Electric vehicle improves air quality, climate outlook: Study
   Date :14-Apr-2019

IS it possible for electric vehicles to improve air quality and climate outlook? Recent research has thrown light on the efficacy of electric vehicles. The study published in the journal Atmospheric Environment provided evidence that making a switch to electric vehicles would improve overall air quality and lower carbon emissions. The study quantified the differences in air pollution generated from battery-powered electric vehicles versus internal combustion engines.
The researchers found that even when their electricity is generated from combustion sources, electric vehicles have a net positive impact on air quality and climate change. “In contrast to many of the scary climate change impact stories we read in the news, this work is about solutions,” said Daniel Horton, senior author of the study. “We know that climate change is happening, so what can we do about it? One technologically available solution is to electrify our transportation system.
We find that electric vehicle adoption reduces net carbon emissions and has the added benefit of reducing air pollutants, thereby improving public health,” added Horton. To quantify the differences between the two types of vehicles, the researchers used emissions remapping algorithm and air quality model simulations. They used these methods to closely examine two pollutants related to automobiles.