‘Fascination for jewellery will always be there’
   Date :07-Nov-2019

By Praveen Vighre :
HIGHLIGHTING the importance of jewellery in Indian households, Sacheen Vastani, Director of Dass Jewellers, Impressa Rise, Shivaji Nagar said, “The fascination for jewellery will always be there as Indian women are crazy for gold jewellery. Today a jeweller has to maintain a unique and extensive range of ornaments to woo customers with diverse backgrounds”. While talking in an exclusive interview with The Hitavada, he said, with the passage of time customers have become more choosy and want jewellery which is rare and extraordinary everytime they walk in the showroom. A third generation entrepreneur, Sacheen Vastani had taken the dive into the family business carrying forward the legacy of his grandfather Bhagwandas Vastani and father Prakash Vastani.
At a tender age of just 15 years in 1992 remembers that his grandfather and father used to keep a catalogue of high quality designs and customers would select designs and place orders. “Now things have changed, customers just don’t have time. They want what they see and that too instantly. In order to cater to the new generation customers, we have to maintain a huge range of gold, silver, diamond and platinum jewellery. The designs and options available now is unlimited.
Even the designs keep changing every 6 months,” Vastani said. “In bridal jewellery a wide range including antique, plain gold, Meenakari work etc., are in heavy demand. The old trend repeats itself with some modification and currently it is called as designer jewellery,” he said. Adding that Nagpur is the main jewellery hub for entire Vidarbha. About 70 per cent of the customers of Vidarbha prefer traditional jewellery. Furthermore, a jeweller has to keep jewellery according to the community the customer belongs too. He has launched his own brand known as - Sacheen Vastani Signature Jewellery - in the year 2016. “The brand is getting overwhelming response from customers.
As the design are never repeated. All the ornaments are designed and manufactured in-house,” he said. He also added that the demand for platinum and diamond jewellery was increasing by 25 per cent every year. “Even if the big corporate brands enter the city market, traditional jewellers have an advantage as they build personal relationships with the customers,” he added.