Men-tors, these!
   Date :13-Mar-2019

By Biraj Dixit,
ONE cannot have enough of Women’s Day celebrations! Just a day and your entire ilk get promoted globally. Metamorphosis can hardly claim to have a better example. Just a day and those fidgety fumblers, finicky fools, hopeless drivers, not-like-my-mom cooks, transform into this superhuman superheroes, real people with real substance, self-sacrificing deities, the woman deserving thousand salutations. What a jump! There must be some huge magic in the day that blesses the world with an unbelievable new vision, (albeit for a day). The myopic eyes swiftly gain a hyperopic shift and world suddenly seems to be able (and happy) to do something that it has been unable to do since the dawn of the civilisation - understand women.
To who-so-ever invented the idea of celebrating Women’s Day, women are forever indebted. Not so much for making it their celebration as for making others utter those words of love, affection and gratitude that otherwise one gets to hear only while crossing into the other world. Even though one is aware of the sloganeering of the euphoric, one takes solace in it. How-so-ever ritually, it gets done after all. Now as the Women’s Day and its euphoria are well behind us and we have caught enough breath to return to senses, we must thank all those who, shunning the disability of ages, manage to rise to full 24 hours of an occasion. Praise be to the men, who otherwise perpetually bemused with women, can get quite amused with such celebrations, so as to muse over all of a woman’s rightful dues. (Poetic, isn’t it?)
Now, post-Women’s Day, women too must muse over things that make them so profoundly great. There may be thousands of probable reasons for that, but the 1001st is indeed their men’s fantastically well-cultivated art of showering praises. Praise - heartfelt or otherwise, eulogies - hyperbolic or paradoxical; commendations – time tested or time being, are indeed men’s gifts to the world. So effluent --eh-affluent, are they with volley of praises that their energies can only be compared to women’s readiness to accept whatever praise comes their way.
But praise’s indiscriminate showers are not the subject-matter of this article. That overindulgence has been successfully braved and appreciated throughout the Women’s Day. Today, I desire that my entire ilk of the ‘revered womanhood’, who have just been venerated for their courage, fortitude, thoughtfulness and insight, also understand and learn all the virtues that make men such a domineering force. And the foremost among them is indeed, praise. Praise – well-organised, well-timed, well-showered – can turn foes into friends. What better example than women and men! You have read all those women’s day messages that you have sent or received haven’t you? You know what length women go to love and be loved. And you can also understand and appreciate the length men go to convince women that they are indeed loved and loving. And together they ensure that the continuity of the the arrangement never breaks. Therein lies a superb lesson for women - Praise and get the work done.
And while one is talking about praise, one cannot but applaud the flexibility men demonstrate while celebrating Women’s Day. In a day they have realised the worth of the not-so-worthy. In a day, busiest beings on earth have found enough time to spend all their bombast on unimaginable eulogies. In a day, they are thankful about all jobs that tired women of male-dominated society had long declared ‘thankless’. Enormous flexibility, I say.
We must also learn from their readiness to execute a sudden change of heart so swiftly. I mean, 24-hours back you receive a picture message, wherein two men are discussing women. ‘Why can’t men talk to women about their problems,’ one asks. ‘Coz, you don’t discuss malaria with mosquito,’ says another. Just 24 hours hence, the mosquito is divine incarnation meant to create, to love and to care about entire humanity (including the malaria)!!!!! Swift, won’t you say!
Though Women’s Day is celebrated only once in a year, we must make sure that the rest of 364 days – the men’s days – do get the glimpse of our flexibility. Clean homes, house in order, great food, well-mannered kids…etc etc etc. Be flexible ladies. Learn a little from men. Enjoy the sofa, the television and the match called life. Not everything is your problem. Then, there is this very large-heartedness about men. Their ready acknowledgement of our greatness! Oh, how wonderfully do they make you the centre of the universe while they circumvent. Women should demonstrate equal large-heartedness and let men also become the epitome of greatness. In so many ‘Women’s Day messages, women receive eulogies for all the ‘loving, sharing and caring’ they do to impose their greatness. It is absolutely unjustified if all loving, sharing and caring gets attributed to women alone. For these are hardly gender-specific sentiments! They are all human endowments, irrespective of the gender. Women, I say, must not come in the way when men, (left with little alternative but to) bestow these superlative human sentiments around.
They must not come in the way when home-sweet-home beckons the master. They must refrain from indulging in immediate course-correction, when kids show their well-mannered attributes to father dear. It is abhorable of women to think that they alone can shower love in form of food. Let the gracious master grace the kitchen. I say, women must loosen their grip on loving, sharing and caring dimensions of life. It is not their right but duty to let men have their rightful position in this grateful world. With the one big day for women behind us, let us, women, now gear up for 364 men’s day. Let us repay the kindness in kind. No more of letting the poor men circumvent, lets welcome them in the business of loving, caring and sharing.
Happy All Men’s Days.