never India
   Date :10-Mar-2019

ONE of the worst global apprehensions -- about a possible nuclear conflagration -- was verbalised by American newspaper The New York Times when it talked of a possible nuclear war between India and Pakistan, given the current level of hostilities between the two sub-continental neighbours. Every such apprehension assumes certain legitimacy in view of the rogue status Pakistan has earned in the past couple of decades due to its indulgence in and sponsorship of cross-border terrorism. It is only natural for sane voices around the world to feel obviously worried if a terrible nuclear confrontation would take place endangering collective global well being. However, on behalf of India, we feel responsible to assure the world that such a dirty possibility will never be initiated by India. For, India is a responsible State, fully aware of its role in the comity of nations. We must appreciate here the position the American newspaper has taken as regards Pakistan. In other part of its assessment, the editors have stated clearly that it is Pakistan that has failed to act responsibly in curbing terrorism through various outfits sheltered on its soil under its direct control or in areas which it has occupied illegally for decades. By making this observation in such a clear manner, the newspaper has represented the truth about whose ugly dimensions the world is rightly worried.
There also is another angle that tilts the blame -- of a possible nuclear war -- to Pakistan. For, was it not Pakistan Prime Minister Mr. Imran Khan who had reminded recently about the nuclear weapons Pakistan and India have? He had asked, in effect, what would happen if even a single miscalculation took place by anybody. Though Mr. Imran Khan had cloaked his words in sort of a hurt innocence (that led some to suggest a Peace Nobel for him!), the world saw it as a veiled threat. To add yet another dirty twist, Pakistan’s former President General Pervez Musharraf, too, had verbalised fears about a nuclear confrontation, suggesting to the current rulers in Islamabad that they should never overlook their limitations vis-a-vis India.
This is how a Rogue State behaves!
 In sharp contrast, not one person in India -- either in leadership position or from among citizens -- ever uttered a single word about nuclear weapons. As a responsible State whose leaders never lost sight of the consequences of whatever they think and do, India refused to say anything about the country’s nuclear weapons capabilities. Much to the contrary, they worked out a conventional response to Pulwama terror strike that claimed 40 soldiers. They chose to use traditional methods and ensured that a precision strike took place so that no civilian target -- physical or human -- was even touched, let alone damaged or demolished. This is responsible action, much to the contrary of how the Pakistan Army has been behaving, aiming at innocent civilians as well in its frustrated reactionary manoeuvres.
As a voice of the people of India, The Hitavada, thus assures that India will never take the first nuclear step. Yet, the whole world knows India’s N-capabilities. If this acts as a fair deterrence, India will be happy. If not, then India will never be a country that would utter a word about a dirty dimension of modern warfare. For, we stress again, India is a responsible State.