Oh My Mind!
   Date :03-Dec-2019

Oh My Mind_1  H
Oh my mind..
Just stay here for a while..
Cherish this moment first
Instead chasing the lust
Of the future life!
Oh my mind
Look around for a while..
Comfy life! Isn’t it?
Look up , thank the celestial body
For his grace and shine!
Oh my mind
Count your blessings dear!
Hug them big n tight
For their presence with you
Good or bad all way thou'
Oh my mind
Are you tired of being so low?
Shut all the world's squeaky noise
Clash and clatter all at once
Stay disconnected and slow
Add music to dance away with flow
Oh my mind
Stop over thinking dude!
Gush all the endorphins through
And listen just to the heart
Follow where it takes you to!
Oh my mind
Smile and laugh away the fears!
Overcome them with a grin
Risorius in action to bring little new win
Oh my mind
Am I forgetting something?
Are you still not fine?
Oh hell yeah..i can understand
A medico for sure..
Has much more to face
But everything will be worth
'Cause its only you the chosen
To stand in white between
The patient and the grave!

Nisha Pahuja_1  
Nisha Pahuja