White Gold Refined Cotton Oil launched
   Date :11-Mar-2019


Business Bureau,

GEMATEX, one of the established textile company, has launched two products Gema White Gold Cotton Seed Oil and Gema Gold Cotton Seed Protein Mill. As the products are launched in the first wekk of March when International Women’s Day is observed, the new oil brand is seen as a specal gift for housewives. The compnay said that the products are getting overwhelming response from customers especially from the women. It is being considered as the new health power to the eves and their family.

Cotton seed oil has all the qualities to give new power to her kitchen. Gema Gold Refined Oil is long lasting and is free from trans fit and cholesterol. Its flavor is also neutral. Complete care has been taken to maintain the quality and purity of the oil. Gema Gold is first cotton seed refined oil from Vidarbha. Shilpa Agrawal, (Mrs Universe Lovely 2017) is the brand promoter for the product. The oil is said to be the best alternative for Soybean oil.

The company is has started marketing champaign in Maharashtra and its adjoining states like Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Telangana. After which the oil will be promoted to rest of the country. The company has also launched e-marketing website for both the brands. The company has adopted scientific processing method, through which the protein till the last drop is be extracted from the seed and has enriched the value of the cotton seed too. Gema White Gold Cotton Seed Oil is available in the pack of half liter, one liter, five liter and 15 liters. The company is looking for channel partners, for further details interested may contact on 9158026933, 7066041915.