Striving for satisfaction
   Date :12-Jan-2017

Deeksha Sonalkar is a popular face on Indian Television having been part of popular shows like Bani - Ishq da Kalma, Itti Si Khushi, Code Red, Maharana Pratap and Agent Raghav to name a few. Deeksha has a background in theatre and is also a trained Oddissi dancer as well as a street jazz, ballet and contemporary dancer.

Deeksha can currently be seen portraying the role of Shikha Roy in Zindagi’s show Khwaabon Ki Zamin Par that airs at 11 pm. As Shikha, Deeksha plays the role of a beautiful and successful film star. Working since her childhood, films are the only world that Shikha Roy knows of. This competitive world has made her suspicious and insecure, arrogant and demanding. However, underneath this glamorous image is also a regular girl who dreams of love and happiness in life and wants to be cherished above all else.
Tell us about your character in the show?

The show is about a boy from Lucknow named Arya Kashyap who comes to Mumbai to become an actor. I play the character of Shikha Roy, who is a Bollywood superstar. Her presence in Arya’s life changes everything for him in a very unexpected way forever.
Who is Deeksha, tell us about yourself?

I am very friendly and an outgoing person, if I meet someone and the person talks to me nicely, I can have a conversation for hours. I may not call myself bold, but I am open minded, free spirited, out spoken and honest about things I like and things I don’t like. I can’t keep things in my heart.

Have you done such roles before?
Yes, it’s the first time that I am playing such a role. Earlier I’ve played roles like a simple girl-next-door, very quiet, this is the first time that I am playing a superstar, how they are in their real life, what problems they face, what are the good things in their life, etc. So it’s a very different character and has many layers to it. Shikha has a pure heart but the sort of problems she faces, she reacts to them, she gets angry, at times, frustrated, irritated and for all that there is a justification. The events that have happened in her life have made her bitter.

What is your dream role?
As an actor I would want to play different roles, be it a village girl or a film star. There is no particular role that I would want to play, I want to be versatile. Whatever roles I get, I’ll try to do it to the best of my ability.
Would you like to choose a role that gives you popularity and fame?

Popularity doesn’t matter to me that much. I haven’t learnt acting from anywhere, I have done plays in school and I was also a dancer, so, one day, I went for a random audition and I was selected. I have been in this industry for three and a half years but I have never felt like playing a role that will get me popularity. If challenging roles, like the one which I am doing right now, makes me a popular actress, then it’s more than welcome, but the satisfaction and happiness I get in playing a character is more important to me.
For more tune into Khwaabon Ki Zamin Par every Monday - Saturday at 11 pm only on Zindagi.