Mansoora Hasan bags 76 prizes in Agrovision
   Date :26-Nov-2019

FRIENDS International is a well-known NGO in the field of flower shows, cultural health etc., has hosted a grand plant and flower show at Agrovision. In the flower show, Mansoora Zahoor Hasan won the prestigious challenge trophy and also the largest number of prizes i.e. 76. Trophies for King of Roses and Queen of Roses was bagged by Sonal Dullalwar.
The trophy for Prince and Princess was won by Mukund Tijare. A special display on save water save life was displayed by Suneeta Sharma and Gunjan Khandelwal. Beautiful hanging garden was also special attraction of the show. There were more than 85 sections covering roses-hybrid, floribunda miniature, flowers like Gerbera, Carnation, Chrysanthemum, Orchid etc.
They are among the most beautiful flowers of the world. Beautiful indoor plants like Dieffenbachia, Aglonema, Pothos, Begonia and many other beautiful indoor plants were on display. Dilip Chinchmalapatre, Om Jajodia, Bawankar, Ashish Raut, Suneeta Sharma, Sandeep Bhandarkar, Gunjan Khandelwal have taken efforts for the success of the flower show. Thousands of farmers and garden lovers have visited and appreciated the flower show at Agrovision.