Switch Off To Self-Switch On
   Date :27-Mar-2019

By sharmilee agrawal kapur,
A woman’s priority list will always have her family at the top, followed by work, her friends and then her. All these aspects of her life demand so much time from her that she's often left wishing for that 25th hour just so she can have that extra hour for herself! Unfortunately, while the present is a gift; and time is precious, we need to make sure we gift ourselves some ‘time’ in this ‘present’ moment… and create some ‘me time’. In fact, when usually asked as to why women don’t rearrange priorities to carve out some time, they often say, ‘I feel guilty’ or ‘I can come last, no problem’.
This we know if not the right way to live in the present… and can have un-desired repercussions in the future! Listed below are some key reasons for that minimum hourly time-out everyday… Have you talked to yourself of late? If you don’t talk, listen and really hear yourself out, the others in your life are definitely not going to! Give an outlet to your feelings at various points in the day, may it be talking out aloud, or even just meditation or even taking those long breaths which sends an oxygen boost to the higher chakras, and sharpens the voice of the inner self/soul.
This voice wants to be heard and only wants what's best for you… let it out… find those snatches of me-time and be there for yourself… this is the simplest form of me-time after all. Take care of the body… it’s the only place you have to live in. This includes everything from working out to nourishing the body with the right nutrient rich food and even getting tested regularly! Exercise needs to be an essential ingredient of your routine and instead oft-forgotten from most women’s calendars. We know this, but we need reminding of the fact that exercising has many positive effects on the body, apart from just making you fit, is a physical activity that helps release feel-good hormones which will come in handy when keeping the guilt feeling of selfishness at bay! Mindful eating is again a must and can be counted in me-time if you went the extra mile in the day, to get the super food into your meal and food has a direct co-relation to your mood too, so get that right meal in, no matter what… and please don’t ignore tell-tale signs… get yourself tested, you are the foundation of your family… so look after that body everyday. Self-pampering is self-essential.
This could be getting a spa therapy, taking a much needed nap, shopping therapy or even a daily dose of self-praise! While ancient Chinese medical scriptures show massages to be one of the oldest healing techniques that help overcome both physical and mental health issues, naps or any other feel-good indulgence, releases chemicals like serotonin dopamine, and endorphins (happy hormones). This ultimately also reduces the production of stress hormones like cortisol. Laughter is exactly the medicine we all need An hour of laughter everyday… wouldn't that be some life… Do this and see magical anti-ageing benefits both physically and mentally! If that has convinced you, then go-on and get your laughter therapy… there are a ton of options out there, right from stand-up comedy, favourite re-runs or even those friends who always bring a smile to the face. Laughter is the quickest way to become ‘happy’ and to releasing the amazing happy hormones! Chill, Breathe, regroup… Be inspired Taking me-time out on a good day feels well-deserved, but taking me-time on a not-so-good day is well-needed… anyway you see it, we need to chill, breathe, and re-group our thoughts every day!
This can be going off on a walk alone, picking up a book, cuddling with your little one in bed to watch shows together or even taking on a brand-new hobby… all this ultimately inspires us to become better handlers of life. When you give yourself this break, you become a calmer and nicer person for others to be around too… so do this one for the others and you! Taking one hour a day out for yourself doesn’t seem like much, and it is the biggest service you can do to yourself… it's a give and take, if you expect yourself to ‘give’ your all to the day, then make sure you ‘take’ an hour out for yourself at least… Make this daily me-time a habit and a healthy need and watch how over time, all of this will lead to lower stress levels; this will single-handedly ward off those lifestyle diseases and make you a better you. (The writer, FOUNDER-DIRECTOR, ATMANTAN Wellness Resort, is a Pranic Healing Practitioner)