Jabalpur Zonal Cyber Cell’s major breakthrough
   Date :08-Nov-2019
Staff Reporter :
In a major breakthrough Jabalpur Zonal Cyber Cell has exposed one IMEI for over one lakhs mobile phones. Reportedly, every mobile set has one unique International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) that gives a special recognition to the mobile set. And to change the code is a serious punishable offence as the Union Government on August 25, 2017, had released a notification that any tampering to IMEI would be considered as a crime. IG Vivek Sharma and SP Amit Singh addressing a press conference on Thursday made a big revelation about the expose made by Zonal Cyber Cell.
The cell carried out all-India search and it was held that that across the county over one lakh mobile sets are being operated on single IMEI code. Cops contacted 125 mobile consumers to ascertain the apparent single use of code. It was established that on all 125 mobile customers contacted and verified single IMEI code being used. One mobile shop owner named Pradeep Thakur having mobile shop at Jayanti Complex has been arrested by the police and is being subjected to further interrogation. Cops have recovered many mobile sets with same IMEI code.
It is informed that many of these mobile sets were found lying discarded while some people purchased second hand mobile. People caught with same IMIE code are being interrogated. The concern is that has come to surface prominence is that surprisingly over one lakh mobile sets are being operated with single IMIE code. The operation of large number of mobile set with same code is breach in safety. As the mobile sets detected could be stolen one or having concern with criminal indulgence cannot be ruled out. Over 50,000 mobile sets’ list has been sent to PHQ Bhopal this includes information of large number of mobile sets having same code. In view of expose the PHQ has informed the Ministry of Home Affairs for further action in this regard. As by virtue of this expose would help of immense help at the central level to feed the code at Central Equipment Identity Register this would eliminate all such mobile from network.