‘We are with you always, when in power or not’
   Date :02-Dec-2019

A fan seen holding hand of former Maharashtra Chief Minister and now Leader of Opposition in Maharashtra State Assembly Devendra Fadnavis as if he is saying ‘We are still with you’.
(Pic by Moonlight: Umesh Verma)
Principal Correspondent :
People throng airport to welcome Devendra Fadnavis 
It was at 9 pm when former Chief Minister of Maharashtra and now Leader of Opposition in Maharashtra State Assembly Devendra Fadnavis came out of arrival gate at Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport, the high pitch slogan was heard from the huge crowd ‘Devenji Aage Badho, Hum Tumhare Saath Hai’. Everybody responded to it in one voice and the airport premises suddenly started looking differently. This huge crowd that was shouting slogans for Fadnavis, came two and a half hours ago just for the sake of having glimpse of their leader.
The popularity in his hometown is still there. It was the same huge crowd that kept coming when he was Chief Minister. From 6.30 pm in the evening on Sunday, the road to airport was full of vehicles. Everybody was going to airport to welcome Fadnavis. The terminal building was full of people most of whom wearing saffron colour shirts, they held saffron colour flag high, there was a team of band, there was dhol-tasha team.
There was constant celebration outside the airport. Leaders like former Minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule, President of Nagpur city unit of Bharatiya Janata Party Pravin Datke, Organisational Secretary Dr Upendra Kothekar, District President Dr Rajiv Potdar, Mayor Sandip Joshi, Health Committee Chairman Virendra Kukreja, Munna Yadav, Amit Vajpayee were inside the terminal building. Fadnavis came, met them and discussed for five minutes. Meanwhile, people outside shouted slogans in favour of Fadnavis. He came outside and waved hand at the crowd. There were men, women, boys, girls in large number waiting to receive their ‘Deven’. Police, Special Protection Unit (SPU) could not prevent people from expressing their feelings. Finally, Fadnavis boarded the car and again waved at the crowd in his usual style and the convoy started moving slowly. It was difficult for the convoy to find way through the crowd. Everybody was touching the vehicle and Fadnavis was smiling at them.
Meanwhile, outside the terminal building shed, fire crackers were burst and the car carrying Fadnavis moved forward speedily to reach at the marriage reception of daughter of Sudhir Mungantiwar. Fadnavis’ magic is not over yet. He is still popular and Nagpur people still throng at airport despite the fact that he is no more a Chief Minister. Deputy Mayor Manisha Kothe, Vice-President of BJP Jaiprakash Gupta, Women Unit President Dr Kirtida Ajmera, ex-Deputy Mayor Sunil Agrawal, Corporator Nishant Gandhi Standing Committee Chiarman of NMC Pradip Pohane, Adv Nitin Telgote, Chhotya Borikar, Bhushan Shingne, Parag Saraf, Archana Dehankar, Ashok Mendhe, ex-MLA Dr Milind Mane, Ram Munje, Kishor Wankhede, Rupa Rai, Adv Dharmpal Meshram, Ritesh Gawande, Manisha Kashikar, Varsha Thakre, Chandan Goswami, Jitendra Thakur, Bhojraj Dumbe, Deepraj Pardikar and others were present in large number. 
Help farmers immediately, demands Fadnavis Though he was surrounded by crowd Devendra Fadnavis came to media, talked to them. He demanded, Maharashtra Government should immediately release financial help of Rs 25,000 per hectare. While doing it, the Government should not wait for the funds to be received from Centre, Fadnavis made it clear. He said that BJP too did not wait or became dependent on Centre’s help. It moved forward, provided help to peasants to overcome the difficulty. In the same way Maharashtra Government should start giving funds to farmers.