Splash to conduct Summerscool from April 21
   Date :10-Apr-2019

Splash, a leading NGO in Nagpur, will conduct summer workshop for children in age group of 10 to 16 from April 21 to 28 from 2pm-6pm. Splash is headed by Dr Karandikar.
The workshop will be held under the name of Summerscool and focus on imparting 10 core life skills, recommended by WHO (World Health Organisation). Summerscool aims at empowering the children with the skills to give a better insight and understanding about everyday problems. Skills like empathy, assertiveness, problem solving, thinking skills, anger management, grief management etc. help children deal with day to day life in a better way.
Summerscool uses various methods of teaching such as, videos, songs, experiential learning and theatre activities for confidence and practice. The workshop has been spread throughout the week for the ease of understanding of children. The workshop will have different trainers who are well experienced and knowledgeable. A group of neuroscience enthusiasts who are passionate about training include Dr Poornima Karandikar, Dr Sushil Gawande, Dr Abha Bang Soni and Sayali Kulkarni Maste.
The entire workshop will be facilitated by enthusiastic young volunteers and group mentors from the SPLASH team. Summerscool will end on April 28 with ‘SAKSHAM’ a Valedictory function, which will include skits, presentation and experts talks on counselling and empowered parenting. Guest faculty Dr TejrajTawde, from Australia, will also address the crowd at Chitnavis Center.