Date :13-Mar-2019

Words are not only meant for speaking, they all have specific meanings in themselves. And expressions! They are not only a medium to exhibit your current mood or mental state but are also a great way to add up something new to the situation, may it be good or bad. Happiness is such a mental state that causes people to have a vision that they can do everything they want. And why not? People must follow the things which make them happy and are also ethically correct. Everyone wants to be rich, wants to enjoy luxury but people forget that the greatest gift they can give themselves is happiness, which lies within. Happiness doesn’t only mean to get happy when something happens for good. It may lie in your passion, may be in the contentment of your family, your loved ones or may lie in the joy of other people. Everyone has a different definition for happiness but none can deny the fact that doing things for your sake, for your passion will always make you feel complete.
Human beings are creations of God and God always gives us beautiful opportunities in life. It is always upon us, how we perceive them. We should always try to be positive despite the fact that it isn’t always possible to see everything as an optimist. But we shouldn’t be so busy in our own strategies for life that we neglect the fair chances which come to us directly and are meant for us.
So, always find happiness in your passion for your kind of work as it is the direct way to contentment of your life!
3rd year, CSE
Jhulelal Institute of Technology.