Alexis Hospital salutes cancer survivors
   Date :27-Nov-2019

Business Bureau :
A cancer survivor is a person who has been a cancer victim and fought the recovery battle successfully. Many cancer survivors describe the process of living with and beating cancer as a life-changing experience. Everyone can benefit from help and support from other people, whether friends and family, religious groups, support groups, professional counselors, or others. Alexis Multispeciality Hospital conducts the third season of “Everyday Warriors”, a cancer survivor forum to salute the survivorship.
The forum is a platform for survivors and their relatives to share their inspiring stories and showcase their hidden talents as any other normal individual leading a healthy life.Through an open dialogue the hospital intends to help the cancer survivors overcome their fear of this dreadful disease.
Leaving aside all the grief, warriors of all ages enthusiastically participated in various activities like dance, fashion show and singing. Cancer survivors expressed their gratitude towards the entire oncology team of Alexis Hospital including Dr Amol Dongre– Medical Oncologist, Dr Suraj Agrawal – Oncology Surgeon, Dr Puneet Seth, Dr Chandani Hotwani from Radiation Oncology, Dr Shweta Bhandarkar from Paediatrics and Neonatology and Dr Dilip Wasnik from Anaesthesia Department for the encouragement and for bringing them back to normal life. Chief Executive Officer Suraj Tripathi adds, “We at Alexis believe and act to change the traditional myths and have come up with the cancer support forum like ‘Everyday Warriors’.”