Modi calls for UN reforms; says it should be an instrument for positive change
   Date :30-Oct-2019
PRIME Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday pressed forthe reform of the United Nations while expressing regret over some countries using the global body as a “tool” rather than an “institution” to resolve conflicts. During an on-stage discussion with Founder, Co-Chairman and Co-Chief Investment Officer of Bridge water Associates Ray Dalio, the Prime Minister said that the UN as an institution for conflict resolution has not developed as desired and nations should look to reform the UN structure.
Modi, who earlier delivered the keynote address at the high-profile Future Investment Initiative (FII),dubbedas “Davos in the desert”, said a body like the UN should not merely be an institution but also an instrument for positive change. “We have to think whether the UN has risen to the occasion when it comes to conflict resolution.
I had raised this issue when the UN turned 70 but much discussion could not happen. I hope this topic is discussed more actively when the UN turns 75,” Modi said. India is part of the G4 nations comprising Brazil, Germany and Japan which support each other’s bids for permanent seats on the United Nations Security Council. The Prime Minister regretted that the UN as an institution could not be developed. The UN has toreform according to the realities of the 21st century, Modi said, adding that the global body should not limit itself to provide assistance in the event of calamities and natural disasters.