Markam’s call for economic sanction fuels political tussle
   Date :08-Nov-2019
Staff Reporter :
THE political tussle between the State and Central Government on the issue of refusal of the Central Government to procure paddy into the central pool at Rs 2,500 Minimum Support Price (MSP) as extended by the State Government to the farmers of State has intensified further with the Pradesh Congress Committee President Mohan Markam’s statement that the State Government may even consider imposing a economic embargo. Expressing anger over the refusal of the Central Government to procure paddy to the central pool Markam warned that State Government may stop supply of several resources from Chhattisgarh to the Central Government.
Many minerals and resources including Diamond, Bauxite, Coal are supplied from State and putting an economic embargo would affect the mining and supply of these mineral resources. Markam said that the Centre require diamond and bauxite from Chhattisgarh, but they are not ready to procure paddy of the hardworking farmers of Chhattisgarh while adding that he still hope that the Centre would procure paddy from State. Markam said, “The Central Government would appreciate the stand of our government and the concern shown for the farmers. The Central Government takes the share of profit for the resources from State, we are speaking about the right of our State and its people and if all options are closed we will take the extreme step of economic sanction.”
After the PCC Chief’s warning of economic sanction, the former Chief Minister and National Vice-President of BJP Dr Raman Singh has lamented Markam saying, “Markam has been newly-elected as the President of the State Congress and he does not understand the ill effects of such economic sanctions on the State Government both politically and economically.”
The former Chief Minister said that if such sanctions are put as desired by the Congress chief, the financial condition of State would get fur ther worse and this will not be in the interest of State and its people in any way and could create a situation of anarchy. It may be mentioned that the PCC Chief Mohan Markam had challenged the Central Government on the issue of procurement of paddy. In a meeting of the party on Wednesday the party chief had said that if required the government may impose economic sanctions, the Central Government has love for the resources of Chhattisgarh, but refusal for paddy.
He had said that the State Government is prepared to fight for the rights of the farmers and would go to any extend. The unfair attitude of the Central Government will not be tolerated by the people of Chhattisgarh, Markam commented. The Congress had promised in its manifesto to give Rs 2,500 as Minimum Support Price to the farmers for paddy and after the Bhupesh government came to power, announced the same through a cabinet decision. Now the State Government wanted the Central Government to take paddy in the central pool from State at this price to which the Central Government had expressed its inability. In a letter Central Government had clarified that if the State Government gives bonus on paddy procurement the Central Government will not procure any rice from Chhattisgarh and this has led to a political tussle between the Centre and State that could lead to a constitutional anarchy.