THE Indian Government has done well to apprise the international community of Pakistan’s provocative machinations from across the border and its vile propaganda. According to the latest study carried out by the Indian Army, ever since the abrogation of Article 370, according special status to Jammu and Kashmir and bifurcation of the State into two union territories,, Pakistan has raised the level of deployment of its armed forces along the line of control and brought about a qualitative upgradation ..

Fall Of Berlin Wall

THIS weekend, there are events in Germany commemorating the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. In the pages of the press, prominent persons—from former US Secretary of State James ABaker to current German Chancellor Angela Merkel to former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev—are all weighing in with their commentaries on the significance of November 9, 1989, all celebrating to a greater or lesser degree the demise of the former socialist state in the East...


THE manner in which Shiv Sena has positioned itself in an effort to form Government in Maharashtra brings forth a tale of ideological betrayal, to say the least. That it was willing to snap a three-decade old relationship with Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), was only one part of the ugly story, but the other part is dirtier by any standard. For, in an effort to form Government, or just to oppose the BJP, Shiv Sena leadership is willing to accept strange-bedfellowship with ideological antagonists like ..


AFTER the disturbing discovery of an Israel-based company’s spyware snooping on private WhatsApp conversations of 1,400 select users globally there have been frantic efforts to opt for secure chat apps to maintain privacy. The Pegasus spyware, a product of Israel’s NSO group, has stirred the Hornet’s Nest by accessing private chats of select industrialists, leaders, journalists and rights activists which is perceived to be used against them by enforcement agencies. The Government of India has sought ..

Reforming Governance

The three most important points of strategic guidance that Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented to the young officers were that they should consider themselves primarily as service providers, that they should work for the higher objective of promoting ‘ease of living’ keeping the poorest in view and that they must not get into the habit of shunning decision making and yielding to the status quo...


THE interfaith meeting of leaders of various sects and communities convened by National Security Advisor (NSA) Mr. Ajit Doval is one of the outward expressions of the silent and enduring effort the Government has been making not for just a few months but for a stretch of 4-5 years since 2014. The most endearing feature of the meeting was that there was no dichotomy between its stated and unstated purposes, in the sense it had no hidden agenda that had to be worked out on the sly...

Every Man in his Humour Letters to the Editor

Congratulations to the Editor for the interesting article on carbon footprint in the issue of 8th November, 2019. Cover design by Hemant Abhyankar is very good as what I find in every issue. ..

our salutes

THE Indian nation deserves salutes for its very mature handling of the post-verdict situation in the Ayodhya case. The entire experience was one of an effort to maintain peace and harmony in the larger Indian society that was confronted with the verdict whose nature nobody knew until 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, November 9, 2019. Anticipated fears dominated the collective thought as the administration prepared itself for the worst of eventualities...

Political ‘frenemies’

BHARATIYA Janata Party and Shiv Sena have history of difficult relationship. Despite being partners for major part of three decades, the relationship between the two parties has been under almost constant strain—this is because the ideological affinities that brings them together also pits them against each other in a contest for broadly the same political space. ..

Service Of Notice On CA

IN THE judgement of the case – Principal Commissioner of Income Tax (Central) -1 v. NRA Iron & Steel Pvt. Ltd., delivered on October 25, 2019, Justice Uday Umesh Lalit and Justice Indu Malhotra, at the Supreme Court, have, while dismissing the application by the respondent-Company for Re-call of the judgement of March 5, 2019, held that it has failed to make out any credible or cogent ground in support of the relief sought by it. ..

Need to review Essential Commodities Act to boost farm exports: Niti VC

NITI Aayog Vice-Chairman Rajiv Kumar recently called for a review of regulations under the Essential Commodities Act to protect the interests of farmers and boost agriculture exports. The Essential Commodities Act seeks to regulate the production, supply and distribution of commodities that the Government declares ‘essential’ in order to make them available to consumers at fair prices. The list of such essential commodities include drugs, fertilisers, pulses and edible oils, and petroleum and petroleum ..

