Date :07-Nov-2019

AGAINST all hopes, the Trump administration has not budged an inch from its stubbornness on climate change issue as its latest notification to the United Nations (UN) on its withdrawal from the Paris Agreement of 2015 shows. The notification to the UN Secretary General issued on Tuesday makes it clear that the US would cease to be part of the Paris Agreement a year from now. Among the 188 countries which are part of the Paris Agreement on global warming, the United States under President Donald Trump is the only nation to have walked out of it. While claiming to do everything to protect environment and seeking partnerships with countries Mr. Trump refuses to join the collective effort that the 188 countries have pledged to mitigate the catastrophic consequences of pollution and global warming. The good work that Mr. Trump’s predecessor, Mr. Barrak Obama had done along with Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi on global concern has been nullified by the stubborn attitude of Mr. Trump because his only concern is “America First.”
INDIA’S Davis Cup sojourns have almost always been marred with controversies over selection of players/officials. The issue of non-playing captain, who is vested with much powers in team selection, has simmered on for long since Naresh Kumar made way for the next generation players. The naming of Mahesh Bhupathi as non-playing captain till 2018 and further one-year extension, was also challenged by some players not sharing good rapport with the former star. Bhupathi is yet again at the centre of another controversy as the All India Tennis Association (AITA) named Rohit Rajpal as the non-playing captain for the tie against Pakistan. Strangely, Bhupathi has not been conveyed the decision, neither the players were consulted before Rajpal’s appointment. The development has stoked another row between the players and administrators. The aggressive approach of AITA officials over players’ rights can further worsen the tiff. Before an important tie, it will be prudent for both the parties to clear the misgivings and move on.