Daily wage worker’s ailing son saved by swami’s grace
   Date :14-Nov-2019

Staff Reporter :
Sojak, the only son of Sundari and Bhubanga from Nunsury, Lunglei, Mizoram used to suffer from cold and cough frequently while a small child, so they took him to a nearby camp where he was given medicines. The boy became alright but after a week he was again taken ill. Then he was shown to another Doctor in a heart camp. There the Doctor confirmed of a heart ailment. When he was 2.5 years; they took him to another doctor in Lunglei from where he was referred. Heart problem was re-confirmed but was of the opinion that he would be alright as he grows up. When he started going to school, the teacher complained that he was coming to school very often after the prayer.
Then it was observed that he used to sit down en route the school due to weakness and hence, the delay in reaching the school. The villagers said that boy should be treated as heart disease is serious one and many people in the nearby villages have died. But the boy’s father who is daily wage worker did not have money. Still he took him to Aizawl Civil Hospital in September 19. He was diagnosed of having hole and another problem. But the Doctor told him that they did not have the facility for treatment there and advised him to go to Kolkata and the expenditure projected was around Rs 3.5 lakh. In the meantime, he came to know about Sai Sanjeevani hospital.
Though the parents had no earnings even to come to Raipur to treat the boy The family was utterly disturbed. But then Neharkanti Chakma, MLA Talabung Constituency, came to know about Sojak’s problem. He contacted the local educated social worker Gyana Talukdar, who came like a good Samaritan for the help of the family. ‘I felt as if he was sent by Bhagaban Sri Sathya Sai Baba’, said Bhubanga. He and Sojak came to Raipur accompanied by Talukdar. He was examined and operated by the team of Doctors in Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital successfully.
After discharge, he was supposed to leave for his hometown. But he was full of tension as to how he would go without money and without anyone to accompany. He was asked to revisit after 1 month. So he requested to be allowed inside the premises. In lieu of his stay; he was ready to do any physical work. Again Gyana Talukdar came to his rescue. He travelled with them to Kolkata. He had decided that they would stay back in his house in Kolkata for a month. Then he will bring them to Raipur for check up after 1 month and finally facilitate their return to their home-town. Sojak’s mother could not come due to monetary problem. They were all praise for the medical staff who served people in all possible ways. It was swami’s grace that saved Sojak.