Do not delay treatment of depression
   Date :24-Mar-2019

Q. I don’t know what is wrong with me, but Ifeel scared all the time. I’m afraid to wake up as I feel pain in my chest. I am even scared of sleeping as I feel like I’m being pushed from the sky. I’m scared of something, but don’t know what. I feel low and cry all the time. I don’t like bright light.When sunrays enter my room, it becomes yellow-orange in colour and this petrifies me. Ifeel terrified and this ruins my mood. I mostly feel low between 3 to 6 pm everyday. Please help me.
Ans. This is a mental condition which needs immediate attention. You need to see a psychologist as soon as possible without wasting time. Either you take a friend along with you whom you trust or ask a parent or family member to assist you to a psychologist for a consultation. These appear to be symptoms of anxiety and depression on the face of it and it can be treated nicely and you can be a happy person again. I wonder since how long you are suffering this state of mind and why are you not doing anything about it. Your family must take this very seriously and not neglect it. Please seek help soon. ABC
Q. My mind spins around like a top and I don’t get sleep. This is happening from one or two months. My cousin has depression and I have been counselling him a lot. He told me somethings which have disturbed me. We are close and I love him a lot. He is not taking medicine, but feels good when he talks to me. Now I am feeling well myself. Please guide me.
Ans. It could be a possibility that your cousin’s depression and your involvement with his state is impacting you too. Counselling is not an easy practice and a lay-person is not trained to handle complex issues such as depression. We never recommend a friend or family to counsel a member for a psychological problem as it is not an easy process. He has shared some personal stories with you which has upset as you mention this and that seems to be the truth.You may be unable to process all the information and digest it especially if it is laden with emotions. I could suggest you to bring your brother for a psychological consultation and would need a session or two perhaps. Try to withdraw yourself from listening to his stories but do keep supporting him by being at his side and giving your empathy and sympathy. But he needs to seek professional counselling actively and as soon as possible. You take care of yourself. Anonymous
Q. My mother has OCD and is under treatment from a doctor and at times she is better and at times she becomes worse. When she is bad she makes life hard for us at home. Even my father becomes irritated with her and shouts at her. All of us become disturbed and no one understands anyone. Myexams are going on and all this is very depressing for me. I feel like running away to another place, but I know I cannot leave my mother alone. What to do madam- please guide me.
Ans. We understand the dilemma you are undergoing as well as the stress that ensues with having a family member with OCD. It is a troublesome disease and takes a toll on the patient as well as on the mind of family members. But if you think of your Mother as suffering from a disease that she cannot control and that disturbs her too, you would sympathise and empathise with her. The best thing is assure her that all will be well. It is also advisable to calm and soothe her nerves by saying cooling words and telling her to relax. She must continue the medicine and also do relaxation exercises. You might think of relieving her of some work burden and all members joining in helping with housework. That might it easy for her. Calculate the amount of burden she carries in the house and ease it off. As far as your exams are concerned you might study in a library or reading room till exams and of courses with her permission. We wish you all the best for your exams.
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