Date :12-Apr-2019

THE Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has taken a welcome and much needed decision to make education in arts mandatory for classes 6th to 8th from next academic session. Not only that, the CBSE has also taken another welcome and innovative decision to introduce ‘cookery classes’ to promote culinary art. Obviously the CBSE appears to feel concerned that schools, while laying much stress on the study of sciences, mathematics and subjects in humanities, have left little space for study in important facets of life like learning arts and even cooking skills. There appears to be no recognition among educationists about the importance of these areas of learning. Hence the departure from the past by the CBSE from the past is welcome. That learning cooking skills would be made mandatory for both boys and girls in their formative years is more welcome as at their age children are quick to learn new skills which will be a life-long gift. Learning cooking skills will also imbibe a sense of belonging towards their families and also knowledge about nutrition.
THIS is one century that no one, except a few gentlemen in the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), wants. The Hundred (100-ball cricket competition) envisaged by the ECB to be introduced in its domestic circuit has drawn derision, apprehension and rancour from the cricketing world. Wisden, the Cricketers’ Almanack, is more scathing in its commentary, describing The Hundred as an “almighty punt”. To be frank, cricket is full with its three established formats -- Tests, ODIs, T20Is -- and any effort to shove in a fourth format into the stuffed pot will be detrimental to all four. With skeleton details released and no clear roadmap to take The Hundred ahead the ECB is playing with fire. The 100-ball cricket will be more pomp and brand than cricket, something that the game can do away with. Initial signs point towards a premature end to the newest format but the innovation is still hanging like the Sword of Damocles. Cricketing community will do a great service if it gives a cold shoulder to another unwanted format.