Terrible at flirting
   Date :12-Nov-2019
Actress Rakul Preet Singh has confessed that she can’t flirt, and says she feels people dont hit on her. “I am terrible at flirting. I can have a conversation but I don’t know how to flirt! I always feel that people don’t hit on me and my friends are like that you don’t know if someone is hitting on you,” Rakul said. The actress also revealed that she gets flirting tips from friend Rhea Chakraborty. “She (Rhea) is probably the best person for this,” Rakul said. Opening up about the qualities she looks for in a man, Rakul said, “I think something that is important to me is intellect.
I just need to have interesting conversation and it needs to be stimulating. Otherwise it is just going to be another 2-3 days, 2-3 weeks, 2-3 months and you can’t get along with that person for life. I think that there are not enough men with good conversations.” The actress also said that she is terrible at auditions.“I hate it (auditioning). Reading to nobody and knowing nothing about the character and saying action in that dingy depressing room is not an indication of what you can do.
I think acting is all about action-reaction, you feel it and then you emote. I don’t know how to feel in that audition room so I always tell them that I am real, so just make someone legit act with me,” said Rakul, opening up about her personal life in an episode of The Love Laugh Live Show, aired on Romedy Now. Rakul Preet Singh says love has lost its meaning in todays time. “I have had no affairs because I think I’ve been too busy working. I’m single,” Rakul said. On the qualities she looks for in a man, she said, “Frivolous nai chahiye, thoda sa dimag hona chahiye (I don’t want him to be frivolous, he should have brains), and somebody who has drive in life. I’m somebody who cannot just do relationships for the heck of it. There has to be a meaning to it. Two people have to be compatible.
I think somewhere, love has lost its meaning in today’s time. I keep joking that I should have been born during the seventis!” Questioned if she has “bro-zoned” the film industry, Rakul said: “No! No, please don’t say this! I haven’t. I just become the friend, which is not a good thing. I’m a f*ttu! I can’t tell when someone is flirting, I can’t flirt to save my life! My closest friends flirt for me on the phone! Firstly I rarely know how to flirt, then I’ll get stuck somewhere.”