Glad to meet you, Mr. Young and Mr. Strong

MEETING those two men was an altogether different -- and new -- experience. They sat at a table sipping coffee whose aroma was filling the air in the small restaurant. They appeared different -- and of course young and energetic and very strong, with broad shoulders, drawn up chests, solid arms, broad smiles, as if their worlds had no problems, as if their lives were without challenges or as if they had mastered all the challenges. Drawn towards them by their personae, I approached them as I had enough ..


 THE anonymity of social media has become a potent tool for intelligence operatives and agencies like Pakistan’s ISI to target officials in Indian Armed Forces and important functionaries in security apparatus. Using fake social media accounts and attractive profiles honeytraps are being used to extract sensitive information. In this wake, the advisory issued by the Indian Army to its officials using social media assumes greater importance, especially in the present circumstances where ..

Hope On Economic Front

 New Delhi, November 7 (PTI): Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, on Thursday, reviewed the state of the economy, including stress in the financial sector, at the meeting of the Financial Stability and Development Council (FSDC), the apex body of sectoral regulators, headed by the Finance Minister.The 21st meeting of FSDC comes against the backdrop of the economy hitting a six-year low growth rate of 5 per cent in the first quarter of 2019-20. Even some of the macroeconomic data for the second ..


THE Bar Council of India (BCI) has demanded an independent enquiry in the ongoing tussle between the Delhi police and the legal community and rightly so. It is necessary to go to the genesis of the issue that is raging for some time now in Delhi. The BCI has termed the protest by the police personnel as the “darkest day in history of independence”. But this is certainly not the case of only one side being guilty of triggering the fracas...


THE most heartening development around the impending verdict in the Ramjanmabhoomi suit is the willing participation of the Hindu and Muslim communities in creating an atmosphere in favour of peace in the post-verdict period. Leaders of both the communities -- political or apolitical -- are issuing appeals for peace as an essential condition that the larger society must maintain, no matter the outcome of the legal case. ..


AGAINST all hopes, the Trump administration has not budged an inch from its stubbornness on climate change issue as its latest notification to the United Nations (UN) on its withdrawal from the Paris Agreement of 2015 shows. The notification to the UN Secretary General issued on Tuesday makes it clear that the US would cease to be part of the Paris Agreement a year from now. Among the 188 countries which are part of the Paris Agreement on global warming, the United States under President Donald Trump ..

Need Bold Reforms

BEFORE returning to New Delhi recently after attending the annual IMF-World fall meeting, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman provided an upbeat perspective on the Indian economy. She asserted that its fundamentals are strong and attributed the majority of the problems ailing the Indian economy to a global slowdown. In the same time period, the World Bank announced that India had jumped 14 spots from 77th to 63rd on its Ease of Doing Business ranking. Together, these indicators might suggest that ..


EVEN as the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) carries on with raids and searches on various premises in connection with a massive fraud amounting to about Rs. 7,000 crore, the country gets one more sickening evidence of the kind of malaise that had affected India’s banking sector. The latest expose involves prestigious institutions such as the State Bank of India and several others, bringing to fore dangerous possibilities of the fraud getting expanded, covering more individuals and institutions. ..

Of a permanent war museum

The city of Nagpur is abuzz with talk of positioning the four cannons unearthed from the grounds of Kasturchand Park, or placing two Vijayanta Main Battle Tanks there with a twin utility -- of attracting people to see the the weapons of war, and also add some decoration to the sprawling open space of historic importance. The city boasts of some such weapons of war having been positioned at a few places -- like the Battle Tank near Rajiv Gandhi’s statue at Ajni Square, like shell of fighter aircraft ..


