New Year
   Date :31-Dec-2019

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Yes! New Year is coming!!
No one knows
How times flee
How sufferings ended
How long happiness and joy lasted
No awareness,
Finally a year is ending
It feels like
It's just yesterday
We celebrated New Year
Of this year!
On this new year,
Let's focus on positives,
Let's try to improve ourselves,
Let's try to keep ourselves happy,
Let's try to learn and explore new
Let's try to be polite,
Let's try to be kind,
Let's try to be patient,
Let's try to be true to ourselves
Let's try not to be judgmental,
Let's try not to complain about life,
Let's try not to give up,
Let's try not to cheat others,
Because it's our life,
And it's too short
To focus on silly matters,
Let's make more memories
To not regret on our death bed
That we had nothing in life
Let's develop new ideas
For the betterment of society.
Let's fight against all evils of society,
To make world a better place.
Happy New Year 2020!

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Emerald Reshma Reddithota
BA 2nd Year
Hislop College