Dr Sarin, 2 others bestowed with prestigious Rabindranath Tagore Oration awards
   Date :02-Dec-2019

Staff Reporter :
Dr Manoria’s book ‘Cardiometabolic medicine’ released
On the second day of the International Conference on ‘Heart and Diabetes’, Dr S K Sarin of Delhi, the renowned hepatologist was bestowed with Rabindranath Tagore Oration award, Dr Tiny, Trivendrum Nair with Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma Oration award and Dr J C Suri with sleep medicine oration award. The book ‘Cardiometabolic medicine’ edited by Dr PC Manoria was also released on the occasion. This is Dr Manoria’s 330th book.
The book has excellent illustrations and the highlight on every page with different colour attracted the attention of entire medical fraternity and all delegates widely praised the book. Dr Kubal of Mumbai spoke the role of biological in Asthma and said good results are obtained with it. Dr Piyush Manoria spoke the role on treatment of bleeding with anti-platelet agents. Dr Mohit Bhandani said that metabolic obesity can now be treated with endoscopic procedures also.
These are less effective than conventional bariatric surgery but are very safe in are getting very popular. Dr Pankaj Manoria organised a very interesting quiz for post graduates. Dr Ashish Nabar spoke on the utility of ECG in critical care and said ECG is a very cheap test but gives lots of information which is useful in treating critically ill patients. Dr S Jindal and Dr Chittawar spoke on the utility of drugs for treatment of diabetes.