AS DELHI finds itself engulfed in high pollution and poor air quality -- a regular feature in winters -- a political storm is brewing between the Delhi Government and the Centre over implementation of pollution control measures to combat the problem. Both the Governments are seeking solution to the problem and pointing fingers at each other over inability to counter the deadly menace. Some distance away, in the fields of Punjab and Haryana, the real problem of stubble burning lies unattended. Delhi’s ..

UK Market After Brexit

UK has been the biggest export destination for India among member countries. WITH Brexit becoming reality after January 2020, a new dimension in UK-India economic relation will set off. It will throw new challenges to deepen the relation with UK, after its exclusion from EU. There are two areas, which will open opportunities to rebuild the economic relation with UK. One, it is the economic relation with UK as a single country. Second, the relation with EU, where UK has played an harbor for India. ..

Tests For Sentencing

IN THE judgement of the case –State of Madhya Pradesh v. Udham and Others, delivered on October 22, 2019, Justices N. V. Ramana, Mohan M. Shantanagouder and Ajay Rastogi, at the Supreme Court, have underlined the need of not to take the aspect of sentencing for granted, as this part of Criminal Justice System has determinative impact on the society and in the light of the same, the court has provided further clarity on the said aspect...


FOR the millions of hockey fans in the country there is a good news. Both the men and women teams have booked their tickets to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. The fifth-place Indian boys’ team ensured their entry to the Olympic Games by thrashing the Russians in the two-legged FIH Qualifiers and so did the women’s team by overcoming the United States of America 6-5 aggregate score, though they had lost 1-4 in the second leg in the Qualifier played in Bhubaneswar. Both the teams, men and women, have ..

The real, big problem we must tackle

THIS may be a hundredth time that ‘Loud Thinking’ is being devoted to the problem -- of excessive, maddening, senseless addiction of many people, mostly youngsters, to mobile phones. The gadget is proving to be more dangerous as an addictive material than any other gadget or substance. It has also become a subject of constant conflict in families. The Indian society must not have been confronted with a problem of this seriousness in the last one hundred years. For, countless families are expected ..


THERE once lived a wealthy man who was bothered by severe eye pain. He consulted many physicians, but none could treat his ache. He went through a myriad of treatment procedures but his pain persisted with more vigor. He looked for every available solution for his pain, and approached a wise monk, renowned for treating various illnesses. The monk carefully observed the man’s eyes and offered a very peculiar solution...

real leveller

SOMETHING truly wonderful is happening in Kashmir, though generally people would not realise its merit so soon. After the abrogation of Special Status and formation of two Union Territories of Jammu&Kashmir and Ladakh, the people of the Kashmir region will start getting actually integrated with the people in the rest of the country, thanks to a new reality of all central laws getting applicable there in full measure. There will be no concessions and no segmentations, but there will be a law uniformly ..

Obeisance to the obituary column

DESPITE the mushrooming digital and social media, newspaper continues to hold onto its own. It is said that a newspaper is the first draft of history. So earning a place in the form of news here is a matter of great pride for any achiever. It immortalises his deed by mentioning it in black and white. There is however a space in the newspaper that signifies the mortal reality of human existence...

Monumental Immaturity

No matter what the Congress leader says, the nation knows that Sardar Patel cannot be pocketed as a leader of one political party and that he was a national leader of immense greatness and belonged to the nation -- far beyond political claims. The same is the case with all national leaders of all times, Sardar Patel or anybody...


RAGING forest fires in the United States and Australia, unprecedented rains in several parts of India, sea waters entering populated areas, icebergs melting rapidly, colossal loss of property and life due to devastating oceanic storms. What all these natural disasters are signs of? For the scientific community there is only one answer: global warming. A research paper-based report in the New York Times has predicted that like most coastal cities and towns much of Mumbai is under the grave risk of ..

RITES Goes Global

Rail India Technical and Economic Services (RITES), the public sector enterprise under Ministry of Railways of the Government of India is making waves in the global market as the exporter of rolling stocks and project contractors. The developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America are wooing RITES to set up projects in their respective countries. With a track record of over four decades, the company has undertaken projects in over 55 countries including Asia, Africa, Latin America, South America ..


