‘Special’ cameo
   Date :27-Mar-2019

Actor Swapnil Joshi will be playing a cameo role in the Hindi TV show Ladies Special. “I’m doing mainstream Hindi TV after almost 10 years or so as I was busy doing Marathi films. It’s a great feeling because it’s like you’re coming back to your roots. Deep down I’m very much a TV product, whatever I am is thanks to TV,” Swapnil said.
“It’s like I’m coming back home. Sony (Sony Entertainment Television) has been extremely instrumental in building and flourishing my career and it’s like family. So, when I got a call that there’s a cameo, it was like an old friend calling,” he added. The Krishna actor quickly agreed to be a part of it. “I think Ladies Special as a show is very enriching and beyond entertainment, it’s a very aspirational show. It gives you hope and happiness,” he said.
According to a source, he will entertain the viewers of the show with his impressive comic timing. Swapnil will be seen in a burkha till his identity gets revealed by the leading ladies of the show. Actress Girija Oak essays the role of an entrepreneur with a garment business in the show. Swapnil’s character is going to play an important role in her life by giving her a big garments order.