Unholy Nexus
   Date :13-Apr-2019

 By Vijay phanshikar

l Islamabad, April 6 (IANS): Pakistan Foreign Office spokesman Mohammad Faisal has said that Islamabad will never accept India repealing Article 370 of its Constitution that gives autonomous status to Jammu and Kashmir. Besides violating the rights of Kashmiris, it will also contravene relevant UNSC Resolution, the spokesman said. l Abrogation of the Articles 370 and 35-A of the Constitution will mean that Jammu and Kashmir will be free from India. - In nutshell the statements of two former Chief Ministers of Jammu and Kashmir, Mr. Farooq Abdullah and Ms. Mehbooba Mufti THESE statements establish very authentically once again the unholy nexus between Pakistan and some Kashmiri politicians as regards the special status to Kashmir, as available under the constitutional arrangement through Articles 370 and 35-A.
Both the statements talk a similar language, and express the same sentiment in almost similar words. It is this unholy nexus that has harmed and hampered the real Kashmiri interests for the past seventy years. It is this joining of hands of evil forces that has stalled the progress of Jammu and Kashmir as an integral part of an emerging India attaining better economic prosperity and socio-political unity. This latest example shows how the separatist elements and their Pakistani masters have messed up with nationalism in Kashmir. Simply, how is Pakistan connected with the internal constitutional arrangement India has as regards Kashmir? What does Pakistan have to do with the details of internal management of Kashmir? However, Pakistan has always behaved in such a manner -- all the time trying to establish a foothold in the Kashmir tangle and have itself endorsed as an involved party.
Is this not an obvious attempt to tell the world that without Pakistan, the Kashmir tangle cannot be resolved? And most unfortunately, many Indian politicians also indulge in expression of similar sentiment, as if they are getting real-time guidance from their masters in Islamabad. Unfortunately, both -- Mr. Farooq Abdullah and Ms. Mehbooba Mufti -- have held high position of Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, and have continued to hurt and harm the nationalistic process in the State each time the Government tries to do something sensible and sensitive. Of course, their statements have little value in the larger scheme of things from the nationalistic and patriotic points of view. For, their threats, too, have no value per se because the common people of India know the real constitutional position. The special status and limited autonomy to Jammu and Kashmir were, without doubt, only temporary arrangements to sort out the turmoil in which the State had found itself around seventy years ago.
There is little doubt that the national leaders in those times made a terrible mistake of granting Kashmir the special status, thereby plucking it out of the holistic national scenario. Let alone that, the arrangements were purely temporary in nature and could be withdrawn when the need was tackled. The political leaders in Kashmir know this very well. And that is the reason why they have never allowed Kashmir to settle in normalcy so that the special status and autonomy could be stretched endlessly. Obviously, their efforts often get blessings from Islamabad as part of an ugly conspiracy to help Pakistan slice Kashmir off from India.
Hence the interference by Islamabad in India’s internal affairs with which it has got nothing to do and can have anything to be concerned about. Yet, when Islamabad and its Kashmiri agents talk the same language, they prove an unholy point. In fact, India must tell Pakistan at this very moment that it should not dabble in the internal Indian affairs. But busy as the political community is in the electoral process for the present, this warning will have to wait for some time. But there is no doubt that all the parties across the domestic political spectrum -- including the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress -- will have a similar point of view of rejecting any attempt by Islamabad to dabble in India’s internal affairs. If any political party agrees with Pakistan, or talks a more or less similar lingo, then it will only prove an unholy nexus that India must shun on urgent and emergent basis. So despicable is the approach of Islamabad towards the Kashmir issue. And this has been proved historically as well. For, it is Pakistan that has occupied a part of Kashmir totally illegally for the past seventy-plus years. It is Pakistan that has given a large chunk of territory of Kashmir under its immoral occupation to China. It is Pakistan that has often tried to hoist itself on any attempt to resolve the internal Kashmir tangle by India, and thus tried to internationalise the issue.
It is Pakistan that has often supported politicians such as the two former Chief Ministers mentioned earlier, and many others. Each and every such action by Islamabad only proves the unholy nexus it has with some politicians in Kashmir. These politicians may not be talking directly the language of separatism, but their sentiment indicates certain separatism in their thought and action. That was the reason why a national party such as BJP chose to withdraw from its alliance with People’s Democratic Party led by Ms. Mehbooba Mufti, calling off a great political experiment after having learned the right lesson. And the dirty part of the lesson is that Pakistan and some Kashmiri politicians are in an unholy nexus that aims at harming India’s national interest in J&K.