‘Bright chances of bullish market in coming days’
   Date :05-Nov-2019

Business Bureau :
The Oil Merchants Association, Nagpur celebrated ‘Diwali Sneha Milan’ here at Hotel Darshan Tower on Central Avenue on Sunday with great fanfare. All the members of the association and others participated in the event. Girish Vyas, Member of the Maharashtra Legislative Council, was the chief guest on the occasion. Rajesh Thakker, President of the association, presided over the function. The event began with lightening of traditional lamp at the hands of Vyas. Addressing the participants, Vyas said that the coming days would bring excitement in the trade.
“It seems that the current slow down in the markets will soon disappear and demand for various commodities will go up. There are bright chances of bullish market in coming days. I wish all the traders flourish and prosper, he said. Vyas further said that the traders meet during ‘Diwali Sneha Milan’ which strengthens the bond of relationship between them. “It should be further strengthened for which the association should involve family members of the traders,” he added. In addition to this, Vyas appreciated the recent attempt of the Oil Merchants Association to help to the flood affected persons.
“This shows that the traders are aware of their social responsibilities. Such activities should be encouraged so that the needy persons of the society could be benefited,” he said. Purushottam Fulwani conducted the proceedings of the function and also proposed the formal vote of thanks. Parmanand Motiyani, Narendra Yenurkar, Hajarilal Nagpal, Yogesh Jethwani, Sunny Thakker, Laxam Gunani, Govind Bhattad, Mohan Fulwani, Jethanand Khandwani, Ashok Asrani, Mohan Dhanjani, Akshay Thakker, Hanif Bandukia, Anil Agrawal, Prem Fulwani, Shyam Fulwani, Vicky Motiyani, Omprakash Shende, Pravin Dongre, Atmaram Motiyani, S Tanna and others were present on the occasion.