For dance & dramality
   Date :10-Oct-2019

Actress Sudha Chandran, also a renowned Bharatnatyam dancer, is playing a judge in the show Tara From Satara. “I am playing a judge of the reality show to be shown in Tara From Satara. I have worked with National award-winning artiste Upendra Limaye in a film and he is a fantastic actor,” said Sudha. The two actors had worked together in the 2008 film titled Pranali - The Tradition. As for the show, Sudha’s is excited. “I am already excited and looking forward to it,” she said. Excerpts: Are you content with the current offers you are getting? Yes, I am happy with the roles I am being offered and talking about the work, my roles are much meatier because initially there was a phase when I did just negative parts but now I am doing a variety of characters. As an actor, I am exploring different genres. In Tara From Satara, I am playing a reality show judge and I have loved reality shows.
Super dancer is my all-time favorite show, the abundance of talent that we get to see in that show is great and I never miss that show and now, Superstar Singer is also amazing. So, joining Tara from Satara and playing the role of a judge is such a beautiful experience. What made you accept the role of Srilekha Iyengar in the show? Tara From Satara is a show that comes with a very new concept of dramality, which is the combination of drama and reality. It is something that is being experimented for the first time on television. So, it is always good to be part of such projects. Another factor was dance. The show is based on a backdrop of a dance reality show and it is something very close to my heart. Tara From Satara also has many young dancing talents, what are your views on them?
The young talent in the country is amazing and when I see these kids dancing it makes me feel proud. Sheezan, Roshni, Lavish, Arjun, Shruti, and all other contestants are fabulous dancers, Urvashi who is playing the role of Radhika is a trained Kathak dancer and I was surprised to see her perform Kathak with precision. It feels great to know that classical dance has still not lost its value. What makes this role different from your other roles? I think there is no similarity between my previous roles and my role in Tara From Satara. As I mentioned before, the show is based on dramality and I am essaying the role of a judge in the reality part of the show. My character is of a strict judge who is very particular about dance, she observes details and points out the mistakes done by the contestants.
The most important aspect is that I have personally not been a part of or even seen any Indian television show based on the amalgamation of drama and reality. So this show is different and I am getting relive my passion for dance. What is your take on the growth of OTT platforms in India? OTT platforms are growing at an enormous speed and the best part of it is the freedom of time and place. It comes with no boundaries. Also, they give a chance to experiment. In a channel, it is limited. Only a finite number of shows can be run but with an OTT this issue is also resolved. But having said that, television has its other set of fixed audience. That excitement of a housewife of finishing work on time to watch her favorite soap, a child finishing his homework on time to watch his favorite cartoon can never come with OTT. OTT also rarely gives a chance for the entire family to come together watch a show. Watch Tara From Satara, every Monday to Thursday at 10:30 pm only on Sony TV.