‘My kids can’t escape my stardom’
   Date :24-Jan-2017

By Sugandha Rawal,

Hollywood star Ben Affleck feels bothered when his children’s personal space is invaded. Suits actor Gabriel Macht also wants his children to grow up in a world where the spotlight isnt on their father. But Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan wants his two sons to tackle everything -- good or bad -- that comes with his stardom, and not “shy away from it”.

Hrithik, whose separation from his wife of 14 years was widely publicised, has a different ideology.
“My fame and my stardom is a part of their lives whether they like it or not. They better learn to accept it, understand it and use it to their best ability in a way they can contribute back,” Hrithik told IANS in an interview in Mumbai.

The father of two -- Hrehaan (10) and Hridhaan (8) -- also said that his children should not be embarrassed of being in the spotlight.
“They don’t have to shy away from the importance that they get because of being my son... Because that is a gift that they have got. They don’t have to be embarrassed about it. They should be proud of it because, ‘Your father has worked very hard for it’ and all the attention that you are getting, is a form of love,” said the 43-year-old, who is himself the son of popular veteran actor and filmmaker Rakesh Roshan.

Apart from being in the news for his professional endeavours, Hrithik has of late been news for all the wrong reasons -- be it his broken marriage with childhood sweetheart Sussanne Khan or a murky legal battle with actress Kangana Ranaut.
This notwithstanding, Hrithik has always put up a brave face in public. In fact, Hrithik and Sussanne are on cordial terms, and spend time together for their children’s sake.

In this candid chat with IANS, Hrithik said he and Sussanne are trying to shape their sons’ ‘self-worth’, which will define them in the long run.
He said, “There will be comparisons on social media and all. They will be comparing both of them - who looks cuter, who is better. They have to understand what is their self-worth. Their self-worth will come from daddy, mamma and from all the people who love them,” he said, adding that “after sometime, they have to get their self-worth on their own”.

As a cine star, he realises that giving his children a “normal upbringing” is not something that he can do. But he says, he tries to give them a “sense of what that means”.
While Hrithik’s tryst with the camera began in his childhood itself, it was his father’s 2000 directorial Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai that made him an overnight sensation with his Greek god-like looks, charming smile, flexible dance moves and chiselled physique.
But Hrithik’s ride in Bollywood has not been smooth all the way.

He hit the right notes with films like Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham..., Lakshya and Koi... Mil Gaya, but faced setbacks with Guzaarish and Mohenjo Daro.
Now, he is looking forward to the release of Kaabil, a love story of a blind couple, and also shows what sets the man on a revenge spree against the villains. The film, also backed by his father under his banner FilmKraft Productions, will release on January 25.

The actor says he likes to challenge himself with his projects -- irrespective of their fate.
“I am not here to make money. Money is all a consequence. I am not here to be the best actor in the world. I am here to enjoy myself. I am here to enjoy my life not only as an actor but as a father, as a friend, and as a single insignificant part of nature,” he said.
One of the first big box office clashes of 2017 will be witnessed on January 25, when Kaabil and Raees will hit the theaters on the same day, but Hrithik Roshan feels it could have been avoided if the producers of the Shah Rukh Khan-starter had planned things in a better manner.

The 43-year-old star, who plays role of a visually-challenged in the film, said his producer father, Rakesh Roshan, is “hurt” with the way things have turned out.
“My father plans his life very well. He was also very careful. Kaabil was about to get over in October. But he did not want to release it in November or December last year as the dates were already taken by someone else and it would not have been fair. He decided to go to January as he didn’t want to put any other producer in distress.

“My father is careful and concerned for others so he also expects other to be the same way. He is a little hurt and upset. But he is graceful about it. You can’t control the world you can only control your reaction and our reaction is very graceful so now let’s see,” Hrithik said in an interview here.

The actor, however, says he has no hard feelings for people attached with “Raees” as he knows that the team is not doing it intentionally.
“People attached to Raees are not doing it intentionally. There is nothing like revenge. But if they had planned it better and had executed it better then this clash would not have happened.”

Hrithik believes Raees had already been pushed a lot so the makers wanted to release it as soon as possible.
“I think Raees also didn’t have any choice. The film is waiting for a release date for quite some time. It was supposed to release with ‘Sultan’ but it got pushed. They are also in a problem. I understand that. My sadness is only that if the party had planned it a little better than this clash would not have happened,” he said. (IANS) n