VERY rarely do such developments take place such as splitting of a State into Union Territories. And the Government must have agonised a great deal before deciding to split the State of Jammu and Kashmir into two Union Territories. There are reasons to believe firmly that the decision came when the Government concluded that it had no option as effective as this one. There also are reasons to believe that these two smaller entities under a different constitutional arrangement than before will add strength ..

Of status of Kasturchand Park

The news that a few cannons were unearthed a few days ago from the Kasturchand Park while a walking track was being laid around the huge ground, confirmed the historicity and heritage status of the place. Otherwise, too, Kasturchand Park enjoys a Grade I Heritage Status, which protects it from any sort of invasion. Prime Ministers, prime ministerial candidates, Chief Ministers, national leaders with international stature, artists, singers, motivational speakers have addressed gatherings of lakhs of ..


THE Director of Geological Survey of India (GSI) Mr. Sandip Som has a very disconcerting news for Kolkata as well as for several parts of the country. According to Dr. Som the Salt Lake area and other parts of Kolkata city are sinking at a very rapid pace each year. He has cited depletion of ground water and tectonic movement,, besides global warming as some of the reasons. Of these global warming and depletion of ground water should be a warning. Unfortunately there is little awareness about this. ..

Canadian Politics In Flux

JUSTIN Trudeau won in 2015 on a left-leaning platform filled with pledges to tax the rich, make elections more democratic, and save the world from climate change. But four years, a number of scandals, and several broken promises later, it’s getting harder for his Liberal Party to make Canadians think it’s the modern progressive force it claimed to be. People are heading to the polls, and although it looks for now as though the Prime Minister will hold onto his position, it’s becoming increasingly ..


THERE should be no doubt about the great power the Indian Army packed in its latest punch delivered straight on Pakistan’s face on October 20 (Sunday) when it eliminated at least 35 militants plus 8-10 Pakistani soldiers in artillery fire on 3-4 terror launch pads in Occupied Kashmir. The special merit of this strike was that it was a real-time hit back by the Indian Army in response to Pakistani shelling, when the political leadership could not be contacted for a green signal to mount a well-modulated ..

Of the calling of immediacy

Of the calling of immediacy WHAT a tremendous description - definition - of journalism! Absolutely in the form and norm of a mantra! Yes, of course, Henry Grunwald was a master of journalism, of its art and craft and science! And when he practised the profession, he approached it with a sense of totality -- leaving nothing in spare, nothing as a sanctuary to run away to, seeking a shield from journalism’s downside, possible undesirable outcomes of pursuing it. It was out of that sense of totality, ..


WEST Indian great Brian Lara is all praise for the current Indian pace battery and says that he is reminded of the West Indies greats of the 80s and 90s when they dominated world cricket. Indeed that is a great tribute to the Indian pace bowling attack which is being hailed all over the cricketing world. These bowlers not only have the speed but also have mastered various nuances of fast bowling, essential for purchasing sumptuous results. There is no denying that current pace asset makes Indian team ..

Power To Review Award

IN THE judgment of the two civil appeals, Naresh Kumar & Others v. Government of NCT of Delhi, delivered on October 17, 2019, Justices Arun Mishra, Vineet Saran and S. Ravindra Bhat, at the Supreme Court, have reiterated the ”settled law” that power of Review can be exercised only when the statute provides for the same. The court has clarified that in the absence of any such provision in the concerned statute, such power of Review cannot be exercised by the authority concerned. In the decision of ..

Of good health, good hygiene, good habits

IN THE midst of the common societal concern about helping our youngsters acquire good health, good hygiene and good habits and keeping them away from addictions and afflictions of various kinds, some examples shine out and shout for attention and appreciation. These examples involving youngsters -- mostly in their teen years -- are so wonderful and energising that they make you feel good about our youths. This may be a lopsided picture, so to say, since only a minority of youngsters is represented ..


