Date :13-Mar-2019
THE insistence of both, India and the United States of America upon a reliable and verifiable system to monitor how Pakistan is handling the task of erasing the terror footprint on its soil, is in tune with the need of the hour. Even though Pakistan is making tall claims that it has begun taking strict action against terror network operating on its soil, it has a very low reliability quotient on this count. It is true that Islamabad has travelled much distance from the point of outright denial of presence of terror network on its soil to the point of announcing that it is taking action against the outfits. It is obvious some international pressure is working on Islamabad. Yet, this progress is not good enough as an assurance that Pakistan will continue to be uncompromisingly positioned against terror, no matter what. India and the US are seeking such a promise from Pakistan with actionable, verifiable, reliable dimensions. In the current condition, seeking such an assurance from a Rogue State like Pakistan is the only option.
The reason is simple: Pakistan has tried its best to fool the world on many occasions as regards action against terrorism. It has indulged in outright falsehood and also has tried to wear a cloak of hurt innocence as it kept asking for credible proof that it felt should withstand the test of its internal law. Every attempt to offer unassailable evidence of terror operations taking place from its soil were shot down by Islamabad under the pretext that the proof was not sufficient.
Most unfortunately, Pakistan’s best ally, the United States, also followed a more or less similar pattern as regards evidence of terror operating from Pakistan soil. The Americans, too, kept saying that the evidence India gave was not sufficient enough to prove the point. Things did not change much even after 9/11 terror strike on the World Trade Centre’s twin towers. The stance, thus taken by Pakistan and the US, was very frustrating for India.
Yet, thanks to the legendary patience and persistence of India’s diplomatic operations, things have changed now. The US is joining hands with India in seeking a verifiable proof of the action Islamabad is taking against terror networks operating from the Pakistani soil. In the recent years, the American cooperation as regards fight against terror has been laudable, to say the least. There is every reason to believe that such a pressure from a superpower ally of Pakistan may tame Islamabad more, if not fully. No matter the extent, every grain of pressure on Pakistan is necessary from multiple angles.
The insistence of India upon a reliable, verifiable Pakistani system to erase the terror footprint from the land, therefore, is a critical component when the world has to move on in its fight against terror. True, terror is being unleashed at several places around the world, mostly from groups of Islamic madmen. But in this global network, Pakistan has played often a stellar role. In fact, as Intelligence suggests, Pakistan has become one of the global hubs of terrorism. This is not the occasion to discuss the reasons why Pakistan became thus. But this is a time to insist that Pakistan forgot its kinship with terror. India is doing exactly that, in good company of countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Israel among others.
Thanks to a persistent follow up in diplomacy, India has been able to win favours of countries like Saudi Arabia on the issue of terror vis-a-vis Pakistan. Such diplomatic brownie points add up to a considerable mass in due course. There is no need to hazard a prophecy about how Pakistan will conduct itself in the years to come. But it is totally safe to assert that in any manner and method and mode possible, India must lead the global campaign to isolate Pakistan as regards its sponsorship of terror. Thus, India will safeguard not only itself but also its part of the world from an ugly and unnecessary underbelly of human hate.