The Modern Sanyas
   Date :13-Mar-2019

I have heard that people who live as ascetics are more mature and self-disciplined but I had never thought modern ‘Sanyas’ would be the new way today. Have we ever thought of being away from our cellphones or say technology. Time has changed so abruptly today that people are now active only on social networking sites. Forget about their ‘last seen’, they have actually disappeared in real life. From faking smiles to filtered photographs, artificial life has become the way of living. How ironical it is that we tend to prefer looking at paid sunsets rather than enjoying them daily. We prefer going to aqua parks for rain dances but we forget to actually cherish the natural showers. While in this so-called busy world, we are off lining ourselves from the actual happiness while trying to stay online. Gone are the days when a mug of coffee and late night talks with siblings were the most treasured moments. Forget about the bank accounts, we are actually more concerned about our accounts on the various networkingplatforms.
Today, maturity level is marked by the number of posts one uploads. Your patience level is checked by the amount of time you can stay away from your cellphones. We have actually misinterpreted the use of ‘Internet Guru’. A platform where you can actually showcase your talents has turned into a just ‘twiddle thumbs’ thing. The modern ‘Sanyas’ is not about staying away from technology and implementing age-old things to regain the real happiness but it is about prioritising happiness and self-contentment before exposing those fake smiles in order to flourish in society.
Modern ‘Sanyas’ is asceticism from the fake world, fake contentment, fake priorities. Nobody in this world knows you better than you yourself. There is only one person who’s gonna stay with you forever and that is you. So guys, lets take a break from worldly desires and take a step forward on fulfilling our goals, our dreams and our happiness. Let us spend time with our loved ones and the most special person in this universe (You. Yourself). Stay happy and stay blessed!!!
Harsha Ashok Menda
3rd Semester, CSE,
Jhulelal Institute of Technology