   THE anguish of Secretary General of the United Nations (UN) Mr. Antonio Guterres over colossal wastage of food even as over 800 million people worldwide remain hungry, is quite understandable. According to the UN report on ‘World Food Day’ an astronomical amount of one billion tonnes of food goes waste every year while 820 million people do not have enough to eat. This is criminal. But still this does not seem to have entered the thought process of governments all over ..

Too Great A Man!

Varanasi, October 17 (PTI): Union Home Minister Amit Shah, on Thursday, said that had it not been for Swatantryaveer Savarkar, the First War of Independence in 1857 would have been regarded as a revolt. In that case, India would have seen that part of history from the British point of view.   These remarks came two days after the Maharashtra unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party said in its election manifesto that it would ask the Centre to confer the Bharat Ratna, India’s highest ..

You too!

THE criticism by former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh is quite misplaced that Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi skirted contentious issues like border dispute and Kashmir during his informal summit with Chinese President Mr. Xi Jinping recently at Mam..


FROM his own will to break for duty with armed forces to injury lay-off and indecisiveness on calling it quits, Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s future with Indian limited overs team has remained a topic of guesswork since the World Cup sojourn in England. Not many were forthcoming on making a direct comment, neither the selectors nor the administrators. All that will be put to rest soon, as early as on October 24, with BCCI President-elect Sourav Ganguly taking a call on the intriguing issue in his own imperious ..

Chaos In Syria

US President Donald Trump’s sudden decision to withdraw troops from Syria has sown a whirlwind of chaos cutting a swath across the Middle East, Europe, NATO and at home in the US. Conceived in the heat of the impeachment inquiry moving into his inner circle and the heightened confrontation with the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives, Trump’s abrupt action has far-reaching consequences around the world that he probably had not foreseen as he sought to end the US involvement in the eight-year ..

Major gain

THE criticism notwithstanding that India is not doing well on the economic front, the World Bank has good news to share -- that India has halved its poverty rate since 1990s, and is on the way to eliminating extreme poverty in a decade from now. No matter the criticism of certain policies of the Government -- by anybody -- factually enough indicators are available to conclude that on the economic front in a tickling condition, India has done well consistently. That is the reason the World Bank noted ..

Of enhancing Nagpur’s pride - II

There is no doubt that the city of Nagpur, the State of Maharashtra, and the nation as a whole has recognised the historic importance of Deekshabhoomi as a place where larger Indian society took a major step in its own transformation. There also is no doubt that the city of Nagpur treats Deekshabhoomi as well as the annual pilgrimages (on Dussehra and on October 14) with a much respect. But the question is: Should something more not be done to enhance Deekshabhoomi as one of the city’s signatures ..


IN MIDWAY in his last Test in 2008, skipper MS Dhoni asked the retiring Sourav Ganguly to don the captain’s hat. A perplexed Dada, an astute skipper himself, took over, marshalled the bowlers for a few overs before handing it back to Dhoni. A déjà vu is in the offing for Ganguly as he occupies the most prestigious seat of BCCI President in a few days from now. In a late night drama, he was handed over the mantle by the ‘old guards’ in the Board, something that will stick to Ganguly’s short tenure ..

India-China Equation

  By D. C. PATHAK  :   The scale of welcome accorded to the Chinese President reflected the cultural content of Indian hospitality that would not go unnoticed in terms of the message of willingness to work for mutually beneficial relationship that it put out for the visiting dignitary.   THE most important takeaway from the informal summit between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Xi Jinping at Mamallapuram, formerly Mahabalipuram -- the second since Wuhan that ..


THE fundamental issue raised by Professor Abhijit Banerjee, the winner of this year’s Nobel Prize for Economics seems to relate to what many thinkers have touched upon over time, like Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya -- controlling or regulating socio-cultural consumption imperatives of people with no resource. Now that Prof. Banerjee, his wife Ms. Esther Duflo, and Professor Michael Kremer have won a joint Economics Nobel, there will be a more pointed discourse on ..

