Before It’s Too Late!
   Date :26-Mar-2019

The other day after being scolded (their way of making me realise) by my parents, for coming back home late (almost quarter past 12 in the midnight) from a party, innumerable questions spurted in my mind and amidst all my insecurities, I raged against them (in a quest of perhaps making them realise), that I was not a kid anymore and I could chill out with my “cool behaving and smart looking” friends. My rage somehow managed to make them quiet, but my inner conscience had plans the other way round. Well, isn’t this the story of every youth today? Saddening but yes, that is the way it surely is. Straight away I went to bed and let my conscience activate all the regret and sorry centres of my body, for all that that had just happened. It was a big mistake on my part.
Anger being sidelined, I took a deep breath and calmed myself only to realise that I managed to eke out time for my social media even when I was made to realise of all my wrong doings. I was scolded (didn’t I write that word?) because I was wrong. Realising this fact, I badly wanted to change myself. Both mother and father were awake and slept only after ensuring I went to sleep first. Ohh God! “I am sorry and it won’t happen again, I repeat never will it happen again.” I apologised first thing in the morning (rarest of rare occasions when you don’t touch your phone first). What on earth is larger and deeper and more forgiving than a mother’s heart and more loving than a mother’s heart and soul?
She smiled back wishing me. “Good morning, to which I gleefully replied “Great morning”. My father resisted a bit but a man can never turn his back to and turn a deaf ear to his beloved kids. Well, their essence, their presence is something we take for granted, and seldom do we cherish spending time with them. But certainly, that day, I realised the shining gems’ value even more deeply before it was too late. It is so disheartening that we fancy food in parties more than simple treats that we get daily as home made delicacies. It is so depressing that we want to spend time with eventually not-so-important people than embracing little things of life with our loved ones. Well, there’s always a time when you have to switch yourself before it is too late and an irreversible damage occurs that could leave you scared and destroy your relationships.
Silly moments of laughter, mischief, seriousness, fun, joy, with our family and loved ones (those who truly have their names in your priority list) and what not are surely enough making the world a brilliant place for you. Do count on it and realise it before it is too late. This reminds me of a television advertisement with the dialogue, “Apno ke sath kuch nahi karna bhi bohot kuch karne jaisa hai”. So here it is. I pen down my thoughts, certainly not all, in this article as I have to rush to my mom and read this piece for her ‘BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE’ and I get scolded again for not telling her bforehand. Because she is the one who inspires me to write and write and write.
Roshan K Paliwal,
MBBS IInd Year, GMCH .