Consumers to get packaged goat milk!
   Date :04-Nov-2019

By Praveen Vighre :
MOTHER Dairy, a subsidiary of National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), New Delhi which recently launched its new product Orange Barfi, may introduce goat milk. If sources are to be believed, at the initial stage, the company is making survey at different levels including household customers, doctors, institutions etc. The company has formed team of 40 surveyors which is inviting the opinions of the people in different localities of the city. One such member of the team met this scribe. On the condition of anonymity, he disclosed the information.
The member is collecting samples for the company by filling the form from the people. The questionnaire includes--Have you tried goat milk?, If yes then do you like the taste of goat milk? Kindly name the benefits you are aware of.? How often do you buy goat milk.? What is quantity.? What packaging, how do you consume it.? Where do you buy goat milk in your city.? Will you buy goat milk if it is made available in the market considering its benefits.? What should be pack size? What should be the MRP of the pack? He explained that goat milk helps in lowering the cholesterol, it is good for digestion, improves skin and vision, strengthens nervous system, it contains higher amount of potassium, iron and vitamin than cow milk and has plenty of calcium.
He said, “It will take at least six months to see the feasibility of the product in the market. We will first collect the data and prepare the report. The report will be given to consultant for the study. If everything goes well, people will be able to taste goat milk introduced by the company.” Mother Dairy’s product range includes cow milk, pure ghee, fresh paneer, Amul masti dahi, ice-cream etc.