Because you possess such depth

He ... sagar!!! (Hey ... ocean!!!) Tumhe mera pranam! (To you my salutes!!!) ... Satah par chalta ye kolahal, ye utpaat,..


AFTER a hiatus of almost two years, a period that saw Indian cricket unearthing a precocious wicketkeeping talent in Rishabh Pant, Wriddhiman Saha has come back to end the debate for India’s number one wicketkeeper. The encomiums he invited from captain Virat Kohli who termed Saha as the “best wicket keeper in the world at the moment” were not misplaced as the diminutive Bengal player showed in the Pune Test. ..

India-Bangladesh Ties

At a time when collective cooperation in the South Asian body, SAARC, is stalled due to the indifference of Pakistan, the bonhomie between India and Bangladesh has become necessary not only for the region but also for cooperation in the Indian Ocean rim and in bodies like BIMSTEC that connects South Asia to the ASEAN countries. Connectivity between the two countries can help in the prosperity and development of India’s remote north-eastern States...

Reasonable Classification

The salary earned by compassionate appointee cannot be deducted from the compensation which the claimant is entitled to under the Act. However, it was made clear that the salary which flowed from the compassionate appointment that was provided by the tort-feasor was liable to be deducted if the employer was the owner of the offending vehicle and thus liable to pay compensation under the Act...


THERE is no denying that Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli is in a sublime touch. His seventh double century of his career has a stamp of a genius which Indian fans and the cricket lovers were used to seeing during the hey days of Sachin Tendulkar. Virendra Sehwag, Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman. His seventh double century in the second Test in Pune against the South African team, which enabled India to post a massive target to the visitors, was a huge effort spread over eight long hours, in hot and ..

Let us turn our youth to good health, hygiene, habits

TIME has come for all of us to help our youngsters to return to basics like good health, good hygiene, good habits. In an atmosphere where technology -- the digital technology at that -- is taking a vice-like grip of our lives, it is becoming our prime duty to see that our youths stay on the right track so that they get ample opportunity to mould their lives in the most desirable manner in terms of good living. And that will be possible necessarily if the youths stick to principles of good health-hygiene-h..

In Tune With Nation’s Mood

Srinagar, October 10 (IANS): A Government advisory on August 2, ahead of the abrogationn of Article 370, asking tourists and Amarnath pilgrims to leave Kashmir due to ‘prevailing security concerns’ ended on Thursday. A fresh advisory has now been issued, which says the previous advisory is withdrawn.“The tourists desirous of undertaking visit to the State shall be provided all necessary assistance and logistical support”, the fresh advisory added, much to the welcome by tourism ..


  FINALLY, the Committee of Administrators appointed by the Supreme Court to oversee affairs in the Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) has cracked its whip and debarred eight state units from attending the October 23 annual general meeting and elections. This action was on cards and needs further stringent legal follow-up to overthrow the adamant administrators in all those state units which have refused to implement the Justice Lodha Committee reforms. By ignoring the Supreme Court verdict on ..


 WHILE the Union Government has set a target of 2.5 pc of the GDP on healthcare, it is equally the responsibility of States to join in the mission of health for all by augmenting their own efforts. By sustained efforts India has achieved the distinction of nearly eliminating the scourge of polio from the land. Similar target has been set by the Centre for eliminating the incidence of TB. Since all such efforts have been undertaken in a mission mode with the involvement of the entire population ..


THE newly appointed Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Kristalina Georgieva has warned of a global slowdown in 90 pc of the countries of the world in 2019, what she terms as a ‘synchronised slowdown.’ While, there are already indications of ‘softening’ of growth in advanced countries like the US, Japan and Eurozone, developing countries like India and Brazil have also been caught in this spiral of slowing growth. India’s growth has already contracted from a high of 7 pc and ..

