Bank of India employees stage demonstration
   Date :06-Oct-2019
Business Bureau :
IN THE backdrop of favouritism by Bank of India at the head office level to one section of employees and depriving other section from their legitimate claims, the staff union launched a massive demonstration before the zonal office at Kingsway on October 4. More than 300 employees participated in the massive demonstration from all city branches/offices and branches of Nagpur. Also, many activists sacrificed their leaves and had joined the demonstration from Gadchiroli and Gondia districts.
The demonstration took place under the leadership of Suresh Bobhate, General Secretary of Bank of India and President of Eastern Maharashtra Bank Employees Association. Bobhate said that the workmen of the bank played an important role by taking out the bank from its current precarious state.
He said, “The bank staff workers are the ones, who man the counter, work with officers shoulder to shoulder and provide various services and at times bear the wrath of customers as the staff is inadequate for want of recruitment in the bank. But, when it comes to sharing of perks and perquisites, their contribution is totally neglected and they are very poorly compensated as compared to officer category in the bank”. The double standard of the bank management was vehemently criticised by Bobhate. He said the management is using excessive discretion and exhibiting a partisan mindset for workmen and said, “This cannot be tolerated anymore. The move of the management shall be fought tooth and nail and all organisational measures, including strike action will be taken if a definite mechanism is not put in place to arrive at the quantum of perks and perquisites.”