Nearly 67 pc of imported toys are dangerous for kids: QCI survey
   Date :23-Dec-2019

Nearly 67 pc of imported
By Shailesh Yadav
NEARLY 67 per cent of imported toys have failed the testing survey of the Quality Council of India (QCI). According to the survey report, 66.90 per cent of imported toys failed the test, and only 33.10 per cent passed all the tests. The testing was conducted by the QCI on toys available in the markets of Delhi and NCR. As many as 121 different varieties were procured and submitted to NABL accredited laboratories to carry out all the tests on these toys as per the Indian standards.
According to the QCI report, as many as 30 per cent of plastic toys failed to meet the safety standards of admissible levels of phthalate, heavy metals, etc., and 80 per cent of plastic toys failed on mechanical and physical safety properties. In the case of soft toys, 45 per cent failed on the admissible levels of phthalates. In the case of electric toys, 75 per cent of the sample failed on mechanical properties.
85 per cent of the toys sold are imported from China, followed by Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Germany, Hongkong, and the USA. Speaking to ANI, RP Singh, Secretary-General, QCI, said that toys failing in mechanical testing can damage the skin of children.
He further said that if it is having any chemicals, which are harmful, then it can cause cancer. Giving an example of a toy tent, he said that kids go inside the tent and play. If these tents fail in the flammability test, it can cause fire immediately.