Date :17-Apr-2019

WITH the Central Government deciding to earmark ten pc quota in education and jobs for economically weaker section (EWS) it was only expected that a separate provision for the new category would be made. The Union Cabinet on Tuesday decided to add two lakh seats in central educational institutions to accommodate the EWS. That will be a massive step, which will ensure that there would be no encroachment on the entitlement of traditional reserved categories. The much desirable fall-out of the decision will be that teaching jobs will also be created proportionately to meet teaching needs of additional students. However, while increasing the intake capacity in educational institutions is welcome, there is equal need of looking at the falling quality of educational standards. Mere numbers would serve no purpose if there is no stress on improving quality of education. Unless there is qualitative change the whole exercise would be rendered meaningless. Ideally educational institutions should turn into incubators talent.
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THE manner in which air fares in domestic aviation are rising in the past one month indicates how tough things are getting not just for commuters but also for the domestic airlines. With domestic aviation major Jet Airways operating only 7 out of its 124 flight-schedule, pressure to accommodate the increased traffic load has come as an opportunity for other airlines to hike their fares to levels so troublesome for the common air commuters. Though this model suits modern marketing trends, it is actually and strictly against the moral code that governed commercial activity previously. It is in tune with this changing morality that air fares are being hiked to take advantage of the shortage conditions. In order to stem this kind of development, the Government must take appropriate steps so that domestic aviation in the country comes of out the current chaos following the curtailment of number of flights from Jet Airways. For, this is not just the problem of an individual company, but it also affects the overall aviation sector.