Need to step out of comfort zones: PM to civil service probationers
   Date :01-Nov-2019
PRIME Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday emphasised on the need to step out of comfort zones and associate with people and noted that Government officials sometimes commit the mistake of remaining confined to air-conditioned offices and perceive that everything is all right. Addressing the civil service probationers here on National Unity Day to mark the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbahi Patel, Modi said that it is necessary to do an honest assessment of the feedback received.
“It is not so that things that are pleasant to our eyes and ears should only be seen and heard. We have to increase the dimensions of receiving the feedback and we must also listen to the advice given by our adversaries. This will give depth to our vision,” he said. Modi said citizens should leave Government offices with respect and satisfaction. “While in the Government system, sometimes we commit another mistake. Often sitting in AC rooms we perceive that all things are fine. “We have a limited social circle comprising of people with similar approach.
This is the reason that many a time we are not aware of the even common problems. Therefore, we may be in any service, we need to step out of our comfort zone and associate with people. This will help us in taking the right policy decisions,” he said. The Prime Minister said many Government agencies were service providers and consumers should come first for them. “We have to also understand whether it is ministries or municipal corporations, we are the service providers and for service providers’ consumer should come first. When we understand it, necessary changes will come in manpower inventory, supply chain management, technology and at every level,” he said.
Modi said an impression should not go among people that officials are inaccessible. “It is not possible that you have an instant solution to every problem and common people understand this. They only want to be heard, want respect. Our citizens are satisfied only if their appeal reaches the right platform. You should strive that citizens should leave our office with respect and satisfaction,” he said. The Prime Minister laid stress on getting honest feedback.