Cleanliness drive is an effort to give healthy environment to coming generations: Tomar
   Date :08-Nov-2019

Staff Reporter :
Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Minister Pradyuman Singh Tomar said that the cleanliness drive is an effort to provide a healthy environment to the generations to come. He said this during the cleaning of the park opposite the government houses in Shivaji Nagar, Bhopal. Pohri MLA Suresh Rathkheda and other activists, officers and employees of Tomar’s private establishment also took part in the campaign.
Tomar said that the cleanliness drive is a regular process. In this campaign, every section of the society needs to come forward and join hands. He said that cleanliness is related to one’s thinking and will power. It is our own responsibility to clean the environment in which we live or work.
It is our own responsibility to keep it clean. He said that just as we want to keep our houses clean, similarly if we take care of public places and take action in maintaining their cleanliness, then a positive atmosphere will be created in the society. Tomar said that he has decided to continue this campaign for one month, which is going on continuously since October 30.