it is ..


  ACCORDING to a report released by World Health Organisation (WHO), around 61 per cent of deaths in India are caused by non-communicable diseases including heart disorders, cancer and diabetes. The number is significant and points towards a major lacuna in the country’s healthcare facilities and lack of awareness. Taking in view the number, the clarion call by Vice-President Mr. Venkaiah Naidu to dedicate the next decade to make India healthier should form a mission for medical fraternity ..


THAT humans should be so negligent about prudent use and conservation of as precious a natural resource for survival as water, is an irony. Scientists, experts in the field of ground water conservation, management and governance at global level have raised the spectre of this precious, non-renewable natural resource getting scarcer by the day if it is not taken care of immediately. According to them groundwater forms the source for 99 pc of fresh water on Earth. Apart most parts of the world warning ..

Failed Climate Talks

INDIA’S concerns have been overlooked at the just ended United Nations Climate Commerce attended by representatives of 197 nations and several non-governmental organisations even as it ended in failure. But a somewhat startling revelation was made in a report circulated. It said that 12,000 extreme weather “events in the past 20 years, since 1999, have killed half a million people. The next round what has been called COP 25 will be held in Glasgow in 2020 in the hope that some ways will be devised ..


THE appeal by author-activist Ms. Arundhati Roy to people to file wrong data in their National Population Register forms, is good enough a reason for the Government to take strict action against the woman who is considered a spearhead of urban Naxalism. This is not for the first time that she has indulged in something like this. On the past several occasions, she has indulged in acts of instigation of common people against the State, which in ultimate analysis tantamounts to acting against national ..


  THE Union Cabinet decision to restructure the Railways Board including trimming of numbers and merger of different cadres into one central service is a good first step in fulfilling the ambitious modernisation plan for the national transporter. By cutting down on the vertical officialdom in vast number of departments the Government will form the Indian Railway Management Service (IRMS) to integrate all services. A unified command comprising a handful of decision-makers was the need of ..

A Relook At GST

By Dr. Bharat jhunjhunwalaLet us go back and examine why we introduced GST. It was introduced to facilitate interstate trade. But we have fallen from the frying pan into the fire. We have got rid of problems in interstate trade but landed in the problem of killing the states.THE Government of Punjab has complained that the State is unable to pay salaries to its employees because of the delay in transfer of its share of GST from the Centre. It is having to borrow monies from its Public Sector Undertakings ..


THAT the Union Cabinet has finally lent its assent to the creation of the all-important position of Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), is a welcome news for which the nation had been waiting all these years. The assent offers a new impetus to India’s def..

Curbing Animalism

By D. C. PATHAKThe country should have risen earlier to demand accountability of all those who together constituted the criminal justice system, when the sex crimes against women registered a sharp increase over the last few yearsTHE recent cases of hapless women being caught unawares by groups of vagrants, raped and then brutally murdered -- evidently to block detection and identification of the offenders -- have justly evoked an indignant outburst from the nation.   The country should ..

big loss

THE loss of the State of Jharkhand in the legislative elections is going to weigh heavy on the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) which could not retain the grip on electoral politics. Superior performance of the three-party alliance of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (..

Brexit, A Millstone

 IT IS unlikely that the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson will keep his promise made to the Britons that he would “get Brexit done” coinciding with the X-Mas.The post-election developments nevertheless make it explicit that Boris Johnson is unable to muster courage to go ahead as it would endanger the very existence of Britain. The people of Britain must not have realised the consequences of their voting for leaving EU as this would undoubtedly imperil the future of England, Scotland, ..


 ACCORDING to the survey report of Quality Council of India (QCI) almost 67 pc of imported toys are harmful for the health of children. These imported toys coming from countries like China, Sri Lanka, Malaysia,Hong Kong, Germany and USA fail prescribed standards laid down for the safety and health of children. Containing chemicals, heavy metals, plastic. electric and electronic gadgets, if not within the laid down norms, can cause harm to the child. Since toys coming from countries like China ..


 THE Muslim community in Srinagar has shown an exemplary goodwill gesture in allowing demolition of a mosque to pave way for constructing a vital road bridge over the river Jhelum. The gesture by the community has cleared the way for completing the long awaited bridge as the mosque was one of the major bottlenecks besides residential and commercial establishments. A mosque holds high religiously sentimental value and hence Government authorities have to handle such issues with caution without ..

