In Search of ‘several shades’
   Date :15-Oct-2019
By Justin Rao :
Deepak Dobriyal says it’s important to not get stereotyped in the industry and keep looking for roles which give one the opportunity to show “several shades” as an actor. Deepak, who has featured in films like Omkara, Dabangg 2 and the “Tanu Weds Manu” franchise, says in an attempt to be diverse, one has to let go of a lot of work. “You have to keep changing your shade, say no to repetitive work and aim to surprise people. You’ve to let go of a lot of work. It’s difficult but then you have to be satisfied with what you get, till you don’t get to a position where good scripts naturally come to you,” Deepak told PTI. The actor says when he’s making those choices of going for braver, newer roles, it’s almost always rewarding in the long run. “Your choices bear fruit later.
You have to be patient here. Your good work, different work, keeps giving you benefit and appreciation like pension. If an artiste learns to live happily in the praise of his art, there’s nothing like it.” The actor will be next seen in Navdeep Singh’s noir-drama Laal Kaptaan. Deepak says the role of a nomad, who specialises in tracking people with his two dogs, aligned with his desire to keep surprising the audience. “It’s of extreme importance to not get stereotyped. If similar roles keep coming to you, you can at the most just earn money. Now, if you look, from stars to actors, everyone is trying to do a variety of work.
“The commercial aspect dominates all your creativity, your process. But now we have several producers who stand by a director’s vision,” he adds. Deepak says Singh, best known for his films such as Manorama-Six Feet Under and NH10, has a distinct cinematic voice, one which he absolutely appreciates.”Navdeep’s thought process, his approach is always very original. He makes films which are different from what we see in the industry and I love that. Even my role was something I had never played. When I read the script I realised it’s a lot of hardwork. Everyone was enthusiastic to work towards a common goal and that drove all of us to give our best,” he added. Laal Kaptaan, is scheduled to release on Oct 18.