Date :03-Dec-2019

When you are all alone in the ocean of confusion or doubts, not knowing what and how to do. you get tired of yourselves and over that comes the situation ,when no one else understands you , you are always pointed out. No one sees your goodness but only sees your weaknesses and says you did this and that. How do you feel and ,how can you face this? I feel and think so , that is the movement when you really get chance to look into yourselves , and reflect why all are pointing at me what's wrong with me, it's the time to go deep into ourselves ,but i feel its very difficult to see things in positive or change them from fire to water at that very moment.
Fire; the bad situations of life , water ; change them into coolness or calmness. It’s very hard at a time to handle all kinds of problems , it's very hard to get balance when you are dashed from all four sides of life. but if you feel and see, within you there is still someone who is very much in love with you, supporting and caring for you , that is our God. I believe when no one is beside you , that is the time He alone is there to stand by you to comfort and console you .when you feel like you are breathless He says Behold I give you my breath. When you feel like it's the end, He says it's the beginning , I will make all things new. Mostly people think that God is angry with us that why all these things are happening in our lives, all kinds of problems etc.
We should not blame God for every silly things that happens to us ,many a times we are the cause of our own ruin ,so let's try to take things and offer to God who is always with us, everyone will or may leave us but He will not leave us alone to wonder about in this world of confusion. So lets not be broken fully, He who made us, know how to join our broken hearts, lets trust in Him. For, no one will be with us but God alone. Sister Kamlesh Masih BA 2nd Year Hislop College

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Sister Kamlesh Masih
BA 2nd Year
Hislop College