diverse views
   Date :25-Mar-2019
DIVERSE views are being expressed on ‘workload management’ in view of the forthcoming cricket World Cup, beginning at the end of May and the 20Twenty Indian Premier League (IPL) carnival, that got underway on Saturday. It was Indian Captain Virat Kohli who had first advised his teammates to manage their workload during the IPL season to keep themselves fresh and fit for the more important assignment two months hence -- the World Cup in England. Since then a sort of debate appears to have ensued with several experts and former greats giving their view points. Notable among them were the views of former Australian Captain Ricky Ponting and great batsman VVS Laxman.
Both appear to support the view point that the Indian players should make the most of the IPL opportunity to hone their skills as against Virat Kohli’s cautionary approach. Such divergent opinions should not necessarily lead to confusion being created in the minds of the players and affect their present assignment and lead to a question mark over their selection in the England-bound team. Virat Kohli, of course, is justified in his approach because for him performance in the World Cup is far more important because the world title is at stake and he sees very good chances for his team to lift the coveted trophy. Hence his primary focus, as of now, is the World Cup and therefore he wants his teammates to be fit, fresh and fighting.
He does not want any of his players to carry injuries or be jaded due to heavy workload during the IPL season, which is a long-drawn affair and could be tiring due to constant travelling and late nights. It is these possibilities that have forced Virat Kohli to talk about ‘managing workload’. However, Ricky Ponting and VVS Laxman look at the IPL season as an opportunity for the Indian players to gain much valuable international experience, for honing their skills and remove whatever flaws that may have crept into their style. For them it is an opportunity which the Indian players should make the most of. In fact, according to them it is an opportunity for those who are on the fringe to cement their places in the Indian team through their performances in the IPL tournament. For them “staying in the present” by the players is far more important and be counted for their performances. Both view points have their merit. It is for the players to strike the golden mean so that they can do justice to the franchises who have put faith in their abilities and skills and at the same time be conscious about their responsibility towards the national team. While IPL gives ample money and instant fame, playing for national honour should remain a greater goal.