Date :08-Nov-2019

THE Bar Council of India (BCI) has demanded an independent enquiry in the ongoing tussle between the Delhi police and the legal community and rightly so. It is necessary to go to the genesis of the issue that is raging for some time now in Delhi. The BCI has termed the protest by the police personnel as the “darkest day in history of independence”. But this is certainly not the case of only one side being guilty of triggering the fracas. TV news channels were showing video shoots of a policeman being brutally thrashed by agitating lawyers that forced the police personnel to go on protest against the highhandedness of the legal community and taking the law into their hands. If the lawyers are aggrieved over some issue with the police, the police personnel too have their own grievances that has hurt their pride. The lawyers are demanding punishment to the guilty police personnel. Certainly, if some policemen are found guilty they should be brought to justice. But then same justice should apply to the guilty lawyers who were clearly seen using muscle power.
THE ambiguity surrounding the Real Estate and associate sectors will be redressed with much clarity after the Central Government’s decision to pump in a fund of Rs. 25,000 crore to revive indolent housing projects. Realty sector is among the worst-hit due to global economic slowdown and related factors. It has affected a large chain that goes into building housing projects. Many projects, especially in small and medium budget category, have been stuck across the country. The Alternative Investment Fund (AFI), approved by the Government, is the need of the hour to provide relief to homebuyers whose investment has stuck in such projects. With the infusion of funds some important businesses including iron, steel and cement will be put into operational mode and provide a major thrust in reviving the economy. The critical point now is the timing, criteria and method of implementation of the booster dose. It has to be done on immediate priority to set a vital sector related to every strata of the society in motion.