Pep To Indo-Bangla Ties

BANGLADESH Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was in India last week to bolster multiple ties. Of late, the neighbour has been the best in South Asia for India. This was underlined by the visit, as stated by the Bangladesh Foreign Secretary Shahidul Haque: “India and Bangladesh relations are at their best at present, however, we are keeping our eyes open on NRC.” Significantly, the ties, especially under Hasina’s regime have grown...


THE informal summit between Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and Chinese President Mr. Xi Jinping in Mamallapuram from October 11 to 12 will be one of the most important bilateral events of the year for both the countries. Since the first such meeting in Wuhan in April 2018, both the Asian powers have marched on in their own aggressive ways to become focal points in international geopolitics. The Mamallapuram summit provides both India and China a wonderful opportunity to further the spirit of Wuhan ..


IT IS ironic that the United Nations (UN) has been thrown into grave financial crisis, thanks to reluctance of several member countries to pay up their share to the world body. The fund crisis has so much deepened over the last few months that the UN may be compelled to default on salary payments to its regular staff as also some of the payment commitments for services hired. While the United States, with a share of 22 pc, is a major contributor to the world body,..

Bank Frauds

TWO types of frauds are taking place in our banks. One fraud takes place with the connivance of bank officials. The Punjab Maharashtra Cooperative Bank knowingly gave loans to a company named HDIL even though they knew that the borrower was in deep financial trouble. They hid these “bad” loans from the RBI by shifting them to about 21,000 small bank accounts. Similarly, the Maharashtra State Cooperative Bank extended loans to insolvent sugar mills apparently under the prodding of its Director. The ..


EVEN as the nation is grappling with the tough times due to what is described as economic slow-down, Dr. Mohan Bhagwat, Sarsanghachalak of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has sought to lay a special emphasis on swadeshi as a matter of faith as well as a point of strengthening the country intrinsically. He has asserted rightly that swadeshi does not mean isolationism in the rapidly ‘shrinking’ world of today. In his much-awaited annual address at the RSS’ Vijayadashami programme at Nagpur, Dr. ..

Of enhancing Nagpur’s pride

Visiting the place a day after offers a great insight into not just an ongoing phenomenon of social transformation but also into a project of pride for the city of Nagpur as a global centre of awakening. From any point in the vast sprawl filled by countless thousands of devotees, the graceful dome of Deekshabhoomi towers over the landscape. Though now under repairs, its majestic persona dominates the physical scene as well as mental horizon. Devotees move around, throng the shrine, gather at various ..

HCs As Guardians

IN A quite recent judgement of the case –Krishna Prasad Verma (dead) through LRs v. State of Bihar & Others, delivered on September 26, 2019, Justice Deepak Gupta and Justice Aniruddha Bose, at the Supreme Court, have clarified that there should be zero tolerance for corruption and if there are allegations of corruption, misconduct or of acts unbecoming a judicial officer, these must be dealt with strictly...

Significant by-elections

THE upcoming by-elections assume special significance given the record number of 51 Assembly seats across 16 States and one Union Territory going to polls around the same time...

Growing Menace

 By ANSHUMAN BHARGAVA :  Call it changes in lifestyle pressure patterns or waning resilience and capability of the youth to face the harsh realities of life, such large number of suicide by the youth underlines a major flaw in our social system.  Though suicides happen in all stratum and sections of society, the reasons are widely different. What is, however, common in all classes today is the lack of quality family time. People’s aspirations are as high as their ambitions ..

OCEAN security

 THE unique geostrategic position that India has in the India Ocean region gives it some wonderful natural advantages. Despite the geographical advantages, its size and its track record, India is still lacking in several areas. Recent times have, however, witnessed a strategic shift in India’s Indian Ocean Policy with larger engagement with countries sharing the vast shores.  It was an imperative that Indian diplomatic channels needed to implement in the right earnest with incremental ..