Mutual cooperation in Indian Ocean not against any country, says Doval
   Date :05-Oct-2019
Doval was addressing Goa Maritime Conclave which was attended by top brass of Navies from 10 countries which are part of the Indian Ocean region
WHILE mutual co-operation in the Indian Ocean region is the need of the hour, the co-operation is not directed against any country, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval said on Friday.
NSA Ajit Doval speaking during the inauguration of Goa Maritime Conclave at Sinquerim in North Goa on Friday. (ANI) 
“We consider that anything that is good for one country, is going to contribute to the wellness of the rest. But most important is one more aspect which I would like to underline, that we are not part of any alliance.
“Our co-operation is not directed against any country,” Doval said at the Goa Maritime Conclave which is being attended by top brass of Navies from countries which are part of the Indian Ocean.
Doval also said, that despite India’s geographical advantages, its size and its track record, the country was still lacking in several areas. “But we would like to develop and grow in a way, where we would not only maximise our national benefits, but also become more useful to the countries in our neighbourhood,” Doval said.
Listing India’s expertise, Doval said, that its skill at disaster management as well as a long range identification and tracking system, could be shared with other countries in the region.
“Disaster management and disaster mitigation and managing the disaster is also one area, India has developed certain expertise and institution mechanism. We have accorded high priority to the possible disasters at sea and our entire disaster management resources will be available to all our neighbours and all the countries in South Asian and Pacific regions,” Doval said.