People are the masters and they will decide: Rahul on whether he is ready for PM post
   Date :01-Apr-2019
CONGRESS President Rahul Gandhi has said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s behaviour betrays a “sense of panic” and hit out at him for presiding over a “failed” economy and not delivering on poll promises. On his own prospects of becoming the Prime Minister should the post Lok Sabha election result scenario permit, Rahul Gandhi said “it would be arrogant for me to comment on the issue” and that “the people are the masters and they will decide.” Accusing the Prime Minister of pushing a particular narrative in the media through the PMO, Gandhi said the PM will not be able to deflect from real issues. Castigating the PM for failing to deliver on 2014 election promises and presiding over a “failed” economy, Gandhi charged, “Modi’s arrogance and thirst for power, his obsession with selfpromotion even when that promotion is filled with lies and his false belief that only he has the solution to every one of India’s problems and consequently he doesn’t need to consult anyone else, is why he is floundering.”
He was asked whathis lastmessage to the PM was before the LS election cycle sets in. On key issues before the country, the Congress chief said, “ U nemplo yment, Unemployment,Unemployment; Farmers, Farmers, Farmers; a failedeconomy and personal corruption of Modi’.” He listed the alleged “destruction of institutions,increase in hate and bigotry, a palpable increase in anger and violence insociety and attacks on rights of SC-ST’s” as some other issues that the electorate willconsider when it sets out to vote. “The false promises of Modi in 2014 – putting 15 lakh in each bank account, creation of 2 crore jobs, the building of 100 smart cities and the bringing back of 80 Lakh crore black money from abroad, will be major election issues. “In the midst of all the BJP created gloom, the Congress Party’s NYAY offers a ray of hope andits incredible scale and transformational potential, is going to make it a key issue in this election,” he said. On whether he was the “future Prime minister,”Gandhi quipped, “It would be arrogant for me to say so. Who am I to say that? It is for people of India to decide. My position is to work forIndia’s betterment and to defend the ideals of the Congress party. What happens there after is for the people of India to decide.”