IMA points out ‘loopholes’ in Ayushman Bharat Scheme
   Date :01-Oct-2019
THE Indian Medical Association (IMA) on Sunday raised questions over Central Government’s Ayushman Bharat Scheme claiming that there are several “loopholes” in it including the eligibility criteria, package rates, number of disciplines and involvement of insurance companies. Addressing media here, IMA President Santanu Sen said, “Government should take suggestions from real practising doctors, then only they can have the actual idea before fixing up these rates.”
He stated that the eligibility criteria should be based on the “income of the beneficiaries.” “There should be no insurance model. Before fixing up the package rates, before making decisions on a number of disciplines, an organisation like IMA should be taken into confidence,” Sen said while adding that if IMA is there onboard, then this project might be successful, otherwise in coming days it might be a “big flop”. Sen also stressed that before opening 1.5 lakh wellness clinics, the Government should “develop and upgrade” all the existing sub-centers.