People ask you for criticism, but they like praise
   Date :24-Mar-2019

Mark Twain said: “Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that but the really great make you feel that you too can become great. Some people in life take you down a notch or two. That is because they feel inferior to you. The only way they can build themselves is by tearing you down. They can’t see themselves accomplishing anything great and so they don’t want you to either. Always try to build relationship with positive people because they see themselves as high achievers. Failure and success are directly proportional and with a little risk they enjoy life. If you want to enjoy the highest degree of success, then you must be willing to risk the highest degree of failure too. Each time of crisis should build faith and confidence. Every failure increases the odds of succeeding. By this method you simply eliminate another way to fail. Many things like cars, house, clothes etc. could be replaced but you can’t replace people. If you wish to be remembered, do one thing very well.
Focus is the main thing and remember the feeling of satisfaction you get after seeing a particular task completed on time! Just as a magnifying glass can direct the energy of the Sun into force capable of starting a fire before you contradict an experienced old man, you should endeavour to understand him. Life is not a spectator sport because life is to be experienced. Why can’t we accomplish more, achieve even a little more in life? William James, the Harvard Professor said: “It is only by risking that we really live at all and our faith is the only factor that enables us to accomplish. To overcome fear you should cultivate more faith. It is like the circus artist asking the safety net to be removed. A circus artist after his performance feels extremely confident after he accomplishes something extra-ordinary. Life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact. Life is not a spectator sport. Face your fears and live confidently.
Keep on succeeding for only successful people can help others. Every organisation should strive to create the atmosphere of give and take which encourages mutual respect. Aim highest and you shall certainly achieve. Learning to love is the greatest love of all. Decide that you deserve better and lifts your self esteem to a higher level. Your attitude controls your altitude in life! In today’s environment, it is hard for people to decide what they should achieve in life. Don’t ever make the mistake running after instant solution because life is simply trial and error. Time does not heal all wounds. Often time needs help to heal a wound. Time may soften the blow, erase some of the scars and even help you to forget a hurt but without your active participation, time cannot and will not heal wounds of betrayal. Although listening is the very first language skill developed by those who have the gift of hearing, it is often the least used to make us better.
Seldom has anyone have a formal training in listening. Most people, educators included take listening for granted and assume that it is automatic. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is a distinct difference between listening and hearing. Listening just does not happen. There is a process that takes place in the brain that allows us to become active listeners. If it is a car horn it is merely a sound. It does not mean that you are listening. It simply means that you are within the range of sound. Everyone wants to improve in one fashion or another. Everyone has small and large habits that needs breaking attitudes and adjusting the weaknesses that need strengthening. One way to do this is by garnering feedback from people you trust. Not all people are accomplished in the art of feedback and criticism. People with healthy self-esteem are those who are willing to listen to others comments. Our talents are skills and have the power to determine the things we achieve in the short span of life. My teacher used to say:
“A weakness that you are not aware of robs you of learning and improving your quality of life. It is a weakness that you might have not noticed. Weaknesses are not permanent but they are in your personality and we should make an effort to overcome them. In the midst of winter we remember that there is a summer too, which comes in cycles. When you mention the word giving, many people assume that it is money or some possession. Instead, you can give love, advice or suggestions which may or may not have an impact in the other person. Everyone has the power of greatness and it is determined by the service you render!