Now many couples returning adopted children to agencies in Chhattisgarh
   Date :15-Dec-2019

Now many couples returnin
By Amlan Sinha :
In last two years, adoption of children from various orphanages across Chhattisgarh saw a rise but many couples returned children soon after to the orphanage after adoption. Earlier it was noticed in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh but now in Chhattisgarh too, many couples showed difficulties in nurturing the orphan children and returned to the agencies within time duration of 6 months to 1 year after adopting them legally as well as socially.
The state adoption agency of Chhattisgarh is concerned about this trend amongst childless couples. According to information of Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA), total 6,650 children were adopted across nation October 2017 to September 2019 but 278 children thus adopted were returned to the agencies. During this period of two years, total 414 children were adopted in Chhattisgarh of which 42 were returned to the agencies within a period of 6 months to 1 year after undergoing adoption process. After Maharashtra (56), Karnataka (51) and Andhra Pradesh (47), Chhattisgarh stands fourth in returning adopted children to the agency.
While there was speculation that most of these children were physically challenged and the families failed to adjust with them, it was mostly older children, above 5 years of age, who were returned. “Maximum returned adopted children were of 5 years age and above. Here both children and families faced difficulties in adjustment,” said an officer of CARA Central India Chapter. Dr Anjana Shrivastava, Social Worker and a member of CARA stated that many parents tried to adopt older children, but within few months, they realised that they were not prepared and could not adjust with them. Even older children also find it more difficult to adjust with a new environment and new family leading to disruptions. “A lot of times, institutions do not prepare the children well either.
They are not well groomed or counseled about what it would be like to live with a family,” she pointed.When a ‘disruption’ happens, the state adoption resource agency of Woman and Child Welfare Department holds counseling sessions with parents as well as the child to determine where the nub of the problem lies. Based on these findings, the child or the adoptive parent is temporarily removed from the list until they can prove their preparedness again. “Whatever the issue, it is better if the child returns in such a case. It is better than the child struggling there,” said Dr Rajesh Kalam, Child Psychologist.
There needs to be more heart in the process. Especially in the case of older children, they are not commodity. Each child has a different personality and that requires to be kept in mind while placing them in homes with families. When contacted, Anila Bhedia, Woman and Child Welfare Minister of Chhattisgarh asserted that there is a need of proper counseling session between children and couples to understand each other and then go for adoption. Owing to the lack of counseling, most of the times, a gap is noticed as a result, parents could not nurture the child and return him to the agency.