Excited passengers
   Date :06-Jan-2017

Actor Chris Pratt says movies are entertaining and can be scary sometimes, but he feels his forthcoming sci-fi thriller movie Passengers will blow the viewers’ minds.

Actor Micheal Sheen stars in the sci-fi romance movie Passengers, which has Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence and Jurassic World star Chris Pratt in the lead roles. Passengers, a Sony Pictures Entertainment film, will hit Indian theatres on January 6.

The movie is about two strangers Jim and Aurora, played by Pratt and Lawrence, who are on a 120-year journey to another planet on a technologically-advanced “cruise-liner” style space ship when their hibernation pods wake them 90 years too early. Ahead of the film’s release, the stars talk about their amazing jounery.

Whats special about your role?
Jennifer Lawrence:  I found the characters in this story intriguing because it’s such a huge decision to make a 120-year journey that when you arrive back home, everyone you know is going to be dead.  So you have to start a brand new life on a brand new planet that you’ve never been to. 

Michael Sheen: I think that’s one of the surprising things for Jim and for the audience, and what’s so fun for me to explore in the character is how human like he can be and how much you can forget that he’s a robot and forget that he’s android and suddenly you hit a kind of strange wall where you are reminded that this is not a human being and it’s interesting to play with that.

Chris Pratt: When I read the script I could not believe that I would be given an opportunity to be in this movie. Sometimes you read a script and it just grabs a hold of you and does not let go. I was never going to let anyone else play Jim. It was mine the minute I read it, I wanted it and that was going to be how it was. I am really fortunate that it came together.

How differenect is role, from the one you’ve done so far?
JL:  Aurora is planning on being the first person to ever travel to the new colony world, and take a 120-year journey and then 120 years back, and she wants to be the first person to make that journey so that she can write about life in the colonies and returning back to earth. I can’t imagine saying goodbye to everybody that I know and love.  I mean, I do that, I feel, when I film a movie.  So I guess in that sense I could understand Aurora’s drive, her thirst for more.  But, making that kind of permanent decision, I don’t think I would be able to do that.  It would depend on how bad things are on earth.

 MS: There’s a kind of definiteness in the specificity about his movements without going into full Mr. Robot. If you watched it, you would see there is something very human about him. But if you really look, you’ll see that he’s actually non-human and that’s sort of uncanny.When we talk a bit about the idea of what’s similar and what’s different about the way you relate to a pet, to an animal, so who is obviously not human but you kind of relate to in certain ways. They understand or they are listening it’s like you’re with someone - you’re with a living being that you can kind of relate to but there are limitations and there are some similarities to that. Arthur is like a cross between a puppy and a toaster.

CP: This is a kind of movie that is going to blow you away. And I think that’s what you like in movies. Movies are entertaining. Movies can be scary, they are entertainment and that’s ok. Sometimes a movie will blow you away and I think that’s this movie.

Which is best thing about the movie?
JL:  I think Aurora’s very smart and very driven and curious.  She’s also the daughter of a very famous author which I think always keeps her wanting more and wanting to have her own name.  So, I think all of these combined with an adventurous spirit sent her off.
Micheal Sheen: One of the things that goes throughout the film and obviously towards the end of the film is a huge fact, the idea that there is something wrong with the ship, some sort of glitch going on. Arthur is obviously a part of the mechanics of the ship and so the fact that there is something malfunctioning has huge potential and consequences for Arthur.

Crish Pratt: I am a huge fan of talent and when I see the sets that people on this crew have built, you can’t help but be in awe. There’s a lot of really talented artists working on this movie, literally hundreds and hundreds of people so far and that’s not even counting the post production process which in itself could be another beast. I will forever be impressed by the magnitude of this type of a movie and this type of a set.