IndianOil launches awareness campaign on pre-delivery checks of LPG cylinders
   Date :26-Nov-2019

Business Bureau :
In line with its commitment to quality of products and services while ensuring complete safety of its customers, IndianOil, the world’s largest packed LPG marketer, has launched a countrywide campaign to sensitise its channel partners and Indane LPG customers on the importance of conducting pre-delivery checks for a LPG cylinder every time a refill is supplied.
Pre-delivery checks for a LPG cylinder include cylinder weight demonstration, O-Ring leak check, valve leak check, etc. to be done at the time of LPG cylinder delivery at customer premises. IndianOil supplies 7.5 lakh Indane cylinders on a monthly basis in Vidarbha. IndianOil has commenced the awareness campaign in Vidarbha by reaching out to its network of over 150 distributors, 715 delivery men and 15.39 lakh Indane customers. Vidarbha has one LPG bottling plant at Dhanaj.
Nagpur bottling plant is scheduled for commissioning in 2020-21. The concept of pre-delivery checks has always been a part of Indane delivery system. However, with an increase in the number of the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana consumers, the responsibility of making the users aware of safe usage of LPG has increased.
As on date, the number of PMUY beneficiaries in Vidarbha is 4.12 lakhs. The pre-delivery checks awareness campaign was kicked off in Nagpur by Murali Srinivasan, Executive Director, Maharashtra State Office. Srinivasan mentioned that, “the entire exercise of PDC checks is aimed at making the cooking gas consumers aware of the stringent checks by IndianOil when LPG cylinders are delivered by LPG delivery staff”.