Every Man in his Humour Letters to the Editor

A Delhi court sentencing rape accused and former BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar for life imprisonment is fitting retribution for a shameful act. The court also did well to impose a fine of Rs. 25 lakh, awarding an additional compensation of Rs. 10 lakh over and above the Rs. 25 lakh given as ex-gratia to the mother. The fine would go into the victim’s bank account after realisation. ..

Jharkhand: A tradition of coalitions

IN ITS 19-year history, Jharkhand has never voted for a single-party Government. And, prevailing trends suggest that the State is unlikely to break the habit this time as well. Elections to the 81-member Assembly, which were held in five phases, were over on December 20. With the ruling BJP failing to keep its allies together, chances for a fractured mandate are high when the votes are scheduled to be counted on December 23. ..

Gopi’s gurukul

GURUKUL! The very word transcends one to the gone-by era of rishis where princes would learn various arts and statecraft at the feet of the Guru at a very early age. Badminton Gurukul, the brainchild of national badminton coach Pullela Gopichand, is aiming to do something very similar to promote the game in the country. Badminton Gurukul, which has the support of two corporate houses, has decided to address the coaching needs of budding badminton players in the country, thereby planning big for the ..

Hotels’ Liability

THROUGH a recent judgement in the case – Taj Mahal Hotel v. United India Insurance Company Ltd. & Others, delivered on November 14, 2019, Justice Mohan M. Shantanagoudar and Justice Ajay Rastogi, at the Supreme Court, have held that in a case of theft of a vehicle given for valet parking, the hotel cannot claim exemption from liability by arguing it was due to acts of third parties beyond their control, or that they are protected by an ‘owner’s risk’ clause, prior to fulfilling its burden as required ..

Every Man in his Humour Letters to the Editor

Amidst bilateral tensions between India and Pakistan, the Kartarpur corridor which will allow Indian pilgrims to make visa-free visits to Gurudwara built in Pakistan, is irrefutably historic. ..

Healthy dilemma

I WAS working that time in the Reserve Bank of India, Kolkata. One day after office hours, as I was coming out of the bank building, I found a man selling an ayurvedic mixture outside. He was talking ceaselessly to put across his point to the small crowd gathered around. He must be selling the product by the power of his vocal cords, thought I. However, the mode of delivery of the vendor was so catchy, I could not stop myself from halting there. ..

resolute ‘no’

MINISTER of External Affairs (MEA) Dr. S. Jaishankar’s refusal to meet Indian-origin United States Congresswoman Ms. Pramila Jayapal who sought to introduce a congressional resolution urging India to lift all restrictions in Kashmir, is absolutely welcome and laudable. Stepping beyond the line of common courtesy, Dr. Jaishankar made it clear that he did not have anything to do with the person who sought to introduce a resolution that runs counter to India’s avowed policy and internal sovereign decision ..

the best way

PRIME Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s appeal to corporates to take bold investment decisions so as to push up the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth, makes a lot of sense. By this appeal, Mr. Modi has sought to extricate the country’s economy from a vicious cycle of low investment leading to lower GDP rating to still lower investment to ...! It is obvious that he is trying to encourage India Inc to make investment courageously so that the economy has some sensible infusion of funds, which in turn would ..

Avian Botulism

JOINT teams of animal husbandry, disaster management, forest, wildlife, and municipal corporation are rummaging areas in and around a lake in Rajasthan for the carcasses of migratory birds, to bury them inside 10-ft deep pits to restrict contamination to other birds of what officials think is a contagious infection. ..


IN THE backdrop of Government’s claim that ever since 2014 India has climbed up several notches in the world in ease of doing business. According to a World Bank study on global ease of doing business, from 142nd position among 192 countries of the world in 2014 India now ranks 63rd and with more steps towards reforms in the pipeline the country is bound to break into top 50 nations. Top industry leaders who met Finance Minister Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman for a pre-budget interaction recently, while ..

Fact About Fiction

Defying unprecedented prohibitory orders across regions, simultaneous protests broke out on Thursday against the newly-amended Citizenship Law, prompting authorities to detain a large number of activists ... ... Left leaders Sitaram Yechuri, D. Raja, Nilotpal Basu and Brinda Karat, activist Yogendra Yadav and historian Ramchandra Guha were among those arrested ... THESE protests are part of a massive political fiction built at the cost of constitutional facts, offering common people reasons to suspect ..