‘Be aware of duplicate handloom cloth’
   Date :04-Oct-2019
Dr Madhavi Khode-Chaware, Commissioner (Textiles), Government of Maharashtra, recently said that buyers should be aware of duplicate handloom cloth. Handloom cloths and other items are being sold at many places. it is available in various exhibitions. “However, the buyers should cross check the quality of the real handloom cloth before buying it as duplicate items are being widely available in the markets,” she said.
She further said that handloom cloth gives soft feeling upon touching it while the cloth made by machines shows stiffness. “Apart from this, when te cloth is made by hands, there are no consistancy which is reflected in the cloth if it is made by using machines,” she pointed out. Thetre are others parameters that can help the buyers decide wether the product is original handloom items or it is duplicate item. She told the media persons in a press conference.